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A bunch of Waluigi facts:

  • Waluigi is canonically the same age as Luigi, as stated in smash bros melee 
  • Despite looking alike he is not related to Wario, as hinted by multiple sources and stated on Nintendo Japan’s site
  • He is almost always a skill type character in games, and is known for his flexibility as well as his gymnastic ability. The move he does where he lifts one leg over his head and spins is apparently an exceptionally hard move for males to typically pull off.
  • He prepared for years ‘honing his antagonizing abilities’ before confronting Luigi in Mario tennis and ‘trains quite hard behind the scenes’ 
  • Waluigi is smart, being called ‘cunning and quick’ and ‘the brain to Wario’s brawn’ in many bios and descriptions
  • He fought Bowser in Mario Party 3 and beat him with a single kick. His powerful foot stomp is his main attack in smash, too.
  • He’s appeared in over 50 games and not one year has gone by that Waluigi hasn’t appeared in a game since his creation  

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My dream is to one day become a doctor. I want to become a doctor more than anything. my heart aches at times because I feel like I need to be really really smart. Is that true? I've done my research, I'm afraid I'll have difficulty in university 😳

Hi Anon,

I am going to let you in on a huge secret- medical school isn’t actually filled with geniuses. It undoubtedly would’ve been cool if there were only geniuses here, because that would’ve meant I am one as well, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

What medical students actually are, are people people who work hard. Only a teeny-tiny percentage of all medical students were able to get into medical school without much of preparation, the vast majority of us (me included of course) had to work our asses of (pardon my language) and study and study and study more to get ready for our exams. And believe me, I’m not very stupid and my friends are actually quite smart people.

Medical school is actually much more about working hard, that “being smart”. Of course, some people have to study some subjects for a longer time, whereas some people seem to just get it right away. But that is life- there are people who are smarter than you, and there are people whom you’re smarter from. But what makes you a great medical student is not giving a damn about them and focusing on your own thing.

It’s something we all struggle with a little, but the older you get, the more you need to realize that the only thing that should keep you going is yourself and your ambition. It is easy to give up and say “oh, I’m not smart enough so why even bother”- it’s much, much harder to work super hard (and maybe harder than some people have to) to make your dreams come true. But that shouldn’t stop you.

You’ll never know how you’ll do in university unless you try it. And work super hard there, keeping in mind that you are working to make your dream come true. And maybe you’ll have to work more than some people, but believe me there will be people who will be working even more. And the funniest part is that it’s actually not important, because the only thing you need to focus is how much you work, and whether you are willing to go an extra mile (or hundred miles) to become a doctor.

And keep in mind what my Mom always says- “Failure is only a failure if you didn’t do all you could’ve done. If you did everything, than apparently this is the way it’s supposed to be”.

So do all you can, and become a doctor :)



PS. Also, remember the more you study, the smarter you actually become, so study ^^


We’ve talked a lot about demoralisation amongst doctors, but I think it’s not always easy to understand. Because we do love our jobs and we do want to help people. We want to love our jobs. We all started off desperately wanting to be doctors, and many of us do actually enjoy the doctoring bit. So why are we all so down? I’ll try to give you a taste.

Imagine wanting to do something, to be someone so badly, that you spent your entire childhood and adolescence working singlemindedly towards it. You give it your everything, extra study, more tests, the works. Imagine being the smart kid at school, eager to work hard and impress, and being good at many things. Imagine being able to be nearly anything you could have wanted. Imagine spending the best years of your life stuck in revision whilst everyone around you was partying or dating or doing things that were fun. Imagine paying serious money for the privilege, and taking years out of your life to achieve it. Years studying. Years not working. Years of getting into debt when you could have been supporting yourself or your family. Imagine being so happy to graduate and finally be able to help people. Imagine your nervous, frenzied first attempts at being a doctor in the big bad world out there. Imagine the excitement of succeeding.

Imagine missing friends’ weddings and relatives’ funerals because there was nobody else who could be there to keep your patients safe. Imagine having to make countless excuses to friends and to family and to partners. Imagine all the dates who decided “this is just too… complicated for me. Sorry.” Imagine losing touch with friends because you were always moving, always busy, and always tired. Sometimes they will understand, sometimes they won’t. Imagine all your friends working reasonable hours, earning a decent amount and having time to actually have some semblance of a life. Imagine rarely being able to see even the ones that understand and love you for who you are. Imagine starting to forget what it’s like to have a hobby or do something that isn’t work. Imagine starting to forget who you are, where your role ends and where your personhood begins.

