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I just came into the realization that the next future generations of Uchihas is only going to consist of pink and black hair…In the future someone is going to walk around with fucking pink hair and they will immediately be recognized as uchiha…and it will all be thanks to Sakura Uchiha’s genes being passed down throughout generations…and i just fucking love that. ^3^ 

Tom hiddleston imagine

You and tom had been happily together for about 5 years and were expecting your first child, a baby girl when all of that was suddenly taken from you all in one day.

“Y/n!” You heard as your eyes were closed

“Y/n, baby please” you heard a voice continue to yell as you tried to move your body or atleast open your eyes

You couldn’t move nor speak

You dont know what happened but you could feel your body being lifted onto a bed and you cpuld feel it moving

“Whats happening to her!”

“Is she going to be okay!”

“My baby!”

Voices of your loved one’s could be heard as you were being moved

You felt somones hand grab yours and squeez it in a loving touch


You tried to call his name and open your eyes or at least squeez his hand back

Your concious was starting to fade again as you were still continue being pushed

“Im sorry sir you cant come in”

“What! Shes my wife my li-”

That was the last thing your heard before going blank

Feeling yourself come back to life you gasped and opened your eye’s,  feeling the bright light meet your vision you blinked a few times untill you could see

Looking around you noticed you were in a hospital room and to your right sitting in a chair was tom.

Feeling happy to see him you moved slightly but that happiness was gone when you saw him with his head in his hands

Moving a bit you noticed that your big belly was big no more

Looking down you moved the covers and noticed that there was no bump, just flatness.

Looking around the room you noticed there was no cot with a baby in ot and your mind started racing

“Tom…” you whispered causing him to look up

You could see that he had been crying as he rushed to your side, you could see the dullness in his eye’s

“Wheres the baby?! What happened?” You rambeled on moving to get out of the bed

You were stopped by tom grabbing you and pulling you into a hug as he sighed

You struggled a bit more

“What happened! Wheres my baby?”

“Y/n….baby…” he said as his eyes started to well with tears

“Whats happened?!” You whispered

He sighed and sat you down on the bed in a sitting position, he then sat him self down infront of you and took your hand in his, sighing he looked at you

“you got into a car crash….youve been out for one week y/n….they told me that you weren’t going to make it….the crash was so bad that…..tha-…”

He started crying slightly

“The baby didn’t make it…” he whispered so quietly that you almost didn’t hear it

You world stopped then and there.

You couldn’t breath, your whole world stopped as you sat there crying

Tom tried to pull you in and cuddle you but you pushed him away

“This can’t be true…” you said quietly with tears pouring down your face

Tom tried to calm you down again but you once again continue to struggle

“Thus cant be true!! Tell me its no-” you yelled but were cut off by tears as tom pulled you into him

You sat in his arms as you both cried together rocking back and forth.

“It’ll be alright. We’ll be alright” tom whispered over and over again as he rocked you back and forth in his arms while kissing your head

Although you were reassured that everything would be fine, you didn’t belive him.

You cried.

You cried untill you couldn’t cry anymore.

Day’s went by so slow as you sat near your window at home watching the sun rise and fall.

“Y/n….love?” You heard tom ask as he sits next to you

Turning to him you smile softly

“Im sorry i couldn’t give you a child tom, im sorry i stuffed it all up, im sor-” you were cut off by tom

“Y/n, its not your fault and we can still have a baby love, although we lost a beautiful sould that we will never forget, we can make another one. I will not give up on loving you for what’s happened. Although its hard i will still love you like what i ssid in our wedding vowe’s. “I will love you To death do is part”. And i will continue to swear by that. I love you”

You smiled at him through teary eye’s and hugged him.

And although you went through a rough patch and lost a part of you, tom didn’t break his promise and continued to love you.

————————- Not the ebst imagine but hope you like it!

fuck u if u only like people for their art
fuck u if u wont hang out with someone because u dont like their art
fuck u if u only befriend people for free art
fuck u if u will stop being friends with somone because they changed their style i hope u never have any real friends i hope they leave u once they have what they want from u 

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RE Spaceman AU: Does Danny ever manage to perform again, or does he try to live through Lyra's musical ambitions? I thought singing might be traumatic for him, since that's what he does when he's so alone up there.

Singing is what Danny do so I think he would but stays awaybfrom certain songs. Songs about lonliness, hopelessness, being alone in general, losing somone or something he stays away from

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Today Emilio tweeted about somone being loyal and that he loved them so much .. was he talking about the fans or Someone one in specific

I think it was about the fans 

assassins on their first plane ride

edward being in a shock state the whole ride

haytham being chill and watching a movie

connor being edgy and screaming when somone talks to him

ezio hitting on the flight attendents

arno making weird conversation with random people

aveline calming down babies

adewale trying to make edward come to his senses

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You are plenty of smart. You know how to treat somone like an actual human being and to judge somone based on their personality not their looks or sexuality or gender. if you truly think you are not smart is it comforting to know that you could become smart if you put enough dedication into studies. But if you still feel sad *throws blanket around your shoulders* here's a blanket but don't sleep for a hundred years sleep for a few weeks then come back Because we would miss you! Feel better💕💌

Thank you; you made me smile, anon. I appreciate your kindness and words. I hope you’re having a lovely night. 


