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❝Dolly, this is a psychic text from your best friend, to let you know that you might never see me again. Partly because I’m an alien. Partly because there is a corporate conspiracy to use my powers to do… whatever corporations do with power. Either way, it looks like coach Stone was using me to perform experiments. Which is maybe the reason why Jen is dead. If you somehow you get this message that I can’t actually send you, let me know if you think I’m totally messing up. Because I have no idea.❞

kara zor-el in supergirl: being super book 3

okay but can we really quickly talk about all the other times they walked down that exact same street, just the two of them? like, walking back from school, shoulders brushing as Isak tries to explain something interesting he learned in advanced math that day, Even interrupting him as they round the corner to really quickly remind Isak they ran out of cereal this morning and have to go get some later, and Isak nodding, then picking up his story right where he left off, all casual because this is what they do now and these quiet moments are for made for them.

or like, strolling back from going to the cinema, the cold biting at their ears and the tips of their noses, Even excitedly clapping his hands just once as he recounts how great a certain part of the soundtrack worked with the colors used in that scene and like, Isak tries but he can’t help but smile up at him because his boy is so smart, and so cool, and he’s just so thankful he gets to hear so many gorgeous words every single day.

or, walking back from a party, and they’re not drunk, but they are happy. it’s dark, a full moon in the sky, and Isak feels comfortable reaching out to grab Even’s hand with just the stars looking down on them. and they’re not really talking, just kind of being, calm and chill and looking forward to curling up in a warm bed and each other later and it’s just good like that. it’s all so good like that.


Peter Cushing as Captain Clive Judd in Cone of Silence (1960).


Valkyrie!Oikawa from the amazing @suggestivescribe’s fic Valhalla! ♥

It’s beautiful, and the world-building and writing are so incredible! The description of Oikawa’s armor really intrigued me, so I wanted to try drawing his Valkyrie form inspired by Japanese foot soldiers from the feudal times. 

anonymous asked:

Can i request for a bad boy serpent jughead jones and the sweet girl next door betty cooper fiction and maybe with a steamy make out session scene? Thank you!

So the story is slightly AU. Jughead never attended school in Riverdale, never was friends with Betty and Archie, as a matter of fact they didn’t even know each other. No murder ever happened, Betty was never pinning over Archie. I also made some other small changes that you’ll notice upon reading. Plus, I made Reggie a Serpent too, for no reason really, I just wanted him to be Jughead’s childhood best friend in this universe. :p Last but not least, Betty turned out to be extremely feisty while I was writing this; she is still a sweetheart in pastel colors but her character is a tad more Betty Cooper in episodes 12 &13. I hope that’s ok! Thank you for requesting, dear anon! Enjoy, lovelies! ❤️
(Okay, this is 34 pages long. I don’t even know why, I don’t even know what I have written in so many pages. I apologize in advance for that mammoth length. Warning: turns mildly smutty but definately hot and heavy at the end.)

P.S. Because this is too long, I have put it under a “read more” so if you are on mobile the story gets cut halfway through. Here’s an AO3 link if the tumblr app doesn’t work for you. :)

Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams

  • Part 1/3: But Mama, I Want a Bad Boy

Southside Elementary School was a rare example of fine architecture in the small town of Riverdale. Rebuilt at the outskirts of town, after a disastrous fire caused by a minor during a prank gone wrong a couple of years ago, and squeezed between Southside Kindergarten and Southside High, it looked nothing like the two crumbling, cement colored buildings on its sides that lacked any learning motivation. It was modern, pure white with splashes of green and purple and it brought a fresh air of change, a promise that maybe the next generation of Southside kids would not have the ominous fate of their ancestors.

The Serpents had outdone themselves with the construction of the of the building, hiring Fred Andrews and his crew – one of the few people that wasn’t driven by discrimination and always agreed in doing business at the south side of town – and wasting a large amount of money from their infamous Serpent vault to create a place appropriate for shaping young minds. Maybe that’s why sweet and always optimistic Betty Cooper smiled every day at three o’clock sharp when her sneakers would hop up the marble stairs of the buzzing with life building. Because it was proving her right; Serpents would do anything for their children, just like any other parent on a prestigious office job. Serpents weren’t the monsters everyone thought they were.

Her excuse for walking all the way from their quaint north paradise to the disreputable south district five days per week was something that Betty always found fascinating; volunteering. Nurturing and caring by nature, she was constantly filling her free time with activities that offered assistance to those needed; taking care of stray cats and dogs down at the animal center, gathering food supplies and clothing for the homeless at their local church, being an annual blood donor, being proud cofounder along with her best friend, Veronica Lodge, of the two years now successful female empowerment club, Girls Speak Louder, at Riverdale High. And when senior year came and she needed a bigger challenge, something to bring her out of her good girl comfort zone, a tiny announcement had caught her eye, stuck on the bulletin board at the center of her high school corridor; Volunteers needed at Southside Elementary School.

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