Imagine working long days and silly shifts only to come home and head straight for your books. For exams you struggle to pay yourself. Imagine being a single parent, and having to wonder whether you can afford to do this job because it’s so hard to get childcare. Imagine hearing your child say “You’re never home. I miss you” nearly every day. Imagine your partner telling you that you seem to be working more and more lately. Imagine feeling that you are neglecting your own loved ones in trying to keep everyone else’s safe. Imagine fearing that you will end up resenting the job you love, because it will have taken so much from your life.

Imagine feeling forced to work another last minute shift because there was literally nobody else. Imagine gradually finding that more and more, every day was short staffed and busy. Imagine feeling that you aren’t giving your best care because you are stuggling just to get the urgent things done and keep patients safe. Imagine skipping meals and lack of sleep so often that it becomes normal. Imagine feeling like you can’t take sick leave because there is nobody else to kee people safe.  Imagine things getting busier and busier until work is a nearly constant grind and you barely have time to think. Imagine nearly every day being a ‘major incident’. Imagine increasing pressure from all your colleagues. Imagine feeling unsupported by your seniors or your colleagues on a regular basis. Imagine being left to deal with difficult situations on your own. Imagine how hard it is to deal with grave situations, and how emotionally draining and heartbreaking it can be.

Imagine patients and relatives who don’t see the pressure you are under. Imagine those who scream, yell, demand things are done right away or threaten to sue. Imagine those who are verbally abusive or violent. Imagine the ones that make all your colleagues cry, and from whom you have to hide your tears. Imagine how often your colleagues never report abuse because they don’t feel that they can. Imagine a context where failings are subjected to ‘trial by media’ and individuals are vilified, but the systemic failings which caused mistakes to happen are neither acknowledged nor addressed. Imagine a culture where doctors are under duty by the GMC to whistleblow, but given no legal protection if they do so.

Imagine all your colleagues talking about considering leaving the profession. Imagine your colleagues who have already left telling you life is much better abroad or outside of medicine. Imagine nearly every speciality reporting recruitment shortages, bad morale and overwork. Imagine knowing that you are twice as likely to suffer from mental health problems or suicide.

Imagine becoming more and more afraid that you will slip up due to tiredness. Imagine fearing the impact that this could have on your patients and their families, and how you might live with yourself. Imagine knowing that if you did, you would probably lose your job, but the employers and those who caused those conditions to happen would face no consequences.  Imagine having to talk close friends off the ledge. Not just once, but on a regular basis. Imagine knowing that some people don’t succeed. Imagine knowing that this will only get worse if things deteriorate.

Imagine your boss saying that you’re not doing enough. Imagine them saying that you all need to work more days. Imagine them saying that there just need to be more cuts. Imagine your employer having already cut so many things that everyone is always struggling. Imagine a context where services are not appropriately funded, and then individuals working within are blamed for predictable shortcomings which could have been avoided with appropriate funding and safeguards. Imagine fearing that instead of proper investment, those whose job it is to look after your healthcare system may be trying to privatise it for profit. Imagine wondering if your patients and your children will be able to afford healthcare in the future.

Imagine your boss taking the safeguards away which limit how much time your employer can make you work. Imagine your boss reducing pay for the agency staff who are filling empty posts and keeping things afloat. Imagine being expected to work more hours, more weekends for less pay. Imagine the constant pressure to see more patients in less time, and being given less resources to look after them. Imagine knowing that you will probably work far longer than any rostered hours. Imagine knowing that your senior colleagues are fighting a similar battle and their conditions may be similarly affected. Imagine finding out how many of them can’t wait to retire, and remembering the days when doctors used to love working late into life.  Imagine realising that you may not win this battle.

Imagine your boss telling everyone they just don’t understand why you are all demoralised and telling everyone that you’re actually getting a pay rise and less hours. Imagine the public believing the lies. Imagine the media believing that everyone is demoralised because the union is telling us to be. Imagine the public telling you that you knew what you were getting into. Imagine the public telling you that you are overpaid, greedy, lazy, incompetent and ought to shut up and get back to work. Imagine the public telling you that the way your profession have chosen to voice your concerns (striking) is unacceptable, but not listening to any of the other ways your colleagues have tried to engage them. Imagine hearing over and over again that the system, which is underfunded compared to every other Western country, is ‘unsustainable’ when this is not true.

