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…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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Imagine Edward falling in love with you

(Ahhh guys this just hit me I gotta write something, I guess these are headcannons???)

Imagine Edward falling in love with you while Eddie is fawning over Kristen Kringle

• he watches you from behind Eddie, obviously

• and when Eddie starts to have these random urges to talk to you, he gets a little suspicious

• Edward was the smooth talking, confident guy, but he knew you needed something of a mix between him and Eddie

• Edward begins to realize that he’ll never actually be able to love you when Eddie is too smitten over Kristen

• he longs for a simple “hey” to HIM, not to Eddie

• he wants to be in control so bad, just to talk to you, just once

• for once in his short existence, Edward feels helpless because HE can’t talk with you

• he begins to feel so torn between his feelings and making sure Eddie isn’t being stupid

• although, he has managed a couple of times to slip past Eddie while he was vulnerable

• on other, um, occasions, he’s also managed to slip past Eddie just to daydream about you, and, um, stuff

• those conversations also ended up with you blushing and him genuinely smiling before Eddie came back

• Edward deciding that it was time for Eddie to realize that Kristen was a big no-no

• so he *accidentally* strangles Kristen Kringle

• and he fights his way into merging with Eddie

• because he’s so deeply in love with you, and he wins this time

• Edward and Eddie no longer existed separately, but cohesively to create the lovable Ed

• the new Ed charms the absolute crap out of you, while his geeky, riddle/fact-loving side is still there

• Ed realizing that Edward had fought for you; something that he didn’t realize that side of him was capable of

• Ed finally finding peace for Edward when you begin an actual relationship with him

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41. Comfort Food, anyone but Hunk--everyone has comfort food, not just foodies ;3

(send me a number and I’ll write a micro story using the word or phrase!)

“Popcorn,” Lance says. “Like, movie theatre popcorn. With extra butter.”

“Gross,” Keith says, shuddering.

“Oh yeah? What’s your comfort food then, mullet man?”

“Don’t call me that.” Keith crosses his arms, considering the question seriously before he answers. “Hot chocolate, maybe.”

“That’s a drink,” Pidge says, pointing at him. “Doesn’t count.”

“I think it’s okay so long as it’s real hot chocolate?” Hunk says. “You know, actual melted chocolate with milk, not that powdery crap.”

“Ah, but is melted chocolate a food, or a liquid?” Lance asks.

“Both?” Shiro offers, looking up from his datapad.

Lance wags his finger. “Nope, no no no, we don’t do that middle of the road stuff here. Gotta pick one.”

Shiro shrugs, pushing away from the table and wandering towards the fridge, ducking inside for a water bottle.

“I like my middle of the road approach,” he says.

“My Dad–” Keith starts, only to cut himself off, nearly choking on the words. Everyone turns to him, startled and wide-eyed, uncomfortably attentive.

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what you stupid ungrateful boys out there should know is that the girl who tolerates the shit you give her, listen to your stupid rants, chooses what’s right for you, loyal af, tries to make you the happiest and is down af for you and only you, doesn’t wanna hear about the ex you’ve been skyping with or the fucking idea of you being with someone else ok do u fucking get it

Baekhyun As Your Boyfriend

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-Baekhyun being a perv

-Bicker over stupid things

“The box looks better with the bow”

“No it doesn’t”







-Baekhyun pushing your buttons 

“DoN’t YoU DaRe”

-Show off his GF to his members/interviewers/MC

-If fans hate on you he ain’t gonna be happy

-Lowkey gets jealous when you even look/talk to the other members

“Kai, bring a different bag”





-plays with your hair often


Come Back Down, Part 16

(Gif found on Google. Credit goes to maker. Not mine.)

Characters: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Rating/Warnings: NC-17; Smut and schmoop. Literally this entire chapter is sex with lots of feelings. If you don’t like that, feel free to skip. If you do, grab a glass of wine, relax and let it happen.

Summary: Jensen shows you how much he loves you and tells you why. In graphic detail.

A/N: I was gonna post this later this week, but I was too excited to wait. I hope you guys like it. Feedback is like finding a $20 dollar bill in the couch you didn’t expect to be there. I love it! Also, please don’t send me Danneel hate. I needed a villain.

Come Back Down Master List

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Our eyes locked as I crawled backwards down the bed. A sharp stab of lust shooting through me at the sight of her plump bottom lip trapped between her teeth.

I slid my hands slowly up her shins, over the soft skin behind her knees to finally grip the back of her thighs and spread them as far as they would comfortably go. I telegraphed every intent as I laid down and began pressing chaste kisses to the inside of her thighs. They soon progressed to open mouthed, dirty ones as I tried to memorize the taste of her soft skin under my tongue.

 Her hips bucked, a thin whine slipping through her clenched teeth as my breath ghosted over her center. She was soaking wet and I could smell her, a salty sweet scent that made my mouth water.

I nosed along the ticklish crease between her thigh and groin, inhaling deeply just to tease us both. Her musky scent mixed with her wisteria scented body wash and I groaned at how much I wanted to taste it.

