being worthless

8th/12th* House: Fears and Anxieties
  • *Planets are in regard to what is in your 8th or 12th house!
  • Aries: Fear of Pain / Physical Intimacy.
  • Taurus: Fear of not meeting standards. Lots of eating disorders lie here (especially when dealing with 12th house).
  • Gemini: Social Anxiety.
  • Cancer: Fear of Emotional Intimacy.
  • Leo: Stage Fright.
  • Virgo: Fear of Doctors/Hospitals. May also have fear of Physical Intimacy.
  • Libra: Relationship Anxiety. Fear of losing their morals.
  • Scorpio: Paranoia, and even Schizophrenia in 12th. (However, this just points to a possibility, and is in no way a definite. It would just "up the possibility" of having it, not unalike to the genetic trace).
  • Sagittarius: Fear of Commitment. Fear of Restriction.
  • Capricorn: Fear of Emotional Intimacy. Fear of Poverty. Fear of those in Authority. (Which often drives them to be wildly successful!) (Last is more 8th-Specific)
  • Aquarius: Fear of Loneliness. Self-Doubt. Fear of not leaving an impact. Fear of, in their own minds, being "worthless".
  • Pisces: Fear of "Loss of Innocence". (Usually these people are scared of Physical Intimacy, Gore, and other "demoralizing" things).
  • Sun: Stage Fright.
  • Moon: Fear of Emotional Intimacy.
  • Mercury: Social Anxiety.
  • Venus: Relationship Anxiety.
  • Mars: General Anxiety.
  • Jupiter: Fear of losing something, anything / Fear of missing something once disposed of.
  • Saturn: Chronic Anxiety.
  • Uranus: General Anxiety.
  • Neptune: Paranoia/Anxiety. Often more geared towards creating the Worst Case Scenario.
  • Pluto: Paranoia.

I hate it when you do the main quest after completing 253 side quests and it presents you with some super amazing loot like the Epic Sword of a Million Deaths but because you spent the last 53 hours doing every shitty little task given to you you already have 30 weapons that are way better and you end up selling the  Epic Sword of a Million Deaths to the next random NPC for 5 gold

gentle reminder

not having a partner or not being married does not mean that you’re worthless; being single does not mean you are broken or defective, you have worth on your own, and even if no one appreciates it now someday you will find someone who loves you more than life itself - please try your best to not give up hope

things i wish i could tell my parents

you tell me that i should have an idea of what i want to do with my life, then crush my dreams when i finally figure it out.

you tell me that i should love myself, then insult me with everything you have when i screw up.

you tell me that i should be happy with my body and then tell me that i’m only “not hungry” because i’m trying to lose weight.

you tell me to love the way i look but try and get me to wear makeup and change the way i look.

you tell me to be accepting and love everyone but shun me when i have friends that aren’t the same race, gender, or sexuality as me.

you tell me to use my words but then call me weird for expressing myself with words on paper instead of verbally.

you tell my to speak up but you never listen.

you tell me to be patient when you have no idea how to be patient with your own children.

you tell me you don’t have favorites but then force me to stop doing my homework to cook while my brother who is failing all his classes wastes his life away on video games.

you tell me to make sure my brothers do the right thing but then turn a blind eye when they’re not.

you tell me that making money matters more than being happy with what i want to do when you’re not only broke, but unhappy.

you tell me that i’m only human, that i’m not perfect, and that i need to calm my “ego”, when you make me feel worthless for being human and making mistakes.

you tell me to lose weight even though i’m the only one in the family within the “healthy” weight range.

you tell me to smile but all i see is a frown mirrored on your face.

you tell me that anger is not good for me when you get angry over the simplest things, causing me to be angry as well.

you tell me that depression will get me locked up in a mental hospital but you do nothing to help me.

you tell me that you love me but you show it in ways that are abnormal. in ways that make me feel like i don’t belong.

i see all of these posts about how you should “love your parents” and “treat them right”, but what about posts for people with toxic parents and family? i do love my parents, i do. and when i’m rich and successful i’m going to be the one taking care of them. 

please, if you feel like your parents REFUSE to understand you (not that they don’t understand you) talk to someone. your voice deserves to be heard. and if it won’t be by your parents, let it be by someone who wants, who demands to hear your glorious voice.

i just wanna mean something to someone, is that too much to ask?

