being so f pretty

you know, it’s pretty satisfying seeing the people who hated on me because of my appearance back when i was a child becoming themselves ugly while i’m just getting prettier ♡

russiaxchina-lover  asked:

Ok so if the 2ps had to wear the same cloths that their 1ps wore on April fools for a whole day what would their reaction be? Sorry If you don't understand btw LOVE your blog

2Ps: *are forced into their counterpart’s april fool’s day outfits*

2p!america: *gracefully slides around* holy shit bros i look sexy as fuck *strikes poses*  hELL YEAAAAAHHH~~ ;D

2p!china: oh look don’t i just make the cuuuutest girl ahahaa tHIS IS ACTUALLY SO EMBARRASSING LIKE??? I CAN’T TAKE THIS AHAHAHA *awkward laughter*

2p!england: oh goodness this nurse outfit is so cute and comfy and pink i love it so muuuuch!~  *prances around and almost trips on his high heels about twice*

2p!france: *bored a’f* uhh i’m pretty used to being naked so who gives a shit

2p!russia: ………….,,,,




Cheribel Month  →  Week 4
  Family, Promise 

It’s still cheribel month in our hearts! A promise is what bound this family together, and a promise is what will link Asbel and Cheria together, as they embark on this brand new journey of love - which will be equally as scary as it will be wonderful.

I sketched this project almost two years ago but quickly lost motivation. I started it again two weeks ago - what a few years can do for your skills! This is directly based off the amazing pengiechan’s fanfic, okaerinasai