being wrong and it being ok

   mfw people sexualise cadet strife.


skam topics: internalized homophobia.  there is nothing wrong with being gay. its just that i’m not ‘gay’-gay. ok? in what way? you know…. gay like you… it seems like everyone associate being gay with being “like that” and that’s kind of a bummer… for those who aren’t like that. because it’s not as though i’m going to wear mascara and tights and go to gay pride, just because i like Even. 

Ok but shout out to trans people who can’t be out at work. To everyone who endures being misgendered out of fear of transphobia.

Shout out to everyone who has to hear their birth name all day, who has to deal with being addressed with the wrong pronouns all the time.

To everyone who has to put up with being called “sir” or “baby” or “mister” or “lady” even though it causes you dysphoria.

To everyone who has to bear transphobic comments from co-workers in silence.

Your gender is still valid and you are tough as fuck. 💜

avpd is tough bc its not just “shyness.” it’s constant fear of being humiliated or judged for speaking or sneezing or walking too slow or breathing too loud. it’s reciting what you’re gonna say on the phone 5 times before calling so that you don’t mess up. it’s fear of doing something wrong and being hated because of it. to us, being embarrassed is worse than death.

Listen, My Hero Academia Smash is amazing.

  • me a schizophrenic: im schizophrenic
  • some neurotypical: i separate the person from the illness because i cant comprehend someone being multifaceted. we shouldnt use the illness to describe the person. its just wrong and dehumanizing.
  • me a schizophrenic: yeah ok im still schizophrenic. it still effects every aspect of my personality and being. i identify myself as schizophrenic lmao its who i am
  • some neurotypical: i choose not to listen to you because you arent smart enough like me to know whats good for you :)
  • me a schizophrenic: yeah u seem to care so much about us wow. fuck yourself.
the signs as things a teacher i had has said/done

Aries: *someone sneezes* “o h mygod shUT UP”

Taurus: “i’m not being stubborn i’m being right”

Gemini: “WILL YOU SHUT U- please be quiet :)”

Cancer: *brings 18 month old daughter to class* “this is mine”

Leo: “don’t be a narcissist. be more like me.”

Virgo: “the one thing i hate most is when you do something wrong right after you’ve done it right”

Libra: *says something ridiculous* “ahahaaaa i’m so fired”

Scorpio: *goes violently red while teaching bc he’s so into it*

Sagittarius: “ok turn to page zevnty twent- twe s… seventy…” *points to water bottle* “u thought that was water nah it’s vodka” 

Capricorn: “dont f*ckin swear in my class”

Aquarius: *giggles like a schoolgirl while ur reading just to fuck with u*

Pisces: “Excuses are like assholes; everyone has them, and they all stink.”

Honestly female Robin and Chrom is??? The most important thing, the most real thing in Awakening ok, it doesn’t even have to do with Chrom and Robin being together per se (which I still love don’t get me wrong) but more along the idea that Lucina is Robin’s daughter. I know that no matter what happens in that ending scene where (spoilers) Lucina tries to kill Robin to save her father she stops, but that scene is 100000x more emotionally charged when she’s being forced to kill her mother, because hey, what child wants to do that! Especially after living a life without her mother for so long and seeing her be possessed and kill her husband/Lucy’s father, and then practically die as a result of Grima taking over. Like, that blows every other Lucina/Robin connection, even if they end up as a couple. Just. Fucking damn. I love this dynamic so much,,,

Everyone has Merle & Magnus knitting headcanons, but what about Taako knitting? Like I know everyone and their grandma has 1000000 Taako headcanons but listen:

-ties in with another headcanon, I forgot who posted it where, but it was like “Taako is lowkey devout to Istus” and that’s the truest damn thing I ever read

-Taako who’s never been sure of anything, never had any stability in his life, never understood the structure of organized religion, never understood the faith you need to have in a celestial being to Truly Believe that they’ll look out for you

