being the flawless human being he is


Don’t call him “Peng-y.”

Super nice guy. Got to meet Robin Lord Taylor as well. One of the nicest guys you could meet. It just goes to show you how wonderful of an actor he is for his ability to bring the Penguin to life in Gotham. I bought a little Oswald Cobblepott Pop figurine while I was there too.

Took 2 pictures with him. Yes, I was greedy but this opportunity doesn’t come around every day either. I had to angle my head down in the photo-op picture because there was a glare on my glasses. Then Robin told me he angled his head down too for me. So sweet. I also love the little umbrella he drew on his autograph.

Love him! :)

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Matsuri destroying his clothes is such a blatant metaphor of how he breaks his cages when thinking about Urie, though. He no longer is restrained by him being married, a Washuu, a Ghoul, a CCG member, etc; he feels he can be who he wants to be. Also, I just thought of that scene where Yoshitoki FORCES him to climb the mountain, and the other one where he tries to FORCE him to do things. Freedom is a big deal for Matsuri. After being betrayed by V, he has nothing to lose, and can finally be free.

This is a really good point, Anon. A lot about Matsuri needs to be viewed within the context of Japanese society, and the expectations that are laid out.

From birth, he has been expected to uphold a number of roles and strictly confined. He even admits to Urie that he is unhappy, and lacks freedom as a member of the Washuu clan. Matsuri admits that he was happier living in Germany, where he had more freedom. This makes sense both in terms of not being right there under his family’s thumb…..and the very big differences between Western and Eastern culture.

Japanese society places a strong value on harmony and group obedience. Individuals are expected to surrender their personal desires or ambitions, and carry out whatever duties they have to their family and society. You are born to go to school, get good grades, get a good job, and/or marry well and raise a family. You are expected to not complain, to avoid bothering others, and to know your place.

It can be a very rigid society, especially from the perception of a Western audience.

Beyond that, Matsuri is a gay man in such a rigid position. In Japanese society, LGBT people are often viewed as being “selfish” because they are putting their personal desires ahead of what society expects from them. If Matsuri follows his heart, he would not marry a woman and sire children as is expected of him. He would not uphold the duties of his position, and go against society and its order.

So his entire life is about being forced into things by his family. He is bound by the expectations of Japanese Society for a first-born male. He is bound by the expectations of his family, Ghouls posing as prominent humans. He is bound by the expectations of an Heir, responsible for marrying well and fathering children. He is bound by the expectations of the CCG, to be a flawless and steady leader.

Everything is a lie for him. His entire life has been about being trapped by those expectations. Society, his father, his grandfather, his clan, the CCG, and his wife all demanding he do, say, or be something he doesn’t want to.

Like Rize, Arima, and Furuta…….he is someone being forced to occupy a role in spite of what he wants for himself. And Ishida is kind of defying society once again, in showing the negative.

So, yeah. Matsuri bursting free of his suit while musing on his love and fighting his own kin kind of…..really cements him trying to escape everything that has trapped him his entire life.

Proud  [ T.D ]

Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

Request: No lmao I just really wanted to write this.

Word Count: 961

Warnings: None just a whole lotta cute

A/N: This is kinda trash but I’d been trying to fit in the time to write this for weeks. Also, that’s thREE PIECES OF WRITING IN ONE NIGHT like that’s weird mate.

“Lie all you want, but I know what I saw.”

“It was a Halloween costume, I swear.” Tim runs a hand through his raven hair, pushing the stray strands out of his eyes. There were slight bags under his eyes that would have gone unnoticed by any other but they were more than just visible to you now. They made sense.

Of course Tim was a bloody superhero. That would explain the disappearances in the nights and in the evenings. It would explain why Tim is so tired all the time and it would explain all of the last minute cancellations of plans. It would also explain all the scars and bruises that littered his body.

At first, you had assumed that he was cheating on you. But even the idea was a disgrace to yourself let alone your relationship. Tim had been your boyfriend for a little over eleven months and you both knew that there is nothing on this planet more pure than your love for each other. The other assumption you had made was that he had joined some sort of top secret fight club, which, in its own way was kinda sorta correct.

If anything, when you had found the torn and no longer wearable Red Robin suits all collected into a box which was shoved under his bed you had been more excited than anything else. You’re boyfriend is a freaking superhero.


“Seriously, Y/N–”

“Why are you being so defensive, Tim?” You giggle, wrapping your arms around his neck. A smirk crosses your lips, your eyes meeting his. “It’s actually kinda hot.”