She sighed my name as her fingers threading through the longer hair on the top of my head. She was just resting there for now, but I looked forward to the sting of it when she was out of her mind with pleasure. My scalp was a little known hot button, one that Danneel had never even tried to discover. It was at that thought I realized why sex with Y/N was so revolutionary. There was real emotion here, a feeling that I was connected to her in more ways than one. I shook my head to rid myself of the comparison. Danneel had no place here on this bed.

I enthusiastically parted her lips with my thumbs, enjoying the shiver of want I saw course through her body as I took in the view before me. She was shiny with slick and swollen already and the sight slammed me with want, causing me groan deep in my chest.

Just before I lowered my lips to take a taste, our eyes connected again. “You’re beautiful, sweetheart.” I whispered and didn’t pause for a reaction, the need to taste and give her pleasure was too overwhelming to put off sinking my tongue into her folds.

Her gasp of surprise turned into a throaty moan as her taste exploded across my tongue. I couldn’t help the groan that accompanied the dirty, wet sounds of my mouth as I licked and savored her, getting lost in her taste and the feel of her heat against my mouth.

I teased for a moment, dragging my tongue through her hot core and touching everywhere but her clit. Her hips bucked so hard as she looked for friction that I had to hold her down with my forearm. My words were muffled as I sucked on her lips, but I spoke loud enough for her to hear. “I love the way you feel when I’m so deep inside you that your ass presses into my thighs and your walls pulse along with your heart beat. How you fit so snug around me, like you don’t want to let me go.” Her fingers clenched and unclenched in my hair as she moaned. The way her breath was riddled with gasps and whines is intoxicating. She was making my pulse race, but I was only getting started.

The second my mouth left her she whined, her hands dropping to the side to fist her sheets. Although, this time, she was more overcome than frustrated. I soothed my hands over the tops of her thighs in a placating motion before I set the rest of my idea into motion. “You’re perfect.” My lips felt bruised and swollen as I mumbled into the skin covering her hip bone, nibbling and sucking a mark there.

Her scoff got stuck in her throat as I nosed across her mound until I reached the opposite hip bone to make a matching red mark there. I couldn’t touch her enough, so I smoothed my hands up and down her sides and belly, mapping the way before I placed kisses there. She flinched a couple of times, a playful smile quirking her lips, as the contact tickled.

“I love your belly.” She twitched, her hips bucking occasionally as I spoke directly into her skin. “I love that you have an iron stomach. You don’t get squeamish at illness or blood. You don’t make me feel like a bio hazard when I’m sick. I love how you take care of me.” I nuzzled and kissed her warm body, never staying in one spot, filled with the need to press the love I felt for her into her skin. “I love that you go with your gut feeling and intuition.”

She smoothed her hands lovingly over my shoulders and neck pushed into her hands like a cat, and if I were capable of purring I would, She was calming down a little as she ran her fingers through my hair, but soon I’d be riling us both back up. Moving on to her ribs, I traced the line of her ‘love her but leave her wild’ tattoo. She hummed in approval, her finger tips moving to the short hair on my neck.

I placed a few kisses there when I was done, “I love how independent you are and how you’ve made this amazing life for yourself all on your own. I love how you followed your dreams and chose your own path no matter what happened in your life.”

I felt a rush of affection when she blushed, realizing that what made this meaningful was that I didn’t have to embellish or think too hard about what to say. The thoughts came easy and I hoped that she understood that.

I spared a little attention to her breasts. “You know I love these. They’re the perfect handful.” I nuzzled the underside of each one, making her giggle and twitch before I began pressing wet, open mouthed kisses all over them. Her hips twitched up and her giggle slipped into a needy moan when I finally took one of her nipples into my mouth.

Her legs moved restlessly, her thigh accidentally rubbing against my dick in the most delicious way. I ground down, searching for a little relief, groaning loudly into her wet skin when I found it.

Reluctantly, I moved on, pressing kisses along the way until I settled to suck a mark into the center of her chest. I’d intended to drive her crazy with teasing while I hopefully got through that thick skull of hers how wonderful I thought she was, but I was torturing myself, too. Fine tremors moved through me as I fought the urge to drop the whole thing and ravage her.

When I finally gained enough control to speak, it came out breathy and rough. “And your heart. I love your heart because it’s so big. You’ve been through so much, been hurt so many times but you’ve never given up on me. Even when I’ve given up on myself.”

Her hand sifting through my hair and her soft expression was too much. If I stared too long, I would turn this into something else entirely. However, I had a point to make, so I continued on by kissing and nibbling across her collar bone and neck on the path to her ear.

I breathed through the waves of pleasure hitting me as my dick smeared a wet strip of precome across her hip with each movement. She bucked up to meet me, her arms encircling my back and pulling me even closer as she whispered my name into my neck.

Goose bumps erupted all over my body as her breath ghosted against my sweat damp skin, lighting my nerves on fire. “You have no… no idea what you do to me.” I nosed around the sensitive skin around her ear, trying to collect myself. “You have no idea how hard it is to resist you.”

