being white in philadelphia


By the way man, this why we work well together, you know? You see free soup, you make a decision to eat it.

Note to White LGBT People:

So in regards to the sudden increase of racist remarks post-Philadelphia releasing their flag with the two extra stripes to show solidarity with their local LGBT people of color, I have decided to make a post explaining some basic concepts y'all seem to be missing.

If you are not American, then don’t even think about trying to explain to us our politics, and how racism works in this country. Racism in America is a fundamentally different system. It is something that only people who were raised in American society or people of color can possibly understand. Even then white folx like myself can’t fully comprehend the complex system of oppression that happens to our fellow PoC brothers, sisters and siblings.

To argue that Race has nothing to do with Pride is to be ignorant of the origins of the LGBT movement and all the sacrifices made by Queer People of Color to get us where we are now.

I will remind all the white LGBT folx that without Queer People of Color, you would not have a flag nor a parade to celebrate.

A brief history of the origins of Stonewall: Racist New York City cops were attacking hundreds of Queer People of Color and raiding the bars many LGBT folx frequented. This was occurring to the point where the only safe spaces they had left were Mafia owned clubs and safe houses.

Cops attacked and Stormé Delaviere a biracial butch lesbian threw a brick signaling the start of a series of protests now known as the Stonewall riots.

The protests in turn were led by:
Miss Major, a trans woman of color. Marsha P. Johnson, a non Binary person of color. And Sylvia Rivera, a trans woman of color.

All people of color. All of them Trans in one way or another.

And y'all have the nerve to argue that race had nothing to do with Pride?

Queer People of Color statistically are more likely to be discriminated against for their sexuality and gender identity.

So unless you are a person of color, American and LGBT you don’t get to argue about the Philadelphia Pride Flag.


EDIT: So apparently people think that the American LGBT Community is saying it’s the new Pride flag, that is also false. The media has blown the whole thing out of proportion. Please do some research before making assumptions.(Feel free to shoot me a message if anything I said here was wrong if you are a person of color, white people can keep their opinions to themselves on this matter)


February 22nd 1837: Jackson’s cheese reception

On this day in 1837, U.S. President Andrew Jackson held a reception at the White House where he served a 1,400-pound block of cheese to members of the public. Elected in 1828, Jackson was the embodiment of a new kind of American governance based on the vote of the common man - Jacksonian Democracy. Many of his supporters saw his brand of politics, which was focused on an ideal agrarian republic of small farmers, as an inheritor of the nation’s third President - Thomas Jefferson. During Jefferson’s term, one of his admirers from Cheshire, MA. resolved to make the President the largest cheese imaginable. The cow-owners of the town joined together to create a 1,600-pound block of cheese, which was bought to Washington D.C. and presented to Jefferson in the White House East Room. Several years later, Jackson’s supporters decided to award him with his own block of cheese. A prosperous New York farmer named Thomas Meacham led the project, and the giant cheese was exhibited around Northern cities including New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, before being presented at the White House. During an 1837 reception on Washington’s birthday Jackson, in desperation with what to do with such a mammoth cheese, invited thousands of citizens to come and eat the cheese. Two weeks later, the increasingly feeble Jackson stepped down as President upon the inauguration of his successor, Martin Van Buren. The event resurfaced in national attention when it was mentioned in political drama The West Wing, which has inspired an annual event held by the White House where they invite members of the public to send questions to the administration via social media.

“The air was redolent with cheese, the carpet was slippery with cheese, and nothing else was talked about at Washington that day”
- Benjamin Perley Poore in Perley’s Reminiscences of Sixty Years in the National Metropolis (1886)