“You’re not mad?” Tim finally gives in as he blushes, placing his strong hands on your hips and pulling you closer into him. His eyes shine underneath the light peering in from the window of his bedroom, the blue hues of his iris’ mixing together to form their own ocean. His skin was almost flawless, a small pimple and a few scrapes and bruises were scattered around yet he was still seemingly the most perfect human being to have stepped foot on this earth.

“You’re Red Robin. If anything, I’m so proud of you.” You rest your head on his shoulder, nuzzling your face into the soft fabric of his shirt. A small smile lingers on your lips and your hands rest on his toned biceps. Each and every one of his muscles had become more evident to you now and you could never have known that it was possible for you to be even more attracted to him then you were before. His body aside, he had a heart of gold and bravery far beyond any other his age.

“Really?” He mumbles, nuzzling his nose in your hair. For so long he had been fretting, knowing that he would eventually have to tell you about his alias sooner or later and now that you knew it was as if a large weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. 

“Of course I am,” You say, “You’re so brave, Tim. You’ve saved so many lives and made so many people feel safer. People like you provide the hope that we all need to carry on. Red Robin and Batman and Nightwing and all the other people who fight to keep people like me or people like my neighbours or friends are the ones who give us that sense of security. It’s like–it’s like you’re a ray of sunshine in a windowless room, you know? And I don’t think there’s anyone else as proud of their boyfriend as I am of mine.”

Tim hums, his chest vibrating against your skin. His hold on you only grows tighter as you pull back slightly so that you can look at him. Your fingers tangle themselves in Tim’s soft hair, his eyelids fluttering at the feeling. A smile plays on his lips, one that made you weak at the knees. You could only hope that Tim didn’t notice your balance wavering.

“Thank you, Tim. For everything.”

“No. Thank you, for understanding.” Tim brings a hand up to cup your cheeks, his eyes adoringly gazing into yours. He closes the space between you, bringing his soft lips to yours. This was definitely not the first time you had kissed each other but it was definitely just as amazing. You both could feel the trust and the honesty that flowed through the kiss in soft waves as you held each other with such gentle yet strong touches.

You pulled away, your foreheads still touching. Tim mirrored your grin, his hand now resting underneath your chin. It still surprised him, how beautiful you are and just how lucky he was to be the one to kiss you whenever he felt like it. The scent of his cologne that filled your senses made you feel dizzy as it was and to add to that the aftermath of the kiss also had the same effect. At least you knew that if you fell, Tim would be right there to catch you.

“In all seriousness,” Tim smirks cheekily, his eyebrow slightly raised and his bottom lip between his teeth. “Do you know what my suit is made out of?”

“Don’t even.” You playfully glare at him, trying your best to suppress the smile that creeps onto your lips because of his dorkiness. His gaze was teasing and his smirk was as distracting as the scent of Alfred’s freshly baked brownies.

“Boyfriend material.” A playful grin is plastered onto Tim’s lips. You giggle as he chuckles, the vibrations of his chest sending tingles down your spine. You were both happier in this moment than you any other you could name. And Neither of you would change a single thing.

“What are you? Five?”

do you know what i love the most about top? that he’s considered an idol and a sex symbol and has to be perfect because of that. and what is he doing? being his dorky self during interviews and on his instagram, posting pictures of himself drinking, smoking and being a normal human being instead of having this flawless image. or posting selfies where he’s pulling grimaces while looking ridiculously dorky, or even pictures of him having pimples and how he’s trying to cover them up, pictures that have nothing to do with his music, pictures that show what he’s personally interested in and i dont know what else he has already posted

i just love that he’s being himself, all dorky and a normal human being instead of having this flawless idol image which most of the people would like to see

the finale of car boys got me kinda sad and reflective


i really appreciate nick and griffin’s sense of humor and improv storytelling

griffin especially, his content and essence means a lot to me, and is really inspiring. i feel like i have a lot in common with him, at least in terms of his car boys/monster factory/rose buddies/mbmbam raw goofiness vs his adventure zone sincerity and care. he is constantly creating things, but nothing is wholly serious or wholly goofy, he has an interesting brand of a little of both, and the degree to which each portion is portioned varies depending on which series it is, but its always recognizably him. i would know a griffin mcelroy quote just from the way its worded, and im not just talking about the amount of “boy”, though that’s a big part. 

idk. i’m not gonna claim that the mcelroys are flawless angels because they aren’t and they would hate if people called them that. they’re just human beings. but i’m allowed to be inspired by human beings right? looking at the sheer volume of griffin’s prolific body of work just in the last two or three years alone is impressive. he had been writing for polygon and recording mbmbam every week for a long time, but around 2015 he started doing monster factory, car boys, mbmbam, polygon game overviews, the adventure zone, and in 2016: rose buddies, griffins amiibo corner, coolgames inc, the mbmbam tv show, the nuzlocke of pokemon y, and most recently peacecraft.

