Rainy Days: Josh Dun imagine part 3

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After many, many, many rounds of playing Super Smash Brothers, Josh finally decided to drive you home. He had been staying at a hotel and hooked up the game system to the television, inviting you over and feeding you Oreos and Red Bull. The rain finally did let up, and he drove you home, both of you listening to your favorite bands. Although anyone might’ve thought spending time with a twenty some year old man would be awkward or creepy, it was actually the best experience of your entire life. He had your contact number in your phone, and he had texted you last night, asking if you were okay and saying sorry that he didn’t take you home right away, along with a really sweet goodnight text. And as much as you’d like all those past fantasies of your favorite band member falling for you and going on adorable coffee shop dates and cuddling late at night while watching TV shows, your mind kept arguing that this was still all too good to be true. Even if it was actually real, which you started to think maybe it was, Josh would never like you. Right? However, all the adorable texts and flashbacks about earlier today proved otherwise.

The next day at school felt like a million years long. You decided not to tell anyone about your experience with Josh yesterday, not even your parents, who you had lied to and said you stayed at school for a study club. You couldn’t even find the courage to tell Sarah about it. She would get jealous or not even care, or think you were insane or just making it up. And if you told anyone else, well, they probably wouldn’t even know who the hell Josh Dun was.  Plus, your doubt was constantly trying to convince you this wasn’t actually happening, so you pushed it all aside and tried to focus on whatever was happening in algebra today. That’s when you felt a buzz in your pocket. You sneakily took your phone out and glanced at the text. It was Josh.

J: Hey y/n. You out of school yet?
Y: Lmao no. I wish.
J: Dang. What are you doing?
Y: Being bored to death in algebra.
J: Oh fun.
Y: I hate this class.
J: How come?
Y: Aside from it being miserably boring, I suck at it, and I’m failing too.
J: I’m sorry. You should probably pay attention though if you’re failing and stop texting me.
Y: Whatever. I just want to leave class.
J: Really?
Y: Really.
J: Well just hang in there my fren. Go pay attention. Stop texting me.
Y: Lol okay.

You rolled your eyes and stifled a laugh, putting your phone back in your pocket. You could pay attention just once, right? For Josh. You looked up and tried to follow the lesson, but ten minutes in, your eyes quickly grew tired looking at the equations scrawled on the chalkboard, and you were just about to doze off to sleep when there was a loud ringing in your ears. You bolted up, looking around, only to find that the fire alarm had gone off. This was perfect!

Your entire class started filing out the door, you following them, the disgruntled teacher putting down the piece of chalk and ushering students out. You felt another buzz in your pocket, and you started to suspect that maybe this was Josh’s doing. When you got outside into the school parking lot, you sneaked a peek at your phone, eyes widening at the realization.

J: Did that work for you?
Y: Holy shit. Did you pull the fire alarm?
J: Maybe…?
Y: Joshua William Dun!
J: Shut up, silly. Meet me by door #8.
Y: You’re here?!?!
J: Of course I am. How else would I pull the fire alarm?
Y: Oh right.
J: Just meet me by the door. There’s only half an hour of school left. Nobody’s going to notice you’re gone. Don’t worry.
Y: Haha okay.

This was absolutely crazy. On top of just being able to spend time with Josh yesterday, now he was helping you escape from your algebra class? You couldn’t help but laugh as you snuck past the crowd and made your way around to door number eight, where you spotted Josh instantly. It wasn’t hard to find him, especially with his snapback hat, bright red hair, sparkling brown eyes, X Files tank top, and ripped jeans. He held up his car keys and flashed you a smile. “You’re crazy!” you cried, walking up to him. He giggled, reaching out and hugging you, which took you by surprise. As he released the embrace, you blinked twice, trying to process what just happened when he laughed again.

“Was that too crazy?” he raised an eyebrow.

“What? No, no! That was perfect,” you chuckled. “That was amazing.”

“Come on, let’s go before I get us both in trouble,” he decided.

“Where are we going?” you inquired, following him past the crowd of students and to where he had parked his car in the parking lot. If a teacher caught you, you’d be dead. You quickly scanned the area, noticing that you were clear, and then slid into the shotgun seat.

“I was thinking we switch it up today, Chipotle maybe?” Josh asked, turning the keys in the ignition and rolling out into the street. This was actually insane. And you loved it.

“That’s awesome,” your eyes lit up. “Better than Taco Bell.”

“Don’t let Tyler hear you say that,” he joked. You picked up the aux chord and plugged in your phone, scrolling through your music until you found a good playlist, and then hit shuffle. Josh smiled at your choice, one of your favorite songs playing, and you both couldn’t help but start to sing along.

“You know this one?” you wondered.

“Of course I do,” Josh rolled his eyes. “It’s one of my favorite songs.”

“No way,” your eyes grew big. “It was my favorite song first.”

“Fine,” he sighed, trying to hide a smile. “It can be your favorite. Nothing selfish about that, right?”

“Shut up,” you teased.

“Hey! I’m buying you food,” he reminded with a giggle, starting to park the car.

“You know you’re absolutely crazy,” you narrowed your eyes. “You just helped me escape school so I can go eat burritos with you.”

“So what?” Josh shrugged. “That’s what best friends do.”

“I guess,” you laughed. You’ve only known him since yesterday and now you’ve already become best friends. As Josh opened the door and ushered you into Chipotle, you didn’t even try to hide your smile. Right now, Josh was making you the happiest person in the world. First picking you up in the rain, then Taco Bell and video games, and now helping you escape from school to go eat Chipotle. You loved every bit of it. And you couldn’t wait to see what other crazy stuff he had in store.

I believe in fairytales okay? And happy endings and soul mates. It’s so childish and I know that. But if I let go of the thought that one day I just might get my fairytale ending, I’ll lose it. I’ll completely give up. Because my life became utter shit after you left. And I lost my faith. But the second you showed up again and suddenly, I started to believe fairytales and happy endings aren’t just in story books again. They can be real. They are real. When you left, I was living day to day life, being a boring, miserable adult. But now I believe in story books more than I ever have and I’m a child again. So please don’t leave. Don’t allow me to give up on this petty thought that happily ever afters exist in the real word. Don’t allow me to lose my innocence because that’s all I have left.
—  I write books with no endings because happy endings only exist in fairytales.