House: Fears and Anxieties

*Planets are in regard to what is in your 8th or 12th house!

Aries: Fear of Pain / Physical Intimacy.

Taurus: Fear of not meeting standards. Lots of eating disorders lie here (especially when dealing with 12th house).

Gemini: Social Anxiety.

Cancer: Fear of Emotional Intimacy.

Leo: Stage Fright.

Virgo: Fear of Doctors/Hospitals. May also have fear of Physical Intimacy.

Libra: Relationship Anxiety. Fear of losing their morals.

Scorpio: Paranoia, and even Schizophrenia in 12th. (However, this just points to a possibility, and is in no way a definite. It would just “up the possibility” of having it, not unalike to the genetic trace).

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Just A Bad Day

Request:  Hello I love your work btw. Can I get a Harry hook x reader where the reader has an awful day and Harry is her best friend and he cuddles her to make her feel better. After he thinks she has fallen asleep her confesses that he loves her and would never hurt her, but she was awake he entire time and heard it all. As long as it has a very sweet kiss and it’s very fluffy I’ll be very happy

Warnings: Mentions of verbal abuse, swearing, a lot of bad luck, fluffy

Words: 1,165

A/N: I made the reader Governor Ratcliffe’s daughter, but do feel free to adjust the reader’s parentage as you see fit!

Do you ever wonder if some days were just meant to be terrible? Yeah… [Y/N] Ratcliffe was having one of those days. First, she woke up late and had to rush to get ready for school. Once she got to school she realized she forgot her backpack which held everything she needed for the day. Upon her realization of forgetting her backpack, she also realized that she forgot money to get something to eat, so that meant she was likely going to go hungry that day since her brother, Rick, was most likely not going to help her out. 

The worst thing that happened at school was probably when she accidentally spilled ink on Dr. Facilier, which of course would result in either detention or some sort of curse. It was obvious he chose the curse because it wasn’t even five minutes after school ended she ended up slipping into a big mud puddle. 

“Okay, [Y/N],” The girl murmured to herself to try and give herself a pep talk, “you just go home, get ready for work, and things will be okay after that.” She muttered to herself as she entered her home, seeing her father standing there, waiting for her. 

After about five minutes of being screamed at by her father for not picking up her room before she left for school and being called worthless and a no good savage, she headed into her bedroom and quickly picked up so her room was to her fathers liking. “Okay…just work.” She mumbled after getting changed. What could go wrong, she was a waitress. 

Everything could go wrong. The first thing that happened was the dishes hadn’t been done from the day before so that meant she had to spend a good hour doing them herself, getting her clothes soaking wet and filthy and ending up cutting herself on a fork of all things while she did them. Luckily it wasn’t major, but it was annoying. Next, she tripped over an uneven floorboard and accidentally spilled food all over Lady Tremaine, which [Y/N] knew she’d pay for at her next haircut. And last but not least, upon leaving her place of employment, she had to get one good burn from accidentally touching the burner of the oven. 

Instead of heading home where [Y/N] were sure to get yelled at for dirtying her work uniform, she decided to head to her best friend’s house to just vent and maybe relax a bit before taking on the rest of the day. 

“HOOK!” [Y/N] called as she entered the house, there being more clothes on the floor than there was an actual floor, along with pieces of rotten food and empty rum bottles everywhere. Much different from her house, where if there was a single speck of dust, she was in trouble. 

“Shh! Dad’s asleep!” Harry called quietly from his room, motioning for her to come down his way, which she gladly did. “What’s up?” He asked her after shutting the door behind her, able to tell she was stressed. 

