I’ll always be yours. It’s not really because I want to be. It’s because you won’t let me go.
—  I don’t think you ever plan on giving me my heart back.
Being happy with someone doesn’t mean that everything about them is perfect, they can’t be. It means that we know no one is perfect including ourselves so we look beyond someones imperfections and concentrate on their perfections and our happiest shines thru. As long as one’s HEART is in the right place and is perfect for your liking then everything else that is near perfect or perfect about them is a bonus and everything else. secondary, they don’t matter.
I don’t know if you’ve experience this, but have you ever heard your own heart beat? Not because you’re agitated or highly strung, but because you’re extremely happy and your heart just can't  contain the happiness you’re feeling, and it feels like your heart is gonna burst out from your chest? Because I heard mine beating today.