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Your ask box's doors are suddenly bust open and in comes Killian Jones with his usual half-buttoned shirt and messy hair. Quickly, he looks around and then notices you, stunned silent, and grins, scratching behind his ear. "Sorry about that, lass," he gestures to the broken door, "thought I saw Swan come in here." He then tells you: "Have a good day, love." and leaves, closing the door behind him. (Send this to 10 fav. CS shippers who need Cpt. Hook well wishes and help him find his True Love!)

“Wait!” I yell, finally coming out of my stupor. “I think I might know where you can find Emma!”

The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them, and I flinch at the sound of desperation in my voice, but I’m sure I’ve gone around the bend watching him come and go throughout the day. I hate to see him leave but I love to watch him go! This time I’m determined to get some quality time even if it (or the rest of you all) kills me! 

The doors slam open again, the left one splintering as it comes off its hinge with an exaggerated groan. Killian takes two strides, ignoring the damage he’s left in his wake, before he is in my space, breathing heavy, jaw clenched. 

Sweet heaven above he smells better than all the fanfic says he does. Wait…is that Old Spice?…

He looks me in the eyes and I can see the suspicion in his casting an icy glint in my direction. Shit… I’m so busted. He raises his hook and points it at me. It’s menacing and ridiculously hot all at the same time, and somehow I manage not to run my finger over the shining curve of it. Yay Boo self-control! 

“Don’t toy with me,” he says through gritted teeth. “I’ve been to more ask boxes than I care to count, and Emma’s no where to be seen. Speak plainly if you know something. I’ve no more time to waste.”

I gulp and raise my eyebrows trying not to sound like the star-struck lying fangirl I am. 

“Didja try the Ladies Room?” 

Killian frowns in obvious confusion. “Ladies Room? I was unaware this place had one. Do you have directions? A proper url maybe? I’d rather not get lost again. This messaging system is the absolute worst. Carrier pigeon would be better.”

I chuckle in agreement and offer my services as guide. After all, I am an old lady and we often scout out where the rest rooms are “just in case.” For once it is a skill that will not draw the complaints of my companion. Wahey! 

Good luck getting him back to your ask boxes, shipmates. He’s all mine. 

A Plaid Confused

It was one of those dark cloudless nights, The air was frigid and cold, not even the stars came out to play. Rae grumbled as she shivered cursing that she allowed the gang to pester and persuade her into having pints when she could be warm snuggled up in bed with the latest steamy romance she found tucked away in the dusty charity shop. 

Rae flapped her hands and tucked them under her arms. You think that with this much fat, it would eventually keep me warm. Rae was outside The Swan it was 2 am, Tiff, the barmaid had thrown the gang out telling them to go find beds or a rave she was too old to keep up with them. Rae grumbled as she heard Tiff rattle around inside. She could have at least let us wait inside while the boys went off to find taxis. It was too cold to walk and they were all too pissed to drive, Rae threw a glance over her shoulder Chloe and Izzy were huddled together in the doorway. Chloe in her big pink furry monstrosity and Izzy bundled in up in so much coloured wool it was hard to tell where she ended and the scarf began. Izzy was leaning against Chloe’s shoulder their heads rested on one another and their eyes drooping. ‘Fuck sake where’re the lads, these two will freeze if they fall asleep’.  Rae was tapping her foot impatiently in an effort to shake some blood into her frost bitten extremities.

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I wish you would write a fic where Emma introduces Killian to Netflix and regrets it after he becomes addicted

It was her own damn fault. Really. What was she thinking?!?

Smart move, Emma. Smart move. Introducing something as addictive as Netflix and the concept of binge watching to the man that had harbored obsessive tendencies for centuries.

He didn’t leave the couch for the entire weekend the first time. And then it was the late night binging, the mid morning binging and the afternoon binging. He would even rush his lunch time with her so he could go back to watch his shows. 

Emma came back one afternoon from the station to find him almost tearing up at the last episode of Rome, mumbling something about true honor and friendship.

Desperate times called for drastic measures. Indeed they did. 

And that is how she ended parading in front of the television in nothing but his old black pirate shirt. With as many buttons open as he used to wear.

Needless to say, there was not late night binging that evening.