-Taako “trust issues” Taaco meets Istus, who doesn’t ask for worship or even complete trust in her, who only asks that the boys keep doing what they always do, keep being themselves. Istus who believes in THEM, without asking, without testing, Istus who seems like she loves them even if they get it wrong

-Taako meets Istus and feels like maybe, just maybe, it might be ok to trust someone a little. Still doesn’t buy into organized religion, sure as HELL isnt dual classing Cleric and fucking up his Wizardly Skillz, but maybe wants to keep in better touch with Cool Fate Mom

-Taako, who’s always been a weird fashion guy anyway and has the perfect cover of DIY accessories to keep Merle & Mags out of his business, learning to knit as a form of meditation, of secret prayer

-Taako gradually amassing an alarming amount of mismatched socks, each with little sigils and secrets and wishes hidden in the pattern, and hoarding most of them to himself, but giving a couple to THB and Angus and Team Sweet Flips in the hopes it’ll help keep them safe

-Taako finding ways to trust his friends through trusting Istus

This message is for everyone:

-whose experiences have been invalidated
-who’s been called/accused of terrible things
-who’s been made to doubt their own integrity
-who’s been sent horrible things
-whose discomfort/comfort with something has been dismissed
-who’s been told they’re wrong for being ok with something
-who’s been told they’re wrong for not being ok with something
-who’s been told their interpretations of canon are incorrect

You’re ok. You’re good. You’re not those things people have said about you. Your feelings are valid. Your interpretations are valid. Your opinions are valid

Regardless of what you do/don’t ship. Regardless of what you believe. Regardless of your reasons. At the end of the day we’re all just people with blogs who like this silly, heartwarming, funny show about giant cat robots and the lovable humans who pilot them and the equally lovable aliens who help them

There are going to be as many different opinions as there are people in the fandom, some you’ll agree with, some you won’t. And that’s totally ok

Find like-minded people to hang out with, blacklist as needed, unfollow/block if necessary

And above all treat others with respect and dignity. Remember that behind every screen is a person

Please be kind


One final Justice League Action clip, wherein Mongul kidnaps the Joker, seemingly to challenge him to a fight… and the Joker’s… genuinely funny?

I don’t know, Mark Hamill is great as ever, but it’s just kind of bizarre seeing his Joker being funny rather than unsettling and grimly amusing.

Ok, the first clip made me unsure, but the latter two definitely have made me want to try and catch this show. Which looks to be a blend of the various different animated shows, rather than the straight update of JLU or something that some folks thought that it’d be.

Nothing wrong with it being more light hearted (at least it’s not Family Guy-ish cruel jokes like in TTG), and besides we have Young Justice season three for our more serious DC animated stuff.

little mental illness things: not being able to know for sure whether your actions are symptoms you can’t help, or if they’re a sign you’re a terrible person, or if you’re just a terrible person for not being able to hide or control them, or for even thinking of excusing yourself for anything you’ve done wrong because you have a mental illness

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Pros and cons about the new season so far??

ok here we go i’ll try to keep this short though.


  • malec being 100% adults who communicate
  • every time magnus did or said anything, he was goddamn gold this episode + magnus reaffirming his self-respect
  • alec really genuinely trying to apologize even if it was in all the wrong ways and finally getting it right at the end
    • his cute little smile when magnus said he apologized well aww
  • valentine actually being an interesting villain now?? he was pretty dull in s1, glad he’s got some personality
    • i really love valentine just showing jace all of these “bad” downworlders as if that means it’s okay to torture/execute them and ignore the Law. how soon before he convinces jace to kill even an innocent downworlder who crosses his path?
  • luke telling aldertree to get off his docks = forever iconic
  • the new visual effects look amazing i love the new glamour effect, it reminds me a lot of mystique in the x-men movies
  • simon learning more about his vampire powers! like what happens to him sucks so bad but he’s adapting so well? i’m so proud of him
  • isabelle giving clary the clue she needs to get out of the institute. izzy continues to be the smartest lightwood around.


