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Potential By Polarity

In the context of astrology, the term “Masculine” refers to a sign whose energy is naturally projected outwards. “Feminine” means a sign’s energy is naturally tuned to receiving and turned inwards.

“Masculine” (+) signs express their energy positively when projecting it outwards, onto the world and other people. “Feminine” (-) signs express their energy positively when turning their focus inward.

Aries (+) : you are at your best when leading/initiating projects with others instead of just going off and doing things on your own

Taurus (-) : you are at your best when you work on being self-possessed, instead of trying to possess things and people outside of yourself

Gemini (+) : you are at your best when you communicate clearly and directly with others, instead of hoarding/manipulating information for yourself to meet your own ends

Cancer (-) : you are at your best when you nurture your own insecurities and take care of your own emotional needs, instead of expecting others to nurture you or taking care of others’ needs in hopes of creating dependency

Leo (+) : you are at your best when you shine the spotlight on other talented people and make everyone around you feel special, instead of trying to get attention and recognition for yourself (note- if you make someone feel special, you automatically become special/beautiful in their eyes; you get love by being generous with your own love, so this is a good way to go about it, and leos are all about getting love; just be genuine)

Virgo (-) : you are at your best when you are self-critical and strive to improve your own perceived flaws, instead of pointing out others’ shortcomings

Libra (+) : you are at your best when you bring/match other people together, instead of trying to attract them to yourself to meet your need for attention, admiration, and partnership

Scorpio (-) : you are at your best when you practice self-control and deal with conflict quietly, instead of trying to control others and bringing hidden issues out into the open (it’s best to let people figure out and resolve their problems on their own, as hard as that might be to watch)

Sagittarius (+) : you are at your best when you escape and find freedom in the external world, with other people, instead of by withdrawing into yourself or using drugs/alcohol/addiction as a means of escape

Capricorn (-) : you are at your best when you isolate yourself to get work done and depend on yourself, instead of trying to isolate others and getting them to depend on you to assuage your fear of abandonment (each sign carries traits of the preceding sign; sags actually have the mother of all abandonment issues, and it is passed on to capricorns; the difference is in how these two signs deal with it- sags avoid dependence of any kind, while caps try to force it from others)

Aquarius (+) : you are at your best when you use your image/status to help others and improve the world at large, instead of using external things/people to improve your own reputation

Pisces (-) : you are at your best when you keep your internal fantasies separate from external reality, instead of projecting them onto other people/the world at large, creating delusions

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Hey! I love your Voltron headcanons. May I ask (if it hasn't been done already) for either Pidge-Allura friendship or Allura-Shiro friendship? I just love Allura and your hc for her!

at last someone has requested these beautiful disasters 

  • team “look like they’ve slept eight hours, are lying to you”
  • they have two very different internal reactions when others look to them for guidance
    • shiro’s like “yikes” while allura’s like “haha yes children flock to me, follow me into the pits of adrenaline and danger”
    • they balance each other out
  • neither of them can cook to save their damn lives
  • *allura picks shiro up* “…do i even weigh anything to you” “no it’s like holding a couple of grapes”
  • one time shiro had a nightmare where allura went on a mission with keith and pidge and they blew up a whole planet and anyway whenever the three of them are in a room together he feels the need to supervise
  • shiro’s uncle iroh, allura’s zuko
    • shiro: *gives heartfelt advice about being your best self and achieving your goals*
    • allura: “you gotta. just. take a bite of the silver sandwich”
  • together they make one (1) fully functioning adult
  • “allura stall that soldier for a little bit” allura, leaning up against the doorframe and blocking shiro from view: “so uh you come here often”

so i’ve been thinking a lot about tumblr’s “anti-recovery” mindset and come to the conclusion that a lot of it is actually anti-wellness.

some people can’t recover. for example, i have ADHD and autism and i’ll never recover because there’s nothing to recover from - it’s hard-wired in my brain from the day i was born.

but wellness isn’t about forcing yourself to be neurotypical. wellness is about being content and satisfied and trying to be your best self - and for a lot of us that is not neurotypical! 