Imagine just wanting to do your job and help people, but feeling bogged down in difficulties that should never be a part of your job. Imagine loving being a doctor but hating what it has become. Imagine fearing that situations may get so bad that you too may be forced to leave for your own sanity and health.

This is why so many of my peers are demoralised.

Sakura Kiss // Cha Eunwoo


the prompt: could you possibly write a Greek Mythology/Demigod AU with Eunwoo of Astro? Where like you’ve been cursed to live as a nature spirit (like a naiad or a nymph or something) and the only way to break it and become human again is to have a demigod kiss you~ In comes Cha Eunwoo, child of Athena (or you can pick a different god if you’d like!) who’s on a quest, part one of which is to receive a kiss from a nature spirit, which will supposedly grant him the power necessary to face some monster (which is part 2 of his quest)~ so he meets you, and thinks ah, perfect opportunity, and you see him and think ah, perfect opportunity~ And the two of you basically spend the next three days trying to be as seductive and flirtatious with each other as possible TRYING to get the other one to just kiss them already so they can move on with their lives??? Romantic tension, mostly comedy and fluff please~!!

words: 2768

category: percy jackson au + fluff

author note: i tweaked it a lil bit i hope you don’t mind bc i like how this turned out. also yes the title is the title song from ouran high school host club kiss kiss fall in love my friends

- destinee

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my lovely bby wow i love him so much


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A very Happy 74th Birthday to the Python that all the other Pythons unanimously adore–the magnificent, magnanimous, mesmerizing marvel that is Michael Palin! Here’s to many more happy birthdays to come. ♥

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Hey!I know you guys had a question on someone saying there vampire story they were writing was too weak , but this is a bit different. (I hope haha) I want to write like a love-ish teenage outcast kinda story, but I want the main character to be a werewolf. And a baddie or punk. Do you have any suggestions on how I can make him not seem so corny or cheesy because I feel like alot of people make things like vampires and werewolfs that kind of character and it ruins the somewhat realistic feel

One werewolf trope I’ve always enjoyed is the werewolf who doesn’t know they’re a werewolf, at least to start. Maybe someone is keeping the secret from them – a strong secondary character, or a friend who suspects or knows or was somehow involved? You can draw out a lot of tension this way – and that’s one of your top goals.

But you need to also be careful you don’t have a cheesy, stereotypical “baddie or punk,” human, either. How are you defining that role? Why is this person bad? Bad home life? Narcissistic? Not really bad at all? People get outcast for a lot of reasons, including social status, being introverted, being super smart, some imagined wrong in the past, and so on. Think hard about this choice, because this will probably be the make-or-break of your story. 

The key here is that, while people love the monster trope, they respond best to the unique world you create and the interesting characters you populate it with. Write a great story, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s about an edgy vampire or a shy intern, and it will be loved.

More on writing mythical creatures here in our tags

– Mod Aliya


You know it’s fun, the three of us. It’s really great when you come around to people after a year, a year and a half, even two years and it’s like one minute hasn’t passed. Chris and Sebastian really have a way of working hard, and being smart and humble, and not letting ego or any of this hollywood stuff get in the way of what’s important. That’s something I admire and work towards as well. So it’s just always fun to work together. - Anthony Mackie


Me and @qookyquiche made some BNHA OC’s~!! Seikikeijo Haakuma belongs to Quiche and Yurenoki Yuki belongs to me. ( ^ u ^ ) See captions + read more if you’re interested in learning more about them~

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Dude,I read your responses to the anon that asked about Light's sexual life. How do you think things would change if he was ugly?

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion as I think this is potentially a bit of a sensitive subject, but I think if Light were unattractive, he’d actually be a pretty different character overall and it wouldn’t just impact his sex life. 

A lot of the way Light carries himself in canon – his confidence, charm and polished demeanor – comes partly from being exactly what society values so much. Not only is he smart and hard working, he’s also attractive. People look at him and want to be him or be with him – that’s all part of what gets reinforced in his mentality as he grows up. 

Taking a part of that away from his framework, I’d argue changes him a bit so that he’s not as polished (around girls, mostly) and also lack the bulletproof self confidence. He’d still be confident mind you, but just not as confident as he is in canon, imo. 

