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Marvel High (Pt. 1)

A/N: I’ve been wanting to start this for a while and with everything that’s going and has been going on, I just needed to write something fun.

Welcome to Marvel High, where being the new kid wasn’t the worst. Your homeroom couldn’t be weirder though; your teacher wears an eye patch and is always shouting for some reason, and a group of dysfunctional teens calling themselves the “Avengers.” Probably the weirdest thing is their insistence that you join.

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: sexual references/innuendo

Words: 1, 045

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canyouhaltplaceclose  asked:

Oh my goodness okay so idk how long ago it was that you made that band post about dabbing and the drum major BUT!! I'm being totally serious right now, my band dabbed during the show. Like as part of the actual choreography!! It was amazing!! Every time we performed it at a competition the audience would scream at the dab. Just thought you might enjoy this information 😄


We had a team meeting today where we all have taken DISC assessments and had to discuss the results to see how we “fit” on the team.

Which was fine. Except it meant I was sitting in a room with a lot of older ladies (60ish) and they kept saying things like “I don’t have much D but I really work well with people who do.” “His D needs to stay away from my I is all I’m saying. He has WAY too much D and I am not okay with that.” “Oh, I thought you had a lot of D! I would have guessed that about you.” “Do you see a lot of D in me? I don’t see myself as having too much D.” They were being TOTALLY SERIOUS and I doubt they realized what they sounded like.

And I had to keep a straight face the WHOLE TIME.

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Wait whaat? Michael and luke aren't "freshly groomed" too. They look like werewolves too 😂

I need to ready the bathes and shaving cream this could take a while (I am totally not being serious in anyway it’s sad once again that I have to point that out and have to be cautious of having fun with you guys)

It’s worth noting, for those who haven’t seen the show, Non Non Biyori is about a group of children living in an extremely rural area of Japan and making do without a lot of what we consider “modern conveniences.” So, while we ARE supposed to laugh at the “oMG I ATE AT MCDONALDS” text, the character is being totally serious and has every right to be excited.

I love that show.


Ten Years of The Office: The Client 2x07 November 8, 2005

“No, nothing happened. I swear, nothing happened. What, I’m, totally being serious. A gentleman does not kiss and tell, and neither do I. No, seriously, guys, I’m not, I don’t want to go into it at all. It’s off limits. Fine, I took her back to her hotel and we made out for a little while. It was great. I mean she told me about her divorce, we talked for about five hours, she fell asleep on my arm. So…”

OMG this Chapter 812

So basically Im THRILLED ! This chapter was a benediction:

First we can finally seriously see Sanji on a Chapter(not only on 2pictures ) Plus he is so class and Finally WE LEARNED something about him!

Look at him! Being so serious and totally acting like a captain, protecting the others and taking decision seriously this is really lovely! We can really appreciate his character.

Look at him being so serious, the royalty is sweating out of him ! (The lion cuddling with him is so cute!)

And FINALLY, The explosion of this chapter ! :

Sanji’s LAST NAME is VINSMOCK ! He is a PRINCE(we already suspected that but now its sure) and he has 2 BROTHERS (OMG do you imagine a team of men like sanji I think I can’t survive that).

If you want you can watch this link 

Where it explain some theory about sanji its really short and well done (there also some theory about his mother/father and whats maybe going to happen next)

Im really satisfied about this chapter, what about you, what are your impressions, I love to hear your thoughts?