Who the signs are to you:


  • Aries: the person you don’t really know well, but you’re always having a great time going out together 
  • Taurus: that weirdo at work you just can’t get along with without any apparent reason 
  • Gemini: that from-time-to-time sex partner 
  • Cancer: your little sister you always have to protect from everyone 
  • Leo: shopping buddy 
  • Virgo: that one bitchy, arrogant chick you couldn’t stand at the first sight
  • Libra: future wife/husband 
  • Scorpio: that one ex you’ll always feel attracted to, even though it will never work out 
  • Sagittarius: crush 
  • Capricorn: that weird nerdy neighbour that looks quite lovely but you never spoke a word to them 
  • Aquarius: that one person that gets everything you want so much
  • Pisces: just a random useless person


  • Aries: an annoying guy at work who gets all the credits you deserve
  • Taurus: your first love you’ll never forget
  • Gemini: that two-faced bitch you’re a little jealous of
  • Cancer: that person you’re not really best friends with but to whom you can always turn when you feel down
  • Leo: that hot guy you secretly crave
  • Virgo: a childhood friend that helped you become who you are now
  • Libra: your boss
  • Scorpio: your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Sagittarius: crazy, odd creep that entertains you when you’re sad
  • Capricorn: bff!
  • Aquarius: your loving grandmother
  • Pisces: that one pervert you know who always makes you laugh 


  • Aries: a huge crush you can’t get over no matter what you do
  • Taurus: high school desk neighbour
  • Gemini: the person you laugh the most with
  • Cancer: your one & only real love
  • Leo: drinking buddy
  • Virgo: that one annoying person that always sees through you not buying your lies like others do
  • Libra: that girl intriguing all the time
  • Scorpio: that bitch with a few kilogrammes makeup on you just can’t stand
  • Sagittarius: best travel partner you’ll ever have
  • Capricorn: your older brother
  • Aquarius: the person you know has a crush on, but you can’t relate, even though you’re enjoying this fact
  • Pisces: the one who does all your homework 


  • Aries: you wish you had their confidence
  • Taurus: childhood neighbour
  • Gemini: your job partner who does all the work
  • Cancer: your opposite gender best friend, the prove that girl & boy can be just friends
  • Leo: they’re so beautiful, I wish I had a little of their beauty
  • Virgo: that person that tries to make you believe in how amazing you are
  • Libra: that weird person who never talks but you somehow still hang out with them
  • Scorpio: that one person who talks so sarcastically that you can’t understand if they’re being serious or not
  • Sagittarius: that annoying bitch bullying you all the time
  • Capricorn: that one person you will always like even though it doesn’t work out between you
  • Aquarius: how can you be so arrogant?
  • Pisces: best friend 


  • Aries: slaying together!
  • Taurus: that one friend you’re trying to make more social, ‘cause they’re actually pretty cool, but they just prefer to Netflix & chill at home
  • Gemini: that one sarcastic but charming guy you like, but they keep making fun of your attitude
  • Cancer: your spiritually obsessed uncle
  • Leo: your wingman who always steals your girls in the end
  • Virgo: that silent friend who gets crazy as hell when drunk
  • Libra: your personal clown, basically entertaining you through life
  • Scorpio: the only person that knows how to handle your ego, but you can’t trust them, ‘cause they have some kind of power over you
  • Sagittarius: cooking partner
  • Capricorn: your older, smarter sister, but you’re always beating her in being popular & hot
  • Aquarius: the only person you will fall in love with for real
  • Pisces: your boss who’s way too easy to manipulate


  • Aries: that one guy who gets all the girls you like because they’re hot & charming, but you’re just a shy potato 
  • Taurus: an actual friend
  • Gemini: that one person you feel kind of alike with but you still just don’t like them 
  • Cancer: your boo
  • Leo: that girl you thought was your best friend but she has like 5 other best friends and so you feel somehow friendship wise heartbroken
  • Virgo: that fling you had on a holiday but it was so good you won’t ever forget them
  • Libra: I wish I was as creative & adorable as they are
  • Scorpio: your wife who’s gonna leave you in the end ‘cause she will realise how different you are after 10 years of marriage
  • Sagittarius: that hot girl you totally have a crush on but she’s out of your league, ‘cause well, you’re still a potato
  • Capricorn: the only friend who actually knows how to deal with your weirdnesses and phobias
  • Aquarius: your psychologist 
  • Pisces: a girl you get perfectly along with, but can’t really understand why, because you’re so different