But if you’re asking more specifically whether I think Misa and Kiyomi would still want to be intimate with him, I kinda get the feeling that canon would play out differently. Like, I don’t think Misa would crush on him at all. I think her feelings re: Light would be more, “I’m grateful towards you, but no pervy stuff!!” because Misa’s whole narrative is about finding a perfect fairy tale knight to sweep her off her feet… and well, knights are meant to be handsome. Light wouldn’t fit that criteria in this situation. Feelings could evolve, sure, but it’d be different. As for Kiyomi, she probably wouldn’t approach Light in the first place, and he wouldn’t approach her either. In uni, Kiyomi has kind of an untouchable status being ~seiso Takada~ and it’d go too far against the unspoken social rules for him to approach her to talk. 

Dear self,

I love you. I know I don’t act like it, and sometimes it’s hard to love you, I still do. You are me and I am you. I see so much potential in you. You’ve been through so much… soo so much but you still wake up every morning and try your best and for that I applaud you. I know life is hard…but you’re a fighter. You’re strong, you love hard, you’re smart, and with that being said…you can conquer anything. I know you get discouraged easily.. I know how fragile you are… But you gotta get rid of that mindset. It’s going to be okay. Everything will be okay. You have a good heart, you have a genuine aura about you. You are Love. Stay strong and stay focused and good things will fall into your lap. I promise you.

Just Slytherin Things

Being independent

Manipulating people to get what you want (Not necessarily bad manipulation EX: Giving your parents good news to get them into a better mood before asking for something)

Being self-centered (Whether you want to admit it or not you do it a lot. You might not even realize you’re doing it)

Knowing what you want in life (If you don’t know yet, once you do you’ll stop at nothing to get it)

Being able to go 0 - 100 real quick

Being shady af but also blunt (Contradicting? I think yes)

Being nice to everyone, unless they give you a reason not to be

Being proud of your accomplishments

Working smart, not hard

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Something I've been wondering for a bit is what exactly is Bangle and where's he from? Also what were his parents like? (Sorry if you answered any of these already)

Bangle’s a sort of shapeshifting demon. He can transform into anything from animals, to objects– even other people. He has several other magical abilities, too.
 He was born in Australia and lived there most of his life- which is where he gets his accent. When he 16, he left home to be an explorer, and stayed in places like South America and several Caribbean islands to explore caves and the jungles. He left this life to be “free” and ended up moving to the US to look for another.
His parents were also demons. They were of royal blood and expected Bangle to follow their footsteps in greatness. As the sibling of both a brother and sister who were extremely skilled, talented and smart, Bangle found it hard to please his parents. Being bipolar didn’t help. His parents showered his siblings with endless affection, while Bangle was left in the shadows of their love. He continued to try to be sweet and happy, and eventually left in his teens to be an explorer.

Popular Question I Get Asked

So, like lots of people ask me why a smart girl like me would want to be a dumb bimbo. I get asked this lots, so answering publicly seemed like a good idea. The answer is actually like super short. Being smart is lots of work, it’s hard, and a lotta times it’s depressing. Cocks are fun, being stuffed with cum feels good, the idea of being so dumb I can’t read sounds like a blissful release, being treated like an object makes me feel useful and desirable, a yummy pussy sitting on my face is heavenly, the idea of only using my mouth for pleasuring others instead of making words gives me clear purpose. Fucking is fun. Not thinking is easier. Obedience is bliss.

Way-Back Car-Tune

Here’s another machine to break time’s flow
Question is, where are we going to go?
(Lots of destinations to pick from)

All of which can depict how I came undone
How about we take a tour of 4th grade
And some fat kid that wanted me in an early grave
Telling me, he could sit on me and squash me
Pushed me on my ass quick then mocked me
(I was short and thin, easy target for the bully market)

I was picked on for being nice and smart
Even though English and Speech were hard
Had a second-grade reading level then
(Also, didn’t learn to tie my shoes until half that year was through)

How I made it into Gifted and Talented classes
When my spelling brain was slower than molasses
Has me confused as can be, no one tried to understand me
(Other boys thought it was funny I hung with nothing but girls)

I remember being punched in the gut strong enough to hurl
And that time, it was because I was defending a chick getting messed with
Like, you want to test me fine. 
(Guess at least I’ve always had a spine)

At the best of times, I was just left alone
To be in my early creative zone
Playing imaginary games that honed
This unstoppable jotting that’s blown
Corporeal bodies to the bone
(Been a long road)

Walking barefoot on a path jagged and rocky
So just know, not letting nobody stop me
Even if I’m consumed by gloom and doom
(Got me?)

