being sick is so much better with the doctor

well my xmas was spent in the hospital because I couldn’t hold anything down. anyone who has had the stomach flu knows exactly how it is and it is the most miserable painful shit ever. my ab muscles are still sore from gagging until just a drop of spit came up. the doctor thought it was the flu at first but then diagnosed me with a UTI or something, idk. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had both at the same time with my luck. it was my first time staying overnight in a hospital and being hooked up to an IV, so that’s a pretty good record for being 23 I guess? anyway I’m much better now and so glad to be home with my cats.
Injured Affection

REQUEST by LUCCEROMMA4403: I was wondering if you could write this for me. The reader and Roman are married and they’re both in WWE as wrestler. During a match the reader gets hurt and now she’s in bed rest to recover from a serious injury. When Roman came back, you get heated being around Roman and so the reader wants to make love and he’s very hesitant. But eventually he agrees and so the make love but he’s super gentle. And maybe they get a little rough?😏 I would appreciate if you could😋

Warnings: Smut, language
(A/N): The thirst was real while I wrote this so it’s longer than expected, I mean , look at our Samoan God. Enjoy loves!


‘’Mom, I’m fine,’’ I chuckled as I shifted my weight on the bed, careful not to hurt my right leg. I had to stay in bed the upcoming weeks, thanks to the match I had almost a month ago. Charlotte was talking crap about my husband, so you could figure I wasn’t going to let her get away with it just like that. Even though everyone backstage tried to stop me, I pushed all of them away and surprised Charlotte in the ring. I grabbed her hair and pulled it backwards, dragging her to the ground. She, of course, fought back by literally kicking my ass and whatever she had in store. At one point, I was laying on the ground and she jumped on my leg too hard, causing it to bruise badly. I cried it out at the top of my lungs but she kept going and going. Eventually, my husband and some referees came out, removing Charlotte away from my reach. I was really hurt and my only concern was to beat the hell out of her. My husband, at the other hand, carried me to the nursery backstage. I was secretly happy he did, because I couldn’t handle any more source of pain or pressure. The doctor said that I needed at least two months of rest, which annoyed the shit out of me, since I wanted to wrestle and do things. I mostly wanted to have some alone time with my husband, if you know what I mean, but that wasn’t really possible since my leg still hurts and him being overprotective.

‘’Was it really necessary to ran out there?’’ My mom asked concerned, sitting at the end of the bed, partly blocking my view from the TV that hung in the room.

‘’No one is talking about my husband that way.’’ I answered fiercely. ‘’I warned her before mom, but she loves to provoke things like this. Charlotte knows how much I hate it when someone talks bad about the people I love and she knows damn well that I will strike back ten times harder.’’ I felt myself getting frustrated again. ‘’She did this on purpose.’’

‘’It’s lovely to hear that you care so much about him, but next time, think before you act darling, look where this got you now.’’

‘’I know,’’ I sighed, ‘’I’m sorry for scaring you.’’

‘’Oh honey, don’t apologize for that. I just hope you get well soon so you can do what you love to do again.’’ My mom smiled and stood up. ‘’I have to go now hun, dad wants to take me out to dinner tonight so I have to get ready.’’

‘’Aw you guys make my heart warm,’’ I cupped my chest, ‘’have fun and greet dad for me.’’

‘’I will and thank you my little one.’’ She kissed my head and she left. Once I heard the door close, I wanted to change channel, but the remote control was at the end of the bed where my mom sat. She insisted on watching The Bold and The Beautiful since ‘things got heated’ between Steffy and Liam or whoever they were. I groaned loudly, throwing my head back on the pillows and closing my eyes. As I was about to think of a way to grab the remote, the bedroom door flew open. My eyes opened right away, seeing my husband standing in the doorway with his suitcases, hair being in a messy bun, wearing a black t-shirt and black sweatpants.

‘’Someone in this room missed me?’’ He smiled as bright as I did. I honestly didn’t care about my leg at that moment so I stood up, making Roman to drop all the bags he had in his hand to catch me. ‘’Jesus baby, what are you doing?’’ He asked concerned as he pulled me close to him. ‘’You shouldn’t be walking, you should be resting.’’ He chuckled. I nodded against his broad chest, wrapping my arms around his neck. I missed every single thing about him; his smell, his laugh, his body, his kisses, literally everything.

‘’I missed you so much.’’

