being studs

Jungkook texting Mama Jin
  • Jungkook: dear Mom if I was to pick a flower every time I loved you, I'd be in a garden forever!
  • Jungkook: you are the stems to my flower :)
  • Jungkook: you beautiful
  • ...
  • Jungkook: Mom?
  • Jin: Jungkook son, get a life or a girlfriend!

Just Because…

It’s A Cold January Day, And I Want To Get Warm With A Beautiful Man In A Speedo With Magnificently Muscular Hindquarters!

That’s Why!

Woof, Baby!

QUICK—Look in the mirror. What do you see? An awesome stud, confident in her own flawless?

That’s what we see when we see you: A woman not playing into stereotypes, setting her own idea of beauty, and being a tobacco-free stud.

You make the effort to look the way you do and the confidence you exude is obvious to everyone around you.

You’re not just any stud. You’re a flawless, tobacco-free woman out to get what she wants.

Sexy In The Newcastle Sheds

Who Is The Mystery Falcon Who Tempts Us With His Man Cakes?

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Irish Dancer

Now, That’s Some Jig!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Happy Birthday, cerridwenluna!

December 12 - Free choice, feelsy fluff requested, Daddy!Bucky and father/daughter bonding with maybe Darcy catching him? for @cerriddwenluna

The very first thing Bucky had insisted on doing once he was safe and cleared of any wrong-doing, was going to look for his children.

Children?” the look on Steve’s face was priceless. “How many are we talking about?”

“Three. I wasn’t keen on being used as a stud, they had to trick me into it.” Bucky’s eyes were dark. “They were trying to breed a new generation of supersoldiers.”

“Did it work?” Steve had to ask.

“None of them were extraordinary as babies. Super or not, though, I can’t leave them in Hydra’s hands.”

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look at this sweet cute lil ball of sunshine

look at this beautiful elastic faced potato man

look at this sweet pancake getting rejected by his mother

look at this handsome young man using his amazing charms to seduce this lady that never stood a chance

look at this smooth male looking bomb af

look at this adorably annoyed human

look at this sassy king being fabulous af

look at this perfectly seasoned mashed potato

look at this beautiful lil peach getting the shock of his life

look at this perfect cinnamon roll crying

look at this flawless lil piece of toast choking on his own spit

look at this cute rose petal being a lil pig eating with his mouth open/almost choking


look at this baby panda being all excited

look at this ridiculously handsome child being overly dramatic

look at this unique grass leaf being confused af

look at this stud muffin being proposed to by oh sehun (oh i just had to)

look at my flashy son being shy

look at this clumsy baby almost break his neck

this post made me realize that…i am so weak for huang zitao


Just Beautiful

He Can Play Football, And Christian McCaffrey Can Also Make Music.

Woof, Baby!

Passing the Torch

Hey, Troy! Hurry up. And lock the door after you come in.” It had been a busy series of months for Jon lately. He went from being a single stud with no aim in his life to graduating in the arm of the girl with the highest grade in their year. Jon even found a job as a private investigator for her father’s firm, a simple but well paying job that focused little on grades and all on his people skills. It was Jon’s dream job. Now, he just had to finish passing his leadership of the house to a new president. Everyone knew Troy was next in line, but it was time to make it official. “You know why you’re up here, right?”

Hi, yea, can we just take a moment to appreciate how sasuke went from this cutie patootie 

To this 

Then to this

Took it another step to this

and ended up being a total stud muffin as seen below 👇👌

and lets not forget how Sakura changed too! 

from this cutie pie

onto this

then went to this badass

and changed into this ultimate badass😱

and then ended it with a bang😏💁 


anonymous asked:

Hey Mick, nosy fucker wants to know ... I get it the preference thing but at the same time, well, ... having a dick doesn't make you instinctively crave to stick it into some tight hole once in a while? I mean, isn't naturally very pleasurable 'to fuck' someone? Even if you prefer the sensation of being fucked, two young studs like you, provide plenty of times to switch. I guess I imagine that if I were a gay man I would make use of both sensations, that's what I'm saying.

Yeah man, that’s why jerking off was invented. Similar fucking feeling. But nothing else comes close to the feeling of getting filled up and fucked.

I’m pretty fucking sure me and Raùl will switch it up again sometime soon. I’ll make sure I let fucking tumblr know when it happens.

Sexy In The Sheds

It Could Only Get Hotter, If Jordy Did A Striptease!

Woof, Baby!

Long FSL Dapper Lexa rant ahead:

Edit: this post is edited now because on my blog FSL is now Dapper Lexa. I want to come forward and explain my FS-now-Dapper Dandy Lexa, how I headcanon her, and what dynamic I imagine her having with Clarke. I would also like to explain my Soft Girlfriend Clarke and how she differs from Baby Girl Clarke (aside from the latter being an uncomfortable name for me).