“Then don’t.”

“Nope.” I kind of grumbled and groaned out in a very nonsexy way as I pulled my knees beneath me so I wouldn’t be tempted every time she moved. “I’m sure you wanna hear why I love your ears, right?” She nibbled a teasing bite to my shoulder but said nothing. “I love your ears because they’ve listened to 16 years of my good times and bad times without ever telling me I was stupid for feeling a certain way.”

“I may have told you that you were being stupid a couple of times…” She mumbled against my shoulder, a bit of humor in her tone.

“Only when I needed you to.” I sat up, crouching over her hips, and she took the opportunity to tease her fingers lightly over my throbbing, red cock. “You don’t play fair.” I gasped out and smiled wickedly as I took in her flushed cheeks. I smoothed my thumbs gently over her cheeks and then her eyelids, encouraging them to close. “I love your eyes.” I whispered, lightly kissing each one while I cradled her face in both hands. “Because of the different way you see the world. The way that you see me like no one else ever has.”

“You’re saying I’m an oddball, just in a nice way…”

One eye brow was arched and I paused to kiss it before I kissed her forehead, temples and even the top of her head. It caused her to laugh a little at how cheesy and ridiculous I was being.

I wasn’t really bothered by my current mushy status. It was Y/N that inspired me to act like a lovesick fool, so it only made me smile harder with fondness burning in my chest.

“You are odd, sweetheart… But you’re also unique and individual. You stand out in the best of ways.” The words muffled as I nuzzled into her sweet smelling hair, “I love your brain and your thoughts and ideas. You come up with so many things that I would never think of. The shots you take with your camera are genius.” I nibbled her nose and she flinched away with a slightly perturbed expression on her face. “You’re so damn smart.”

She was incredibly uncomfortable with the praise by now, her body shifting restlessly. “Please Jay, no more teasing?” She was on the verge of tears again and I couldn’t tell now if they were because she was happy or more upset.

I locked eyes with her as my fingers traced over the features on her beautiful face, “I love every bit of you, do you understand? And even the idea of you not understanding how perfect you are…” I finally gave in, laying my completely turned on body against hers so that our lips were only inches apart. “It hurts.”

Her lips were immediately desperate against mine, either overcome with emotion or desperate for me to stop talking. It could’ve been either one as I opened my mouth to her questing tongue with a moan. I was torn between letting her take control and continuing with my plan. Her body was insistent against mine, her hands mapping new paths across my skin.

But once again, somehow a brain cell was allowed to function as I remembered my initial plan. “Y/N wait.” I mumbled, pushing up to hover over her. She was now flush all the way down her neck into her chest, her lips kiss swollen and wet. Her bottom lip trapped between her teeth. Her y/c/e eyes were pleading with me not to tease anymore. “No more teasing,” I kissed the tip of her nose, “I promise.”

I wasted no time before I settled myself back between her thighs and dove in with enthusiasm. I immediately latched onto her clit, lightly sucking and groaning as I savored her flavor and the way she pushed back into my face. “Fuck, Jay! Fuck!” Her hands were buried in my hair and twisting before I knew it, sending bright flashes of want straight to my cock.

“Fuck you taste so good, sweetheart.” I lapped at her lips, creating a completely absurd wet sound with my tongue. She practically screamed my name when my tongue was buried as deep as it could go, massaging her walls with wide strokes.

Between her steel grip in my hair and her hips pushing into my face, she was riding me, and I was enjoying this more than I ever had before. She was out of control from being teased for so long, her body intent on getting pleasure as her actions pressed my nose into her clit. Her movements soon became shaky, her hips rolling in an erratic rhythm as her moans became a higher pitch.

She was repeating my name over and over, sending sparks of pleasure that were incinerating my nerves and self control. Her grip wasn’t so tight that I couldn’t pull back for a breath before diving back in, and I growled words that I knew vibrated all the way up her spine as I gripped her ass to encourage her. “That’s it sweetheart, ride my face. So fucking hot, baby.”

And that’s all it took before her body tensed all over and my mouth was met with a gush of slick as she screamed my name. I worked her through her orgasm, savoring her taste, but never slowing my ministrations. Instead, I added a finger alongside my tongue to her hot center, thrusting in and stretching until she could take a second one.

She was sobbing words that I couldn’t make out. Her thighs shaking and pressing around my ears as I latched onto her clit and sucked as I crooked my fingers just right. It only took a few more strokes of my fingers inside her before she came again, causing a throaty, fucked out moan from her throat and causing me to thrust harshly against the bed a few times to take the edge off. She was so fucking hot.

She was shaking all over and out of breath when I paused a moment to nuzzle her breasts, causing her to gasp before I continued on my way. I settled my weight between her legs and took her lips in a dirty kiss, groaning at the feeling of satisfaction of having her skin flush against mine. At this point, I was afraid that one more twitch from her body and it would all be over before I got to finish this properly.