“Bad day…can I stay here?” She asked, flopping down on his bed and frowning, wanting just to spend some quality time with her best friend, not wanting to really talk about the details of the day.

Harry frowned and nodded, going over to her and sitting down, putting an arm around her and rubbing her arm. “Of course ye can…want ta lay down, lady?” He asked her, that being his little nickname for her since her father had always expected her to be a lady. After nodding, he gave a nod in understanding and laid down on his bed, shifting some to get comfortable before letting [Y/N] lay down beside him, pulling her close and letting her rest her head on his chest, rubbing her back some. 

Harry was never good at comforting [Y/N], she was fairly emotional and got upset rather easy, but he tried his hardest whenever she was upset to make her feel better. But even his awkward attempts at helping helped. 

The two of them just laid there for a long while, neither of them saying anything, Harry just watching as [Y/N] started to relax and her breathing got heavier, taking that as though she had fallen asleep so he began to just quietly talk to her. 

“Aye, [Y/N]… I’m sorry that ye had a bad day…I wish I knew how I could make it better for ye. Ye deserve ta have nothin’ but the best, and it just breaks me heart ta see ye upset like this…fuck, it just breaks me heart ta know ye get hurt at all. Yer just such a beautiful girl…I’d do anything ta put yer beautiful smile back on yer beautiful face…” Harry whispered softly to her, reaching up with his free hand and brushing some of her hair out of her face. 

“Damn…I wish I had the balls to say this when ye were awake…I just, I don’t know…something about ye…I love ye. That’s it, I just love ye. I’m not good with love, ye know that…it’s not that I don’t care, I just don’t know how ta show it, tis all. Because I care so much. If someone were to hurt ye right in front of me, why they’d meet the wrong end o’ me hook. No one will hurt ye while I’m around…no one. Not even me.” Harry whispered, that last sentence barely audible, gently pressing his lips to her forehead. “I love ye…so much.” He whispered against her forehead, and when he pulled away he noticed a small smile tugging at her lips. “What the…ye little fucker!” Harry said, sitting up and realizing that she had been awake. 

[Y/N] laughed at his sudden outburst, putting her hands over her mouth to keep the noise down and opening her eyes, taking a few moments to just laugh before trying to calm down, sitting up and wiping some tears from her eyes, having laughed so hard she began to cry. After taking a few deep breaths, she chuckled one last time before looking at the obviously embarrassed Harry. 

“Harry Hook, you are so dumb, even for a pirate, you know that?” She asked, but she said it with a smile as she looked at him, and before he could open his mouth to comment back, she leaned in and very gently pressed her lips to his, which caused him to freeze, but he quickly got over it and returned her kiss. The two of them kissed for a solid minute before they had to pull away, the kiss wasn’t heated, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t passionate. It was just a more intimate passion. 

“[Y/N] Ratcliffe…I love ye.” Harry muttered as he pressed his forehead to hers, and [Y/N] smiled, reaching up to caress his cheek. 

“And I love you, Harry Hook.” She whispered back. Maybe this day wasn’t so bad after all. 

African American men are the only group of men who constantly degrade and disrespect their own women. They try to make us feel ugly and worthless for being black women and then turn around and make fun of us for wearing weaves and accepting European beauty standards to feel more beautiful. I only say African American because in my experience, African and Caribbean black men tend to celebrate black beauty more and take pride in their women. I don’t know if it’s because of the slave mentality or what, but African American men really need to get it together. Black women go so hard for y'all and praise black men of all shades, but we never get the same in return. When they say “black lives matter,” they only mean black men because they don’t give a damn about us. I know this was all over the place. I’m just tired and fed up. I’m tired of people saying “it’s not about race” when literally everything is about race. I feel like we’re so beautiful and so amazing but we’re always overlooked and ignored for that white girl over there. I’m just tired…

ENFPs of each Enneagram Type

Are you an ENFP and unsure of your enneagram type? Here’s an idea of what an ENFP of each type would look like.

