being wrong and it being ok

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack


fun times ;PP (click on photo for better quality)

erro by @loverofpiggies

ikn by @comyet


Totally didn’t forget to post the full cosplay  J( ‘ー`)ゞ

I just once again wanted to say that Katsucon 2017 was an unbelievable adventure and experience…. I never want to forget it…. I met so many cool people and..!! Signed autographs! (it was embarassing but.. really cool!) >////< 

This trip was totally meant to be, because even though I tried to be prepared as best as I could, the amount of times where I got extremely lucky in certain situations were scary… (ex. Hammer almost not fitting in the trunk of a car, almost not getting through across the border, having little to no damage done in transportation, having a tremendous amount of help from all of my friends, got to see delicious Genji booty)

Shout out to my BitchBoard™! (in the first picture) Without you, I would have been kicked out of the con for having such a large prop =w=;;
You let me cart my hammer around and Me n Zed even got a shoutout from Reinhardt’s voice actor!! AAAAA!!

″SKELETON HAMMER DOWN!!!” so cool ;o;!!!

Special thanks to @livingzed (Swap Papyrus) and @Suukarin (Human Swap Papyrus) for not only being my two amazing brothers but for being there for me and especially Suu for keeping my stupid hammer in their hotel room….!!!!! I love you guys so much and I really miss you ;o;

Ok i’m done being mushy, enjoy these pictures my friend Sunny took (except the first, that one was given to me!) <3

hey did you hear? if you only like jake or draw him/write him because of richjake i will come into ur house and hit you with my shoe at least 5 times

theres nothing wrong with being and identifying as gay or lesbian

theyre not restrictive or out of date ideas. your sexuality doesn’t have to be fluid. your previous relationships and crushes dont dictate who you are

gay men and lesbians made a vibrant and loving community of people who feel the same as you

gay and lesbian communities are about being safe and being you

ppl (& the media) need to stop asking abused kids to forgive their parent(s), esp if their parents have yet to apologise! stop guilt tripping kids for not being able to let go of years of trauma. stop dismissing their feelings. stop telling them that their parents actually love them (no amount of love in the world can negate or even justify what they’ve done). and please, god, please, if all they’ve ever done is vocalise their frustration or distance themselves, don’t ever, EVER compare their anger to that of their parents’. it’s not equatable. and it’s the scariest thing you can make an abused child believe - which is the completely bs idea that no matter what they do, they’ll inevitably become just like their parents. 

I love how sn*wbarry could literally never happen. like even if one day westallen (for some unknown, out of character reason) broke up, Barry still wouldn’t date cait. because he’s not into her. Barry was single for a long time, and had dated girls that weren’t iris. those girls also weren’t Caitlin.
like iris and westallen aren’t what’s in the way of sn*wbarry, it’s the fact Barry literally does not have feelings for Caitlin.
that’s why it’s not a serious ship. like, people can ship it for sure, but they can’t pretend that Caitlin is actually Barry’s love interest in the show. she’s not. like, at all.

i’m 25 now and i hope that no matter how old i am or how educated i become i never talk over young LGBT kids or tell them they’re wrong. i mean shit, i have some pretty strong feelings about things like the split attraction model – i don’t condone things i think can be painful or invasive for kids to publicly divulge, especially in the interest of keeping young lgbt kids safe from predators.

but i’ve tried to relax a lot in my politics, and as i get older i try to remain helpful and willing to listen, even to young inexperienced or uneducated kids.

i see these 30-50 y/old queer studies majors just rolling their eyes at young lgbt kids for “not knowing their history” and shit like that – which is hilarious, because coming from a position where you have been afforded a degree and years of education you would think you of all people would know how important it is to listen to the young & struggling voices in our community, but i guess not.

as adults in our community it’s not just important to carry on our history, but to also not lose sight of how the landscape of our community’s oppression changes for generations younger than us.

being lgbt isn’t rocket science, and talking about your experiences does not require some kind of prerequisite understanding of our history in order to talk about how homophobia/transphobia/biphobia/transmisogyny/lesbophobia hurts us individually. it’s ok for young kids not to want to be called or identify with words or use terminology the way our community did decades ago. things change.

the thing about being marginalized is that being educated or older doesn’t mean you inherently Know More about oppression and the lgbt experience. there are homeless trans kids who didn’t even finish high school whose experiences and insight are just as important as the voices of educated Queer Elders, if not moreso.

i personally never want to seem like i’m beyond being wrong. i don’t want to be a part of a community that talks down to our youth and creates an environment where they feel stifled and not listened to.

the knowledge of our history is VITAL, and making sure the youngest in our community know the struggles, accomplishments, and experiences of those that came before us really is crucial. i will always advocate for this.

but LGBT history is not a tool adults should constantly use as a way to shame or write off young folks and their experiences, their comfort, etc. there’s a difference between “this is ahistorical and you should be aware” and “these STUPID KIDS who think [x] is a slur/transphobic just DONT KNOW!! I CAME OUT BEFORE YOU WERE BORN”

maybe it’s just me, but that sure doesn’t seem like a very helpful or radical attitude to have.


Ok so the girls are being super supportive with Lauren on her featuring of the song strangers by Halsey…. but when Camila did the same thing with Shawn I don’t remember the girls being supportive… I looked online and all I can find was a awk interview of them caught off guard. I can be wrong but could be a reason why Camila left

Fate is a bitch - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warning : I was drunk when I wrote this, just coming back from a friend place…I drunk two beers, and that’s enough for me to get drunk, how weak am I right ? It’s because I never drink…Anyway, that’s why this fic is shittier than usually blahblahblah it’s all fun and game until blahblahblah I thought about not writing this and posting it, but then I promised two stories for tonight so still did it and I’m an idiot yes thank you very much. Look how great Bruce looks down there. Damn hottie. DAAAAAAMN HOTTIE. 