‘’I missed you too babygirl, a lot.’’ He said warmly. ‘’Now let’s get you back in bed.’’ Roman lifted me up bridal style, making me giggle. Slowly laying me down again. Luckily for me, I could move my leg better, but it still hurts with certain movements I made. ‘’How is my wife doing?’’ He asked as he crawled in bed next to me.

‘’You’re wife is sick of being in bed all day long.’’ I sighed.

‘’I can imagine that, but you heard what the doctor said, y/n.’’ He pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it aside on the chair. ‘’You gotta rest for at least two months before you can do things again.’’

‘’I don’t care. I’m into other things than bedrest and watching TV all day long.’’  His right arm was wrapped around my waist, our skin touching after so long, making me crave him even more than before. I ran my fingers over his hand and slowly guided it downwards to my center.

‘’Y/n, what are you doing?’’ He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

‘’Providing us both with a source of pleasure,’’ I bit my lip, ‘’It’s been so long.’’

‘’I know, but I don’t want the risk of you getting hurt again, by me this time.’’ He said bothered.

‘’Roman please,’’ I moaned in his ear as I slid his hand down further, ‘’I need you so bad, I haven’t seen you, felt you for so long.’’

‘’I don’t wanna hurt you..’’ He trailed off as I slid his hand inside of my panties. ‘’Holy shit, baby’’ Looking at me, I felt his hand take back his own will, index finger circling my clit slowly. I moaned, throwing head back against his shoulder in immense pleasure. ‘’You sure you want this, once we continue this, there’s no stopping me.’’ He whispered in my ear. Nodding was the only thing I could do since my words failed me.

‘’I trust you.’’ I said, my hand sliding in front of his sweats to rub his shaft through the fabric. He was slowly getting harder by my touch, groaning lightly. ‘’That feels so…’’ I couldn’t finish my sentence as he slid two fingers inside of me. ‘’Oh fuck Roman.’’

‘’You missed that baby?’’ He deeply said, making me shiver, ‘’You missed me touching you like this?’’ His fingers curled inside of me, waiting for a response since I didn’t answer him.

‘’Oh my god, yes Roman.’’ My grip on his arm tightened since I felt myself getting closer to reaching my peak.

‘’Let me taste you.’’ Pulling his fingers out of me, the emptiness making me whine. Once he slowly took off my panties, he carefully took my painful leg and placed it on his broad shoulder. I gave him a nod, letting him know I was okay. Placing soft kisses on my inner thigh, his lips felt like fire against my heated skin. I closed my eyes, waiting for what was coming. He licked all the way up from my center to my sensitive bundle of nerves. Instinctively I grabbed his hair, arching my back.

‘’Fuckkk.’’ I moaned loudly. His fingers finding their way back inside of me while he gently sucked my clit, circling it with his talented tongue. ‘’Jesus baby…Oh m-my g-goddd.’’ I shuddered beneath him. He hummed against me on purpose, sending vibrations over my pussy, feeling the effects throughout my whole body.

‘’You taste so fucking good y/n,’’ he murmured against me, ‘’you gonna cum for me?’’ Roman asked, never stopping pumping in and out of me with this fingers. The metal of his ring made contact with my center everytime he pushed back inside, the mixture of heat and cold sending me over the edge. ‘’Good girl.’’ He took one last lick of my pussy as he took a hold of my leg and slowly parted it with his hand as he kissed my stomach. I was given a moment to catch my breath and to get rid of his shirt I was wearing as Roman took off all his clothes. Once he was fully naked, towering over me, I took a moment to look at him. My husband is seriously a god. ‘’I’ll be gentle baby, don’t worry,’’ he smiled. I nodded, giving him a smile back. ‘’Just relax..’’ He whispered as he took a hold of his dick, wiping the pre cum away with his thumb. I grabbed his hand and sucked it off his digit, making him groan.

‘’Oh shit..’’ I cried out as he slowly pushed inside of me. The feeling of being stretched out again after so long is an indescribably pleasurable feeling. While giving me a moment to adjust to his thick and long dick, he kissed my neck. ‘’Roman…’’ I whimpered. He started to move slowly, gentle and careful thrusts.

‘’Does that feel good babe?’’ Roman grunted, careful not to hurt my leg. Somehow, the slight  pain of my leg and the pleasure, caused an amazing feeling.

‘’Harder,’’ I begged. I could feel he was holding himself back, ‘’I need you to go harder.’’