  • Aries: partner in crime
  • Taurus: your beauty idol you always try to copy
  • Gemini: only you can understand both of their faces
  • Cancer: that lovely person having so much bad luck that you always feel sorry for them
  • Leo: that flowers obsessed relative
  • Virgo: your neighbour 
  • Libra: that one boring person that always asks you to go out. You know it’s gonna be boring but can’t say no, 'cause they are actually really nice
  • Scorpio: that person you’re inhumanly attracted to 
  • Sagittarius: fiancé(e) that’s gonna leave you at the altar 
  • Capricorn: fiancé(e) that’s gonna marry you
  • Aquarius: long lost half sister who turns out to be really cool 
  • Pisces: the shoulder to cry on from time to time


  • Aries: a huge crush who doesn’t really like you back but you keep trying, even though you know it’s gonna hurt
  • Taurus: your favourite singer
  • Gemini: the best person to have late night conversations with
  • Cancer: a lovely family member you will always support
  • Leo: that bitch needing attention all the time but you’re too busy being self-absorbed
  • Virgo: the sign that 90% of your crushes are
  • Libra: your best freaking sex partner ever 
  • Scorpio: childhood love that never really faded
  • Sagittarius: that one cheater boyfriend you somehow forgive over and over again 
  • Capricorn: your daughter you can act like best friends with
  • Aquarius: unexplainably undesirable person 
  • Pisces: best friend you never dare getting in a romantic relationship with because you know you’ll hurt them


  • Aries: your modelling partner 
  • Taurus: that stubborn little shit always trying to ruin your life
  • Gemini: you don’t know it yet but they’re the love of your life 
  • Cancer: that person with an amazing taste in music so you can’t stop admiring it
  • Leo: drinking buddy
  • Virgo: your favourite actor  
  • Libra: your make up artist
  • Scorpio: your witch neighbour, you don’t believe she actually is one but she scares you anyway somehow
  • Sagittarius: best travel buddy 
  • Capricorn: that gloomy person, you never what they are actually thinking 
  • Aquarius: on/off relationship 
  • Pisces: that one person always trying to joke but has an awful sense of humour


  • Aries: your female friend that is amazingly beautiful & kind but just doesn’t believe it and all you do is trying to build up a little confidence in her
  • Taurus: your gay best friend
  • Gemini: lovely & interesting person to spend time with without any real trust
  • Cancer: that one adorable human being you will always wonder about like: how can you be so lovely & innocent?
  • Leo: that one bitch always trying to ruin your life, making drama around you now and then
  • Virgo: that person you get along with perfectly, you understand each other without words, you absolutely love them, but you’ll always stay friends because there’s a lack of physical attraction 
  • Libra: they want you.
  • Scorpio: a fling
  • Sagittarius: that person you like somehow but it never comes to a real relationship, they seem not to notice you the right way
  • Aquarius: that annoying relative always judging you
  • Pisces: that one fake ass ex you’ll never forgive yourself dating


  • Aries: a friend that always manages to cheer you up
  • Taurus: that lovely person you always wanted to get to know, but you have no idea how to start a conversation
  • Gemini: just… bae
  • Cancer: head up, your crown is falling. Oh wait, which crown?
  • Leo: your most beautiful friend. she’s the only one allowed to be more beautiful than you are
  • Virgo: your long-lost child
  • Libra: that one friend that lives on the other side of the world but you stay friends no matter what
  • Scorpio: a person that life always puts as an interference to you, so you end up hating them
  • Sagittarius: that one relative you never meet ‘cause they’re always travelling
  • Capricorn: that one friend that seems completely heartless to you
  • Aquarius: a bitch you’re always competing with 
  • Pisces: you fell in love with their kindness


  • Aries: wait… who? 
  • Taurus: that one person who protects you in difficult situations every time
  • Gemini: they seem so lovely why can’t they stop bullying me?
  • Cancer: cry buddy
  • Leo: that person with a huge heart, it isn’t obvious at first sight but you can trust them with anything
  • Virgo: future husband you will finally feel secure with 
  • Libra: they are so beautiful you can’t help falling in love with them 
  • Scorpio: gossip girl friend 
  • Sagittarius: stupid high school buddy 
  • Capricorn: your long-term love that you can’t forget 
  • Aquarius: that married guy you can’t stop wanting
  • Pisces: bestie

It was a 7 minute clip and we got: Sana smashing that lady with a killer look for being islamophobic, Isak being 100% comfortable with Even in front of Sana and the boy squad, the boys being adorable and supporting as always, the girl squad having a very important sex talk, Sana killing it again with “I choose not to have sex” AND friends dealing with honesty between them when it comes to heartbreak.

