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Are the rumors about teachers being severely underpaid true?

It depends on where you are, I suppose.  In my area, we are paid fairly well.  You’d have to look into your specific area.

Today is my last day. 

It’s so bittersweet. I loved these kids and enjoyed every second being their teacher, so I’m sad I will be leaving and won’t see them again.

But I know with the last day of school brings summer and a day closer to my own classroom and new school. And I am so excited for that.

I hope my students keep in touch. 

Dear mom, thank you. For being there every second of my childhood life. You took care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself. My tomorrow always starts with you. Your smile becomes a morning habit to me. Thank you for having patience with me when I didn’t want to eat the food you cooked just because it has vegetables or whenever I pretend sleeping at noontime. I’m sorry ifI love to play all day. Thank you for lending your arms whenever I cry at midnight, I always find solace in between them. Your voice melts my worrying, and it becomes a lullaby to me. Thank you for teaching me how to walk on my own, you showed me how a little sunshine could do wonders in this world. I have enjoyed my childhood life because of you.
Dear mom, thank you. For being my life’s greatest teacher. You have colored my days with your guidance, affection, care and attention. Thank you for teaching me how to write, count and read. Thank you for comforting me on my first day in school. For the provisions, I needed in life. I know, we are not rich, but you always make a way just to ensure I’d have a bright future. You prepared my better days, and I’d be forever grateful with that. Thank you for disciplining me the right way and teaching me how to become a better person.
Dear mom, thank you. For everything. For being my provider, teacher, friend, protector and my home. You will always have the biggest place in my heart. Thank you for teaching me how to become confident and independent. Thank you for always wiping my tears and calming all of my fears. Thank you for introducing our Lord God in my life. For all of the countless times, you were there to become a friend and become my shelter whenever there’s a storm. Thank you for caring me whenever I’m sick. For making me feel safe every time. Thank you for believing first in me and guiding me on every decision I make in life. I wouldn’t be here where I am in my life without you.
I know, these words will never be enough to thank you for every sacrifice you have done for me. But give me this moment to say this: Mom, I’m rapturously in love with you. I don’t say it as often, but I love you, and I will always be grateful to have you. My life is in the better place because of you. Your love is the reason why I’m strong, inspired and successful. Thank you for letting me walk on my journey. Don’t worry. I will always be your little child. I will always stay with you, through whatever and whenever.
I love you more than you’ll ever know. You are the greatest; you are my everything. And I will always see you in every wonderful experience that will happen to me.
—  E.J. Cenita, Mom, This Letter Is For You

My absolute highlight of this new chapter:

All Might not only shown as a real, full-time teacher, but also the other teachers being completely casual with him. Look at them in the background - they’re not listening in or pretending not to hear anything out of respect. They’re just being normal about it and comment to their leisure. Toshinori is their colleague - he doesn’t get some sort of special treatment for being the former Number One, he gets teased like the others as we can see here:

Also, Toshi, are you talking about your sidekick or your ex-boyfriend, you utter dork.

Look at Mic. He doesn’t freaking care one bit that this is All Might himself. He just pops up in the background and is he usual loud and funny self.

 "Ha, All Might is being sensitive!“ and Toshinori’s sweatdrop makes me think that this is not the first time this happens.

Also, Bonus:

Somebody please go to karaoke with Ectoplasm. I call teacher’s night out with Karaoke and lots of funny photos and stuff.

Women’s Work

There is a story going around the interwebs about a pair of professionals who traded their electronic signatures for a few weeks and about how the male then discovered that the female was treated differently and about how hard women have it in the professional world.

It reveals how much trouble women have being taken seriously as experts. On anything. In reading the comments left on this story, I discovered the same sad narrative in nearly every one. Women, strong, intelligent women, were doubted at every step, on a daily basis, because no one believed they could possibly know what they were talking about.

Reading through these stories I thought, well, at least that doesn’t happen to teachers. As women in a traditionally female field, we are less likely to be immediately doubted when we speak, less likely to be dismissed purely because we are female.


Until it hit me.

The whole teaching profession is constantly being asked to see its manager. The whole profession is constantly being doubted. The whole profession is seen as being ill-informed. Teachers are never seen as experts. We are regarded as something between babysitters and lazy, spoiled whiners, who just want our summers off.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Teaching is seen, by in large, as a feminine pursuit. And as such, teachers, while well-educated, well-trained, and well-read, are seen as less PROFESSIONAL and worthy of respect than our counterparts in other fields. When people DO praise teachers it is often with the kind of nostalgic affection reserved for things which are cute and sweet, not with the kind of respect given to others in other, more male dominated fields.

Everyone thinks they know what is best for education. Education policy, education critique, education reform: all are dominated by a kind of condescending man-splaining which would be abhorrent and vilified were it not accepted as the status quo.

Watch the video of the president signing his nomination for Betsy DeVos. He says, “Betsy…education, right?” like it could be any little honorarium he is throwing to any billionaire with a checkbook. Because education doesn’t need to be overseen by an expert. It is just women’s work. Put a nice, grandmotherly looking, well-coiffed lady in charge and it’ll be all good.

And when I have spoken out against this (and I have pretty much not stopped doing so for awhile now) people have pointed out to me that you do not need to have been a teacher to run a the Department of Education.