‘’Are you sure?’’ Caressing my cheek, he looked at me somewhat concerned. As I nodded, he wasted no time with picking up speed. ‘’You gotta tell me if I hurt you.’’ Roman breathed. His hand moved my sore leg further apart, gripping my hips as he thrusted rapidly in and out of me. ‘’I missed you so fucking much babygirl.’’

‘’I missed you too Roman, fuck!’’ I cried out of pleasure as he started to rub my clit. ‘’Oh yes, just like that, I’m gonna cum baby,’’ I felt him hitting my g-spot over and over again.

‘’Cum for me baby, haven’t felt you cum around my dick for so long, come on darling.’’

‘’Oh my fucking god, yes!’’ I screamed as my juices started to drip down his dick.

‘’Yeah babygirl, that’s it.’’ He chuckled. His thrusts became harsher, but sloppy, almost reaching his peak. Pieces of his hair started to fall out his bun, tickling my face.  I started to move my hips to push him deeper inside of me, helping him. ‘’Jesus, y/n,’’ he struggled to say, ‘’Oh baby, fuck.’’ Roman moaned, his left hand pinching my sensitive nipples. I felt the familiar heat in my abdomen, signing me that I was close to another orgasm. After a few thrusts, I felt his dick jerk inside of me. He kissed me sweetly as he pulled out. Just as I thought he was done, he pushed his fingers inside of me again, rubbing my clit with his thumb, making me cum for the second time. We were both breathless as we lied back down under the covers.

‘’Thank you,’’ I said, taking his hand in mine, ‘’I really needed this.’’

‘’I gotta ask Charlotte to talk more shit about me if this is what your injury leads to.’’ Roman chuckled.

‘’You better watch out with what you say Reigns,’’ my finger traced his cheek, looking in his eyes. ‘’I love you.’’

‘’I love you more babygirl,’’ He sweetly said, kissing me.

Imagine Chris being a bad doctor.

A/N: I mean, that gif though. 😂 This is a request from the poor, sick Joanna otherwise known as @pegasusdragontiger. I am really hoping you feel better, darling. I know how much being sick sucks. Lots of hugs. ❤️ Oh, yes. There’s mention of blood, so don’t read this if it triggers you.

You’d spent the last couple of weeks in Sydney, Australia visiting your older brother who was getting his ‘Bachelor of Science’ at New Castle University. June was summer for the U.S, but it was winter for those down under. As much as you enjoyed the blistering cold, you returned home with a terrible flu leaving your husband to play doctor. When he picked you up from the airport, you’d already started showing symptoms. The two of you stopped by CVS on your way home so he could stock up on supplies to help you feel better. On the drive home, you complained about your discomfort hoping you’d get some sympathy. Instead he teased you, saying it was “karma” for “leaving me alone for two weeks.” You wanted to remind him that he left you first, and for much longer to film ‘Red Sea Diving Resort’ in South Africa. But you knew he’d counter with “mine was work, yours was fun” and your scratchy throat didn’t have the strength for all your witty comebacks so you just nodded.

The second the two of you got home, Chris lit your lemon grass candles and ran you a hot bath. He enclosed you in there hoping the scent and the steam would clear your blocked nose, then worked to unpack your bags as he knew how much you liked getting that done as soon as you got home. He threw all your dirty clothes into the washing machine and left it to do its job so he could get started on cooking you your grandmother’s chicken macaroni soup. You wanted it every time you were sick, and seeing as you were the better cook with the recipe memorized- you usually made it for yourself. But because Chris loved you and wanted to take care of you, he asked your grandmother to write it down for him about four Thanksgivings ago when he was still just your boyfriend. He figured he’d learn it because he knew he wasn’t going anywhere and that was the only thing you’d eat when you were sick, that and ice-cream even though dairy was bad for your coughs. Four Thanksgivings ago was the last time you had to make that soup for yourself. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were, not every girl had a guy as fantastic as Chris in their lives to make amazing chicken macaroni soup for them.