  • some of the music choices were…bizarre. it was really jarring i hope they smooth this out because that really took me out of the episode
  • some of the pacing/editing could be smoothed out? this is minor tho
  • MAGNUS STILL ONLY HAVING ONE SHOT IN THE OPENING TITLES i mean not that i’m still hung up on this or anything

Friendly reminder that its ok to not like a ship or to think is wrong.

What is not ok is to go around to bully and harass people who like it and being a despicable human being all around. It doesnt matter if you feel justified to do it, its wrong and you are inflicting direct damage. Witch hunts are NOT OK.

To anyone who has recibed that treatment: I know its hard but please, ignore the treats and accusations. None of it was your fault. The best you can do is keep doing what you like and dont allow other people to have power over it.That’s their goal: to gang up on people to control their actions. Don’t let them. Don’t feed them. We are here to have fun, aren’t we?

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As someone who chose the synthesis ending in me3 I'm curious as to why you didn't like it

besides completely conflicting with the established lore and science, an ancient essay from 2012 tumblr from @meronym​ sums up basically all my ethical grievances, its really good

some portions from it that especially resonate with me- autonomy, authoritarianism, and the last minute idea that coexistence cannot be achieved through diplomacy despite the whole series being about that

“Shepard single-handedly decided it was a-ok to completely disregard the bodily and mindly autonomy of every single living being in the galaxy, change their freaking DNA and turn them into something else against their will. The fact that this is treated as a non-issue and that that this violation is presented to us as a gift and a blessing that was for everyone’s own good… look, there has to be something seriously wrong with you present this as a “first step into a new and wonderful future” without a single hint of acknowledging any of the many, many problematic (to put it mildly) aspects of it.”

“Synthesis gets hailed by people as this great utilitarian option that results in the greatest good for the most people, but, even if we were to say that people even truly survived being synthesized and that Shepard’s decision to synthesize everyone resulted in a perfect Utopia, choosing synthesis is immoral according to many kinds of utilitarianism itself. Choosing synthesis is immoral if you subscribe to preference utilitarianism, as it is choosing an option that is almost certainly against the wishes of most of the people it would affect ” … “Lets be real here, if Shepard came to any of them asking them to lay their lives on the line to help her/him perform what’s essentially corrective brainwashing procedure on all of them, instead of coming to them asking them to lay their lives down to help her/him destroy the reapers (which she/he has been promising to (try to) do since ME1 all the way to the end of ME3), how many of them do you think would still be doing it? A lot less. A lot, lot less, being that that’s to many of them a fate worse than death and definitely something they’d never sign up to help with”

“But more importantly, the implication that the only possible way you accomplish lasting peaceful coexistence between two different groups is by making them more like each other (without their consent no less!) is a beyond fucked up idea that has brought us so much pain and all kinds of pure horror throughout history that I have many, many issues with it being presented so lightly and cheerfully here.”