*You’re likely to relate to more than one type. Your tritype is a combination of one type from the heart, head, and body centers, and your wing is the type located directly next to your core type that you identify with the most. If you’re really unsure, I’d start with finding one type from each center that you relate to the most, and go from there. 

Heart Types (2,3,4)

Type 2 - “I just want to be loved”: A type 2 ENFP engages their extroverted intuition to look for ways to be useful and helpful to those around them, specifically to the people they care about. They are generally warm, enthusiastic, and particularly kind and caring. ENFP 2s are especially drawn to being there for others emotionally rather than just physically. They’ll act as advocates for friends in crisis, and are exceptional at making people feel seen and understood. Their Fi values helpfulness, supportiveness, and making sure people know that they are loved. However, they can become so dependent on being “needed” that they may unintentionally become smothering at times. This ENFP may also become resentful and vindictive if they are left to feel unappreciated.

Type 3 - “I just want to be recognized”: A type 3 ENFP engages their dominant extroverted intuition to pursue new ideas and concepts that they hope will help them achieve success or recognition. They hold achievement as one of Fi’s deeply held values, which makes them motivated and ambitious. Their drive for success is fueled by a fear of being worthless or disappointing to those they care about. They often have a well-developed Te that they use to sort through all the possible paths to success that Ne brings to the table, and as a result are more focused and driven than the stereotypical ENFP. Though they are naturally quirky and creative, this ENFP is especially cognizant of their image, hoping to be seen as particularly attractive, successful, smart, and enviable by their peers.

Type 4 - “I just want to be different”: A type 4 ENFP accepts and takes pride in their natural quirkiness. They engage their extroverted intuition to explore possibilities, ideas, and concepts that are innovative, different, and own-able as uniquely theirs. They likely have a highly developed introverted feeling function (Fi), which makes this ENFP especially cognizant of their personal opinions, ideas, emotions, and tastes. At their best, they are particularly creative, artistic, and visionary, and appear to others as if they are truly and enviably comfortable with being themselves. They take pride in being different than others and, though they crave appreciation for their uniqueness, they actually enjoy being misunderstood. This ENFP is especially susceptible to “special snowflake” syndrome, which can result in a “nobody can possibly understand me” mentality or an inflated sense of self-importance.

Head Types (5,6,7)

Type 5 - “I just want to understand”: A type 5 ENFP is defined by their exceptional curiosity and inventiveness. These talents are driven by their dominant extroverted intuition, which leads them to become absorbed in countless theoretical possibilities, ideas, and concepts. They are somewhat more withdrawn than the stereotypical ENFP, preoccupied with a restless desire to “figure things (or people) out”. Their Fi values intellectual capability and competence. They often have well-developed Te, which they use to understand, categorize, and streamline their understanding of the world. They’re likely to want to contribute something original and innovative to society. They’re often treasure troves of random knowledge and facts, which they’ve collected in the hopes that being knowledgeable will help prepare to deal with the world around them. On the flip side, this ENFP may be prone to know-it-all-ism as well as an unproductive tendency to ignore their emotions and insecurities, which often lie closer to the surface than they’d like.

Type 6 - “I just want to be reassured”: A type 6 ENFP is particularly loyal to both their friends and their beliefs. This loyalty, which manifests as stubbornly sticking to their Fi values, or being there for friends or loved-ones unconditionally, stems out of a fear of being unsupported. Once they’ve established that something is safe and secure, they’d rather not let go of it. These ENFPs are aware of and nervous about the impracticality and emotional nature of their Ne and Fi, and therefore worry that they cannot take care of themselves on their own. Generally, they are less spontaneous or reckless than the stereotypical ENFP, because they prefer to establish security before embarking in ambiguous territory. For this reason, they prefer to use Ne to explore various potential outcomes in addition to interesting hypothetical concepts. At their best, they’re fascinating hybrids of creativity and stability, standing by their beliefs and loved ones with intense passion. At their worst, they can be chronically anxious and prone to Si grips.

