being with the person you love

“Whoever you hate, that’s your date!”


“He’s only mean to you because he likes you!”


“She’s teasing him because she has a crush on him!”

No. No. No. No. No. Stop conditioning children with these toxic sayings that unhealthy relationships with someone means it must be love- and that because it’s “love” you have to stay with that person forever. If someone is mean to you it isn’t them trying to show their affection, they’re just being an asshole and you deserve better than that tbh.

Let me just tell you right now, before you decide to love me and then walk away, that I am too good at loving but I’m bad at being loved. I still find myself shaking over people who have stopped loving me and I cannot bear another person to the list.
—  Don’t love me just to leave me in the end. // 2amfilm.
Imagine Your OTP

Person B is working on something and Person A leans over to see.


Person A: “Person B~”

Person B: “Hmm?”

Person A: “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Person B: “Just being with me is perfect enough.”

Person A sits and keeps Person B company; helping when they can. Person B takes a few moments and stops for bit to kiss Person A’s cheek.

Person B: “Thank you Love~”

Person A: (Smiles and hugs Person B) “Of course dear~” 

Handprints (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: You almost hit Bucky Barnes with your car, leaving an impressive handprint on your hood. If only you knew then what else those hands would do.

 Words: 1,308

 Warnings: blood, bruising, near-death action stuff, swearing, smut,

 A/N: I really wanted to experiment with my writing style for this one, I tried to make it feel more like a poem or stylized prose while taking a kind of minimalist approach, but I didn’t really stick to that as strictly as I would have liked. I’d love to hear what ya’ll think about the style (and anything else- i’m always open to constructive criticism)

HUGE shout-out to the amazing @lowkeybuckytrash for proofreading this for me and being an all around wonderful person <3 <3

Your hand searches blindly for the ringing phone in your bag. You’re trying to keep your eyes on the road. Finally, you find it in the depths of your bag and answer the call without looking. “Talk to me.” You pull up to a red light and roll to a stop.

“Hey, this is Hill. Are you on your way to the tower? There’s been a development in the case, we need you here for the mission brief, ASAP.”

The light turns green, you rush forward.

“Yeah, I’m already on my way, just a few blocks out. What happened that it’s suddenly so urgent?”

“Another scientist has gone missing, this is more serious than we thought.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in a-SHIT!”

You slam the brakes.

A hand! The screeching of tires and the sound of crunching metal. A metal hand crashes into the hood of your car, forcing you to a stop. You look up, shaken; bright blue eyes glare at you through the windshield. The lights had changed, you hadn’t noticed.

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Y’all, I have a request. 

I went to therapy yesterday (for those of you who don’t know, ya girl’s in recovery from ED and anxiety [I’m fun at parties]) and therapist lady helped me come to the conclusion that I’m fuckin’ lonely. 

I am sending out an open request for friends. 

I tried to reach out to a few random users and they were DICKS about it- so if you’re open to being my pal, please shoot me a message. 


  • My name’s Amalia and I’m 23 years old 
  • I love musicals, food, my bullet journal, and my family
  • I am fluent in English and Sass
  • I’m a Scorpio (deal breaker for some of you, I know) 
  • I start grad school in June 
  • I have a puppy named Ashland 


  • Wants to be my friend

Thank you in advance <3

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I cannot believe that there is an islamic woman on tumblr. ISLAMIC. You have the hijab on and all that! I am quite certainly, amazed by the fact that, well, an islamic person is on tumblr. With the bonus pack of 'undertale nerd.'. Amazing. Love your work youmma, keep it up! P.S. What does Youmma even mean?

um i can’t say that i am not proud of being muslim but i am also a person here who loves to draw and also there are A LOT of muslims people here who also love undertale i can’t say that there are Christians on tumblr because it’s normal and so do us :’D , but thank you soo much for this XD
also youmna means “bless” in arabic ;)


Room Boards - Leslie @furiouslydecaffinated

So, I had a lot of trouble picking a style for you, and honestly this isn’t REALLY how I picture you, but I used the fact that you’re a Little Panamian as an excuse to make a cute beach house. If I would have done a true to form Leslie room, it would have been a lot of spicy reds and inky blacks. And you ARE pretty spicy after all, but I know you’re also a super sweet person, who has always supported me wholeheartedly, and you always make me feel appreciated and welcome, even when I’m being emo. You’re really the best type of person to have around, and I think everyone in this community loves you so I won’t babble too much more :) (Missing from this photo: My burning hatred for Yuletide.)