speaking of my personal experience with ADHD and autism that i just mentioned, for me, wellness would be minimizing symptoms i dislike and that are harmful to me or other people (executive dysfunction, lack of focus, erratic behavior, etc.) while maximizing and appreciating the symptoms of my neurodivergence i love (ADHD makes me creative and colorful! autism makes me passionate about the things i love and strive to know everything about them!)

so really i think a big part of it is understanding the difference. if your neurodivergence is something you can recover from (i have many other diagnoses i believe are recoverable) and you want to recover that’s great! but you don’t need to be neurotypical to be well, to be satisfied and happy and your best self. 

neurodivergence isn’t bad. people aren’t bad for being neurodivergent. but we should encourage people to find good ways to be happy and satisfied and use their brains to help them, not hurt them

Let’s make it clear...

You don’t need to have beautiful notes to be a member of the studyblr.

You don’t need to have a perfect bullet journal to be a member of the studyblr.

You don’t need to have a perfect GPA to be a member of the studyblr.

You don’t need to have a perfect life to be a member of the studyblr.

What you need is being able to keep fighting to create your best self. I don’t have a perfect gpa, I’m just above average but I’m happy with it because I know I can improve myself. My notes are always messy but I like them because I know I can learn from them. My bullet journal is colorless and boring but I love it because it helps me remember when I have exams. 

Keep your mind clear but your work messy, full of everything you’ve learnt in the past few weeks. I feel a lot more inspired when I watch my messy notes because it means I was actually taking them and paying attention. 

Love what you study, love everything you do and love yourself. 

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Someone's vaguing you on the Night Vale tag

i was going to respond with “i really don’t care, i’ve been vagued on before” but then i saw-

and now i’m laughing because i thought it was going to be on yesterday’s representation drama


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summary: Veronica makes a mistake, which leads to something she never wanted.

Warnings: like a couple swears? Veronica cheating? 

word count:1313

Y/n L/n and Veronica Lodge were relationship goals. They loved one another very much, and everyone knew that they would never do anything to hurt one another. Of course, nothing can ever be perfect in the real world, nothing can have a happy ending. Their relationship ended in the worst way possible, and it was the night of Jughead’s birthday party.

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Justin Foley Imagine/ Fast Cars And Pretty Scars

Warnings: Depression , eating disorders , cussing

I do NOT romance eating disorders nor depression , if this triggers you please do not read

*Request are open

You always new Justin, I mean who didn’t ? He was on the basketball team, he was the most popular guy in school, and the most hottest, but he was also your best friend, on the internet.

You guys only talked on Instagram, it was such a weird way how you guys met actually.

You were scrolling down your explore page and saw him, you decided to click on his profile, you saw a couple of his photos and noticed his jersey , it was your school logo,

“No way!” you said as you grabbed a chip and ate it

He went to your school, but you never saw him, how strange.

You decided to like a couple of his school photos, just two, you didn’t want to seem too desperate .

After that you decided to go to sleep, you had a big test in the morning and wanted to be wide awake.

You woke up 20 minutes late, of course. 

“Oh shit!” You hopped out of bed and got dressed, did your eyebrows and mascara real quick and then went to Starbucks, because no matter how late you were, you always went to Starbucks

“Hey Y/n!” your favorite barista yelled

“Hey!” you yelled back

“Regular?” he asked

“You know it!” you yell back

“Got it!” he said as he grabbed a cup and started to drink it

After getting your drink you thanked him and walked to school

“Great idea on wearing heels Y/n.” you said to yourself

You get to school with seconds to spare, the second bell was going to ring but you opened the door and screamed “I’m here!” you said

“Oh great to make an appearance Y/n.” your teacher said “Now sit.” she said with a stern voice

You giggle and sit down drinking your coffee. 1st period was boring as always.

2nd period you were getting nervous because you had two more periods until your test , so your next periods you were practicing for it, not really paying attention to anyone or anything, thus you were not looking at your phone.