And my defective speech?
Corrected by year end’s leave
And reached a 6th grade level for reading
Beating the devils within this skin
So, when people tell you to give in
That then is the time to be living

(This is where my expression comes from)
Because of that mental and soul oppression
Gave me the lessons needed to beat my depression
Along with the stressing on who’s attacking next
Plan hexes in advance to wreck necks at a glance
(So, who’s ready to dance?)

Think it’s time though to squirm in with Mr. Peabody and Sherman
And make our Way-Back
(Been looking for an excuse to say that)

Series: In-Lighting-Meant (Enlightenment)
Artist: Wordsmith Alchemist Roman aka Artist X (Justin Roman Cain)

Character Musings #2

(Just me pondering things or 10 random head canons.)

(It somehow turned into ‘how to write Xanxus’ which people have trouble with)



Xanxus is really intelligent and highly capable. I can’t say this enough. In one of the Lussuria interviews, it mentions that Xanxus can speak TWELVE languages. If you’ve ever met any linguists or someone that took a few linguistic classes you should know that they can read a lot more languages than they can speak fluently. He can probably read more. 

He also makes guns as a hobby, case in point making his X-guns. That’s not something an idiot can do considering how well-designed his guns are. Like there’s the fact they absorb flames, transfer them to the ammo and can withstand having Wrath Flames shot from them, but also that they allow Xanxus to ‘fly’ by propelling a stream of Flames behind and below him. He takes ideas and builds on them and makes them his.

Beyond that, he was considered you know, a better choice than Nono’s actual sons as Decimo in terms of leadership skills, charisma and all the things that the mafia demands a Boss to be.

Like legit, aside from the Ninth and Iemitsu everyone wanted him to be Decimo.

Not even in the same league. That’s pretty damning for Nono’s sons who you know had Vongola Blood and Hyper-Intuition?

There’s also the fact that you know, he’s Varia. Assassinating someone and fighting someone are two very different things. Assassination takes planning, tactical knowledge, a wide range of technical knowledge and skills, a sense of timing and the will to kill for money. Xanxus does the Vongola’s dirty work and does it well. He does it well enough and is charismatic enough that eight years later two of the characters that could be considered ‘least loyal’ out of the Varia -Bel and Mammon- are still highly devoted to him.

Xanxus is extremely intelligent and probably one of the most capable characters shown in the series. He just doesn’t show it off so it’s all understated and shown in little things due to how little screen time the Varia gets.


Xanxus had pronunciation issues at one point. It’s something he generally struggles with the most when learning a new language/dialect because he knows it’s important to use words precisely. Sometimes how you say something alters the meaning and Xanxus knows this. He uses words and body language precisely to get what he wants from others; that’s charisma at its most basic.

Let’s face it, Xanxus went from the street full of slang and open insults to a very rich mafia famiglia heir where veiled insults and insinuations are the norm. They pronounced things differently, had markedly different accents and intonations. Worse, similar phrases could mean something far different.

More so as a son of the Vongola, he acutely felt his status as THE bastard son. There was where he found formality and ritual words for formal events and more. That was pretty gratifying to have because unless he forgot the words there was practically no way to fuck that up. Xanxus spent a lot of time watching, observing and learning which meant keeping quiet.

In short, Xanxus went through a phase where he tried to be formal and proper but it really didn’t stick even before he found out he was adopted but he tried. As a result his language -depending on his fluency- switches between formal and casual depending on his comfort in the language, how comfortable he is with the people around him and his general mood.

See read:

“Trash.” “You are ALL SCUM!” “Brat.” “Sawada.” “Tsunayoshi.” “Kazusame.”

You get the idea right? If you read that, you’re reading it with various inflections to his words. Match emotions to the words.

Compare to this:

“Trash!” “You’re all scum.” “BRAT!” “Sawada?” “Tsunayoshi!” “Kazusame?”

One of the best things about writing Xanxus is you don’t need adverbs like ‘excitedly’ or ‘happily’ because it’s all atmosphere and action. It’s all in his dialogue’s inflection/actions.


Xanxus is probably the quietest person within the Varia.

No one is going to beat Squalo in sheer volume, but while Xanxus can be loud when angry he often doesn’t speak much. Like he speaks the least out of all of them.

