Growth is painful. Change is hard. And there are days when you wish it would just stop. Wouldn’t it be great to just know? To feel like you’ve finally figured it all out? To just be done? It’s the hardest and most wonderful thing about being alive, that no matter how much you learn, grow or change, you’re never done.
—  Erica Strange, Being Erica ~ 2x01 (Being Dr.Tom)

            Why are you here?
                                                I’m here because you want me to be here.

Insecurity. It’ s in all of us. That voice inside that tells us that we can’ t do something, that we’ re not good enough, that we shoudn’ t even try. And when we listen to the voice we hold ourselves back in ways we don’ t even realise. All because we’ re scared to take a chance, to face our fears, to see what we’ re really capable of.
—  ‘Being Erica’
Vous ne vous êtes jamais réveillé avec le sentiment étrange que quelque chose n'allait pas ? D'avoir dormi toute la nuit sans pourtant se sentir reposé ? Comme si vous aviez un poids sur la poitrine que vous n'arrivez pas à nommer ? Ça ne vous est jamais arrivé de vous réveiller dans votre lit et de vous sentir perdu ?
—  Being erica

You know, I’m surprised Being Erica isn’t more popular on tumblr. I mean, it’s got the likes of Anna Silk and Tatiana Maslany in it. And we all know how much tumblr loves Lost Girl and Orphan Black. How many of you guys have watched Being Erica?? You guys totally should. I mean these guys are only guest stars in a few episodes here and there but the series is still really worth watching and I just wish it got more popular. Guys. Go watch it. It’s gr8.


Queer “Canadian”  Primary-Lead Characters

Notable Co-Lead Queer Characters: Cosima Niehaus, Gail Peck, Waverly Earp, Felix Dawkins, Dr. Lauren Lewis, Tamsin, LaFontaine, & Danny Lawrence

Have you ever felt at home in a crowd? Like you were part of something bigger? And you felt this amazing energy that happens when people come together. How despite the superficial differences, you know that deep down, we’re all the same. We have the same secret needs, and the same wild dreams. We walk around thinking our secret pain, our secret joy is so unique, when really we all just want the same things: to be happy, to be safe, to be loved.
—  “Being Erica”