After your bath, you changed into your comfiest pajamas before heading downstairs to cuddle up on the couch with Dodger while Chris continued to work in the kitchen. You turned on the TV and accessed the hard drive connected because you had a sudden urge to watch Robert in ‘Iron Man’; it was still your favorite Marvel movie despite the fact that you were married to Captain America. It was Chris’ favorite too, but he stopped admitting that after you told him Iron Man was your favorite. You were quickly pulled onto Team Iron Man by Robert, who then rubbed the fact that he was your favorite in Chris’ face. He pretty much did it whenever they were out promoting ‘Captain America: Civil War’, and at any premiere you attended with Chris. It quickly became a meme, trending all over the internet. It was pretty funny. At one point, there was a photograph captured by the press at the Los Angeles premiere of your own husband and his two most loyal companions- Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan- snubbing you. Everyone knew it was a joke, of course, but it still made headlines. Chris had it framed for the home office; the two of you laughed every time you saw it.

“I think you clicked on the wrong movie, ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ is up up up,” he called from the open floor kitchen. You giggled, scratching Dodger’s head. “Oh come on,” he chuckled, pointing at the TV screen with his knife. “Where’s the solidarity?” He lowered his knife to the chopping board, cutting the carrots into medium sized cubes with his gaze still locked on you. “You’re married to Captain America, for God sakes.” Before you could tell him to watch what he was doing, he did as you’d foreseen. “Fuck me!” He dropped the knife with a clang, grimacing as he examined his left hand.

“This is why I always tell you to focus when you’re cutting.” You patted Dodger’s butt, gesturing for him to get off you as you sat up straight. “Is it bad?” You asked, watching him as he ran his hand under the water. “Chris, hey. Is it bad?” You repeated your question and he shook his head. It was an obvious lie because he wouldn’t turn around and you could spot a small pool of blood on the chopping board. “Come here and let me see.”

“It’s fine, Y/N.”

“Do not make me walk over there,” you warned him and he sighed, turning off the tap. He grabbed a tea towel as he turned around, wrapping his finger in it. “Grab the first aid kit on your way over.” You instructed as he was doing so, shaking your head at him with a small smile on your lips when he sat down in front of you. “How do you complete complicated stunts with ease when you can’t even cut carrots without cutting yourself?” You asked as you opened the first aid kit, searching for the proper equipment.

“You’re so funny, Y/N,” he bit with a forced smile and you laughed, transforming his smile into a more genuine one. “This is your fault, I wouldn’t have cut myself if I weren’t so distracted by your betrayal.” You rolled your eyes, taking his left hand. You unwrapped his finger from the tea towel to examine the severity, it was deep but he didn’t need stitches. “If you’d just- Argh, God!” He yelped when you wrapped the tea towel back around his wound and squeezed it to soak up the oozing blood. “Can you be gentle?”

“Can you stop being such a baby?” You chuckled, gesturing for him to keep the pressure while you got some alcohol swab. “It’s just a cut, you didn’t lose a finger.” He frowned, scrunching his nose like a child. “If you think that hurts,” you reclaimed his hand, resting it on your lap as you ripped opened the swab. “This is going to sting like a bitch.” You told him and moved the cloth aside, taking his hand in yours again.

“What is- Motherfucker!” Dodger flinched when Chris cried. He reflexively yanked his hand away, but you caught it before he could get too far and continued to gently clean his wound. “Oh my God, Y/N!” He squeezed his eyes shut, clenching his teeth as the alcohol burned his open wound. “That is fucking- Shit!” He continued to swear while you laughed. “Are you sure you’re meant to- Ow!” He continued to whine and complained as you continued to clean his wound with a new swab as the other one was soaked in his blood. “What the fuck is that, Y/N?!” You chuckled, shaking your head in disbelief. “My finger feels like it’s on fire!”

“Don’t be dramatic, Chris,” you rolled your eyes, “it’s just a slight sting.”

“Slight sting? That is not a slight sting, it’s- oh fuck,” he huffed, grimacing.

If you were being honest, you had no idea if the alcohol swab was necessary. You just did it because that was what you always did when you got a cut; you cleaned the wound before doing anything else. It was fun to you, even though the pain was killer. It made you feel like a doctor, which you loved. You may not have had a certificate in first aid, but your wounds always healed so clearly you were doing something right. After the swabs, you plastered his wound with the biggest bandaid in the kit. You took his hand and brought his injured finger to your lips, kissing it ever so gently and drawing a smile from him.

“There you go, baby,” you cooed, provoking him to flick you in the forehead. “Ow,” you giggled as he rose to his feet, gathering both bloody tea towel and first aid kit in his good hand. In his wounded hand, he collected the used swabs and bandaid wrapper. “Wear the disposable gloves, you don’t want to get water in your wound.” You called as you and Dodger resumed your earlier cuddling position.