Her moan was muffled as she pushed hard into my mouth and her hands slid over my back and ass, fingers pressing into skin with too much fervor to be soothing. “Need you, Jay. Please?” Her eyes were glassy and blown wide, her face and neck flush and sweaty from her two very recent orgasms and I felt a deep sense of pride alongside my desperate need.

I smoothed her wild hair out of her face, hands stopping to cup her neck and cheek in my hands. “What do you want, love? Do you want my mouth? My fingers?” It was a genuine question, the desire to take her apart with pleasure my only goal.

Her fingers dug into the skin of my shoulders as her legs wrapped around my waist. Her grip wasn’t enough to draw blood, but enough to get across her frustration and want. “Need your cock, Jensen. Please fuck me?”

Pure lust and possessiveness slammed into me, forcing a surprised huff of breath to gasp from deep in my chest and stealing the rest of my oxygen as if I’d been kicked in the abdomen. My cock twitched against her stomach, blurting precome and adding to the rather impressive amount of fluid that I’d already leaked onto her skin. “Oh fuck, Y/N.” It made it even sexier to know that this wasn’t an attempt at dirty talk, it was a bare honest plea.

I didn’t waste any more time before I was slowly sinking into her, surrounding myself in her wet, tight heat. I let my face fall to her shoulder, my entire body shaking as I willed myself to go slow, holding myself back from just slamming into her and taking. I was barely hanging on, my breath panting out like I’d just ran a marathon instead of pleasure my girlfriend.

Her hands turned gentle again, moving easily over me due to the sweat forming over my skin. She started pressing open mouthed kisses over my neck and shoulder, occasionally sucking bruises there that tested my control. But then, she started to talk, her breath a little choppy and warm in my ear and causing goosebumps to raise everywhere.

“I love you, Jay. I love the teenager you were but I fucking love the man you’ve become.” Her breath was hitching in her chest, her body shuddering with pleasure with every inch I slid into her. “You’re so brave and strong and loving. You’re everything I didn’t think I needed until you kissed me, Jay. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

We both moaned as I bottomed out, my balls resting comfortably nestled against the soft skin of her ass, our panting breath’s nearly synchronized. My heart thumping double time, a heavy feeling of love that was almost too painful in response to her words spreading in my chest. She was holding me tight, even though I was pressing my entire weight against her. It was just like her to feel like she needed to pull her weight in everything, even sex.

“Please.” She was moving her hips, her head rolling back and forth, caught up in the pleasure.

“Please, what?” I teased, receiving a halfhearted glare for my trouble. Her arms clamped down as well as her core, causing my hips to roll and a growl to rumble in my chest. “Fuck, sweetheart.”

I knew once I started to move it would be over, but I couldn’t resist anymore. Especially when she pressed her heels into my ass. I worked my way up into a steady pace before I tucked my face into her neck, sucking the skin there to muffle the out of control moans rising up in my throat. My moans were muffled, but I could hear hers loud and clear.

I dragged in a ragged breath when breathing through my nose didn’t suffice. I felt my orgasm building, and knew at any moment I was going to lose it. I didn’t want to come without her. I wrapped my arms around her, one hand cradling beneath her head and holding her to my shoulder. I tucked my thighs beneath her ass so that I sank deeper and she rolled her hips, pushing down to draw me in.

I wasn’t able to pull out very far, but the feeling of being entirely surrounded by her like this, as I slammed back in, was incredible. “Jay I-!” She pulled away from me so that she could see my face, her expression rosy and pained. “Oh, fuck, Jensen. I’m-.” Her words were cut off by my lips because I couldn’t stand another moment to go by without kissing her. That’s when I felt her tense, her center gripping me even tighter as she gave into her orgasm.

She moaned helplessly through her release as I fucked her through it, trying like hell to hold on as I watched her fall apart. The feelings that were coursing through me made it hard to breathe while my heart hammered away inside my chest like it wanted to break free. The minute her y/c/e eyes slid open, pleasure glazed and so full of love, my control snapped. I whined, the feelings ratcheting up and becoming almost unbearable as I felt it begin to crash into me. “Baby.” I managed through a strangled moan and my eyes slammed closed. A moan was ripped out of me when my entire body locked up as I released inside her.

“Oh, Jay.” I heard her sigh when the fog started to clear, the contractions still wrecking my body and making me tremble becoming nearly painful. I felt her hands soothing up and down my back, through the hair on the back of my head, her body rocking me through my release and prolonging it. Her lips whispered against my temple as I realized that I’d buried my face into her shoulder. “Love you, Jay. Love you so fucking much.”

It was when I’d finally calmed down, still enjoying the feeling of being inside her as I became soft, that I realized that I’d never loved someone as much as I loved Y/N. I’d never felt this warmth and fullness that felt so good that it hurt and I might die from it. I realized then that I was done taking the passive route, and that whoever was responsible for even thinking about hurting her, was going to fucking pay.

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Dabbing Through a Window: Jared’s Story


Not enough people were paying attention to Jared. This was a thought that passed through Jared’s mind often, not that he was an attention seeker or anything, but he needed to be paid attention to at all times. Unfortunately at this moment no one was paying attention to him. Connor and Evan were off in their own world, as they often were, while Alana and Zoe were consumed by some information from their shared class. This happened every time they went to the mall, but for some reason Jared always insisted on accompanying the two happy couples.