there’s so much that he does and it all has a certain standard of quality. and most importantly, he achieves that standard of quality on a weekly basis, for each of those shows. 

whether or not you like him or think he’s a perfect angel, that’s impressive. 

and inspiring.

it makes me want to work hard to be creative. i want to make things that i can be creatively proud of and i really have to thank griffin mcelroy for being the role model that he is. he’s not perfect, but when he fucks up, he works on it and strives to be better. all the mcelroys do. when someone pointed out his Lup voice could be a little transphobic, he took it extremely to heart and worked on it, and came back the next week with something natural and better. he didn’t include a trans character for leftist brownie points, he did it because he’s very genuine in everything he does, and he wants to represent a character that he feels is important. if he was doing it for uncaring “i’m so good” points, he wouldn’t have listened to that criticism. but he did, because he wants to do a significant part of his audience justice. 

i appreciated car boys and i appreciate griffin’s passion for what he does and the commitment he has to constantly learning and improving. this all means a lot to me. i know im rambling but i dont feel like editing this. 

just a little thought here.

(i’m sorry i’m so personally invested in this, but i can’t help myself.)

okay so. lotsa stuff had been said about dazai after this chapter and i kinda feel the need to just?? let my thoughts and opinion out here too. wouldn‘t usually do this, but as he is my favorite character above everyone else, i just feel like i need to. say something.

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A relationship with Grand Admiral Thrawn would include...

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  • You being a human
  • You loving his flawless blue skin
  • Being the only person allowed to sit in his command chair
  • Sitting in his lap a lot
  • Lots of hand and neck kisses
  • He likes to run his fingers through your hair
  • Him always complementing you 
  • When you first met him he told you, you’re the most beautiful human he’s ever seen
  • You being the main thing he wants to see after a long day
  • Him holding you to his chest in bed 
  • He knows you’re safe in his arms
  • He also likes laying his head on your chest and your stomach
  • Listening to him ramble about destroying the rebels
  • Him teaching you Military tactics
  • He always listens to what you have to say
  • Him always winning arguments
  • Looking at art together 
  • Being good friends with Gilad Pellaeon
• Being friends with Captain Mazzic

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We need a master plan to prevent Sebastian from always looking so flawless. He needs to be stopped. He's a danger to society.

Not only to society, but to my physical and mental well being too. I swear, I nearly go into cardiac arrest everytime there is a new chapter out, and he manages to look even more perfect than from the previous one.

I also have this little theory, that the reason Sebastian continues to become more beautiful and alluring, is because his hunger is increasing. The hungrier he is, the more handsome - to lure those poor, gullible human beings towards him, so he may make a quick contract and then goodbye soul (never mind the fact, that Yana’s artskills have improved, that’s irrelevant in this case)


Selfie! Took a couple selfies with Captain Jack! :P

Yes, John Barrowman used my phone. Yes, he was using everybody’s phones for the selfies, but it’s still cool. He wanted to take a couple nice ones and at least one “ugly” one of making a funny face. He’s so freaking awesome. :)

Didn’t get a picture, but his husband Scott was there too and he’s super nice. :)

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headcanons for when Oikawa gets jealous? and how does iwaizumi react ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

First of all: I hc Oikawa as a very complicated, delicate human being with a lot of complexes and anxieties that he tries to hide behind false bravado and a facade that most people would see as flawless.

That being said: Oikawa will probably get a lot more jealous than Iwaizumi. Although it doesn’t come from thinking Iwa-chan will turn to someone else, it’s more because of his own insecurities that make him seek confirmation.

Depending on his mood/the degree to wich his insecurities take over he’d be either POUTY as hell but probably without actually telling Iwaizumi what has him upset (After all Iwa-chan should KNOW everything. Because he always does. He knows when Oikawa needs a little push (or headbutt … xD) or when he needs encouraging words. He knows when to yell at Oikawa and when to just be a reassuring silent presence by his side.)

or he’d be silent and withdrawn, fake-smiling, waving it off and trying not to be upset when he thinks he basically has no right to but can’t help it.

Iwaizumi’s reaction?

Situation 1. - Poutykawa: He’d be annoyed. AS HELL. He’d probably just call him every single insult-kawa name he has in his repertoire, whack him over the head with whatever’s in reach and smoothly tell him in the same sentence that he has no reason to worry about anything and that he likes him and only him. Everything’s fine… he’d probably have to buy some Milkbread but that’s fine too.

