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I went to your blog bc of the sexy Halloween costume, but omg catch me in your notifications bc I love you + the fact you're trans and bi like me ily!! Do you have a sweetheart??

Yoooooo! ::blushes::

My partner and I mutually found each other on tumblr 4 years ago thanks to a little Guillermo del Toro movie called Pacific Rim. We just aggressively resist being “social media official”. ;)


Digifake week Day 2 - Dragon’s Roar

Another digimon design made after a pre-existing character of mine!
This one’s a demon dragon. Though it starts out as a Dragon’s Roar / Nightmare Soldiers species, it becomes a part of the Virus Busters family around Perfect level.

Name Origin: Latin and English. Rufus = red, red headed. Dragon.
Level: Child.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Demon Dragon.
Family: Dragon’s Roar, Nightmare Soldiers.
* Demon Dragon Claw – viciously attacks the foe with her demon claws.
* Shatter Punch – punches the foe with her demon fist, with enough power to shatter rocks.
Personality: Cheerful, relaxed and outgoing, she loves being social and meeting new people. She’s got a strong sense of justice and always defends the weak, and isn’t afraid to go against authorities if she knows they’re corrupt. She has a tendency of going into a sort of battle rage in a fight.
Trivia: Digimon with combined Demon species and Dragon species data, it is rumoured it got some of it’s data from Megidramon. However, there aren’t any Digital Hazard symbols on its body, and it is said they become fearsome but justful digimon. They fight like demons, though.


??? -> ??? -> Rufudramon -> Alikodramon -> DragoonDevimon -> Valacmon

( Álikos is Greek for crimson.

Dragoon’s were a class of mounted infantry. Devil.

Valac is demon in Ars Goetia, a President of Hell. )

Can we stop acting like introversion = being 2intellectual4u, hating smalltalk (aka getting to know people), staying inside all day, and being anxious in all social situations? You’re making us look like socially retarded idiots. We need people, friendships are important, and for the love of God, go get yourself some vitamin D you pasty fools.

Also, social anxiety should be worked on, not used as an excuse to avoid socialization- otherwise, you just might find yourself depressed.

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Is it possible for a person with social anxiety to be soc-blind? Since social anxiety is basically extreme self-consciousness and fear of being judged negatively by others, which sounds similar to soc. If it is, then what would they be like? And how to tell them apart from a soc?

Yes. Separate the anxiety from the personality, first. Second, understand that the social variant instinct is just that: an instinct. It differs from caring about what other people think. I know a decent number of sock blinds with social anxiety. It manifests differently for everyone, but suffice to say that social events sock blinds dislike become even more reprehensible. A social variant with social anxiety will get anxious over trying to please people (in a social variant way) and their anxiety is compounded not by being in a social situation they really don’t want to be in (like social blinds); it’s compounding effect comes more so from being in a social situation and needing to live up to some sort of expectation. 

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Do you have many irl friends? Would you like more?

I have no local friends, and at work I eat on my own at lunch every day. I’m not good at being social.

Yes, I would like friends I could actually visit without having to plan it a month in advance, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

13.9.17 // Still prepping for my medical philosophy and ethics exams. I really like it actually, because being a doctor is not just about “fixing people”, its about being a social figure that has to take a lot of difficult decisions. 

Studygram: @studyspiration 

Venus in the Houses

Venus in the 1st House: Appealing on an exterior level. Cooperative energy. Always looking in the mirror? Maybe. Charm and/or magnetism.

Venus in the 2nd House: Love of luxury. Give them diamonds, gold, flowers. Can make their money via art, beauty, romance, and creativity.

Venus in the 3rd House: Pretty words and sweet talking. Might have a talent for poetry/writing. Watch out for misleading in communication.

Venus in the 4th House: Goals=A lovely home. They dream of the perfect domestic life. Likely to have a very clean or at least aesthetic home.

Venus in the 5th House: Enticed by love games. Flirty and playful by nature. Has big goals for romance. Love affairs can be a hobby.