4th period you were quite nervous, looking around and looking at your notes, your teacher was 10 minutes already.

Everybody was very mad and upset because this test was 90% of your grade.

You decided to look at your phone to keep your mind off of things , you look at your notifications, and you see a follow on Instagram

You look at the person “Justin Foley followed you” you read, you decided to click on the profile and it was the guy who your semi stalked last night

“Oh my gosh!” you said out loud but nobody cared because they were too busy talking amongst each other

“Should I follow him back ?“ you thought

As you were about to hit follow back your teacher comes in so you put your phone away so it wouldn’t get you in trouble.

You could barely keep your eyes on the test, each minute felt like an hour, this was terrible, you wanted to follow that guy back, and you were very interested in him.

Well after your test you were just really glad to eat lunch finally, you ate alone because all of your friends had 2nd lunch, you had 1st.

But that didn’t bother you, you hated when they watched you eat anyway.

So since you had sometime on your hands you decided to go on Instagram.

You followed that guy back and you instantly get a Dm

“Hey there.” you read

You replied back “Well hello :)”

“I saw you go to the same School as me.” he said

“Oh so you’re stalking me? Lol. Jk Yes I do.” you replied

“Haha, I mean if that’s what they call it these days I guess :)” he replied

“Well how come I never see you?” you asked

“I don’t know, but you should.” he replied back

“I should?” you asked

“Yes, right now.” he replied 

You freaked out, you had 10 minutes left at lunch , how was that going to work?

“What period are you in?” You asked

“It doesn’t matter, meet me in the library in 5.” he replied

After that you and Justin became the best of friends , you talked everyday, on Instagram, and talked on the phone every night. The only time you saw each other was after school, and he would always give you a ride home, then drive back to school for basketball practice, but through the months you developed feelings for him, and you didn’t know if you should tell him or not, it was a constant struggle.

You understood that Justin was your best friend, and he was always there for you, but he couldn’t always be there for your physically, and this is were you had a problem with.

You had a eating disorder, you thought you weren’t pretty, you wanted to be like the girls on Instagram, like the girls on tv, like the girls on the magazines, but you weren’t , at least in your eyes, you never told anyone this, you always swore to yourself not to, because lets face it, you struggle with yourself already, telling someone would just add to it.

One day Justin took you home and you were just not feeling it, especially today.

“Hey you okay?” he asked with one hand on the wheel and the other on your lap, rubbing it, he was always the one to care physically.

You shoved his hand away , “Not today Justin.” you moved way to the other side of the car, looking outside the window

“What happen?” he asked , his eyebrows knitted together, signaling he was concerned.

“I’m just having an off day.” you said, not even looking at him

The rest of the ride home was quite.

He stops at your house and turns off the car, “Hey.” he said looking at you

“What?” you say with an attitude, feeling terrible right after.

“It’s Friday night, I have a game, you should come.” he said

You looked at him shock, he never invites you to his games.

“Really ?” you ask

“Yeah! And then after me , you, and my friends can all hang out, it will be fun.”

You were a little hesitant . 

“Oh come on, please!” he grabs your hands, you loved when he touched you.

“Okay okay fine!” you said

“Yes! Okay the game starts at 7:00Pm so don’t be late.” he says

You get out of the car, “You got it.” you say walking away.

This was going to be your first outing with Justin, you never hung out with him after almost a year of being best friends.

You had to look your best.

You looked at your self in the mirror, and you looked down at your stomach, you felt terrible.

You felt with your body since the 8th grade, your body wasn’t like the rest, your had hips, and a big ass, which all other girls made fun of, but in reality they were just jealous, but that stuck with you till this day.

You would eat less and workout more.

You skipped breakfast, and would only eat when your parents made dinner which wasn’t a lot.

Justin wouldn’t notice because he would only see you when he drove you home, and he didn’t really have his eyes on you.

You sat on your bed , crying and just looking at your body, debating on what you should wear, how your hair should look, your makeup.

It was 6:30pm and time was running out

You grabbed your red flannel, jeans, and some shoes and ran out the door.