I’m proud to be a Skam fan, honestly.

I just need a fic with Virgil being adorable (I mean, he always is) and giggling just out of happiness. Nothing spectacular has happened, but he’s content, things are good, and he’s happy. And he just giggles, because who knew things could turn out this way for Anxiety?







just i love my ships alright

You’re a good man - Bucky Barnes x reader

Request by anonymous : Could you do a Bucky Barnes x reader where there’s a girl who got into their world through a breach, and she’s the heir of the league of assassins. And everyone is confused about how she’s there. And Bucky helps her adjust to the new earth she’s living on????

Warnings : fluff, Bucky being adorably caring as always, Tony screaming, lots of *blushes* from both

(A/N) : It’s finally posted and I’m happy. Feedback is always welcomed.

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Definition of a day off according to the Avengers : (noun, m.) Day where you do absolutely nothing, except eating, sleeping and watching movies.

*around 7 pm*

And that’s exactly what they were doing. All of them were chilling on the couch, watching some Netflix series chosen by Sam and eating sweets and junk food.

That show is becoming boring.” Tony complained. “I’m bored.

Well - Sam looked at the others Avengers and then turned to face Tony - You’re the only one here that doesn’t enjoy the show so shut the hell up, old man.

Tony pouted, sighed and then finally shut his mouth for the enjoyment of all. Everybody was about to get back into the story when suddenly a loud noise echoed in the whole room. Did Tony screamed ? Yes. Everyone quickly glanced at him in disbelief, then focused on the noise and what caused it. A breach. A huge breach was forming on the wall behind the couch. They all got up and ran in its direction. And this is at this exact moment that you appeared. Noise, burst of walls and dust accompanied your entry. You definitely didn’t do things half. Dressed all in black (boots, pant, shirt and all), you came out of the breach, looking all around you. They were all really confused, and the way that they were looking at you as if you were a freak didn’t please you at all. You then locked your gaze on them and frowned your eyebrows. Two girls and seven guys were standing in front of you. One particularly caught up your attention : a tall and extremely charming man, kind of impressing at first, with long dark hair and blue eyes and … a metal arm ? Wow. Your gaze was locked on it for a few seconds and then it was back on the assembly. But, this man descripted previously didn’t look at you in a strange way.

 "Excuse me but - Steve raised an eyebrow - who are you ? Who sent you ?“ A tall man with breathtaking blue eyes and dark blond hair questioned you.

 You cleared your throat and started introduced yourself.

 ”I’m (Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N). I’m the heir of the league of assassins, on Arkanda. I’ve been sent here to integrate your team and save the world. The Earth needs to be cleaned up from all threats.“ You stated, confident.

 Your confidence impressed everyone. The heir of the league of assassins ? They’ve already heard about you but they never thought that they’d actually have the honor to meet you in person. No one talked, all their attention was on you, as they were wondering what you were capable of. Finally, Steve walked your way, and held out his hand to you.

 ”Well, it’s an honor to have you here. I’m Steve, Steve Rogers.“

 ’I know that name… Isn’t that’ you thought before talking again.

 ”Captain America, right ? I’ve heard about you down there. You make a good job at saving those citizens.“ you complimented.

 ”Thank you. -he pause then looked behind him, at his teammates- We were about to make dinner. Would you like to join us ?“ he asked you.

 You were here to help and join their team, which meant that you had to gain their trust and maybe, make some friends ?

You nodded. ”Yeah, I’d love to.

 Everyone else cheered and made their way to the kitchen. Except one, the metal-armed man. He walked towards you and held out his hand to you with a warm smile drew on his lips.

 ”I’m Bucky Barnes. Welcome here.

