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Hey, Just tought i come to say i love your blog and your stories on ao3^^ Which trans or wolfstar stories fo you recommend (i mean either wolfstar or a trans charactere in HP, it can be both)? Of course, continue what you are doing, you're wonderful (Sorry for my english, i'm french)

aaaaaaah thank you so much ! this means the world to me !

trans!wolfstar recs :

Quick Draw by @nachodiablo​ : trans!Sirius, 10k. it’s a great story following the marauders through the years, with the right amount of angst, fluff and hope. nacho did other stories with transgender characters and i recommend all of them !

Discards by @picascribit​ : trans!Sirius, 76k. a complex story about trust and LGBTQ+ themes, it’s totally AU and angsty but honesty really great

But To Remember by azul_ora : trans!Remus, 4k. short and angsty, mostly gen, focusing on Remus being an amazing teacher.

the two TransVerse fic by @picascribit ( again, yes ) : trans!Remus, 25k and 5k. AU were Remus isn’t a werewolf but hides other secrets

A Fool and His Money : trans!Sirius, 36k. Remus needs money and Sirius just happen to have some. for all of those who asked, this is the infamous sugar daddy fic.

here you go ! tell me if you want some more, or with more specific tropes

Ahsjdkfk being a kid with a 504 or IEP or some sort of accommodation for adhd is so weird cause even tho asking for extensions on assignments is expected you still have to email the teacher being like

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Name: max

Gender: female

Star sign: aRIES

Height: 5'2

Sexuality: not sure tbh

What images do you have set as your desktop/cell wallpapers?: lockscreen is a picture of the sunset from my vacation to california and homescreen is finn playing in his band. my desktop wallpaper is just black with some lightbulbs on it

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?: nah fam

What was your last text message?: asking my friend about her twitter

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?: ideally, being an actress. realistically, probably being a teacher? writer?

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?: alaska w/ my best friends

What was your coolest Halloween costume?: i dont celebrate halloween

What was your favorite 90s show?: i jUST STARTED FREAKS AND GEEKS AND ITS SO GOOD already my fav

Who was your last kiss?: never been kissed :””)

Have you ever been stood up?: nope

Favorite ice cream flavor?: cookie dough yummm

Have you been to Las Vegas?: nah

Your favorite pair of shoes?: my adidas

What is your favorite fruit?: watermelon (does that count??) or grapes

What’s your favourite book?: the outsiders tbh

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?: umm i do a lot of stupid things but probably fall down the stairs at my school?? in front of everyone?? i was busy looking at my phone ofc and tRIPPED LIKE THE KLUTZ I AM

What loser?: tbh im more like richiE?? my biggest fear is being forgotten/being left, iDfK how i haVE FRIENDs bc like hOly shit im?? a little?? freaky?? aND I MAKE TOO MANY “thats what she said” or “your mom” joKES :”””)

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Sebastian told me a kid in his grade brought a pocket knife to school. He said he showed it to him before school. Sebastian told the morning recess supervisor about it. This kid was in his class last year and was constantly being sent to the office for swearing and being rude to the teacher. So that kid’s off to a wonderful start. Proud of Sebastian for telling the teacher about it though 👍

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What's your level of education? (I only ask because I'm an American education student looking to teach secondary level English and I was wondering what the French equivalent of the requirements for being a teacher are)

I have a bachelor’s degree in English language and got my first year of Master’s degree in English teaching. In France, you also have to pass the national exam of entry into the National Education System in order to teach as a career, which is a very difficult, demanding and selective competitive exam :3

I’m currently teaching part-time and part-time studying to get my second year of Masters.

Another reason to stop ‘cringe culture’

I’m a teacher. Today I was covering for a grade 9 science class. Decent kids, if a bit rowdy, and didn’t want to do their work. Wtv, it was textbook work. Not the point.

1 girl (reminder that these kids are, like, 14/15) was doodling bust portraits (head & shoulders) in an art book. I had a squiz and asked her if they were her characters. She said they were and excitedly told me she had so many characters for this one story of hers. I laughed about how I wished I could draw mine, and moved on.

Later in the class, I hear her enthusiastically telling her friend all about her main OC - a gay kitsune prince with a tragic past. It was so, pure, classic Deviant Art: my first OC. And you know what? I loved it. I was just sitting there half overhearing, smiling to myself and glad that her friend was engaging and interested in her story and characters.

This is a girl who will become a creator. She will draw and write and imagine, get better and better. She’ll probably move past this stage and start making more nuanced characters (she was already lamenting she didn’t have enough girl OCs). But this is where she started. This is where so many of us started. I had a tiger catgirl, goth witch/sorceress OC in high school. I found my original design for her recently. Look what I create now.

Let kids be kids. Let them explore and invent and go wild and be cliche and make overpowered OCs. Let them have their anthropomorphic animal OCs. Let them try everything before they settle into maturity.

For fucks sake; let them have fun.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

When Ravenclaws are going to a class for the first time, they get really nervous and triple check that they’re in the right room. If by chance they end up in the wrong room, they won’t leave because it’s after the professor has said what class it is and everyone is settled in their seats. The Ravenclaw doesn’t want everyone to watch them as they walk out, and they just accept the absence from the class they were supposed to be in.

the worst thing about adhd is when you’re staring at instructions or hearing them and everybody else is understanding them but your brain just. doesn’t get it.

and you can understand each word individually but if you try to put them together it’s like trying to read a language you don’t understand

My absolute highlight of this new chapter:

All Might not only shown as a real, full-time teacher, but also the other teachers being completely casual with him. Look at them in the background - they’re not listening in or pretending not to hear anything out of respect. They’re just being normal about it and comment to their leisure. Toshinori is their colleague - he doesn’t get some sort of special treatment for being the former Number One, he gets teased like the others as we can see here:

Also, Toshi, are you talking about your sidekick or your ex-boyfriend, you utter dork.