Situation 2. - Silence: This situation is a lot more delicate than the pouty one, because it’s basically Oikawa’s inferiority complex hitting him full on. Which probably leads to a shitload of self doubts and the feeling that he has no right to be jealous at all (even though he does, he’s so in love after all and Iwa is too <3). So no insults. He’d still be annoyed but not at Oikawa as a person more… at the circumstances that cause Oikawa to withdraw. And withdrawn Oikawa equals not talking and instead trying to deal with everything himself equals stupid decisions. (Like overworking for example.)
So Iwa would have to be very patient and reassuring to coax out what has Oikawa so upset and then do whatever it takes to make him understand that he’s more than good enough for him. And whatever it is, it would be very very gentle and embarrassing. There’s probably Milkbread involved here too in the end. (I hc it as the ultimate bribe)

I guess the majority of the time would be Situation 1.. and there is also probably something inbetween 1 and 2 that involves a bit of both, but this is long enough as it is.

and now i’m going back to DRAWING.. because this is an ART blog and you don’t want to read TEXT all the time…


And so again, on the 25/06/2016, we celebrate 7 years without this incredible and flawless human being. Michael Jackson didn’t just entertain and inspire millions, billions even, he made a real change to this world by touching hearts and ensuring he did all he could to make his fans happy and to help children in any way he could. This poor soul never got the chance to live and lead a happy life, due to him being in the spotlight since he was a child, causing him to not have a childhood. Also with the media constantly never giving him any credit and making up such barbaric stories which caused him a lot of pain and grief. You could see that because Michael didn’t have a happy life himself, he would do anything he could to make everyone else happy, whether that was simply allowing a fan to go on stage, or visits to children’s hospitals with toys for children who were sick. This remarkable man did everything he could to this world to make it a better place, which caused him to put everyone else’s happiness before his own. Even though this beautiful angel is sadly no longer with us, he will continue to leave a legacy and touch people’s hearts for years and centuries to come. Michael was the most pure, innocent and loving human being you could ever imagine and it hurts my heart that he never EVER got the right treatment from the media because he was so gentle and would never do anything to harm anyone. People will continue to spread false and negative things about him, however I will defend him to the day I die, as he was such a kind and pure soul and this poor man had so much suffering when he was alive, so the fact that people still try and make up stories about him and won’t let him rest in peace angers me. Us fans love you more Michael and we will continue to defend you and support you no matter what. Thank you for everything you did for this world, you deserved the world but the world didn’t deserve you. Thank you for being my inspiration from when I was 8 years old and still are now 10 years later. I love and miss you so fucking much. R.I.P KING. 💞👑

First Kiss (Taehyung x Reader)

Requested by thatproffessionalfangirl: I dont even know just anything fluffy where Taetae takes you on your frirst date (amusement park maybe? *winks*) and you end up having your first kiss 


*1 new message* 

 Tae: Annyeong, I hope you haven’t forgotten about today ^^ 

Y/N: What about today? 

Of course you hadn’t forgotten about today, how could you forget that you were about to have your first date with the most amazing person in the world 

Tae: Has my Jagi seriously forgotten? 

Y/N: No … Where are we going to go? 

 Tae: It’s a surprise. 

You were so eager to find out where he was going to take you for your first date but at the same time you were a little nervous because knowing Taehyung it would probably be something crazy, this guy was so random that you actually began to thought that there was a possibility that you’re first date might be in space or something. You hated surprises as they always allowed you to over think situations that weren’t that big of a deal. But in a way, first dates were a big deal and focusing too much on being organised might ruin everything so you decide to just go with the flow. 

The doorbell rang. You hesitantly opened the door. He looked perfect. On the outside you were keeping your cool but you were totally drooling on the inside. How was it possible for a human being to look as flawless as he did? 

He examined you from top to bottom and his mouth opened slightly “What?” Why was he looking at you like that? “Oh my god, do I have something on my face?“ 

Your face began to feel hot with embarrassment as he smirked at you "Come on, let’s go." 

[Several hours later]

Before you could see where you were heading, he covered your eyes with his hands "Yah, no peeking” you both took a couple more steps 

“Taehyungie~” you whined 

“Just wait a little bit more" 

You were growing impatient but did well to hide it. You were desperate to find out where he was taking you. 

"Ok” he sighed and uncovered your eyes. You slowly opened your eyes but they grew big once you saw where he had taken you. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. 