 *Around 8 pm, the dinner came to his end and everyone regained their room*

 Bucky proposed himself to make you go around the Tower and find you a room. As he was walking in front of you, he was showing you the rooms of each Avengers, talking about them and telling you what made them special, but then he stopped at the end of the corner, in front of a black door. You looked at him, confused and wondering what he was doing. He noticed your expression and a soft smile formed itself on his lips. He stayed silent and opened the black door. You quickly glanced at him before he made you sign that you were free to enter, which you immediately did. The room wasn’t that big, but it was enough for a grown man. It was also a bit messy even though nothing but a king sized bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a carpet were filling the room but some clothes were spread there and there. The atmosphere that emanated from his bedroom was a bit cold, due to the dark colors on the walls, ceiling and floor : a dark red and black. Plus, the light coming from outside trying to warm the room was smothered by thick dark curtains.

 ”So… That’s where I sleep.“ Bucky’s deep voice drew from your thoughts.

 You turned around and your eyes landed on his well-built body : they wandered from his black laced boots, then to his chest and finally to his concerned face. You didn’t even realize the way you were looking at him so when he pretended to cough, you just looked away, embarrassed. Since he was still standing in the doorway, Bucky bit his lower lip to hide his soon-to-form smile.

 ”I can lend you my room if you want. -he stopped and then continued because you didn’t answer- I will sleep on the couch.

 For a minute, you kind of felt bad because you didn’t want to shove him away from his own bedroom so you just spontaneously stated :

 ”No, don’t bother yourself. I will sleep on the couch. This room ain’t mine.“

 He moved his head as a sign of refusal. ”No, no, no. You’re sleeping here, and there’s no negotiation possible.

 ”Bucky…“ You began to spoke before he cut you off.

 ”Shh. It doesn’t bother me, I swear. Now I should maybe let you take a shower ? Seems like you went through a lot of dirt when you crossed that breach.“ He remarked, but you didn’t take it personally because he was right.

 You didn’t answer, once again. Instead, you tilted your head to the side, curious. A shower ? What is that ? No one on Arkanda knows this word… or at least you don’t.

 ”A shower ? What is that even ?“ You asked.

 Bucky seemed really surprised. ”What do you mean ? You don’t know what a shower is ? You- You’ve never took one ?

 He looked at you as if you’ve just revealed him an horrible secret, which made you laugh internally.

 ”Well… No ? In Arkanda, we simply enter in a huge white box and we come out cleaner than ever.“ you explained as if it was obvious.

 The brown haired man lifted his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders in disbelief.

 ”If it could be that simple here, too… But whatever. I guess that I have to tell you how showering works here ?“ He demanded, and you could’ve swore that you heard a bit of happiness in his deep voice.

 Not knowing what else to answer, you responded ”Yes, I guess.

 The metal-armed man shyly smiled and took your hand in order to lead you to the bathroom that was incrusted in his bedroom, that you didn’t even noticed when you looked around you. You heart started beating faster when Bucky caught your hand in his, which is something that you’ve never experienced before. After all, you were the heir of the league of  assassins, which was a huge responsibility : you couldn’t afford to see anyone and since you were a little girl, you were only trained to kill. No feelings, no emotions were allowed. So when a man that you’ve met 5 hours ago and that you’ve found extremely handsome in every way made a human contact with you, your brain didn’t know how to make you react. In order to hide your surprise, you stayed silent and followed him. He stopped the both of us in front of a not-so-big bathroom, but big enough for a single person as well. It was a classic bathroom with the necessary items that don’t even need to be cited. Bucky walked past you and opened the shower cubicle before glancing at you.

Before I leave you alone to take your clothes off, you need to understand how it works. Come here.“ he commanded.

You did as told and walked closer to him. He put a foot in the shower and leaned one the shower column. Then, he quickly looked at you before starting his explications. He pointed at the shower handles and stated :

The right one is for the hot water and the left one is for the cold water. I personally advise you to turn on the right one. -he chuckled a bit at his own joke- And here -he pointed at the shampoo and soap- you have the things you need to clean your body.

Bucky then looked at you, waiting for a possible question from you. You got lost in his blue eyes for a microsecond, again, but you managed to clear your mind.

What am I supposed to do with those things ?’ you thought.

How do I - I mean… What do I do with that ?“ you asked, confused, which made Bucky frown his eyebrows but his expression fell when he remembered that you weren’t used to the "human on Earth’s things”

Oh. Huh… - he paused - Well, you just have to put the soap in your hands, and rub it on your skin… everywhere. - did he blush ? Hell yes - and then you have to rinse your body with water. Got it ?

