being the flawless perfect human being she is

Alpha Female Types
  1. The Fearless Leader — She knows what she wants, where she’s going and how to get there. She’s determined, focused and has a voice to defend. Get in her way and she’ll eat you for breakfast. 
  2. The Clever One — She’s smart, witty, and obviously will know more words and how to use them properly than anyone in the room. She gets all those lame puns and pop culture references. She’s frankly the coolest chick in the room, but completely down-to-earth and approachable. 
  3. The Passive Aggressive — She’s harder to figure out than the two. Manipulative and able to make you realize that what was really her fault was your fault and you end up apologizing. She’s powerful and sometimes two-faced, but that’s probably because “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is her mantra. 
  4. The Smart One — Not to be mistaken for the clever one, she isn’t as socially adapt as her. But she’ll definitely smoke yo’ ass in class. She’s the one you want in all those wretched group projects. She’s a learned lady and you can only hope to soak up the smarts emanating from her aura. 
  5. The Fierce One — Style game is strong in this one. She’s flawless, trendy but classic at the same time. She knows exactly what works for her and isn’t afraid of wearing multiple patterns because you know what? She likes how it looks and isn’t afraid what anyone says about it. 
  6. The Mother Hen — She’s the caretaker, she’ll listen to you complaints, give wise advice and tell it to you straight when you need it. She’s the loving one, the one that makes you feel like everything will be all right. She’s homey and knows her way around the kitchen but cross those she loves and you best be running for cover because you do not want to anger Mother Hen. “Hell Hath no fury…” Well that’s her. 

The greatest thing about all these “types” of women is that you can be all, you can be one, or any kind of combination of them. That’s what being a woman is. That’s what being human is. So go on girl, do yo thang. You are flawless, perfect and amazing just the way God made you. ;)


Why is no one talking about how amazing Lorde is? Celebrities always complain about how they are edited and photoshopped, but never do anything about it. Here lorde openly and obviously points out what is being done. She is showing people that flaws are beautiful and apart of being human. That you shouldn’t be ashamed that you don’t have glowing perfect skin because no one does. This women is an incredible role model and a beautiful person.

Still Human

-Dean’s POV-

I sighed contently as the warm blood from one of Crowley’s lower level demon’s dripped down from my knuckles to the floor. 

“Is that all you got?” I asked a grin playing on lips. “For the king of hell I thought this would be more of a challenge man.” I continued. After a moment of silence I sighed heading back home. The room was dark when I entered, I could hear soft snoring coming from the bed. 

“Dean?” Y/N called in the darkness. “Yeah, it’s me.” I replied I could hear her stir searching for the lamp, I closed my eyes at the sudden brightness that filled the room. 

“You’re home?” she asked rubbing her eyes trying to get the sleep out of them. She was so beautiful even with her bed head, her eyes slightly puffy from the lingering sleep, her t-shirt was hanging off of her shoulder as her large innocent eyes scanned me for any injuries. I could hear her let out a slight gasp when she noticed the blood on my shirt and hands. Within moments she was coming back from the bathroom holding a first aide kit. 

“Are you okay?” She asked gently pushing me down on the edge of the bed kneeling down in front of me, her small soft hands holding mine as she began to clean off my bloodied knuckles. I watched as she worked patching my hands up she pouted occasionally mumbling about how I was going to give her a head full of gray hair one day. I chuckled lightly taking her in even still after all of this time this woman was just perfect. When she’d finished she took the first aide kit back  to the bathroom, returning to the bed making me undress and tossing my clothes in the laundry basket. 

-Regular POV-

“If you wanted to get me naked all you had to do was ask.” Dean smiled pulling you in for a kiss. “Is that all it takes.” you smiled standing on the balls of your feet to meet his lips. 

“Pretty much.” he replied his calloused hands running along your soft cheeks. “Come on let’s get to bed.” you stated after a moment, gently taking his hand and leading him to the bed. 

“So what happened?” You asked as the two of you laid there in the darkness of your shared bedroom. 

“Crowley.” Dean snorted. “He keeps sending demons….he wants me to help him rule hell, he thinks you’re a distraction.” he answered pulling you closer to his body interlocking his fingers with yours. 

“Do you think I’m a distraction?” you asked after a moment. 

“Well, you are a distraction…not that I mind though.” he said placing a kiss on the crook of your neck, then your shoulder.

“Not that kind of distraction.”  you giggled as his stubble grazed your exposed skin. “I know what you mean, and you are far from a distraction.” Dean answered again nuzzling his chin into your shoulder. The room quieted settling into a comfortable silence. 

“I love you.” you whispered softly as your eyelids began to droop. 

“I know….I love you too.” he said smiling into your hair. 

-Dean’s POV-

The next morning I woke up to see Y/N still sound asleep, her eyes occasionally fluttering as she slept. I watched her closely as she sighed and smiled in her sleep. I wondered what she was dreaming about…hopefully me. It’s been over six months since I became a demon, and not once did she change. She was one of the very few, if only few things that kept me human, and honestly I didn’t mind. Even as a human I’ve always felt I didn’t deserve her, she was perfect in every shape way or form. Though she would disagree saying she was only human and that she just tries not to be a douche bag, but she was wrong everything about her was flawless.

Y/N was smart, kind, she was an adorable movie buff, she liked old silent films, cult classics, sci-fi, you name it she watched it. Being with her just made the world stop. Being with you was relaxing there was no pressure. One of my favorite things about Y/N was no matter how much I screwed up, no matter how much I didn’t deserved to be loved, no matter how hard I tried to push her away, or how much blood I shed she was there, even though I knew she preferred me not killing and maybe she would much rather me be back to my old self she accepted me. Being with Y/N still made me human in some ways, ways that I enjoyed, ways that I didn’t plan on giving up anytime soon. 

A thought occurred to me - the writers have a problem writing for Joan because they have set her up as this perfect being. Around here she is constantly being referred to as “queen” and “goddess” and described as being perfect and flawless. Even the foray into her one mistake as a doctor basically exonerated her of fault. How can you have character development when you have perfection? No offense, but if you want character growth, Joan needs to be knocked off the pedestal, dragged through the mud, stripped of her “madonna” status and shown to be human. I’m not sure the writers want to tackle that job - they’d have to walk a fine edge.