Reblog If You Are Apart/Enjoy Any Of These Fandoms

There are my main interests right now and what I’m going to be writing about. I’d like to follow people with similar taste in fandoms :) 

Percy Jackson (and all the series that come after him too)

The Outsiders

Harry Potter

New Girl

13 reasons why

Lana Del Rey

Regina Spektor

The Beatles

That 70′s Show

Gilmore Girls

Keeper of the Lose Cities

The Perks of being a Wallflower

Bo Burnham

Hunger Games



The Smiths

I think I can chalk reylo up as essentially just,

Kylo: *pointing to various random people*

“I hate you and I hate you. I especially hate you. Also you over there can die, that guy next to you can follow suit.”

Kylo: *points to Rey, the person who literally slashed his face, told him his worst fear, has contested him at every turn and awoken curiosity and compassion in him*

“carry on with whatever you are doing.”

you know that one song that just feels like a hug

I get this totally. Sometimes I feel like a wrinkled old lady staring into the distance while her grand children stare in both wonder and pity at her:

“Yes, yes, I remember CDs and VCRs. We recorded stuff off the radio. And we had to wait every week for a new TV episode rather than downloading it all at once!”

*shocked gasp*

“And taking badly lit photos of yourself in the bathroom mirror constantly was unheard of! No one took photos of their food either.”

*The youngsters faint*


A mean big bro. :/

I just want to say that rich ppl don’t need to be making fyre festival jokes. like….you can’t be rich and say “haha those dumb bourgeoisie” because you ARE part of that group. distancing yourself from a group that you’re part of in order to make jokes about it doesn’t make you look hip or cool or “woke” it makes you look fake. u have to recognize ur privilege as part of that group. Marginalized groups mock/make jokes about privileged groups (such as poor ppl joking about rich ppl at the fyre festival, lgbt people making straight people jokes) in order to vent and/or cope. rich people trying to be part of that just looks so performative tbh.