marriage proposal: wonho
  • ok tbh i see wonho absolutely losing his mind over this
  • he’d be a nervous wreck
  • acting weird for weeks but once you ask what’s wrong, he looks like he’ll have a breakdown any second so you just let him be, figuring or rather hoping he’ll get back to normal soon
  • he hates keeping things from you. he really does, but
  • he just wants it to be perfect. he tries to plan out how he’ll propose down to the smallest detail, because you can’t say no. honestly what would he even do if you said no???? cry for 38 years that’s what
  • anyway
  • so he plans it all out, even prepares a speech, telling you how much you mean to him and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with you and all
  • and then he takes you to the sea. he packs blankets and tea and you sit down together on the almost deserted beach, wrapped in blankets and watching the ocean together, just talking until even your quiet chatter dies down and you watch wave after wave crash onto the shore
  • and wonho looks at you, looking so beautiful and he’s still so in love with you and his hand wraps around the ring in his pocket and he’s ready to ask you to-
  • except he’s not.
  • he leaves the ring in his pocket and you leave the beach after a while and wonho hates himself a little bit because he really wanted to ask he you, he really did, but he just couldn’t
  • of course he tries again
  • he tries again and again, plans out scenario after scenario but he chickens out every time
  • get it together wonho
  • the ring is always in his pocket, the words he practiced so many times are always on his tongue, but
  • it’s never the right moment, he thinks. something’s always wrong, the mood, the timing, something, he doesn’t quite know what it is most of the time, it’s just-
  • he wants to find the perfect moment, ok?? it has to be perfect
  • or maybe it’s just that’s he is petrified you might say no because he loves you so much and he doesn’t wanna lose you
  • meanwhile the other members are getting more frustrated every day because wonho just won’t propose but he won’t stop talking about it either and honestly??? they’re running out of suggestions
  • ………………….so
  • it’s a day when you’re off work and wonho is as well but since wonho still hasn’t come up with a new plan and you haven’t seen the others in a while he invites you over to just spend the day with them
  • you’re all in sweatpans and just hanging out at their dorm, eating too much and playing video games
  • hyungwon is lying on the couch and reading, wonho is playing with his phone, shownu and kihyun went to the supermarket to grab more food
  • and you’re playing mario kart with minhyuk and changkyun, sitting too close to the tv and being way too into it for adults, cursing at items that hit you
  • it’s a close call but finally you get first place and
  • “ha!!”, you scream in victory, “take that suckers!”
  • minhyuk and changkyun groan in unison but wonho just chuckles
  • he loves it so much when you’re being dorky and kinda obnoxious. he loves you so much. he just wants to marry you, is that too much to ask for?
  • “just let me marry her..”, he mutters
  • ………….…..  …
  • four sets of eyes practically snap to gape at him, all laughter and chatter gone in an instant, the mario kart tune still playing mockingly in the background, making everything seem a little surreal
  • and you’re just. staring, eyes about to pop out of your head
  • “you……what?”
  • he just stares back for a few second with equally wide eyes, feeling nauseous and dizzy because did he just really just say that aloud?? god no you’re gonna hate him you’re gonna leave you’re gonna-
  • “wonho?”, you ask quietly but demanding
  • he swallows and takes a deep breath. now or never, he thinks
  • “y/n”
  • he walks over to you and sits down on his knees right in front of you, pulling out the little box he’s been carrying around for weeks now
  • “y/n”, he repeats and looks into your eyes and again you’re just staring back, completely in shock and trying to convince yourself you’re not dreaming
  • meanwhile the other boys are just sitting there, gaping, also not believing what’s going on right before their eyes
  • “i kinda had an entire speech written out for this but honestly?”, wonho laughs nervously, “i can’t remember any of it right now…just”
  • he opens the box and holds it up a little, your gaze flickering between wonho and the ring in his hands
  • “i love you, y/n. please marry me?”
  • overwhelmed with emotions, tears start spilling out your eyes and you start to cry
  • “y/n?”, wonho asks, voice uncertain all of a sudden and his frown deepening by the second
  • he looks so ridiculously concerned that you can’t help but chuckle even though you’re crying. you quickly start to nod, wiping your tears
  • “of course. of course i’ll marry you”
  • and wonho’s expression immediately shifts into one of pure delight and the way he looks as much in love with you as you feel you’re in love with him right now, makes the emotions rushing over you only stronger, causing you to smile wider and cry harder
  • he takes the ring out of the box and your hand in his
  • “can i?”, he asks, smiling at you shyly
  • you nod again, not really able to talk, tears still rolling down your cheeks
  • as soon as the ring’s on your finger, you practically throw yourself at your now fiancé, arms wrapping around him, burying your face in his neck
  • his arms tighten around you and he starts laughing and crying, too
  • so there you are
  • on the living room floor, in sweatpants and with unbrushed hair, the mario kart theme still playing in the background. clinging to each other and laughing and crying at the same time
  • your emotions are all over the place but what you know is this:
  • you’re happy. so unbelievably and incredibly happy.
  • you don’t even notice when minhyuk and the other boys finally start breathing again, too, groaning and laughing because “can you believe him oh my god” and “finally he got his shit together”
  • you don’t notice either when a few minutes later the door opens and shownu and kihyun come back, kihyun promptly dropping his bag of snacks
  • “……are you kidding me.”