Decided to group two requests, because the two together inspired me. So here for a shy reader, newly a Justice League member, intimidated by the Bat. As usual, feedbacks are very welcome, hope you’ll like it :

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You strongly believed in Destiny. 

No matter what people could say, how many arguments against it they had, and how much they were sceptic about it…it wouldn’t change your mind. You strongly believed in Destiny.

Because it was impossible only coincidences brought you were you were now…in the Justice League’s headquarters ! 

It wasn’t a coincidence that your path crossed Billy Batson’s, aka Shazam, one of the most powerful superhero in the World (though he was barely ten years old), and that you ended up adopting him.

It wasn’t a coincidence that you so happen to be a meta-human too, being able to manipulate the four elements. 

It wasn’t a coincidence that your son got noticed by the Justice League, nor was it a coincidence either that soon, the leaguers discovered he was only a ten year old boy in the body of a grown ass man (when he used his powers) and therefor, discovered that he had a mom…you. Who almost grilled Superman because you thought he wanted to hurt your boy. 

You believe strongly in Destiny, because hell, if all those chain of events were just coincidental, then wow…It just didn’t make sense. It was just too good to be true you know ? From your first meeting with four years old Billy to now, sitting in the League’s headquarter, in fucking Space ! 

The first one you met was Batman, and damn that guy was intimidating…But when he spoke to you, and when he congratulated you to have raised such a good boy as Billy, something weird happened in your heart. 

At first, you pegged it for a stupid teenage like crush. Like the slight infatuation you’d have on the most popular boy in school, or on a teacher, knowing damn well you’d never have a chance with them. But then…Then it was more than that. The more you saw and talked to him, the more you had…feelings stirring in your belly and such. 

Destiny. You strongly believed in it. 

So, when you started to fall for the Bat, you decided it was also Destiny…Only, sometimes fate could be a bitch, and would destin you to be a sad miserable human being. Because there was absolutely NO chance that you’d ever get with a guy like Batman, he was way out of your league. 

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my parents are terrified of me being diagnosed with anything apparently

when i was little, my doctors were like “hey your kid might be autistic but we need to go through the diagnosis process” and my parents were like “nothing is wrong with our child fuck you” and that’s why i’ve never been professionally diagnosed and now live my life as an autistic teenager on the cusp of being an autistic adult with no idea how to cope with anything

when i was in 2nd and 3rd grade, i started having my first symptoms of chronic pain (not being able to walk, always hurting, couldn’t run, etc). my parents only believed me enough to take me to the walk in clinic, get referred to a podiatrist, and then decided “nothing was wrong with me” when they recommended surgery. to this day i have trouble walking and can’t run at all and i’m in constant pain.

when i was in 5th grade, i got a bad case of swimmer’s ear at camp but my parents refused to believe anything was wrong with me and kept saying that i “was faking it” or i “just have a low pain tolerance.” it eventually evolved into an ear infection that almost killed me, and even after THAT evolved into mastoiditis and me having to have surgery. because they wouldn’t take me to a doctor in the beginning, i now have permanent hearing loss and awful auditory processing.

i started having trouble with my wrist, so when i went to a routine checkup, i told my doctor about it and he referred me to an orthopedist saying that it was most likely carpal tunnel. after the appointment, my mother told me that there was nothing wrong with me and that i won’t be seeing the orthopedist. now i’m stuck with a shitty wrist brace and it hurts to do what i love most (draw).

most recently, my therapist diagnosed me with a plethora of disorders, to which she said that i needed antidepressants and therapy more than once a month. my mom again decided that i was faking it and didn’t need medication because i was perfectly fine. since then, i’ve been on unofficial suicide watch three times (i say unofficial because there was no taking me to a hospital or taking me out of school, just my family making sure i had no means at all to harm myself in any way). that only happened 4 months ago.

moral of the story? listen to your kids when they say something is wrong. 9 times out of 10, something really IS wrong. if you think they’re just doing it for attention, then by george give your kid some attention. this has been a psa from an ill, abused teenager with parents who never listen.

Listen, My Hero Academia Smash is amazing.







I don’t think I expected that at all.

Ok but shout out to trans people who can’t be out at work. To everyone who endures being misgendered out of fear of transphobia.

Shout out to everyone who has to hear their birth name all day, who has to deal with being addressed with the wrong pronouns all the time.

To everyone who has to put up with being called “sir” or “baby” or “mister” or “lady” even though it causes you dysphoria.

To everyone who has to bear transphobic comments from co-workers in silence.

Your gender is still valid and you are tough as fuck. 💜

Teaser Cards

@markrosewater recently answered an ask about teaser cards in sets and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. What I’m referring to as a teaser card is a card the makes reference to something that’s in the pipeline but which hasn’t been printed yet. It’s a card (or cards) that will come in a later set or block.

I believe there’s a right and a wrong way to do these. Read on to see how Wizards blew it in the past and find out if Hour of Devastation will repeat the failure or deliver on the promise.

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People who don’t care about fatphobia and are always talking about how being fat even in the slightest is awful for your health really be like “I’m just worried about fat people’s health! That’s why I think they should be punished physically, emotionally and socioeconomically for being fat. :)”

Like you spend so much time talking about how much you care about us and just wants us to be healthy and ok but at the same time you don’t even bother seeing us as people. You don’t ever do anything about fat people being bullied, you don’t care about doctors who refuse to give us proper medical attention unless we become skinny, you don’t see anything wrong with fat people jokes… And then you go “Gosh, I’m just so worried about your well-being!”

Come on, just admit you actually want us to lose weight because you think looking at us while we’re fat is not aesthetically pleasant…