Venus in the 6th House: Married to their work vibes. Needs a lot of peace, security, and compromise/teamwork at their workplace. All about caring for loved ones in a physical, dependable, and practical way. 

Venus in the 7th House: Good luck in love, especially marriage.Venus is spreading her influence widely. Watch out for getting trapped in love.

Venus in the 8th House: Here Venus is sitting in the intense/passionate House of transformations, you do the math. Each close lover or friend changes them. Memory is ingrained. Good luck in joint finances via marriage/lover.

Venus in the 9th House: Good luck in getting along with others while traveling, relationships tend to be light-hearted and fun. Attracted to the exotic. Might be enlightened by a partner or inspire their partner to rethink beliefs.

Venus in the 10th House: Their career is their highest priority. Not one to compromise in love. Selective. Great at networking.

Venus in the 11th House: Values their friends highly and tends to be close to them. Friendship is a base for all their relationships. Has good luck in meeting new people, being social, and being accepted/liked.

Venus in the 12th House: Unsure about what they want from others, can easily lose themselves in love, dependency issues. Pink hiding in milky water.

walking to the venue for the reputation tour after youve spent months racking up on ticketmaster tix points and being extra on social media to get priority 

Supercorp Social Media AUs

Lord, Save Me from Your Followersanamatics

  • Kara, perhaps out of a want for thoroughness in her story, perhaps out of a Millennial-born urge to creep on the social media of a woman she finds intriguing, discovers that Lena Luthor has a pretty active following on Instagram one afternoon not long after their first meeting. She debates it, just for a moment, before following Lena.

Lena’s YouTuber Crushes (Crush) - BroodyJC

  • The Youtuber AU in which Lena’s thirst can be seen from miles away - OR- The “My YouTubers Crushes Tag”

Swipe Right for a Supereluigih

  • Lena Luthor matches with Supergirl on tinder and she’s convinced that she’s being catfished.

Alcohol and social mediaitsgaydude

  • Supercorp and Sanvers go on a double date. Maggie and Alex take candids of Kara and Lena during it and intended to send them to the couple. It does not go as planned and they accidentally share them on social media.

Tools of the Trade honey_hill

  • Kara can’t contain her thirst in an interview and Twitter goes nuts. Lena likes screwing with her fans but would rather screw Kara instead.

A Face in the Crowdoffscreenmusings

  • Kara Danvers catches the attention of rock singer Lena Luthor when she attends a concert, she isn’t a VIP that night so Lena turns to Twitter to find her.

this is where i keep you in my mind statisticallysignificant

  • kara was pretty sure she had a minor heart attack when she realized that she accidentally double-tapped on a picture of Lena Luthor from a whopping 235 weeks ago. (lucky for her, Lena doesn’t ignore it.)

Insta-Shock To The Systembabydragon73

  • Lena’s eyes widened at the barista’s selfless care for her and, without warning, she blurted out, “I didn’t know you modelled lingerie.”


  • After a picture of a kiss between the famed CEO Lena Luthor and mild-mannered reporter Kara Danvers went viral, the two lovebirds give an exclusive interview to CatCo magazine.

I crack a lot of jokes (’jokes’) about weeping or wanting to weep over this hour of television, but I legit cried when I watched this fan video today

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That sucks about Cummings and diversity and comics. They are the kind of people that want marvel to stop being so incompetent with its sjw stuff (Carl manvers, America Chavez, squirrel girl)

criticizing super hero comics for being too “social justice warrior” has always been so funny to me because like, buddy, that’s what super heroes are haha always have been too, not my fault you’ve only ever read the killing joke 

merrycai replied to your postHi! I love your blog soooo much! Is it bad I check…

U r beautiful! And does the icon of your account in ao3 is you? I thought that girl was you. And I am more sure now

Awwww thank u! <333

Yep, my AO3 icon is really me! [X] That pic is from 2013, I was going to try to photoshop myself as Merrick, but decided against it. 

My eyes aren’t actually that green, that’s photoshop, but in the right lighting I have some green color than just light brown goin’ on…