May 23

Normani placed 3rd in the 24th season of Dancing With the Stars.

Ally, Dinah, and Lauren were in the audience cheering Normani on today!

Ally, Lauren, Dinah with Jordin Sparks! (feat. Grandma Babs and Mama Drea)

The girls were all very supportive! (check out Ally, Dinah and Lauren being extra on the social media videos today)


Laurinah! (ft. Mama Drea)

Team Valmani performed a repeat of their Salsa performance tonight:

and they had their final dance, a fusion of the Argentine Tango and Foxtrot, to There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes:

A perfect 40/40 to finish their season!

Though the results may not have gone Normani’s way, everyone was definitely proud of her!

Same, Lauren.

Dinah going all out!

(we all know who won)

Lauren had a belated support tweet before the show:

Speaking of pre-show things, she posted this selfie:

Normani and Simone!

Ally and Dinah hanging out with Leona Lewis and Jordin Sparks:

Val posted a lot of touching messages for Normani:

Team Valmani’s last post-show interview:

A fellow 5H fan perished in the Manchester attack. Our hearts are with her and her family.

Lauren posted about her thoughts on the Manchester attack:

She’s /still/ obsessed over Leo:

In other news, Ally has teamed up with Billboard this week to give us a playlist.

Happy happy birthday to Gordon, Dinah’s dad!

And moving on to 5H3, Normani is excited about the new music they’ve been working on!

Even Dinah is looking forward to what’s next already. Get ready!

theresalways-hope  asked:

What would you say to new or aspiring social workers? Like, words of wisdom, or advisement, something like that? Did you face any disillusionment? What was one good thing you discovered after working in social work for a while? What are the positives of being a social worker? And again, thank you for taking time out of your day to answer these questions!

Words of wisdom?

Check your power and privilege, listen, know that you are no better than anyone else.

And anyone, anyone, ANYONE can turn their lives around. Including us.

i know a lot of y'all struggle with your mental illness(es), especially anxiety and/or depression, and I really hope you take the time to kind of branch away from being on the socials so much and work on becoming a better you!

anonymous asked:

the next time someone tries to start aroace drama with you, just link them to his wikipedia page, where they literally list all the different girlfriends he has had.

I just think that by being so concerned with being a ‘social justice warrior’ some people are actually doing more detriment to representation, of any orientation, but reducing it down to the single stereotype they associate with a label. 

‘Shiro ships are power imbalanced!’

You mean…

Shallura - In which Allura who smashed down a metal door with brute strength alone, and literally threw the man like a piece of meat? Both are young and forced into situations where they had to grow up before their time which is something they can sympathize and relate to with. Not to mention there’s a lot of things both us and Allura herself have yet to discover about her.
Fly Shiro, fly!

Shunk - They’re EQUALLY intelligent and Hunk is confirmed PHYSICALLY STRONGER and if he was more battle smart/fit, could actually wreck Shiro. Hunk would probably be the castle’s reigning arm wrestling champion! People seem to also forget Hunk isn’t a pushover, if something doesn’t seem right to him, he’s going to call shit out on it and would make sure something is done about it.

Shidge - Definitely has a power imbalance, look at this take-no-shit tiny nerd own Shiro on sheer intelligence alone. Pidge made a freaking functional satellite on her own out of random metal scraps just floating in space, and has killed a man Galra. No one is safe, not even Shiro.
I think it’s also good to point out that pretty much the majority of Shidge shipper DO NOT ship them at 14 and 25, so don’t give me any of that age shit. If you argue about why people make Pidge so small, fun fact: small people exist!

Sheith - Keith is a one man army, even when he got his arse handed to him by fucking spies with god only knows how much more battle experience under their belts, he’d keep going and fought on sheer tenacity alone and eventually figured his way out. Keith ain’t no delicate flower who’d bend over backwards just because he loves Shiro, the man has proven he’s willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, even if it’s going to hurt.

Shance - Granted it’s a bit hard to find evidence for (we’re only 2 seasons in, there’ll hopefully be more material for it in the future) but Lance has already proven to be very good at improvising and think quick in stressful situations, not to mention he ain’t their sharpshooter for nothing. Plus Lance is known for being a very social creature; he’d be insanely switched on when it comes to relationships, platonic, familial, romantic, or otherwise, and he clearly knows about self care especially from an emotional standpoint.

Can we please stop dismissing these characters quality traits just to shit on ships and treating them as if they were infants? And can we please stop slandering Shiro, the man has never done any abusive thing towards any of his teammates and would never do it willingly *coughcoughKurocoughcough*, and there’s more statements confirming he’s a teen than the supposed 25 so don’t even start. As I said, we’re only 2/8 seasons into the story, which means everyone on team Voltron is going to get development and grow in both their skills and as people; 6 more seasons of watching this group become terrifying forces of nature.

And if anything, if you want to protect anyone it should be this poor 4/5 year old. Baby’s been though enough already.

the scariest thing about mon-el is how realistic he is. how many men/boys do we see attacking woman verbally, and how many of them do we brush off as just boys being boys? we’re socialized to think its normal and a gesture of love for men to “assert their dominance,” to be the keeper of women. 

we accept men like mon-el easily, childish demeanor and all, forgiving his every sin. this happens in real life. girls see this in real life and recognize that mon-el is someone like their brother, the dude down the street, their sister’s boyfriend…

and for supergirl to encourage this, to encourage woman to seek men like mon-el, it’s disgusting. i think about this season, and how they highlighted mon-el as a “lovable cad” who just needed a little guidance, like. this doesn’t always happen in real life. 

these boys with are the boys who will beat the shit out of the dude in your bio class who asked you for a pencil, these are the same boys who will text you a thousand times until they can break you down and then threatens to kill himself when you tell him you want to break up. 