PLL 6X03: The Movie “Hide and Seek” Parallels to Aria & Byron? The Book Under Aria’s Doll “My Father the Actor”? HUGE Comparisons with PLL Characters & Support for Split Personality, FUN READ! Parallels at the Bottom!

So after watching 6x03, i couldnt help but think of the movie with robert deniro “HIDE AND SEEK” after we found out jason had an “imaginary friend”. So to set the mood, lets look at this photo and read what norman buckley captioned:

this describes aria perfectly, i think she does fight monsters/villians, she gives us a sense that something has happened to her in the past, and in the process, has emerged into what she fears perhaps. Someone pointed out a book that is underneath the doll in arias room, the book is “MY FATHER THE ACTOR” interesting, you’ll see how this relates. Let’s read this short summary about the movie Hide and Seek and you’ll start to see some eerie similarities:

Following his discovery of the body of his wife in a bathtub after her apparent suicide, Dr. David Callaway (Robert De Niro), a psychologist working in New York City, decides to move with his 9-year-old daughter Emily to Upstate New York. There, Emily makes an apparently imaginary friend she calls “Charlie”. Her friendship with Charlie begins to disturb David when he discovers their cat dead in the bathtub, whom Emily claims was a victim of “Charlie”. Meanwhile, David suffers from nightmares of the New Year’s Eve party that occurred the night before his wife died.

Emily reveals that she and Charlie have a mutual desire to upset her father. Soon, they meet Laura and Stephen who are their neighbors. David is wary of their unusual interest in Emily. He later discovers that the reason for this is that the couple had a daughter who recently died from cancer and looked like Emily. Later, when David visits Laura, she nervously and ambiguously implies that her husband has begun abusing her in response to their child’s death, emotionally and perhaps even physically.

David and emily soon meets a woman named Elizabeth Young and her daughter Amy. David and Elizabeth hit off but emily and amy not so much. After david setup a playdate with emily and amy, emily ends up cutting up the face of amy’s doll. So things start to get weird and hostile with emily ,things start happening while Elizabeth was at their house. When Emily tells her that she is playing hide-and-seek with Charlie, Elizabeth indulges her by pretending to look for Charlie. When she opens the closet, someone bursts out and pushes Elizabeth out a second-story window to her death.

After the police discover her car crashed near David’s house, David asks Emily what happened. Emily claims Charlie caused her death by pushing her out the window and forced Emily to help him move the body. Thinking that his neighbor is charlie, david ends up attacking this neighbor with a knife.


Back in the house, David finds that, although he has been in his study many times (listening to his stereo and writing a journal), the boxes were actually never unpacked after the move. With this, David realizes that he has split personality and that Charlie is not imaginary at all, but that in fact “Charlie” is David himself. Whenever “Charlie” would emerge, David was in his study. Charlie was actually in control. David also realizes that under his Charlie personality, he killed his wife and then made it appear to be a suicide. 

“Charlie” was created as a way for David’s rage to destroy his wife after catching her having sex with another man, something that the docile David himself was too decent to do. Emily knew the entire time about her father’s split personality, but did not tell him to avoid freaking him out or out of fear that he would revert to Charlie and hurt her. Katherine arrives and is pushed down the basement stairs by Charlie. Charlie/David, determined to play a hideous game of hide-and-seek with Emily once again, starts counting. Emily dashes and hides. She tricks Charlie and manages to lock herself in her room. As Charlie tries to break in, she climbs out from the window and runs into the cave where she originally met Charlie.

Katherine escapes the basement and goes after david/charlie with a gun, finds him and emily in a cave. Charlie tells Katherine that David no longer exists and that from the minute David discovered the truth about himself, this enabled Charlie to fully take over. Emily emerges from her hiding place, begging Charlie to let Katherine go. Her distraction allows Katherine to shoot Charlie, killing him at last.

Sometime later, Emily is preparing for school in her new life with Katherine. But Emily’s drawing of herself with Katherine has two heads, suggesting that due to the trauma of witnessing what happened to her father, Emily now also suffers from split personality.


QUESTIONS & PARRALLELS (Something to Think About)

1. could aria be David? and the trauma of seeing her dad with meredith triggered her split personality “charles” to emerge? 