All of these factors were part of the reason Jared was now on his way to the lush store. He knew he was going to do something ridiculous to get attention and honestly he was pretty happy about that.

“Stupid couples always being in love,” Jared grumbled to himself as he crossed the mall’s courtyard and stole a look back at his friends. Evan and  Connor were sitting on a bench. Connor was slouching back against the bench, Evan was leaning towards him slightly. They both had small half smiles and eyes for only each other. Alana and Zoe were standing and peering down at Zoe’s phone, occasionally stealing glances at each other.

God! Would they just get together already? Jared thought to himself, rolling his eyes and turning forward again.

He entered the lush store and inhaled the mix of scents. An evil smirk graced his lips as he began to browse the bathbomb selection. A quick glance around revealed that no one was looking so he quickly pocketed several before moving on. It didn’t take him too long to find the perfect item for his plan. He approached the checkout and respectfully paid for the item before bagging it and moving on, not even feeling guilty about the illegal merchandise in his pockets.

Jared found his friends exactly as he left them, he stood before them and cleared his throat, “Do you guys want me to get you something to eat?”

“Yeah, you’re not touching mine or Evan’s food…” Connor eyed Jared skeptically while wrapping an arm around Evan and pulling him slightly close. This caused a bright blush to spread over Evan’s cheeks while he nodded, agreeing with Connor. Jared pouted.

“I’m just trying to be nice to you gay f*cks!”

Zoe turned to Alana, completely ignoring Jared, “I am actually hungry, I can get something for us if you’d like?” The two began to discuss their dining options while Evan and Connor did the same.

“Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee I’ll just go get a table!” Jared stormed off and found an empty table with the desired number of seats then plopped down and rested his head on his hands angrily. It’s ok, I’ll have the spotlight soon enough. Jared assured himself as he waited for his friends to return.

A few minutes after everyone returned Evan peered over at Jared, “Where’s your food,”

Jared grinned and Evan seemed to realize instantly that he had made a mistake. Jared pulled out the pink and purple bath bomb he had purchased from Lush and began to unwrap it. The others watched in silent horror as Jared ate the entire thing.


I just noticed,, there’s a couple in this scene,, and they’re right beside Keith,, I know this has got absolutely nothing to do with anything but I’m going to be stupid and make a gigantic, olympic gold medal-worthy reach and say: 

k l a n c e

 just because 1) i’m very tired and sleep-deprived and 2) for some reason I find this hilarious

OKAY but bnha tumblr talk to me about HAPPY LOVING POLY RELATIONSHIP. I love kacchako. I love bakushima. Put them together and you have URAKIRIBAKU SUCH A WONDERFUL OT3

  • Uraraka and Bakugou start going out their second year. Kirishima is super happy for them bc Uraraka is such an amazing girl and she’s great for Bakugou! He does his best to bury his Big Crush TM on Bakugou bc nothing good will come out of harboring it.
  • By their third year Bakugou has started realizing he kinda has a thing for his best friend but he’s an emotionally stunted dumbass that doesn’t know how to deal with it. 
  • Uraraka finds it REALLY amusing how Bakugou has no idea how to handle his burgeoning feelings and thoughts about Kirishima. And it’s so obvious to at least her how he’s struggling with this. When she thinks about it, she realizes she honestly has no problem with Bakugou liking Kirishima too. In fact, she really starts to like the idea. Why wouldn’t she? Kirishima is such a nice and sweet guy and he’s liked Bakugou for years.
  • She brings up the prospect of a poly relationship with Kirishima first, wanting to know how he feels about it before talking to Bakugou. Bc Bakugou is impossible to have reasonable conversations with about ~emotions~
  • Kirishima literally brought to tears he can’t believe how amazing Uraraka is and how she is welcome to the idea of sharing Bakugou? And like holy shit he’s always known she was amazing but this just takes the cake! But then… “Uraraka how can you be sure Bakugou is going to be okay with the idea?!” And she just deadpans bc cmon Kirishima he is VERY clearly struggling with a crush on you.
  • They approach Bakugou with the proposition and he thinks they’re messing with him. Because he may think he’s god’s gift to the world, but he knows he’s the biggest asshole ever. And there is now way there are two people that are in love with him NO WAY. But Kirishima and Uraraka are 100% serious and Bakugou just SHORT CIRCUITS BC HOLY SHIT THIS HAS TO BE A DREAM WORLD
  • Bakugou and Kirishima being stupid cute in their new couple days and Kirishima is relentless in teasing Bakugou bc he gets flustered with cute sappy affections. And then Kirishima and Uraraka tag team to make Bakugou literally explode.
  • Kirishima and Uraraka slowly getting closer with each other. Bakugou isn’t the most open with his affections and Kirishima and Uraraka are both big cuddlebugs. They love snuggling together and holding hands and cute lil platonic smooches.
  • Urakiri playing pranks on Bakugou and teasing him and sneaking cute smooches on his cheeks so he flushes bright red and they run away laughing
  • Bakugou constantly flanked by two radiant rays of sunshine at all times. Bright sweet Uraraka on one side and shining happy Kirishima on the other. Even while glaring with his usual angry grumpy demeanor he looks so much happier with them next to him.
  • Kirishima having a bi-crisis bc he’s always thought he was gay as shit bc he’s never been too attracted to girls? Just always had an appreciation for the female form. But then Uraraka makes him feel like a 14 year old again and he’s a big shy baby about it 
  • Uraraka super patient and loving with him and thinks he’s adorable and is so so delighted that Kiri wants her as much as he wants Bakugou bc how could she not already have started falling for him too?
  • Bakugou secretly really happy when Urakiri become romantic bc it finally seems like this can be something that’s going to last and they’re going to make it together in a relationship 
Haikyuu Pairing Explanation  Headcanons #1:



  • The couple that works really well together, like, really well, no matter the task.
  • “Have you been drinking enough water?-”Did you stretch properly?” 
  • “Do you know where my water bottle is?”-”Next to mine over by the benches.”
  • The weird couple that acts a little too much like parents/hubbies
  • “Asahi please” 


  • The couple that all over each other but don’t notice it 
  • “I wanna punch your mouth, with my mouth, because I like you.”
  • aggressively happy noises-overly excited noises 
  • Secretly stalks each other at the same time without noticing?? 
  • Licks food to claim it’s theirs 
  • lots and lots of flushes 


  • The ‘I kinda expected this to happen, but was still surprised when it happened’ couple 
  • “Did you do your homework or study?”-”Of course not!”
  • Looks sleepy but isn’t-looks thuggish but isn’t
  • the ‘im glaring/deadpanning at you because i’m slightly disappointed, but frustrated because i’m getting frustrated over something I knew you would do’ glare. 
  • I’m sorry for being stupid I got you ice cream and those magazines you like


  • The childhood friends couple that are to childhood friend-ish to notice they’re gay for eachother
  • eat each others left over food, drinks out of eachother’s water bottles. 
  • “Tsuki!”-”Shut up.”-”Hehe sorry Tsuki” 
  • Everyone else besides upperclassmen he respects, teachers and adults/elderly: Hello! Tsukishima: Fuck you. Yamaguchi.: Hello! Tsukishima: Fuck me
  • Headphones on, but music off while talking/walking with yams


  • The ‘i’ve got your back’ couple
  • sparkle determination rolling-nervous jesus ‘bfg’ misunderstood 
  • small big spoon, big little spoon
  • The safe couple that everybody knows about
  • turned on by others double d. ;P determination and hair down. Fights, but always stays together in the end 


  • The beautiful sobering couple. 
  • Shy stuttering and flustered happy flower girl-Calm Collected Beautiful queen
  • “K-Kiyoko-san!”-”Hello Yachi-chan” 
  • determined and dedicated managers
  • cute outfits 
  • The safe couple that usually never has other interrupted ships

Part 1 Haikyuu Pairing Headcanons <<p2

Next Step | Sherlock x reader

“It doesn’t have to end like this” your whispered.

Sherlock was looking away. He didn’t answer anything.

“Sherlock, you’re my friend”

He gulped.

“I thought we could become more than that” he whispered.

And with that said, he put up the collar of his coat, turned around and left.

You were a simple person, living an ordinary life, but for Sherlock, you were everything but ordinary. You had this special way of smiling and everything gets lighten up whenever you would look at him. The small touches he had received from you had felt like the most intimate contact. He could stared at you for hours and never get bored. He used to do that when he knew you couldn’t notice.

He had protected you since he met you, since you were the first one to ever call him friend, to treat him with respect and not mock him for his peculiar personality. He loved your laugh, your cleverness, the joy you had brought to his life, and how you’d always come to the flat in your bad days. He liked the thought of how he could make you feel better.

Sherlock would laugh at your stupid jokes about him and John being a couple and how you’d encourage them to get married. He never thought there was such a beauty in the world until the day he saw you in John and Mary’s wedding, wearing the graceful lilac dress Mary had picked for the bridesmaids. You were astonishing and he couldn’t looked away from you the whole night. The feeling of having you so close while dancing made him realized what he had been trying to deny for so long: he had fallen in love with you.

So he decided to give the next step, to do what normal people do and ask you out on a… how did John had called them?, oh yes, a date

So here he was, in front of your flat, waiting for you to open the door. When you opened, he felt so sorry. It was so obvious that you had been sleeping.

“Oh, did I wake you?” he asked, concerned.

“Not really, I was watching Netflix and, you know, chilling” you joked.

Sherlock smiled brightly. You invited him in and you both walked towards the living room. 

“So… what you need me for?” you asked with a smile. He looked at you confused. “Are you getting me out in the middle of the night to go and solve a case?”

Sherlock giggled.

“No” he answered. 

He decided it was his moment, he had to do it now. It was now or never.