“You got it, Dr. Cruel.”

“Dr. Cruel,” you chuckled. “She sounds like she’d be a perfect match for Dr. Strange don’t you think?” He laughed, walking back to his chopping board once he put the first aid kit away. “Could you soak that tea towel in cold water and wash the carrots before you do anything else? I don’t want your blood to stain, nor do I want to consume your blood.”

“Do you know what annoys me the most?”

“Me telling you to do stuff you’re already doing?” You answered then giggled when he nodded, smiling. “I’m sorry,” you pouted. “You know I can’t help it, I am a Virgo after all.” He rolled his eyes, like he didn’t already know how much of a Virgo you were. “I’ll shut up now, leave you to cook in peace. Try not to hurt yourself any further, you wouldn’t want Dr. Cruel to get her scalpel.”

“God,” he snickered. “I hope you never, ever get your hands on a scalpel, babe.” You giggled, wrapping your arms around Dodger as you turned your attention to the TV. “Your patient would definitely not make it out of that OR. I mean- there’s a reason you pursued writing instead of medicine, okay?”

“And there’s a reason you pursued acting, Mr. I-can’t-cut-carrots-without-cutting-my-finger.”

“You’re adorable, really.” He bit sarcastically. “Don’t make me poison your soup, hon,” he smirked.

“Oh please, baby,” you smirked right back, making him laugh, “as if you could survive without me.”

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Not the Needles (Auston Matthews)

Anonymous said:

can you do #62 from the drabble list with Auston matthews where the reader doesn’t want to go into the doctors office to get a needle or something like that please? I love your writing btw

#62: “I’m not going in.” - “Then we’re not going to get a treat after.”

Word count: 1435

Warnings: Mentions of needles, mentions of medical care facilities, mentions of Stranger Things (no spoilers, I promise).

Author’s note: This is way longer than I meant it to be, so it’s more of a full out imagine than it is a drabble. 

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You wake up to a sudden fit of coughing for the third time this morning. As you sit up, desperately trying to catch your breath, you hear Auston at the door to your apartment.

“(Y/N)? You okay?” He asks.

“I’m…fine…” You wheeze, grabbing a blanket in hopes to stop your chills as you shuffle to the door. You slowly open it and force a weak grin to appear on your face.

“Oh sweetheart, you look absolutely terrible! I thought you said you were better last week?” You shrug.

“Yeah, because that’s what every girl wants to hear from her boyfriend.” You’re so congested that it takes Auston a second to decipher what you said.

“Do you have a fever?” You outwardly sigh as Auston lays a freezing hand against your forehead, the cool providing instant relief. “Jesus, (Y/N), you’re burning up! C’mon.” He gently grabs your shoulders and steers you towards the couch, where you basically fall, already starting to doze again. “Where’s your thermometer?” Auston says gently, stroking your cheek.

“Bathroom.” You mumble. You can vaguely hear Auston rummaging around before he appears in your line of sight again.

“Here.” He holds it up to your mouth. You take it from him and stick it under your tongue, waiting patiently for the beep. When the thermometer finally beeps, Auston takes it from you, his face instantly going white. “When was the last time you checked your temp?” He asks.

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Prayer request

I’m feeling really bad, my chest feels tight and I don’t have much of an appetite at all. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow but honestly I wish I was going right now so I could figure out what I need to fix to feel better. Prayers that I’ll feel better and that the doctor will know what to do to help would be appreciated. Thanks

Title: Not a Victim
Pairing: Minor Paperhat
Summary: Flug wasn’t a damsel in distress. He really wished the heroes would stop treating him like it.
Tag: Blood, gore, violence. Evil Flug


For the past few weeks the heroes had gotten rather bold. They’d targeted the mansion several times, even tried to break in a few times. Flug didn’t know why they decided to be idiots and target them, but he didn’t really care. Though it had started to get annoying. It certainly had started getting on Black Hat’s nerves. At first the villain had found it amusing, but as the heroes continued their assault, the eldritch became annoyed. So it wasn’t a shock when he gathered Dementia and Flug and told them that they were going after the heroes.

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Vocal Unit Reaction to their S/O having a really high fever

Anonymous said to wenwoohui:hello! can you do a vocal/hip hop unit reaction to their s/o having a rlly high fever and won’t get up from the bed? thanks❤️

hello! Thank you so much for requesting! I will be posting the Hip Hop Unit’s soon :) Hope you Enjoy!