boys like mon-el exist, and they are not good people.

someone: omg why are you always listening to music its like youre obsessed youre so weird, stop being so anti social and talk to me instead!!  

me, internally: music helps me stay grounded, reduces my anxiety levels immensely, helps me control my mood swings, gives me a sense of security and helps against my intrusive thoughts which is more than youve ever done for me debra

me, externally through gritted teeth and a forced smile: haha idk i guess its just a habit im gonna try to be more social :)))))

Things people with ADHD people can have without being autistic:
-sensory processing disorder
-special interests
-executive dysfunction
-cognitive asymmetry
-sensory overloads
-sensory underloads
-learning disorders
-mental illnesses
-social difficulties due to inattentiveness/being distracted or oblivious
-social anxiety

merrycai replied to your postHi! I love your blog soooo much! Is it bad I check…

U r beautiful! And does the icon of your account in ao3 is you? I thought that girl was you. And I am more sure now

Awwww thank u! <333

Yep, my AO3 icon is really me! [X] That pic is from 2013, I was going to try to photoshop myself as Merrick, but decided against it. 

My eyes aren’t actually that green, that’s photoshop, but in the right lighting I have some green color than just light brown goin’ on…

“One Day I’d Like to Meet Your Mouth”

Originally posted by tmlnsn

Hiiiiiii, this is a tiny blurb I wrote. I hope you enjoy. There may or may not be a part 2. xo

“Oi, who’s that?” Harry asks, nodding in your direction, before turning towards Jeffrey. It was his album release party, all the faces around him were familiar, except yours. Harry, being the social butterfly he is, would have no problem walking over and introducing himself, however there was something about you that made him nervous. He’d been eyeing you in your tight, black dress all night long, watching you laugh and talk amongst his peers, and you’d yet to look over in his direction.

“Ah, she’s a friend of Glenne’s,” Jeffrey replies, following Harry’s gaze. “It’s alright that she came, yeah?”

“Yeah…no worries, mate” he says, still watching the way you start laughing at something Glenne says. “She’s right fit, she come here alone?” Harry pesters again, but he had to know. He had to know if someone else got the privilege of putting their hands on you. The privilege of making you laugh. The privilege of making you moan.

Jeffrey laughs, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure she did,” Harry still staring in your direction, smirks. “Don’t get any ideas, H” he says, patting Harry on the back, before making his way over to the group of ladies. He watches as you greet Jeffrey with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, a pang of jealousy washing over him. You glance behind Jeff’s shoulder and finally catch Harry’s eyes. You smile at him, a devilish look in your eyes, before turning back to join the conversation.


You make your way over to the bartender to grab another drink, fully aware of his eyes, that have been on you all night, watching you do so. He’s wearing a dark green, velvet suit; the top 4 buttons on his dress shirt undone to reveal tattoos. His hair short, and styled in a fluffy quiff. You’ve had worse men stare at you, you think to yourself. You make sure to walk with a little more temerity in your step, to a seat at the bar. From the corner of your eye, you see him take a seat one chair down.

“You know, the polite thing to do when you see someone is say hello,” you start, turning towards his chair. “Not stare at them and follow wherever they go.” looking up to catch his wide eyed expression before he settles himself. His mouth turning up into a small grin with a slight hint of embarrassment for being caught. You call the bartender over, ordering a screwdriver for yourself.

“Can I have a scotch on the rocks, please?” his low-pitched voice rings out in your left ear. You turn your head to look at him once again, his green eyes holding your own, “Put those both on my tab, will yeh, Chris?”

“Oh, we have a tab, do we?” you quip, placing your hand underneath your chin to lean on the bar top. “Must come here often.” you say grabbing the drink that was just placed in front of you. You hear him give out a small laugh, before grabbing his own drink and taking a sip. He takes the opportunity to move into the empty chair between the two of you, the smell of his cologne immediately reaching your nose. The scent a mixture of sweet, and woodiness with an extra ingredient you suspect is just his natural aroma.

“Just nice to have it is all,” he finally answers, his eyes moving from your eyes to your lips and back. “Don’t come here often, no. Reckon yeh don’t either, yeah?” he asks.

“Why’s that” you play along, falling into whatever trap he’s setting. You think, you don’t mind falling into his trap. “I don’t look like a clubber?”

He takes another drink, dashing his smooth tongue over his bottom lip, quirking one side of his mouth up before answering, “Reckon that because I would have remember’d yeh” his eyes glimmering with teasing energy behind them.

“Very smooth, how long did that take you to come up with?” you tease back, the playful conversation flowing easily. “Was that before or after you started staring at me? Hmm?” narrowing your eyes at him, still waiting for him to admit he was watching you.

He puts on an offended expression, clutching his chest as if he was appalled by your accusation. “Wasn’t staring at yeh, was merely observing” he runs his hands through his silky locks of hair, fixing the hanging pieces away from his face. “Specifically your mouth”

“Yeah? What about my mouth?” you ask, eyebrows raised in suspicion.

He moves a bit closer, placing his hand underneath his chin in the same fashion as you have yours. He simply answers, “Thought I’d like to meet it one day.“
Mukbang - Wikipedia
Mukbang (from Korean 먹방; meokbang; lit. "eating broadcast") is an online broadcast in which a host eats large quantities of food while interacting with their audience. Usually done through a webcast (such streaming platforms include Afreeca), mukbang became popular in South Korea in the 2010s.[1][2][3] Foods ranging from pizza to noodles are consumed in front of a camera for an internet audience (who pay or not, depending on which platform one is watching). In each broadcast, a host will often interact with their viewers through online chatrooms. With the rising popularity of these eating shows, hosts have found lucrative ways of benefiting from the online show. Many hosts generate revenue through mukbang, by accepting donations or partnering with advertising networks.[3]