Do they really have to do that everyday ?’ you asked once again. Humans on Earth were definitely weird.

Yup, got it.” you answered automatically.

You stepped back in order to give enough space to Bucky so he could get out of the shower. He walked towards the door, opened it and then looked at you from the doorway.

I’ll be in the bed room, nearby. So call me if you need anything.” he spoke.

You nodded as an answer and closed the door. You then turned around and stared at your reflection for a while, noticing all the dirt on your clothes and exposed skin as you winced. In no time, your clothes were threw on the floor and you were in the cabin. You remembered Bucky’s instructions given previously and applied them. A soft and nearly silent scream of surprise escaped from your lips as soon as the hot water ran all over your flesh. But you found this sensation enjoyable and relaxing. When the time to open the soap bottle has came, you struggled a bit to understand how it worked but you managed to do it anyway. You found that funny to rub your skin with such a weird product and when the scent of the soap tickled your nose, you smiled. Strawberry. How was that even possible to put a fruit in a soap ? That was a question that’ll be running in your mind for a while, and you should definitely ask Bucky about that. You continued to follow the rules that you were given and you got out of the shower after 10 good minutes. But… your skin was still wet and it felt like the air turned colder. You stood still for a while and thought of Bucky. Maybe he knew what to do. So, you opened slightly the door and took your head out of the bathroom, making sure that your naked body was still inside the bathroom though.

Bucky ?

Bucky, that was laying on his bed, reading some newspaper of whatsoever, sat up and sat down immediately in your direction, wondering what was the problem.

Is anything wrong ?” he asked on a concerned tone.

Well… How long am I supposed to wait till my skin dries off ?” you questioned with a raised eyebrow.

Bucky’s eyes wide opened and he looked like he forgot something really important. He suddenly got on his feet and walked towards his wardrobe. He took out a big white towel, some dark underwear, a black jogging and a grey shirt. He even pulled out a pair of socks, which made you smile.

How could a man that you barely knew be that caring ?

When he finally gave you all those clothes in proper hands, you looked down at them, smiled and thanked him. He smiled back, showing off his white teeth.

We’ll go ask Natasha to lend you some of her clothes tomorrow. Do you need anything else ?” he inquired.

No, thanks a lot Bucky.” you looked up to lock your gaze in his.

You both stared in each other’s eyes for what seemed like eternity but it wasn’t awkward, at all. You then looked away when you felt your cheeks heat up, and turned around, facing the bathroom door before opening it.

I’ll be quick, I don’t want to keep you from sleeping.” you quickly stated but the door was already closed before Buck’ could even answer.

Wow. That was intense.’ you thought.

After a while, when you were finally dressed again, you looked at yourself in the mirror. You bit your lip to hide your smile when you noticed how loose Bucky’s clothes looked on you, but you loved it anyway. Plus, it had a special scent. His scent. And at that precise moment, you felt special. Special, even though nothing really happened between the both of you but… you liked the way your heart was beating faster when he was talking to you or even looking at you. That was something you enjoyed, and liked to feel. You got drew out of your thoughts when he knocked on the door.

(Y/N) ? I’m going downstairs, but don’t worry. I already prepared the bed for you, and there’s a glass of water and some cookies are placed on the nightstand in case you’re still thirsty or hungry. If you need anything, I’ll be on the couch. Goodnight sweetheart.

Sweetheart”. You’ve never been called that before. It sounded so perfect in his raspy and tired voice that your mind stopped working when he said it.

(Y/N) ? Are you okay in there ?” Bucky asked, concerned this time. Because of course you were still stuck on that pet name.

You shook your head in order to put all your ideas back in place and opened the door. Bucky sighed of relief when he saw your cute face. He always wanted to smile when you were looking at him with a ‘lost puppy’ look glued on your face. You looked behind him and smiled when you saw the bed already opened, ready to welcome you, and the things on the nightstand.

Thank you, really, Bucky. You’re so nice to me. - you paused to noticed his sweet smile - But anyway… Goodnight.

 He walked towards the door, opened it and stopped before going out.

 "It’s okay, doll. Goodnight.“ Then, he closed the door, leaving you all alone, blushing like a teenager after her first kiss.

Damn… Those pet names that seemed to leave his mouth with absolutely no problem were becoming your new weakness. You sat on the bed, and drank the glass of water that Bucky sweetly brought you. You then slipped under the warm covers and quickly fell asleep.