A little bit of honesty...

I reacted to something emotionally last night. And for that I apologize. I did not realize the reaction my bowing out would produce. I did not mean to upset anyone or to manipulate anyone’s feelings.

I was simply trying to get out from under someone’s intentional attempt to bring me down in order to make themselves feel better.

That being said, I would like to thank everyone for some of the kindest most heartfelt statements of love and support. It takes a special person to try to change someone’s mind with love and acceptance when they could have spent their night doing just about anything else.

So, what’s that mean. It means that I’ve reminded myself that it’s just Tumblr and the opinions of those I’ve never met who think they have me pegged based on one social media site is irrelevant. Hate me if you must. I can’t stop you. I respectfully ask, however, that you leave me be. It’s just Tumblr, all of this hate in my inbox every time I open it is unnecessary. I am well aware of my shortcomings, I don’t need anyone to point them out.

I was also lovingly reminded of all those who have come to me for advice who still need me in that capacity. So I will stick around for you as well as the many readers who were very sad to not get to be able to read the rest of First You Fall.

Again, I did not mean to upset anyone or manipulate you into anything. I am grateful to those of you who reached out as well as the friends who dropped their evening to talk me off a ledge.

I appreciate your love. I am grateful for your support. I took my own advice and I checked myself. Have a good night. 😘

supermodel: i was teased and bullied as a for being scrawny and spindly

everyone: you’re a beautiful martyr, we love you, please be on the cover of this month’s vogue 

fat person: i was teased and bullied as a kid for being overweight 

everyone: i mean, they were probably just concerned about your health :/ it’s so bad for you to be so fat. and so unsightly, too. we can put you on a reality show where you lose a hundred pounds but otherwise we’d prefer if you just hid or died 

You don’t need the word to feel it!

I know everybody is focused on whether or not Ali comes out as gay or bi, or whether or not she loves Emily or has just been yanking her around all these years, however can we just take a moment to understand her?

First off, she feels like love has eluded her and she actually believes she has no idea what it truly feels like, so declaring her love for Emily would be foreign. Instead we watch as she explains love without using the word. She describes how Emily makes her feel and all we can do is sit and wish that someone would make us feel that way. Personally, I would take this declaration over the overused “I love you” any day.

As she slowly opens herself up, she makes the biggest leap possible. Yes, I know everybody is all about Emison and them being together, but the fact that she’s willing to have the baby, well that’s a lifelong commitment. She has kept everyone at arms length always waiting for them to turn on her or something, so this is her actually opening the doors to her heart and letting Emily in. Who needs a ring to say they are bound?

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I hate it when people are like "the angry God of the Old Testament" because that's such a reduction??? There are portraits of God's love and mercy in the OT too???

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, that’s a pet peeve. You’re right, it’s entirely reductionist, betrays an unfamiliarity with the whole character of God in the Old (or First) Testament, and might have a sprinkling of supercessionism on top for good measure. 

God is…a lot. There are countless facets to the Divine Personality, and things are complicated further when we remember that the Bible is the story of God as perceived and recorded by human beings with their own biases, loves, and traumas. So things get sticky. But that in no way means that we can throw out entire books because we don’t like what they have to say; they have to be kept in conversation with the rest of the canon, as well as tradition and reason and our own spiritual experiences. 

So yeah, OT God is no more angry than NT God. “The Lord is my shepherd?” The Psalms. The God who wills the best for all people, and declares “blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance?“ Isiah. The God who declares Themself  “merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness, keeping steadfast love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin?” Exodus. The God who declares the the poor need not offer more than they can afford and forbids legal and cultural favoritism shown to the wealthy? The God who commands that animals be slaughtered mercifully and that children not be burnt as offerings or exposed to the elements by their families? Leviticus and Leviticus. 

Reconciling all the different views of God in the Bible is a demanding task, but happily I can assure you that also means it’s not as easy as slicing God down the middle of the canon as “angry” and “merciful”. 