Because Xanxus is smart, he knows how to use his words and even his moods to best effect. So he commands, orders, demands, insults/complains or whatever, Xanxus is not a person you sit down and have an inane conversation with. That stuff is a bit more formal so dismissal happens afterwards and Xanxus doesn’t have to deal with them for a while.

There’s a reason that he’s only had a proper conversation with Squalo out of all of his officers. Xanxus is not chatty at all.

He’s more likely to shoot you than even have a conversation about feelings or whatever. Asking for his opinion on something is probably the best to get Xanxus to say something even if it’s to mock how ridiculous the question is.

It’s not a conversation if he dismisses you, even after he answers the question.


Xanxus is far from a heart-on-the-sleeve person. In fact, the less he appears to care about things, the more he probably does. Some things he really doesn’t care about, even if the average person does which is probably a combination of how he was raised and assassin sensibilities.

This ‘hiding what you care about’ is part of a holdover from the streets he grew up on. This is only further enhanced by dealing with mafia politics as THE bastard son.

He doesn’t overcompensate while trying to hide how he feels, so it’s not easy to see if he cares. He’s certainly not going to say it, or say it outright but he will show it in loyalty; if people can earn it and his respect.

Xanxus can be compassionate should he want to be but it’s very much tough-love and he generally has to have more than one reason to actually act on it.


Xanxus’ greatest fear is actually entirely psychological and not as irrational as it might seem; it’s not ice or cold or whatever from being frozen for eight years. He doesn’t like the cold because it makes his scars hurt and that’s a lot of hurt considering how many scars the Zero Point Breakthrough left him with.

His greatest fear is losing his damn mind, for real, permanently. Going mad and delusional like his mother.

It’s not something he’s ever going to mention to anybody. Ever.

But knowing that some psychological illnesses are inheritable? You better believe that Xanxus read up on psychology. He’s smart and put what he read to good use.

Knowing how people think, act and behave means he really knows what to do with all his charisma.


His knowledge of psychology means he’s also very self aware and honest with himself. It also means he’s very aware of sexuality in himself, others and generally doesn’t care what people get off to or on. That’s their personal business, not his.

Xanxus will say he’s bisexual if asked; people really don’t ask because to most people it’s a touchy subject in the mafia and Xanxus is not someone you casually ask a potentially insulting question to. So he has no problem answering this question, so long as it’s private and he’s in a question-answering mood.

He actually falls more in line with pansexual but he knows Lussuria and wants no part in screwing that or others of a similar nature. He doesn’t mind okama being okama -he knew drag queens and more prior to his adoption- but he certainly doesn’t want any okama in his bed.

So he’s bisexual, if anyone asks. No one really has, but Xanxus doesn’t lack for a sex life if and when he wants to have one.

Have you seen this guy’s charisma?


Xanxus doesn’t have a high opinion on romance, love or the like. He knows love doesn’t often last, and people lie which makes him even more dismissive of it.

Italy may not have a high divorce rate, but there are plenty of people that have affairs despite being married or in love. The Varia’s killed a lot of cheating mafia spouses if someone’s willing to pay them for it, so time and work hasn’t improved his view on either.

He’d rather avoid that mess, should he ever get married.

He hasn’t found anyone he’d want to marry in the first place anyway.


Xanxus excels at mind games, which can be hard work. Part of it is the need to excel at politics that being Decimo entailed and part of it is just fun.

This means he’s always paying attention, being observant and thinking. He not only works hard, but works smart and uses all of his resources to the fullest extent possible for the optimal result. Not just in the short-term, but long-term as well.

Squalo might be the Varia’s Strategy Captain, but Xanxus is the one that plots ideas, navigates the politics associated with each mission the Varia accepts and prepares for the political fallout of Varia operations and more.

The problem with the series is that we don’t see it. Xanxus is normally shown eating, drinking, sitting down and relaxing if he’s not angry and fighting. 

He gets his work done and then he relaxes or eats. Or in this case gets dressed, after a night of paperwork followed by sleep. Assassins don’t keep regular hours. Look at that desk. All that completed paperwork, because you put the done papers to the right.

See, this is Xanxus being smart. He just figured out why Mammon wanted something and is using that to leverage more information from Mammon.

Mammon’s not even charging Xanxus. Xanxus is making Mammon pay him information because very few people know the specifics of the Arcobaleno Curse. Xanxus is practically getting this information from Mammon for free.

Combined with canny observation, psychological knowledge, ruthlessness and practice against his mafia peers, Xanxus is very good at mind games. 