“Woah Daebak!” You squealed, he smiled at you whilst giving you a look of pure admiration. He had something behind his back and when you tried to see what he had, he tried hiding it from you. Of course, you weren’t the type to just give up easily so you went behind him to try and grab it and he starts messing around with you by holding the object as high as he could so that it was out of your reach,

“That’s not fair” you pouted while crossing your arms like a little kid 

“Aww I’m sorry” he said as he placed the object on your head. Considering he put it on your head it wasn’t hard to figure out that it was a headband 

“Now we’re matching” you looked up at him and saw that he too was wearing a headband. A Mickey Mouse headband. 

“What ride shou-” he linked his arm in yours and pointed at a ride, 

“This one, you’re going to love it” he grabbed your wrist and made you run to the queue with him. During the whole wait of the queue he gradually started becoming hyper, the more excited he got the more he couldn’t keep still. His innocence resembled the one which most children possessed, many people could find his innocence fake and annoying but you found it so pure and cute. But the more he was excited the more nervous you were to get on the ride. You were expecting for him to choose a ride that seemed not too bad. But no, he decided to pick the highest ride, with the most loops and drops, not only that but this particular ride didn’t only go in one way. The closer you got to actually getting on the ride, you started feeling queasy and you had butterflies in your stomach but they didn’t feel like good butterflies, your throat went completely dry and you were unable to keep still, he saw this and tried his best to reassure you 

“Don’t worry, If you get scared then hold my hand. As long as I’m by your side there’s no need to be scared” he already started holding on your hand. You went along with what he said but it didn’t reassure you as much as he thought it did. Both of your palms were sweating from how tightly you’ve been holding on to his hand, honestly, as soon as you sat in the ride you wanted to go back but it was too late.  

The ride left you shaking - not in fear but because of the adrenaline rush it had left you, 

“Are you okay?” He was a bit shaky too 

“Let’s go on it again!” You started jumping in the same spot as you couldn’t control your excitement 

“Uh … Actually, maybe we should just go do something else” he scratched the back of his neck 

“Why? Are you scared?” You giggled as you gently tickled him

“No” he chortled. 

You saw a sort of stand where they sold fluffy teddies for free if you accomplished a mission, and the mission was to shoot a massive bouncy ball in a hoop. You felt pretty confident that you were going to win but you had forgotten that you were on a date with someone who was quite competitive. 

“If I win, what fluffy teddy would you want?” You stood a little bit taller than usual to show the pride you had 

“The monkey, but what if you lose against me?” He raises an eyebrow 

“Then you get to choose whatever you want” you said without thinking 

“Whatever I want” he smiled to the side of his mouth. 

You shouldn’t have told him that, God knows what he wanted from you … What if he was going to say something odd like massaging his hand or worse his feet? No, surely he wasn’t that crazy. You threw the ball and completely missed the hoop. 

“Wait, that’s not fair … Let me get another try” you said picking up another ball and missing yet again 

“I’m usually good at this” you mumbled. Taehyung clears his throat “Arasso, what do you want?" 

He gives you his signature rectangle smile "A second date” you nodded in response but he added “Remember I get to choose one more thing” he looked straight into your eyes making your cheeks furiously blush 

“What are you talking about?" 

He doesn’t drop his gaze "You lost twice. I get to choose one more thing" 

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion "Oppa?" 

He grabbed your face catching you off guard and pressed his lips against yours and naturally your hands wandered for a second not knowing where to place your them, he broke from the kiss to place his hands at your hips bringing you closer to him to allow himself to deepen the kiss, you had this weird feeling in your stomach, the exact same feeling you had before going on the ride, you felt your lips get hotter against his lips and your hearts pace had rose to an extent. You then broke from the kiss, completely aware of how red your cheeks must have gotten by then "I’ve been meaning to do that for a while” he sighed 

“Taehyung oppa, you do realise-" 

He interrupts "Yeah because it was my first kiss aswell." 

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get to know me meme: [3/10] current celebrity crushes → ryan reynolds

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T'challa and 1,2,8,19 & 20? Thank you

1. Who is the most affectionate?

[name]. T’Challa is one who you would have to beg to get him to tell you “I love you”, because he’s a person that shows he cares through his actions rather than words.

2. Big spoon/Little spoon?

T’Challa is always the big spoon because he likes to hold on to his s/o while he sleeps. It helps him drift asleep faster.

8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?


19. Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?

It’d have to be T’Challa, to see if his parents approve of the possibility of [name] being the future queen.

20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

[name]’s family is astounded that they actually found a flawless human being to date, on top of him being a king. If this took place before T’Challa’s father passed away, he would have to approve of [name] if T’Challa was to get romantically involved with them.