 *Around 4 am*

You woke up suddenly, quite violently as you were breathing heavily. Your chest was aching, and your heart seemed like he could get out of your chest at anytime. Drops of sweat ran down your face as you were trying to find your regular breathing again. All of this was caused by the most horrible nightmare you’ve ever had. You couldn’t even put into words, nothing could describe that. Then, suddenly, it hit you. Bucky. You needed to see Bucky. He was the only person you trusted here and he told you that you could come wake him up if something was wrong and it was the case. You got out of the bed and practically ran to the bathroom. You turned on the light and quickly cleaned up your face. You swept the tired of your eyes and made your way as quietly as possible to the couch were Bucky was sleeping, downstairs. When you arrived near the couch, you hear Bucky’s light snores filling the room, and you didn’t want to wake him up anymore, for a second. But you really needed his comfort, his words, anything. You hesitated at first, bit your lip, then kneeled next to his face, but not too close though, you didn’t want to scare him and receive a punch in the face.

Bucky ?“ you whispered loud enough so he would hear you but he didn’t.

Guess who wasn’t a light sleeper ?

You took a deep breath and placed your hand on his right shoulder. You felt his metal arm and concluded that touching it wouldn’t wake him up, he wouldn’t feel it. So you placed your hand on his other arm and shook it gently. Bucky frowned his eyebrows, moaned and slowly opened his eyes. He got surprised when he saw your "still terrified” face, and he slowly sat up, leaving you some space to sit next to him. He noticed your eyes still reddened by the light of the night filtered by the curtains that covered the bay windows of the tower. Though, he didn’t say anything. He just pulled you into a tight hug and rubbed your back up and down, gently. You circled his chest with your arms and held him as tightly as you could. You both stayed in this position for a while, not wanting to leave the embrace of the other, when you pulled back. He sighed.

A bad nightmare, huh ?” he asked with a raspy and sleepy voice that made you melt.

Horrible.” you returned as you sighed and remembered those awful memories that’ll haunt your mind for days.

Do you want to talk about it ?” he questioned as he tilted his head to the side.

You could see that he, too, had a lot of nightmares in his life. You turned your head from left to right as a “no”. He didn’t insisted any more and that’s a thing that you loved about him : he was understanding. And adorable.

Can you - you hesitated to ask - Can you come back upstairs please ? I’m kind of afraid now.” You asked as you got on your feet.

Bucky raised his eyebrows but what you ignored is that he was glad you asked. In fact, he wanted to come back in his room to check if you were okay since he layed on the couch. Your request really made him happy but he did his best to hide it. He got up at his turn and nodded, causing you to sigh in relief.

Of course, yeah. Go back to bed, I’m here in a minute. I just need to take a glass of water.

You started walking towards the stairs and quickly threw an eye behind you, watching Bucky fill a glass with cold water. Then, you silently regained Bucky’s bed. You layed on the right side in order to give Bucky enough space. You couldn’t go back to sleep, too scared to have another nightmare so you just stared at the ceiling, waiting for Bucky to come. When the door finally opened, you pretended to be asleep. You felt his body landing under the blankets, his presence and warmth crash to you. You also felt his metal arm brush yours, but you didn’t react, you weren’t scared at all. It was a part of him.

Are you okay now ?” Bucky asked with his raspy voice.

I don’t think that I’ll be able to go back to sleep yet. But don’t worry, you can sleep without problems.” you assured him, which didn’t convince him.

He wide opened his muscular arms and whispered “Come here, doll.

You bit your lower lip to hide your smile even though it was way too dark for him to notice it. You got closer to him until you were close enough to put your head on his chest. He only wrapped his “normal” arm around you, and you felt his embarrassment when he started to lift his metal arm but immediately put it back down.

It doesn’t scare me at all, Bucky.” you tried to reassure him.

He sighed, pretty heavily.

This man went through a lot of pain’ you thought.

No. I don’t want to hurt you. It’s better if I don’t touch you with that.” he refused, and tried to convince himself but you didn’t agree at all.

You won’t. You’re a good man.” you stated with so much confidence that he (after some good seconds) finally rested his metal arm on your hip, as gently as possible.

You both then fall asleep, rocked by the other’s breathing.

He’s a good man.’ you though once again.

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