Really? Why? Because the base assumption is that teachers do not really understand big, important things like running a government bureaucracy. Our only purvey is the classroom, which like the home is to be paid respectful lip service, but not to be seen as a venue for real work.

I have had WOMEN, whom I LOVE, say things to me about educators like, “He is trying to run a company and she is worried about pipe cleaner art. Not really the same thing.”

The whole problem with the way our country talks about teachers is that, by in large, we are seen as a group of women, and therefore, the work we do is not seen to be really that challenging. There are whole books and television shows dedicated to the idea that a man, having excelled in another field, can stop by a classroom for a short period, for the purpose of entertainment or self-gratification, and somehow this is okay. No one thinks this about courtrooms or operating theaters.

I wonder why.


Why do we push SO hard to make our teachers leaders? 

Even part of my evaluation was ‘leadership’. I work my ass off in my classroom. I take the skills I’ve learned, or constantly seek better ways to teach. I care about my students. I care about the way I teach. I care about the way my students learn.

Every minute of my day is spent preparing lessons, going to meetings, teaching, helping students, contacting parents. Every teacher here knows how hard we work. Hell, we have so much work we bring it home!

Why is that not enough? Why is it not enough to focus on your own class and craft?

I don’t want to be a leader—I don’t have the time or energy. I am exhausted at the end of the day from just doing my job. I can’t imagine how coaches, club sponsors and student organizers do it.

So why is it not enough to be good at what you do in the classroom? To grow as a teacher?

I don’t want to sponsor a club—I’d rather focus on my classroom.

I don’t want to be an instructional coach—I want to focus on my teaching.

I don’t want to be an administrator—I want to stay with my students.

I don’t want to be my team leader—I have enough responsibilities.

Why is that not enough?

*Please spare me the ‘always growing’ answer. I get it, yes, we should always encourage professionals and teachers to reach higher, don’t settle, blah blah. But why is excelling and leading your classroom not as highly valued as the more visable types of leadership? 

  • Hanzo: What is this?
  • Soldier 76: Oh. This is an old team picture of Overwatch, I'd say around 7 years ago.
  • Hanzo: I thought Genji had joined Overwatch at that time.
  • 76: No no. He was part of Blackwatch with Gabriel and McCree. Here. This is the old Blackwatch team.
  • Hanzo: ...Genji looks.
  • 76: Very pissed off. Yes.
  • Genji: It was a phase.
  • 76: You almost killed most of your team.
  • Genji: It was an angry phase...I am not that person anymore.
  • Hanzo: Hmpf. If you had been more like this the clan would not have ordered me to kill you.
  • Genji: If we had met then I would have killed you.
  • Hanzo: Ok Genji. You can-
  • Genji: I mean no contest. My enhancements and rage would have utterly annihilated you.
  • Hanzo: Genji.
  • Genji: There were times I would dream of slicing you into pieces. Starting with each arm. Then I would shoved all your arrows up-
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Hanzo: Zenyatta.
  • Zenyatta: Yes?
  • Hanzo: I don't think I have fully expressed my thanks for being a good teacher to my brother.
  • Zenyatta: He told you the murder dreams did he?
  • Hanzo: In great detail. Yes.
  • Zenyatta: I am sorry. I told him to be more open with you.
boy group aesthetics
  • exo: shiny stuff, glass vases, sky high
  • bts: fire hydrants, not voting, kate kane
  • shinee: white birch trees, revamping old abandoned buildings, musicals
  • monsta x: sledgehammers, teeth, secretly preferring dnce to the jonas brothers
  • super junior: dress shoes, cool teachers, being out of milk
  • seventeen: 2000s disney channel movies, pop art, good puns
  • got7: watercolors, dogs drinking out of puddles, loose change
  • day6: life is good shirts, happy vibes, your coworker's significant other not remembering who you are
  • astro: bad puns, liking cats and dogs equally, father & son improv groups
  • vixx: the vampire diaries, belts, instagram

Im just walking through school after getting kicked out off class when I hear this conversation

Kid: Well he was being mean.

Teacher: That doesn’t mean you can bring a knife in to school, you could get kicked out for that. Youre being let off with a warning this time but next time you will be excluded.

Kid: You wont catch me next time

The Signs As Feelings

Aries: playing your favorite sport, taking pictures with the people you love, talking to someone you haven’t seen in ages

Taurus: drinking something cold in the middle of summer, having sleepovers with your best friends, bonding with your parents

Gemini: laughing until your stomach hurts, sleeping in new sheets, not having anyone to listen to you

Cancer: skype calls with people you miss, crying after your emotions built up, staying in on a Saturday night

Leo: feeling confident about your appearance, telling your best friends about something that happened to you, wearing a new outfit

Virgo: winning an argument, finishing a good book, feeling like not many people understand you

Libra: saying what you think, proving a teacher correct, being afraid of what people would think

Scorpio: kissing someone you wanted to kiss for the longest time, regretting things you’ve done in the past, opening your curtains in the morning

Sagittarius: doing something you’ve never done before, cuddling with your pet, going to bed late

Capricorn: feeling excluded, saying a good comeback, saying what you have wanted to say for the longest time

Aquarius: talking to someone who you know understands you, feeling nervous when looking into someones eyes for too long, never being sure about how you feel

Pisces: finishing homework at 2am, watching your favorite movie, playing a song on the piano fluently

source:  temperamentally-indulging