[ shownu // wonho // kihyun // minhyuk // hyungwon // jooheon // changkyun ]

An Encounter Pt.6

Ok so these orgasms seem to last forever. They rack my whole body. I’m pretty much limp and he’s anything but. Somehow this monster cock had fit all the way inside me. I never thought this was possible. No toy had gone that deep without being uncomfortable. This was no toy. He pulled out of me and for a moment I thought he had also finished. I was wrong, he was lubing it up again. Yes I had fantasized about a really big cock inside me but I’m actually a bit embarrassed at how much I love the feeling of being so full. I worried about how I was reacting in front of my husband. That’s just me, I want everything to be ok. He is simply smiling at me and calls me “sexy”.
The guy asks me if I want to turn over. I limply comply because it doesn’t take much effort. Lol. I’m laying flat with a pillow under my stomach when his cock starts to go inside me again. My pussy opens a bit easier but My God this feels even deeper. Again it’s slow and long and I mean long strokes. My mouth is open and and I’m grabbing the sheets as if they were a life line. He’s hitting something inside me that I’ve never felt before. Then he starts putting just a bit of his cock in and teasing me with short strokes and then all of it and then back to short strokes and then all of it. Fuck! What is happening? I’ve done this before. It didn’t feel quite like this. I’m relaxed into this rhythm when he puts his thumb in my ass! I’m so relaxed I let it happen. He’s pushing his thumb in and out of my virgin ass which makes me tense up and makes his cock feel even bigger inside me. The feeling was intense. Yes, if you are wondering, it made me cum again. It was gradual and everlasting. It was different than the others. It built up and was continuous for what seemed like minutes….or forever lol.
I was done for. No more energy. I had worried about “performing” for my husband and would I be good enough in bed? etc. etc. None of that came into play. I was simply exhausted now. Oh and he still hadn’t cum! He asked if I wanted to get on top. Uh nope. Tired. He smiled and asked if I would help him cum. Sure. That’s when he slipped the condom off.
I put my hand around his giant shaft and started stroking it making sure to hit the underside of the tip. Not my first rodeo. I’m not as shocked as I was when I first saw his cock so I start using my mouth and hands together. I stroke his balls while I’m doing my best to return the favor of so many orgasms when I feel him tense up. I know he’s going to cum but I want to take him over the edge like he did me. That’s when it happened. He came in my mouth so hard and so much, I wasn’t prepared. I pulled back a bit and more kept coming on my face, chest, hair. Wow! My mouth is open and full of his stuff. My face I can only imagine. I had let go and he grabbed his cock and kept stroking it until all of it was out. Ok so now, not before but now, I really feel a bit slutty with his stuff everywhere so it’s off to the bathroom to clean up. I’m a mess but I am a very happy wife. -The end
Note: Our sex life went though the roof after this and has yet to slow down.

New Demons

Word Count: 4.2k
Warnings: Smoking, mentions of drinking, homophobia, a lot of bible talk
A/N: ok i am not religious at all but I go to church nearly every sunday so i kinda know about church stuff? im sorry if this offends anyone but yeah this was a v nice prompt i love it.

Phil is not religious. He understands why some people are, of course, but he was never able to grasp the whole point of religion besides the fact that you could literally just throw all of your problems onto a celestial being until you felt like you were being ‘forgiven’ for all the wrong you’ve done in your life.

But the point is that Phil is not religious because why would he believe in a higher power who may or may not be real when he could just believe in himself? When he’s having a hard time, it’s him that is going to find the solution and fix the problem, not some God who had over seven billion other people he’s supposedly looking after.

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