“I was actually planning to get you out…” he doubted, but kept on talking “… to get you out on a date… with me… if you want”

He finally looked at you directly in the eyes and your gazes met. His hands were fists inside of the pockets of his coat. He could feel his whole body trembling. 

You looked away. There were so many things going through your mind right now. Oh, no, breathe, (Y/N), just breathe. Just say it.

“Sherlock…I…” you started “I… I can’t”

“Why not?” he asked, trying to keep a slight smile. He was panicking in the inside.

“Because you are my friend” you stated.

“Oh” that was the only thing he said.

You were looking at him and feeling miserable. You didn’t want to do it, but you knew you had to, sooner or later. You had noticed his change of attitude towards you and since then, you had been just hoping that he’ll never ask, that he’ll never take the next step. Because you didn’t want to do this, you didn’t want to reject him. 


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Headcanon: I think they would make a great workout buddies. They could learn a lot from each other. Uraraka from Bakugou would be in physical aspect and Bakugou from Uraraka would be in mental such as working out as a way to get a peace of mind!

p.s. I honestly love most of the contents of the Kacchako tag. IT’S JUST SO PURE??? No nsfw or dirty stuff?? Just them being funny and stupid couple or buddies?? I seriously love all the fans of this ship!!


* Hercules × Reader

* Modern

* necklaces given to us at birth were half of a unique shape and your soul mate wore the other half and they got warmer the closer together you were and colder the farther away you were so you could go on a journey when you’re ready to find your other half.

A/N: Yes I wrote a soulmate au…I was really in the mood to write one of these. And yes, I found this prompt on Pinterest. But I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1,800


You didn’t know how science did it and frankly, you didn’t care. All you knew was at birth everyone is given a necklace with a strange and unique shaped charm. Your apparent soulmate had the other half of the shape. The charm is supposed to be warmer the closer you got to your soulmate and colder the further away you were.

You mother had yours in a small cedar box to ensure you didn’t lose it. She had explained the necklace before you started school. You wore yours at first, dreaming of finding your perfect match at a young age.

You made friends quickly. A young man who came from The Caribbean named Alexander Hamilton. A loud jokester named John Laurens. A man who moved to America after his family in France died who went by Lafayette. And Hercules, who looked intimidating but was really kindhearted.

Alexander always wore his necklace, as did John. However, Hercules said his mother wouldn’t let him have his until he was at least 13, something about unrealistic expectations.

These stupid necklaces were meant to make life easier for people. Still, you stopped wearing yours in the 2nd grade, when your best friend learned her soul mate was your crush. A devastated 7 year-old, you tossed the necklace back in cedar box and left it there.

Years later, after school and college both, you were lucky to stay in the same area as your friends. They all started working under a man named George Washington, who was hosting a party tonight.

“You should come Y/N!” John exclaimed.

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Imagine Chris admitting he loves you.

“I still can’t believe you’ve tricked me yet again into coming to one of these things,” you muttered bitterly as the limo slowed to a stop in front of the red carpet entrance. “Don’t you ever get sick of being mean to me, Evans?” You narrowed your eyes at him and he chuckled. “You know- one day, I am going to say enough and walk out on you.”

“I’ve got legs, I can always chase after you.” Chris responded with a charming smile; your stomach fluttered. “And I didn’t trick you, you offered. You always offer,” he reminded you and you glared at him. “After- of course-” he suppressed his handsomely smug smile, “the round of drinks I always buy you.”

“I should know by now that you are never that generous for no reason,” you bit back your smile as you pretended to scowl at him. “That’s the last time you’ll fool me, Evans.” You told him and he chuckled because he knew it wasn’t true. “I am never drinking with you again.”

“I’m sure we can agree to disagree on that.”

You rolled your eyes at him then turned to look out the window. The angst build in the pit of your stomach when you saw the hundreds and thousands of people waiting to catch a glimpse of the arrival of A-List celebrities like your best friend, Chris Evans. You didn’t want to be there, you never wanted to be at any of the events he took you to- unless it was a MCU event where you could meet the rest of the MCU cast- but you went each time, letting him think he ‘tricked’ you into going because you enjoyed spending time with him. The truth was that you were in-love with your best friend.

“Can you do me a favor and not say anything stupid this time?” You told Chris as the two of you got ready to get out of the limo. He raised an eyebrow for you to elaborate, “I’m talking about the dumb couple jokes. I don’t want to trend on the internet or get hate messages from your fans because you act like we’re a couple when- we’re just friends.”

“Ouch,” he chuckled. “Are you friend-zoning me, Y/N Y/L/N?” He quizzed and you rolled your eyes with an indifferent attitude even though you were screaming ‘no’ on the inside. “I wish I could but- I like the way you smile when I tell my stupid couple jokes.”

“Chris, I’m being serious,” you warned.

“So am I,” he smiled and you heaved a sigh. “C'mon.” He took your hand, and sparks flew as he pulled you out of the limo with him. The cameras flashed as the paparazzi, fans, and reporters called your names; you were a nobody but you’d been to too many of these things with Chris for them not to know you. “Just smile and breathe,” he whispered into your ear, letting go of your hand to touch the small of your back.