Running to Justin’s game you barely made it in time.

6:58pm and you walked through the gym doors, you look for Justin and he was already on the court, he noticed you and smiled, you smiled back and also waved.

You looked for a seat and the game began.

Your school won of course, you guys always won.

He celebrated and you were there, cheering him on, you ran to him and congratulated him, he hugged you and thanked you, it felt like you guys were a thing, for a split second, and for that split second, you felt happy for once in your life.

You all gathered outside and he introduced you to all of his friends, knowing them already from his Insta post but still acting like you knew nothing about them.

“so where are we gonna eat I’m starving.” one of his friends asked

“Yeah dude lets eat.” an other said

Oh no, you thought.

“How about Dennys? I’m craving some breakfast .” Justin said

They all agreed.

“Come on Y/n you can ride with me.” he said

“Oh great.” you said , voice a little shaken.

The car ride was pretty fun, he talked the whole way there, he was happy, and you could tell, you liked seeing him happy because if he was happy , you were happy.

You laughed at his jokes and his over reaction on the game, telling you everything that happen , even though you were there.

When you got to Denny’s your stomach was in knots, and you were about to break a sweat, Justin could tell you were nervous

Putting his arm around you he smiled “They’re my friends, they won’t bite.” he said as he laughed, you laughed too but he was off, that wasn’t your problem.

You all sit down and oder water with lemon, then you all talk amongst yourself getting to know all of Justin’s friends.

Justin was right, they were nice, I guess what they say about jocks isn’t all true.

They were down to earth, sweet, but mostly funny, there would a couple of girls who you seem to get a long with pretty well, asking you about girly stuff, you guys quickly became friends.

The waiter came and your world flipped upside down, asking everybody what they wanted to eat, you looked down at your menu, pretending you were still thinking, watching everyone take their order you became very anxious, it was almost your turn, and you didn’t know what to do.

“Y/n,” Justin said as he rubbed your leg

“What?” you snapped out of it

“Oh umm I’ll have a salad. Plain.” you said

Everybody looked at you a little weird

“Is that all?” the waiter said

“Yes, thank you.” you gave the menu to him.

“Are you sure that’s all you want? I got you if that’s the problem.” just asked with a smile

“I’m sure, my parents made me eat dinner before I came.” you said, lying to his face.

“Awe they care about their little girl.” he said

“Shut up.” you said pushing him while everybody laughed and moved on with another conversation.

The whole night you enjoyed each others company, and you barely touched your food, but nobody paid attention to what anybody was eating, they were too busy cracking jokes, making fun of one another, and of course, gossiping.

You were actually having a good time, you made new friends, you even went to the bathroom with the girls in the group, you exchanged numbers and already made a group chat that night so you guys could gossip about the boys without them hearing you.

Well before you knew it was around 1:30am and you were all pretty tired.

You payed your check and Justin took you home.

Before you got out of the car Justin stoped you.

“Hey,” he said with his voice sounding so sleepy.

“Yes Justin?” you asked

“I’m glad you came.” he smiled

“I’m glad you invited me.” you smiled “Get home safe.” you said as you walked to your door.

Justin waited for you to unlock the door, then he waved and drove off.

You went to bed with butterflies in your stomach that night.


The next couple of weeks were like that night, every weekend you guys would hang out, you would go to the movies, the mall, the beach, you officially had those type of friends , and you were really happy about it.


As the days to graduation grew closer , the senior parties were getting more crazier, Of course Justin was invited to all of them, and of course he invited you and of course you came, you wore a black skin tight dress with tights and some heels, he never seen you that way, and for a split second, he liked it.

Every party Justin would beg you to drink and every party you denied.

“Come onnn!” he would have his arm wrapped you

“If I drink who is gonna take care of you?” you asked laughing

“You can still take care of me I promise!” he said

You just laughed and would deny overtime.

Justin would drink, a lot, and at times it would upset you, because by the end of the night he would be thawing up in the toilet, and he would be your responsibility .