I would like to state first that I do not support the abusive relationship some of the fandom has created for Dapper Lexa and Clarke. I do not support Baby Girl Clarke headcanon. I’m sorry, but I don’t. Apart from the name being rather unfortunate, most Baby Girl Clarke headcanons portray her as pliant and at times reluctant. Contrast comes into play with Dapper Lexa being manipulative and coercive and downright abusive. This is not what I had in mind when I created Dapper Lexa. I just thought she’d look good in a suit! Okay, this is not me being serious. I’m just not good with explaining sometimes. When I pictured Dapper Lexa, I saw this young woman who was strong and stubborn and closed off and afraid to trust people because she’s been burned before; someone who built the walls around her with her suits and leather jackets. Someone who feels like she has to constantly assert her dominance in her everyday life because she works in a male-dominated workplace. But also, someone who has all this love inside her and no one worthy (in her eyes) to give it to, until she meets Clarke. Someone who’s got all this cool façade but in reality is a bit insecure and a bit messy and very emotional behind closed doors. Someone who can be confident and self-assured but at the same time think they don’t deserve much. Because that’s who I am. That’s how I perceive myself and that’s how I carry myself in real life and Lexa resonated with me so much that I wanted to relate to her even more, and that’s how Dapper Lexa came to be. When I wrote she was into “power play” I didn’t even mean sexually. I meant “power play” in every day life, she likes to shut down incompetent self-entitled pricks; when I meant “power play” I was thinking of Cat Grant and her professional behavior.

By the way, I had no idea the term ‘stud’ was offensive. Literally none. My friends and I call each other a stud all the time, usually when we want to complement each other on our dapper looks, it’s not even about being successful with women. I want to sincerely apologize, as I had no idea this word was offensive. I’m sorry I offended people, I really am. I guess Dapper Dandy Lexa or Dashing Lexa would’ve probably been a better name for this aesthetic.

In short, Dapper Lexa was aesthetics first, my own self projected onto Lexa second, and aggressive, dominant female Christian Grey version not a third and not a fourth and honestly it was nowhere in sight when I made Dapper Lexa up.

Before you come at me on anon, yes, I did and do picture Dapper Lexa as dominant in bed most of the time. Once again, it’s personal. Clarke appeals to me as ‘wife goals’ while Lexa is ‘life goals’ and since I am naturally dominant, of course I would headcanon Clarke as less dominant in bed – I am trying to explain my point here so you guys understand where I’m coming from. Yes, that might be OOC for the majority of the fandom, but here I believe it is my right to think of her that way, just like it is your right to think of her any other way. I don’t think there is anything terribly wrong with one of the partners being more dominant sexually. It’s normal, just like it’s normal for a couple to switch it up or be both. It’s someone’s sexual preference, it’s not even a kink. For that, I will not apologize. Also, being dominant in bed does not equal being abusive. That’s all I’m gonna say about it.

I would also like to point out that relationship dynamics don’t have to be – and often aren’t – the same as the couple’s sex dynamics. It’s completely feasible – and completely true – that in Dapper Lexa AU Clarke and Lexa both give each other massages and rub each other’s backs after a long hard day and cook each other breakfast and cuddle and take turns being the little spoon. It’s canon – as canon as something can be in an AU, haha – that Dapper Lexa loves it when Clarke takes care of her and runs her a hot bath and sits behind her as she massages Lexa’s shoulders and Clarke absolutely reads to Dapper Lexa before bed sometimes, because Dapper Lexa is in love with Clarke’s voice as much as she’s in love with Clarke herself. It’s absolutely canon that Lexa, for all of her dapper looks and arrogant swagger, is amazed that Clarke is with her, and she can’t believe it sometimes and she showers her with affection and gifts and sweet little post-it notes on her lunch because Lexa’s stupidly in love with her. Not because she wants to buy Clarke’s consent. In Dapper Lexa AU, their relationship dynamic is equal, there is no place for coercion or manipulation.

Now, for my Soft Girlfriend Clarke headcanon: it’s just Clarke being gentle with Lexa because she’s the only one Lexa trusts enough to let down her walls with, and Clarke respects that and her caring and nurturing side comes out when they are together. I don’t think there is anything wrong with picturing Clarke as a caretaker and a caregiver; I do think, however, that Clarke isn’t meek or pliant. But being nurturing doesn’t mean being meek. Maybe it’s the name that annoys people, but I want to tell you – essentially, Soft Girlfriend Clarke is just Messy Artist Clarke who likes to cook Lexa breakfast and cuddle up to her on Sunday mornings. Clarke likes to take care of Lexa and wants to feel cared for, as well. I don’t see anything wrong with that. And she’s only soft with Lexa. It’s not even about being submissive or dominant.

Personally, the best AU with Dapper Lexa that works for me is Big City Clexa AU – you can find it on my blog, I tagged it.

I’m sorry for ranting, but I just wanted to explain myself. I kinda feel responsible for Dapper Lexa since my post had started it all, so I thought I should clear some things up. It makes me feel a bit guilty that it offended some people, and I get where they are coming from. And also, I am very happy Dapper Lexa has inspired some of you to organize your rooms and begin working out and dress up just because you feel like dressing up and looking beautiful – and I’ve seen all of your selfies, and you’re all so, so incredibly beautiful, each and every one of you!