being stupid as a couple


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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Imagine being Joker and Harley's child and being home schooled by Jonathan Crane and Edward Nygma

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Harley asked Edward and Jonathan to home school you.
Perhaps it was her inner Harleen showing.
Either way the two reluctantly agreed thinking you, being the Joker and Harley Quinn’s child, would be stupid.
The crazy couple didn’t seem smart, more instinctual and reckless despite Harleen’s doctorate.

You seemed to get on quite well. You paid attention, and did your best. Jonathan pushed you academically more than Edward did. Edward protested many times. “They are too young for the level of knowledge! Stick to their age group.” You surprised them both when you caught on faster than they thought. You linked what you had learned to life situations making the two men literally take a step back. “This is probably the smartest thing I have heard them say.” Edward said as Jonathan nodded.
“You’re smart.” Jonathan stated. “You’re very smart for a child your age.”
“Do they know?” Edward asked Jonathan referring to Joker and Harley.
“I can’t be sure but we didn’t.”


I hate when people use gay as an insult. Like its 2016 people, being gay isn’t something bad! When someone says ‘gaaaaaaay’ in class to insult someone there’s an immediate distaste and uncomfortableness in the air while people mumble or even openly comment about it being a stupid insult. Personally myself I openly ship a gay couple (obviously) and I’ll openly talk about them. Shipping two boys or two girls is the same as shipping a boy and girl.

He is a blood stained figure, lurking by the window of his cell. Idly, Janathan taps at the bars. There is no particular rhythm, only the bored clangs of a wolf who has created more trouble than he cares for. Outside, he can see the remains of his latest rental, a vampire mistress whose neck he’d snapped while she fucked him, being dragged aside by a couple of guards. Stupid bitch should have known better than to leave his hands untied.   

I shipped and loved Tayvin so much and still do but if you stop to think about everything he went through and felt after the accident, the break up and when he saw her with her new bf so soon I would never want Calvin with her again NEVER. she didn’t give a single fuck about his feelings… When he went to UK to be with his family before the announcement and started posting the sad snaps driving through the night thinking about everything and when he walked away while TIWYCF was playing… those annoying pics in Rhode Island and their world tour. While she and her bf were so ‘in love’ and 'happy’ packing PDA, meeting the families, taking romantic vacations in rome for the world to see, renting houses to be their love nest. Calvin was being hunted down and bombarded with stupid questions about the happy couple every single fucking day, and her fans harassing him on his SM. If that wasn’t enough what she and her team did to the song… man she was so cold and cruel i would never wish this on my worst enemy