Well time had come that it was the night before graduation, and Justin had thrown a party this time, this night, changed your life.

You came in a floral top, jeans, and heels. looking for your girlfriends you quickly found them and began to gossip about all things girl related.

Soon you see Justin and tell them you will catch up later, by this time they all know you loved Justin, no matter how much you deny it. They don’t believe you.

“Hey!” you say as you walk up to him

“Hey there.” he gave you a hug

“Whats your poison for tonight?” you asked

“A little bit of everything.” he gave the cup to you

You took it and drank it.

“Whoa you’re actually drinking tonight?” he asked

“It’s graduation ever, why not?” you said

He laughed and poured you a drink so you could drink with him, you and him played beer pong, played flip cup, never have I ever, and all the other games you play when you’re pretty much drunk off your ass.

“Come on, I wanna show you something.” he said as he takes you to his room.

“Okay.” you stared to become sober, because it was Justin’s room, and you never been in there before.

He opens the door and it was a typical jock room, he had trophies, a bed, movie posters, a game system, and a laptop .

You guys sat on the bed and and just talked until you saw something on his desk

“Is that, a Ninja Tutrtle action figure?” you asked getting up and picking it up.

“Hey hey hey it’s not just a Ninja Turtle okay?” he said joking

You laugh push him a little and he pushes you a bit too.

You walk around his room and make fun of him for all the little things he still has as a kid, but in a joking way, suddenly Justin gets a little too close yo you and you’re facing face to face.

“Justin..” you whisper softly

Justin’s eyebrows knot together, and his hand rubs your cheeks, and for once in your life you decide to make a move, and you kiss him.

You kiss him, but he isn’t kissing you back, you step back and look at him, his face is confused, and his eyes are open wide.

“Y/n I-I don’t, I’m sorry I-” he said 

But you already walked out of the room, your heart was in your stomach, he made you feel like an idiot, he tore you into pieces. He destroyed you.

You ran all the way home, and when you got home you locked yourself up and cried, you cried all night, you didn’t sleep, you just cried.


The next day you still are in bed, crying and just watching youtube videos, but of course nothing is working.

*Knock Kock* on your door “Sweetie, it’s time to get up, you have a hair appointment in an hour.”

“Yeah.” you say, trying to keep yourself from crying

You still stay in bed, watching videos of cute puppies.

With only 15 minutes to spare you take a quick shoer, get dressed and head to the hair salon. 

You had an awful time, sure it nice, but all you could think about was Justin.

You go home and get in a fight with your mom, saying how un appreciative you were for the hair do and what not.

You once again lock yourself in your room, she knocks on the door, letting you know your were going to need to be ready in two hours tops

“I’m not going.” you yell

“What?”she says “Oh yes you are, all our family is going!” she yelled

“I don’t care.” you yelled

“Y/n if you aren’t down here in an hour I swear!” she yells

You roll your eyes and start to do your makeup


Getting to graduation you noitce Justin and you quickly look away, you couldn’t help but start to tear up.

As your names get called Justin got up and received his, you just stared at him, wishing last night never happen.

Then after a couple names you were called, you didn’t smile, you didn’t laugh, you just relived it , and moved on.

Justin looked at you, and he looked sad, but like I said, you kept it moving.

After graduation your family all came and gathered around you , congratulating you and hugging you, you fake smiled the whole time, it was complete torture.

Justin was with his family and his best friend 

“Hey whats up, you’ve been down all day.” he said

“I-I think I made a mistake last night.” Justin said 

“What happen.” he said

“Last night, Y/n, she kissed me.” he said looking at his best friend

“And what did you do?” he asked

“Litteraly nothing. And I regret it.” he said, clenching his jaw and knuckles

“So, go get her.” he said 

“Now? In front of everyone?” Justin asked a little shocked 

“There’s no better time but now. It’s now or never.” he said

Justin’s friend was right, he had to do something, and he had to do it quick.