Look at Mic. He doesn’t freaking care one bit that this is All Might himself. He just pops up in the background and is he usual loud and funny self.

 "Ha, All Might is being sensitive!“ and Toshinori’s sweatdrop makes me think that this is not the first time this happens.

Also, Bonus:

Somebody please go to karaoke with Ectoplasm. I call teacher’s night out with Karaoke and lots of funny photos and stuff.

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So there is a post going around about a holo drama Jedi style? Have you seen it? Basically just a documentary group gets the greenlight to film the Jedi and the whole world goes crazy because it shows the Jedi are human and great people - basically what I would LOVE from you is basically aniObiDala trashy heap as the world watches and realizes that Anakin is doomed. :)))) honestly - any little snippets from a documentary style show thingie

“Pardon my lateness, there was an issue in the creche that required council attentio-” Mace tripped over a bump in the carpet and fell as long as he was in front of the holocrew, the Jedi giving a loud yelp of shock before grunting in pain as he actually hit the stone floor.

The frozen crew stared at the Jedi in surprise.

“…Please tell me that you weren’t already filming?” The master of the Order questioned into the floor.

“…If I tell you we weren’t, would that make you feel better?” The holocamera operator questioned, smiling nervously as the Jedi pushed himself up on his knees. Mace sent her a flat look.

“Not really.” He offered wryly before gingerly touching his nose, prodding at it with care. “Should we get on with the interview?” He looked to the journalist.

“Yes, yes of course!” She beamed, utterly delighted.

Cana fluttered over to the set up chairs and eagerly gestured to the free one. “Please Master Windu, I don’t mind the initial wait but lets get started?”

She never expected to get the green light on any of this, actual entrance to the Jedi temple, interview with Jedi knights, masters and padawans, though the latter was with the stipulation that they were off age or were accompanied by adults, something Cana understood all to well.

And the Jedi were not to have a say in what they ran, all questions were permitted but could be refused to answer.

And a Toydarian to interview them, impervious to Force suggestions.

“Now, Master Windu, many are curious about the Jedi and their lives. Lets get started on a few of the many questions the galaxy at large have.” She settled in as Windu leveled a calm look at her.


The Jedi temple was HUGE.

Cana fluttered along side Windu with the recording crew following behind them, the man himself calming explaining where they were and how many Jedi were currently in Coruscant’s temple. So far they had passed several Jedi, though Windu had pointed out that while all were dressed as Jedi, some of them were Corps members.

“Corps members?” Cana questioned.

Windu stopped, peering at her before gesturing. “Corps members are those of us who didn’t get masters or just couldn’t complete the path to become Jedi knight. There’s no shame in it but its not good to just send them out into the galaxy with nothing. So we have corps. Agricore grows food, mainly for our temples but it also provides for the local area and it also provides 50% of Coruscant’s vegetables and grains.”

“I…didn’t know that.” Cana blinked.

The Jedi feed Coruscant?

Windu shrugged. “Its not a well known fact. There is also exploration crops who’s main job is galactic exploration. The medical corps that specialize in healing Force for the good of the galaxy and then there is the educational corps. Many of our philosophers and scholars come from there.”

Cana took a moment to think over it before fluttering more into eye level of Mace Windu. “They aren’t warriors, are they?”

Cocking his head and raising a brow, Mace shrugged. “They carry sabers but…no. Their jobs are not to fighters, their jobs lay in their corps and their talents are directed in those. Healing, learning, teaching, growing or exploring.” He looked around before focusing back on the Toydarian. “Not all of us are warriors or diplomats.”

That was something to think about.

“If you want, you can observe a meditation class?” Windu suddenly offered.

“Meditation class?”


The room was brightly lit by the sun, the stones lightly colored with a few potted plants standing around. There were fifteen blue mats placed out in the room in a circle around a larger one in green and on each of the blue mat a small child sat kneeling or sitting with their legs crossed with their hands resting on their thighs.

On the green mat the teacher sat, none other then Obi-Wan Kenobi, his breathing soft and steady and his voice lulling as he guided the children to empty their minds and calm down.

It was a very tranquil feeling in the room.

This was part of Jedi life, the way they taught their young ones and stars, Cana had never thought about how young some of the Initiates were.

“…Do you often get so young children?” She whispered to Windu.

“Younger, mostly babes, some as old as six.” Windu murmured in return. “I know that some of the galaxy view us as babe stealers but we have never stolen babies from good families. The parents give them to us, hoping to one day hear about their children as Jedi knights. I was given to the temple as a baby.” He offered.

“…Good families?” Cana zeroed in on that.

The Korun shifted. “…Some parents get frightened when their children suddenly starts levitating their toys. When their cries makes windows splinter and try to…” He took a deep breath. “Tries to beat it out of them.” He nodded with his chin to Master Kenobi. “Master Kenobi is one of those babes. I can ensure an interview with him at another date if you wish?”

“…I and the galaxy would very much like that.”

It’d probably be dreadful to work at a high school and thus be an adult among teen students conditioned to think you have an exceptionally unnecessary authority over them (which they will hate you for if they’re emotionally intelligent and healthy enough to get). But I guess there’d be the fun in it of being the wacky “fun” teacher who blows up those expectations.