Type 7 - “I just want to enjoy life”: A type 7 ENFP represents the full embodiment of dominant extroverted intuition:  innovative, optimistic, curious, exploratory and restless in the pursuit of possibilities. They see life as an endless sea of exciting opportunities, ideas, concepts, theories, and experiences to explore. They are typically enthusiastic, versatile, and action-oriented, with a fun-loving attitude and a relentless appetite for life. They are particularly passionate about ideas that excite them, and though they are prone to starting more projects than they can possibly finish, they can also be intensely focused on something for hours as long as it captivates their interest. This ENFP is passionate and sensitive, but also has a tendency to distract themselves from their emotions or problems instead of dealing with them head on. At their worst, they can be scattered, unreliable, avoidant, inattentive, leaving messes for others to clean up in their wake.

 Body Types (8,9,1)

Type 8 - “I just want to be in control”: A type 8 ENFP is highly individualistic and loathes being controlled. Their dominant Ne leads them on an endless quest to pursue possibilities and interests, and they will stop at nothing to ensure that they can do so as they please. This ENFP believes strongly in their Fi values, which they respect much more than traditional authority. Therefore, if this ENFP believes something is right or true, then they will act accordingly no matter what anyone else has to say. They can be incredible leaders, inspiring others through their originality, charm, confidence, and go-getter attitude. They’re assertive and straight talking, yet also highly emotional, and often have an underlying layer of anger simmering beneath the surface. Though they often excel at understanding people and giving them straightforward advice, they hate feeling vulnerable, and in true Fi fashion are uncomfortable talking about their feelings with others. If left unchecked, this ENFP can be vulnerable to outbursts of anger as well as a pushy, domineering attitude.

Type 9 - “I just want to have peace of mind”: A type 9 ENFP is particularly peaceful, agreeable and go-with-the-flow. They’re generally calm and optimistic, preferring a “positive outlook” mindset to dwelling on negative possibilities. It’s very important to this ENFP to feel connected to and understood by other people. Their patience and insight about people makes them exceptional advice givers. They use their Ne to explore possibilities and concepts that interest them (especially those related to people), but are blocked from the “go-getting” mindset of Ne by the fear of creating friction or conflict with others that could disturb their peace of mind. This ENFP instead focuses their energy on “merging” with others, taking on their friends problems as their own instead of developing a strong sense of ambition or self. They deal with anger by numbing out their emotions, which prompts them into wondering whether the strong emotions they do feel are even real at all. At their worst, this ENFP can be painfully unassertive, lazy, or asleep to their own desires or goals.  

Type 1 - “I just want to do what’s right”: A type 1 ENFP constantly searches for new, innovative methods of improvement for both themselves and others. Their dominant Ne is restless in its quest for rightness and betterment. This ENFP has a highly developed introverted feeling function (Fi), which makes them rigidly adhere to what they personally believe is moral, good, or “right”, which can result in “moral perfectionism”. This ENFP may feel particularly drawn to social justice causes, believing that it is their duty or responsibility to be the change they want to see in the world. If their Te is well developed, this ENFP can be quite forceful and persistent in enforcing their ethical standards. If their Te is underdeveloped, this fear of imperfection can be paralyzing. At their worst, they can be up on a high horse and critical of those around them. 

You are not going to screw this up.  You’ve repeated it to yourself so many times that you need it to be true.  You are ready to go to Elsewhere University.

You know more than a lot of other people going in–that’s your first advantage.  You’ve heard all the tales of people making foolish bargains, taking something that they thought was powerful but ended up being worthless, being trapped by a law they didn’t research carefully enough.  You know better than that; you’ll read all bargains you’re offered thrice over and all you offer thrice that. (Three is a powerful number; you’re not sure if that matters here, but it almost certainly won’t hurt.)

