They say love is friendship set on fire. And if you’re lucky enough to find someone you can give yourself to, mind, body and soul, you should hold on, and hope like hell you don’t get burned.
—   Erica Strange (Season 1, Episode 9: Everything she wants)
That One Super Gay Episode: Canadian Television Edition

You know that one episode, of that one TV show, that’s just a bit super gay, and it’s awesome? Well, here are three episodes, edited down to its lesbian content, for your viewing pleasure:

Sanctuary “Monsoon” (Amanda Tapping & Sandrine Holt)

Being Erica “Everything She Wants” (Anna Silk & Erin Karpluk)

Combat Hospital “Inner Truth”(Christina Cox & Deborah Kara Unger)


Happy Birthday Anna Silk!!!

Anna Silk (born January 31, 1974)

“I’m always drawn to strong female leads, so that’s what drew me to ‘Lost Girl.’ I was a 'Buffy’ fan and watched it with friends every week. I was also a big fan of 'Alias’ when that was on - they both had strong female leads, and that’s what draws me in the most.”