If there’s no mind-games or underlying goal for whatever Xanxus is doing or not doing, you’re not writing Xanxus right. There’s always something he’s doing or he’s always planning something.

Any Boss with initiative is a schemer.


Concerning Nono, there’s a lot that Xanxus feels about him and very little of it is good.

Xanxus tried. He tried and tried to please that man and make him proud. Considering how sparse Xanxus’ education was prior to his adoption, it took a lot of work and effort to catch up to his peers much less surpass them. Xanxus exhausted himself with reading, practicing, training and more and it was never good enough.

There was always something he couldn’t get right in Nono’s eyes. Too aggressive, too casual, too hard, too cruel, too wild, too young… the list went on and on. Xanxus could never get Nono’s approval and without that, become Decimo. Iemitsu was even worse, for some reason; more dismissive.

Xanxus had asked, demanded to know why he couldn’t get that -although he had phrased it as ‘become Decimo’ or as other questions like ‘what did I do wrong?’. The lies were noticed, the deflections stopped working and this eventually led to Xanxus breaking into Nono’s private study and discovering his adoption.

It explained a lot.

It also broke his heart, which was a state of affairs that Xanxus found intolerable, which led to the Varia and eventually led to the Cradle Affair.

In short, Xanxus might miss him once Nono’s dead and is grateful for getting off the streets but that doesn’t mean he likes or even loves the man that adopted him.

He has eight years of being frozen and the time between being adopted and being frozen filled with lies as reasons to hate the man.

Maybe if the man had been more concerned with being a Father instead of a Don, they might have never had that sort of situation.


Xanxus finds his subordinates annoying on a good day, but none are so annoying as the would-be Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi.

The kid is so soft and naive, he’s embarrassing to be around. There’s also his very obvious lack of academic prowess, lack of useful skills and… he’s not even intimidating. More fluff than threat or danger.

Xanxus is willing to admit that the brat had improved but not by much. He could at least defend himself in a serious fight.

Xanxus may not have the bloodline to be Decimo, but he’s not going to let the Vongola fall because some idiot thinks he can transform the mafia through the power of friendship and nostalgia for a ‘better time.’ You know, Giotto’s Golden Era? That ended before Daemon Spade and Secondo made Giotto step down and retire to Japan.

Idiot hasn’t realized that the mafia was the way it is because people and changing circumstances made it so. There was no way to undo it either. Not unless the brat wanted to kill just about every non-allied famiglia.

But if Tsuna ever attempted to destroy the Vongola purposefully or incidentally then the brat shouldn’t be surprised if Xanxus kills him. Tsuna might have Hyper-Intuition but really, that’s not foolproof or something to rely on.

Assassins exist to take advantages of weakness like that and Hyper-Intuition can be fooled; Xanxus has had practice with Nono, Nono’s sons and Iemitsu. He can fool it..

The most important and difficult thing would be getting the ring to accept him but better a false Vongola than the real Vongola who can’t even or desires to do anything that would harm the Vongola.

He may not be able to become Decimo himself, so it’s a dim second-best to make sure that idiot doesn’t get himself permanently dead or the Vongola damaged beyond repair. Xanxus being the Head of the Varia gives him a lot more time to devote to other things including those that threatened the Vongola than being Decimo would.

Plus he’s become fond of the Varia’s autonomy.

Still trucking my way through this episode, and I noticed something.

This is the point where Ziggy admits to giving Sportacus the sugar apple, and Stephanie, though not intending to be harsh, says, disappointed: “Ziggy, no. Did you give Sportacus sugar?”

Now, Sportacus is in the middle of a sugar meltdown here, basically an allergic reaction, and since they laid him down on the bench he’s been out of it. Not responding to anything apart from some slight head lolling when they put the headphones on him.

But then Stephanie (albeit gently, and no doubt she didn’t mean any harm) chastises Ziggy, and Sportacus’s hand moves. Like he’s reaching for Stephanie’s.

My interpretation? Sportacus is smart enough to know that Ziggy is probably already being pretty hard on himself about it already, and that as well-meaning as she is, Stephanie isn’t helping. Even though he’s pretty much out of it, he’s at least aware enough to pick up on that, and use what little bit of energy he has to reach for her, to do something to make her stop and listen to herself and be aware of what she’s saying. Because he knows she’s hurting Ziggy, and cares too much about his kids to let that happen.