You stay away from the more obviously targeted majors.  Math is generally considered safe, second only to those of engineering.  It is generally accepted that math is boring and stodgy and not poetic enough to draw Their attention.  Personally, you’ve never understood this view; abstract math describes hidden gardens that are not only impossible but unimaginable, which is what originally drew you to it, and you had thought more of Them would be drawn in as well.  Either way, math students tend to be further away from the Gentry, so it should be wonderfully safe.

There is of course a minimum of contact, but you’re prepared for that as well.  You know not be caught looking (or perhaps more accurately Looking) at beings with numbers of arms, legs, or eyes other than two.  You know not to wander too conspicuously after dusk (although that’s just asking for trouble no matter where you are, if the wrong sort of person notices).  You leave out generous offerings of heavy cream, but not so generous that it draws attention.  And, of course, you wear iron, clearly visible, a neat chain bracelet on your wrist.

And if anyone notices the faint burns from where the bracelet slips over the edge of your sleeve–well, you’ll just say they’re from silver sulfide.


a PSA for artists

i’ve been thinking about this a lot. it’s something i wish i learned much sooner. it’s something i wish more people knew.

the idea that art has to be any one way is wrong.

your art does not have to be realistic, or look like anyone else’s, or keep up with popular trends.

the idea that you have to be able to draw realism to be a good artist? wrong.

you don’t. you already are a good artist.

everyone has their own style. it’s fine and normal to adopt style choices from other artists, but everyone has their own style, there is no changing that.

and why would you change it?

your style is what makes your art YOURS. it is unique. it is perfect in it’s own way, because it is perfect in it’s style.

draw something. now look at it. you just created something new. a visible projection of your thoughts. something nobody has seen yet, not in the way you present it. isn’t that amazing?

you are so powerful. you can create your own characters, worlds, stories- you can give and take lives and control all that happens in your own universe, through your own beautiful style. that’s incredible!

there is no such thing as bad art. those “bad art”/”bad oc” blogs mean nothing. they are bitter, worthless beings with the intention to hurt you. please don’t fall into their trap.

“okay, so i don’t have to draw realistically, now what?”

you practice!

get to know your style. familiarize yourself with the shapes and lines. just keep drawing the way you do, maybe making small improvements every now and then. but remember, improvements are just what you think looks better.

nobody can tell you how to make art. nobody can tell you your art is bad, because it isn’t. it’s simply different, and that’s the way it should be.

keep going, okay? it’s amazing to watch people follow their passions, and it crushes me to see them beat down for superficial things.

(note: this does not mean you can be offensive with your art! try not to do that)

anonymous asked:

I know Arya fans have issue with it but it doesn't seem so outlandish to think Grrm will have Arya die but live on in Nymeria. She has a very strong connection to her direwolf and her dreams of running with her pack seem to be when she's most free.

The issue for me is not that it seems outlandish (because I agree–I definitely can imagine a character in Martin’s world that would die and live on in a bonded animal.  He did that to Varamyr Sixskins, I could imagine him having done it for Robb if Grey Wind had lived, etc.)–it’s that I look at other major elements that he’s working with in Arya’s narrative and think that it ultimately would do the opposite of what you say.  

Yes, Arya has a remarkably powerful connection to Nymeria.  She thinks of her as being one of the few living creatures who loves her unconditionally.  Nymeria protects her without Arya being aware of it, and Arya is able to warg into her skin from thousands of miles away.  Theirs is absolutely a strong connection, and I also wholeheartedly agree that at this point, her wolf dreams are where she feels the most “herself” and is running free.  But I think that’s not the entire point of those wolf dreams.

Arya has been confronting since book one, both on a metaphorical and literal level.  You have it in book 1, where Septa Mordane is working very hard to train Arya to be a proper lady, at the expense of feeling comfortable in her own skin; this is compounded by her sister and Jeyne Poole who bully her and call her ugly and horrible and all other sorts of things in an effort to cow her into being more ladylike as well; it’s also compounded by her parents because even if they love her, they also are definitely trying to have her shape up and be a proper lady too.  She has to pretend to be everyone except Arya Stark for the sake of her own safety in the next book, and then she ends up at the House of Black and White which is literally trying to remove her face and have her become “no one,” and the whole point of this is that ultimately she will say “no, I’m Arya.”  (Her wolf dreams are building towards that, as is the fact that she kept Needle.)  And, when she ultimately makes her way back to Winterfell–where she’s been aiming for since the first book–she’s going to find one of the people who spent her childhood mocking her and making her feel worthless being forced to pretend to be her in order to survive, and so the question of what it means to be “Arya” might literally mean life or death for someone who spent Arya’s youth mocking just that.

