5 ships I ship with all my emo heart

I was tag by the best meme, @micaisphantrash. This is my first time ever, so thank you! 

1) Larry (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) (a.k.a. the ship you shouldn’t ship because it’s too painful). 

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2) Phan (Dan and Phil… like, who doesn’t ship these two?) 

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3)Moreid (Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan) (just   )

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4)Johnlock (Sherlock & John… SO CANON IT HURTS).

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5) Mamie (Jamie Pine and Mike ♥) (they just got engaged kill me)

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I tag @choriphil and @pinchelester sorry I have no friends. 


No, I am not Anti-social. I would just rather be by myself than with people who don’t actually care about my well being.

“You just need to get out more.” “You need to come out of your shell.” What I *need* is to be left alone, haha.

I don’t know why everybody associates the whole drinking, clubbing, dancing being all loud and rowdy, ball games, concerts and movie theaters as the only way to have fun. I don’t mind going out sometimes, but let me sit back and take it in… I can have “fun” watching other people have fun and laugh. I don’t have to be in the middle of everything.

Today was quiet the interesting day. Went to the Geekery in Niagara Falls for the Artist spotlight. Got to chat with an artist I’ve been admiring for years, for the majority of my time there! We had met waaay back in 2011, & they’d given me some really neat advice that I still adhere to. The fact that they kept complimenting my work was like, heck, overwhelming I ??? Didn’t know what to do with myself lmao. It was a really nice event, and just a neat place in general! I need to explore the area more, I’m sure there’s more neat places around here lol.