2.could byron be David? could the trauma of his brother scott’s suicide trigger a split personality to emerge in byron? (in the movie, david believes his wife committed suicide, but that wasnt the case! his wife had cheated on him which triggered his split personality charlie to emerge!) what if scott never committed suicide and byron was the one who killed him for…something he did?

3. we have the parallel with david and emily moving to a new place, and we come to find out they never really unpacked. almost similar to how we are introduced to the montgomery family in the pilot, they move back in , boxes unpacked. hmm

4. david has nightmares of what happened on new years eve. we‘ve also seen aria have nightmares, maybe hallucinations, dreams.

5. david is a pyschologist, we know byron is a professor (nutty professor as he called himself)

6. interesting Charlie/David killed the cat. We know aria has a thing with cats her aunt had a taxidermy cat.

7. laura and stephen the neighbors.laura confessed to david that stephen has been abusing her in response to their daughters death. this almost sounds like Kenneth, he seems to really hate jason, could he be taking his anger out on jason for the “death of charles”?

8. Eilzabeth Young and her daughter Amy, interesting similar to Bethany Young and the fake name “Amy” Aria gave herself when she went to visit maggie. 

9. Emily cuts up amy’s doll’s face. so we have a “doll” parallel here, the voodoo doll ali received and this doll aria has that is starting to have some relevance.

10. Charlie/David pushed Elizabeth out of a second-story window. sounds just like what happened to marion cavanaugh? a fragile patient was her roommate. so who is the fragile patient? charles? or someone who has a split personality? aria? spencer?

11. Spencer has mentioned her and melissas fave game was hide n seek. Remember the girls at the merry go round playing hide n seek?

12. David/Charlie used a knife to attack his neighbor. We know A likes knives. this also brings me back to alisons story about being stabbed in the thigh possibly. 

13. David/Charlie writes in a journal in his study. we know aria writes, and whats so interesting is that alot clues point to aria having a split  personality more than anyone on the show. Apart of being a writer, many use alias names, we know aria has came up with a couple alias names so far. Also, aria was writing about a villian? second personality? has she become this villian?

14. Everytime Charlie emerged, David was always in his study room. is it the same for aria? when shes in her room staring in the mirror, is that when the split happens? going back to the caption norman posted, has aria stared so much in the mirror looking back at herself, that it has created her split? Maybe this will explain why aria is so suspicious because maybe she has realized her second personality. now when could this have happened? when big A took over the game? hmm.

15. Now here where David/Charlie could also be Byron. Emily knew that Charlie was her dad but she was too afraid to say anything. So emily witnessed and helped her own Dad get rid of his wife and elizabeth young. Now, what if aria helped byron get rid of alison that night, what if aria knows about her dads split personality and shes covering for him this whole time? Charlie/David pushed katherine down the basement! aria was put into the basement by meredith.

16. in the end , emily makes a drawing of two heads. she is now suffering due to the trauma with her dad which has now developed a split personality for emily. so, could this ending be the beginning storyline for aria? is Byron giving us all an act hence the book aria has in her room “MY FATHER THE ACTOR”? being somone your not? split? hmm:p

Ok guys those are the parallels i noticed, now whether the writers paid homage to this movie or not, it is not to be taken word for word, just pointing out some interesting parallels that can give us a different perspective of what could be going on and what triggers a split personality. xoxo

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How to Not Feel Bad About Being Incompatible With Somone
  1. First and foremost, compatibility by astrological signs doesn’t really matter in the end as anyone can find soulmates in each other pretty much.
  2. Check the rest of your beloved’s chart. Although once again, it doesn’t really matter too much.
  3. Really know yourself. Check your chart and take some time to discover yourself and what you like in a person. Your preferences may be different than what astrology suggests since astrological compatibility is based off of the GENERAL preferences of the signs. 
  4. Knowing your beloved as a person is also very important. If you already have some kind of established bond between you two, then I can say it already sounds like a pretty good base for a relationship. 
  5. If you feel bad, change your perspective of the supposed compatibility. If a relationship seems challenging, think of it as a good thing since it can make both of you grow as people and possibly create an unbreakable bond. Problems are inevitable to all relationships. 
  6. Focus on the good. You will be more happy with a person who just has intentions that you believe are good. Remember that every relationship between the signs has pros and cons. It also helps to find some similarities between the two of you for understanding.  
Packing // Ramsey and Harvey

Harvey was feeling hyper, he had been for days. He wasn’t too sure if it was just because he was restless or if it was his new medication. He kind of felt like he was in a manic episode, they’d never really been as long or as bad as his depressive episodes so he wasn’t too worried. He just really wanted to see Ramsey.

He’d missed his boyfriend even if it hadn’t been too long since they saw each other last. He knocked on Ramsey’s door after being let in by somone else. He bounced up and down a little on his feet and waited for him to anwser.