Is Nymeria crucial to that?  I absolutely think so.  Nymeria, like Needle, is a major touchstone at the heart of Arya’s identity, keeping her grounded internally when her identity is being buffeted this way and that depending on where she is and who she is around.  

Arya dying and ending up in Nymeria is not a triumph of her identity–it’s a tragedy by simple virtue of this:

“They say you forget,” Haggon had told him, a few weeks before his own death. “When the man’s flesh dies, his spirit lives on inside the beast, but every day his memory fades, and the beast becomes a little less a warg, a little more a wolf, until nothing of the man is left and only the beast remains.” (ADWD, Prologue)

Arya dying and living on in Nymeria isn’t Arya dying and living on in Nymeria.  It’s Arya dying, and fading slowly until she is Nymeria, and while Nymeria is vital to Arya’s identity, she is not the only part of Arya’s identity–no more than Arya is hers.  Far from being an affirmation of Arya’s identity, an anchor-point that helped her navigate her way through every piece of danger she’s been in, it would turn Nymeria into the death of it.

anonymous asked:

Hmm... So Chara wouldn't have been able to control Papyrus due to his stubborn optimism. So how were they able to take control of a pacifist like Frisk? Did Frisk's abusive parentage play a part in it? Also, was the fact that Frisk is a wizard the reason Chara wanted to possess them in the first place, or were they unaware of that particular detail?

Frisk was a very different person at the start of their journey than they were at the end of it. Years of being told that you’re worthless and unwanted take a toll on a child’s self esteem. Frisk felt that they were not smart enough or strong enough to survive facing a mountain full of monsters, so when Chara offered them help, Frisk willingly handed over control to them. And even as Chara started to kill, although Frisk regretted trusting Chara, they felt that it was too late to turn back, and didn’t try to fight back because they didn’t think they could. Sans inspired them because of how he stood against Chara despite the hopeless odds he was facing. It made Frisk start to believe that they could do the same. So by journey’s end, Frisk blossomed into the determined little ball of sunshine that we all know and love.

Just a human

I’m just a human

riddled with flaws and imperfections

Yes, I’m selfish and I cry too often

I snap at ordinary things

Anger flashes up like a match on gasoline

and then dies down like it’s drowning

and I’m always pushing people outwards

but in truth, I want to keep them in 

Am I so wrong?

Keep trying to tell myself I’m better than I am

But in truth I’m

just a human

romanticizing ordinary life

Making messy tears dramatic portrayals

and happiness some sort of euphoria

No matter how many seasons I compare emotions to

They’ll still just be emotions because I’m

Just a human

Just a human//Azrael Fíernen

Just Roommates

Here’s my entry for @bionic-buckyb‘s AU Writing Challenge! (Sorry it’s so late. I’m the worst.)

PROMPT: Roommates
CHARACTERS: Female reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Bucky’s parents (mentioned), Sam Wilson (mentioned), Peggy Carter (mentioned)

TAGS: This is my first time writing Marvel, so I don’t know who to tag! @mamapeterson, I know you like some Marvel stuff. 

Originally posted by bovaria

You stood at the side of the bed, a bowl of Frosted Flakes in one hand, a spoon in the other. You were slowly taking bites, taking your time chewing, savoring the crunch of the cereal. You tilted your head to one side, then rolled your eyes, loudly clearing your throat.

The blonde in the bed blinked open mascara-smeared eyes, pulling the covers up around her naked body, but not before you got a shot of her clearly surgically-enhanced chest.