You ignored the tingles his touch was sending through your spine and quipped, “I know what to do. You’ve tricked me into coming to these things enough, I might as well be a regular.” You heard him chuckle softly in response as the two of you made your way down the long carpet.

“Chris Evans! Y/N Y/L/N! Over here!”

“Chris! Y/N! Over here, look over here!”

“Look over here, please! Yes, on your right!”

“I don’t know how you do this all day,” you murmured to Chris while smiling for the cameras. “Don’t you feel like your smile becomes less genuine with each shot?” You quizzed and he laughed. “No, seriously though-” you stifled your own laughter, glancing up at him. “It’s only been a few minutes and I can feel myself faking it already.”

“Let me help with that,” he said then whispered in your ear. “You look really beautiful tonight, Y/N.” You felt your smile reach your eyes as your cheeks heated up. “See,” he smiled, “you’re back to the natural, heart-stopping smile I know you have.”

“Thanks,” you chuckled softly.

“You’re very welcome,” he chuckled softly.

“Over here, please! Look here!”

“Just look over here! To your left!”

“Another one, yes! Just one more!”

You and Chris continued following the representative down the carpet, smiling left, right, and centre for the cameras. Occasionally you were asked to stand aside so they could have single shots of Chris- which you understood and didn’t mind, what you didn’t understand was why he kept glancing at you with a love sick smile on his lips. The truth that you didn’t know was that he too, was in-love with his best friend.

“You ready for some interviews?” Chris asked when you returned to his side.

“I think that’s my question for you,” you chuckled. “I am not the famous one here.”

“Someone’s gotta keep me grounded, right?” He smiled and slipped his hand into yours, leading you towards the interview; her badge told you that she was from TMZ. “What’s the bet that her first question will be about our relationship?” He whispered into your ear.

“If you don’t want her to question our relationship,” you chuckled, “stop taking me to these things.”

“I didn’t say I don’t want her to, I’m just saying what’s the bet?” He asked and you rolled your eyes.

“Hi Chris!” The interviewer greeted him then smiled at you. “It is really good to see you here, and with such a beautiful date, Y/N right?” She asked and you nodded. “It looks like you’re his permanent date to all his red carpet events now, does that mean Captain America is off the market?” She asked and Chris squeezed your hand, alerting you that he won the bet that you didn’t even agree to.

“Chris and I are actually just friends,” you told her.

“Oh, I see-” the interviewer began but Chris interrupted.

“Well, actually,” he said and you felt your eyes narrowed as you turned to him. “Y/N is my best friend whom I’d be more than lucky to date if ever she gives me a chance.” He turned to you and smiled, creating more butterflies in your stomach as you tried to process his words. “She’s my permanent date 'cause I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else.”

“Ohhh,” the interviewer said with a knowing smile then turned to a slightly lost you. “Y/N, I think Chris wants something more with you. Would you ever consider dating him or- are you fine with just friends?” She asked and waited for an answer, but you pulled Chris away before she could get one.

“If this is one of your couple jokes, it’s not very funny.”

“It’s not a joke,” he shook his head. “Look- I know it’s a stupid time to tell you this but- I’m in-love with you, Y/N, and I want to be with you for real. Why else do you think I’m always asking you to come with me to these events? I want to spend as much time as I can with you, in front of people so they can get used to us being together. So- you can get used to it,” he mumbled sheepishly. “I understand if you-”

Your lips were on his before he could finish.

“I’m in-love with you too,” you told him when you broke the kiss. The surprise and excitement on his face visible. “I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long now, I just didn’t want to ruin what we currently have.” You admitted and his smile grew. “But if you want to do this thing too then- I’m ready whenever you are.”

“You better be,” he chuckled as he gestured to the hundreds of cameras behind you. “'Cause I think as of a minute ago- we became official.”

Everyone always thinks its Makoto who talks Majima into getting the “matching couples” accessories, but its the other way around. He’s just so into being with her that he wants to do the whole stupid couples things. And honestly, it doesn’t take much to convince Makoto to go along with it. All Majima has to do is hand over what ever new thing he found and muster as much “sad puppy face” he can. Makoto doesn’t have the heart to tell him his puppy face is terrible. 

Majima also makes an effort to take Makoto to as many places possible ever since she recovered all of her eyesight. One of his favorite trips is their first Disneyland trip because they were fallowed by security the whole time. He had is own secret game going on of “Ditch the Security.” He was actually impressed with how often they stayed on them. 

They both have their lock screens on their phones set to the photo they took on the bridge leading to the castle.


……I have never done a decent background in my life so why start now???

This popped into my head as I was looking up flight prices for my own trip to Disneyland later this year,  so of course I had to draw it because every couple ever seems to go to Disneyland. 

I apologize for the quality, it was taken at a poor time in the day on my phone xD 

Tools: Copics, White Uni-Ball Signo gel pen, size 0.1 black Pigma Graphic pen. Original sketch done on Robert Bateman sketch book paper with mechanical pencil with .5 lead