So many people are discussing whether they think Maggie will accept the marriage proposal or not but did you see Maggie’s smile after Alex asked her?? Maggie is so used to rejection and being told that she’s unworthy of love and you truly believe that she wouldn’t jump at the chance to marry the one person who has stuck through her side throughout everything and loved her unconditionally? Sounds fake but ok

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Wcif my love life

you don’t need a significant other to make you happy :-) focus on your health, happiness and wellbeing in general!! if someone awesome happens to stumble into your life then that’s great :-) but don’t fall into the trap of being in love with the idea of love instead of being in love with that person

Look, there is no law out there telling us that on roleplay we gotta get along with each other, but as an adult we should know better than to bully and put people down. You’re not expected to love everyone, be everyone’s friend or mutual. However it doesn’t allow you to justify hate and slander someone just because you’ve felt they have done you wrong. The truth is that on this site no one owes you a god damn thing and that means if someone is being kind to you it’s because they’re a good person and it’s the right thing to do.

Rebecca’s line “it’s just self preservation for you” shows she understands exactly nothing about Robert 🤷🏼‍♀️

Robert didn’t want Aaron to find out, not because he’s being selfish and keeping his ‘options open’, but because he’s finally happy, he’s finally able to be himself with the person that loves him for being exactly that.. himself, and the thought of losing that now he’s finally happy is terrifying. On top of that, he doesn’t want to hurt Aaron because he’s being working so hard on being better and protecting Aaron from anymore hurt and he can’t bare the thought of himself being the one who will have hurt him so badly.

Rebecca will never, ever understand the level of emotional intimacy Robert and Aaron share. Aaron is the only one who truly knows Robert and idk it just makes their relationship all the more special to me and I adore them and I’m having a lot of feelings.

I knew Emmerdale and Robert wouldn’t let me down. Look how far we’ve come.

Robert Sugden is going to willingly and voluntarily tell Aaron Dingle, the love of his life, the one person that he would do anything for, would literally die for. The one person that he is the most afraid of losing. The one person that he knows that he could not live without. He’s going to tell that person that he slept with Rebecca and got her pregnant. Not because he has too, not because Ross is blackmailing him. Not because he thinks that there’s going to still be a baby at the end of all this, but because he actually can’t live with the guilt of lying to Aaron. He actually wants to try to be a better person for the man that he loves. 

Andy was right when he said that Aaron makes Robert a better person, and here we are again, getting further evidence of that, as if we needed anymore. If this were anyone else Robert would be merrily going about his way, not worrying about the fact that he was lying to him, but he can’t because it’s Aaron. 

I love that there is nothing forcing him into doing this anymore. Ross has backed off thanks to Rebecca. As far as he knows Rebecca is no longer pregnant. He’s got away with it, but he doesn’t want to and that just makes my heart sing and break at the same time. 

I also love that it’s not a heat of the moment decision, like Aaron says or does something that makes him confess. He’s thought about it and he knows what he’s doing. He’s making a conscious, considered decision that could end his relationship with Aaron and he’s willing to risk that for the sake of Aaron knowing the truth. 

I’m just imaging him now tonight and tomorrow stealing glances at Aaron when he thinks he’s not looking, just watching him as he goes about his day, memorising every little thing about Aaron and his habits, as if he hasn’t done that already. But this could be the last day that he gets to spend with the love of his life and that has got to be devastating and terrifying, and yet despite that he’s going to do the right thing and confess. 

Well that got long and rambly, but if you couldn’t tell I have a lot of feelings about this and I just love the way that they have worked up to this reveal being all about Roberts decision, no one’s forcing him into it.

I get emotional when watching your old videos and music videos because it reminds me of how much you’ve grown as entertainers, as men/women, as people, and as human beings. The old holders of memories remind me of how much even I’ve grown as a person. In those videos, you were just young people doing what you loved. In my room, I was just a young person watching those videos. Now, we’re both a little older, a little smarter, a little stronger, and a little more mature.


Cass: “Tell me honestly, Matt. What’s on your mind? Are you still jealous of your best friend’s new boyfriend?”

Matt: “It’s not jealousy, Cassie.”

Cass: “Then what is it?”

Matt: “I’m worried. Deanna blindly fell in love with a guy that everyone can tell is not the greatest person in the world. She’s sick of me trying to take off her pink love glasses. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and ignore her new relationship, let her suffer if that’s how it’s meant to be, but I know I’d warn her again.”

Cass: “You’re being overprotective, my friend. Stay out of that. Apologize to her, tell her you understand that it’s her life. Seriously, from what you’ve told me, it would be a pity if your wonderful relationship got wrecked because of this.”

Matt: “Alright. If you think so…”