Naturally, you thought.

She closed one eye, squinting the other, then lifted the hand not currently holding the blanket to rub at that eye. She shook her head, then spoke, voice raspy and hoarse.

“Who are you?”

You smiled around the bite you had in your mouth, chewing and swallowing before you spoke.

 “Bucky’s wife. Who are you?”

Her eyes widened, shock evident in her features. She sat bolt upright in the bed, clutching the blanket in both hands. She started shaking her head, eyes still wide and scared, and you couldn’t hold back anymore. You snorted, letting the spoon fall back into the bowl. After laughing to yourself, you shook your head, meeting her eyes.

“I’m just kidding. But you should totally see your face right now.”

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Dreams 🌙 💫 🌟 ✨

Earth dreams are practical. Dreams of what the day brings, of routine. Nightmares of losing important & valuable things. Nightmares concerning realistic and troubling situations that can occur in the wakeful life.
Water dreams are magical or fantasy-like dreams, lucid. Nightmares about frightening dark figures or a daunting presence in the distance. Emotional turmoil nightmares.
Air dreams have a dash of idealism, brightness and futuristic glimpses. Nightmares of being trapped or chased. Mental eruptions.
Fire dreams are quick and explosive. Nightmares of falling then waking up suddenly. Nightmares of war with the self and being unable to express themselves.

Sun/Leo: bright and colorful dreams, pleasantly warm dreams, eternal and divine youthfulness / nightmares of losing the self, of being worthless and unimportant, being unable to express oneself
Moon/Cancer: lucid dreams, mysterious and nostalgic dreams. Forgotten memories. Dreams with bodies of water, reflecting inner emotions / nightmares of being abandoned or lost. Withdrawing into the womb and drowning, never again surfacing
Mercury/Gemini/Virgo: dreams may manifest in quick, breathless dreams, child-like curiosity dreams, dreams that can’t be remembered because they’re fleeting / nightmares of running away, of feeling desperate and not knowing what to do, nervousness that becomes chaotic anxiety. Virgo is ruled by Mercury but heavily affiliated with Chiron, their dreams may be bittersweet; the innocent child-like dreams of Mercury but tinged with the pain of Chiron
Venus/Libra/Taurus: dreams of love and connection, relaxation and luxury, beautiful things, rose petal dreams, serenity of the soul, being surrounded by pleasant people / nightmares of ugliness, losing oneself in chaos, of loneliness and hollowness, of feeling worthless or unloved, of destroyed comfort and security.
Mars/Aries/Scorpio: dreams of playful roughness, of passion, undomesticated but peacful wild animals, of intense attraction / nightmares of violence and being attacked, falling, people they care about getting hurt physically, physical pain, uncomfrotable heat
Jupiter/Sagittarius/Pisces: dreams of happiness, joyfulness, adventures, losing themselves to romanticism, nature, of rising mentally or physically, of the cosmos / nightmares of being contained and restricted, of being held back physically, of trying to escape
Saturn/Capricorn/Aquarius: dreams of enlightenment, of lead turned into gold, feeling in control, of feeling limitless and self-assured / nightmares of insecurities, no direction, of discomfort, of public embarrassment, not being good enough and rejection
Uranus/Aquarius: dreams of all things new, of discovering, of sudden but pleasant change, of friends, weird dreams, quirky encounters with strangers, of purpose / nightmares of fighting against something & losing, rejection/not belonging, of freedom being ripped away, changes that feel like inner earthquakes
Neptune/Pisces: dreams of water, of fantasy-like dreams, of dreams within dreams, hoping for the best, romance, spirituality / nightmares of feeling confused and delusional, losing themselves, inner turmoil, dissolving into nothing
Pluto/Scorpio: predictive dreams, comfort from darkness and seclusion, of growth and rising powerfully from inner disturbances / nightmares of spiteful feelings, death of themselves or loved ones, changes that cannot be handled, emotional upheavals