No, I am not Anti-social. I would just rather be by myself than with people who don’t actually care about my well being.

5 ships I ship with all my emo heart

I was tag by the best meme, @micaisphantrash. This is my first time ever, so thank you! 

1) Larry (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) (a.k.a. the ship you shouldn’t ship because it’s too painful). 

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2) Phan (Dan and Phil… like, who doesn’t ship these two?) 

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3)Moreid (Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan) (just   )

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4)Johnlock (Sherlock & John… SO CANON IT HURTS).

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5) Mamie (Jamie Pine and Mike ♥) (they just got engaged kill me)

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I tag @choriphil and @pinchelester sorry I have no friends.