He walks up to you, while you were in the middle of taking pictures with your family

“Justin , what are you doing?” You asked a little shocked , your heart pounding

“Something I should’ve done a long time ago.” he said , 

He then grabs your face with his hands and cups it , then rubs your cheeks softly and kisses you, you kiss him back right away and all of Justin’s friends cheer and so do yours.

After that you and Justin became a couple, and you were inseparable . 

Happy Valentine’s day  💫🌟💖

(me? one day late? ,,never) but ehh i wanted to spread some love for this worldwide celebration of love, so here is finally my first ff ever!!! im so grateful for all of u, you’re the best mutuals in the whole world and universe (not even being extra) i hope you know u can always hmu even if we’ve never talked, and i hope this year of 2017 is kind and fulfilling for all you<3

(this is going to be so long sorry,,)

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Alcoholic milkshakes ARE a thing and yes, they are as awesome as you think they are. This is coming from someone who drinks 2 gallons of milk a week because I don't keep booze or soda in my house because if calories.


I drink so much milk.  There’s a road side ice cream stand right across the street from my house.  I have a problem

Now that I know these are a thing, I feel like I’m about to fundamentally change as a person

It hurts,” she says quietly.

“Excuse me?”

“Pouring your best self into someone and still being their second choice, and maybe not even that? It hurts. Especially when you know their heart’s gonna get broken, and they’ll try to make you think you have a chance again.”

“God, loving someone who doesn’t love you back hurts.

—  unrequited love hurts.
How to Stop Gossiping

1. Try to stop yourself when you are having negative thoughts about people.

2. Remind yourself that you have power over your thinking.

3. Remind yourself that your thoughts affect the way you relate to that person - and often in a negative way.

4. Try to replace negative, critical thoughts with positive, understanding thoughts.

5. Try to put yourself in their place, and imagine how you’d feel if it was you.

6. Remind yourself of who your best self is, and commit to being that person.

7. Ask a trusted friend to say something when you find yourself gossiping.

Remind yourself that even if you recognise a friend’s annoying flaws and habits you don’t have to mention them.

Thank You 🖤✨

I wanted to say thank you to all the people sending me nice messages lately. I’ve been going through a lot emotionally lately and it’s been so draining that I disconnected from art for a bit and started posting more personal sad things.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who noticed and messaged me or sent an ask. Thank you to everyone who randomly compliment my blog. A huge shout out to the people who told me that my art was out of this world, and a blessing. Words mean a lot. I appreciate all of you.

I’m doing a LOT better lately and I’ve slowly gotten back into my art groove again. Thank you, guys. It meant the world to me and I hope the universe works with each and everyone one you on your journey to being your best self.

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hi! can i ask you a little question? so im totally new to the whole niall fandom and i really need some recomendation. i need some niall blogs to follow. im mostly interested with people who post stuff and updates sometimes but not like dailyniall for example but more like gifs and stuff and they talk in tags and actually interact with people. idk if that makes sense hahah anyway if you know any blogs like that i would be really grateful! btw I LOVE YOUR TUMBLR SO MUCH!

Thank you sooo much for your kind words. I have the best time being my silly self on here, it’s amazing that other people have fun with it, too. Thank you for sticking around

As far as blog recs, I’ll tell you the ones I go to when I need a good chuckle. The blogs where I go to see their reactions to stuff bc they’re always going to be funny and/or dirty AF. These ladies keep me in stitches.

@wheretogofrmhere @undertheniall @heauxforhoran @irish-nlessing 

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I believe I'm unworthy to be noticed by the host club. I genuinely hate myself, and I expect others to not like me either.

Tamaki: Why Princess, why would you say something like that?

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Haruhi:  I understand that it’s hard to always see yourself in a positive light, but that is a key to success and life.  Being happy and acknowledging your own self worth is the best we can do for ourselves.  

Hitachiin:  And how do we show kindness to ourselves???

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Honey:  GROUP HUG!!!!!  

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        – SHORP. bc i got bored during class & i just had to draw my so n & i wanted to get more practice on drawing girls so here’s gloom too ( gloom belongs to @gloomyskull <3 )