Woozi: Would low key be really concerned about you, but wouldn’t want to bother you too much / get sick himself. He would always bring you in water and would bring you extra pilows when you were sleeping. He would always break out his aegyo if you seemed really sick and out of it, because he missed your smile when he weren’t able to leave your bed.

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Jeonghan: Would lay down in bed right next to you. You would continuously pester him that he totally was going to get sick too if he kept being around you all the time, but that wouldn’t stop him. “I’m going to be right here until you get better, so stop bothering me about leaving!”

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Joshua: This boy would be #1 worrier on the inside and #1 supporter on the outside. Would be freaking out how you didn’t have enough energy to even get out of bed but wouldn’t show his fears at all. Would be bringing you popsicles, toast, and lots of water whenever you wanted or needed anything. You would wake up one morning to him playing guitar softly with daises next to your bed. “Was I playing too loud? I’m so sorry go back to sleep and rest up. Our #1 priority is you getting better you hear?”

Originally posted by imaginetheseidiots

DK: I think DK would be the model boyfriend during this situation to be honest. He would be the right amount concerned and worried. He would bring you movies to keep you entertained when you were in bed and would shower you in forehead kisses when you felt really sick. “Just remember I love you so much and want you to get better soon! So I am going to quickly kiss you better!”

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Seungkwan: Now I’m not saying you being sick is not important, but Seungkwan would totally overreact. As soon as you took your temperature and say it over 100 degrees he was on the phone with every doctor ever and crying about how he could never live if disease took you away from him. He would run out and get every medicine he thought would help and bring back any food that sounded good at all.

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thank you so much for requesting! My requests are all open. I OWN NONE OF THESE GIFS.

#391 - Premature Baby

Harry: 32 weeks pregnant and here you were, lying in the hospital bed after a difficult yet quick labor. It was too early, too early for your little girl to get here. You hadn’t even seen her yet. She was whisked away by doctors as soon as the cord was cut. Harry had gone out with her, following the doctors every step to make sure that she was okay. It was more for your reassurance than anything. Once the nurses had helped you clean up, delivering the placenta and whatnot, you laid alone, trying to comprehend everything that had just happened. It went by so fast, you barely had time to think about anything until now. The door to your room opened and Harry stepped in, running his hand through your hair. You looked over at him, concern spread across your features. “Is she okay?” you asked quietly, pushing yourself up as he pulled a chair next to the bed. “She’s… so tiny,” he shook his head like he couldn’t believe something that small could be alive. “Like… I don’t understand how she’s so tiny,” he shook his head, looking over at you. “Is she okay?” you repeated, reaching out to grab onto his hand. “She should be… she’s in the NICU… as soon as you’re feeling better, we can go see her…” he nodded, lacing his fingers in between yours. “I want to see her now,” you argued, but Harry shook his head, giving you a stern look. “You need to focus on relaxing so you can be okay for her,” he pressed. “Please…” You looked at him and relaxed back into the hospital bed, swallowing thickly. “Okay…”

Liam: The two of you were made to wash your hands thoroughly before you would be able to see your son. Born 12 weeks too soon by an emergency c-section, he had to be in an incubator until he would be able to eat and breathe on his own. Liam pushed the wheelchair you were made to sit in through the door as you followed the nurse to where your son laid, asleep in the small tube that was keeping him alive. Taking a deep breath, your eyes locked on him and your heart swelled. The tiny body was your baby. Weighing no more than 2 and a half pounds, he barely took up any space. “There’s spots on the side to reach in and touch him… as soon as he can breathe on his own, you’ll be able to hold him… the more skin to skin contact you have, the quicker he’s more likely to heal,” the nurse explained, showing you what she was talking about. You nodded quietly, instinctively reaching out to put your arms through the holes, making first contact with your son. Your eyes filled with tears as soon as you felt the delicate skin under your fingertips. His arm moved slightly when you touched him so you reached down to gently brush your finger over his small hand. “He’s so perfect,” Liam whispered, dropping down to kneel next to you, keeping his hand on your shoulder supportively. “He is…” you nodded quickly in agreement, rubbing your eye with your free hand.

Niall: One moment you were eating dinner, the next your water was breaking and spilling onto the floor. Being only 33 weeks, the math in your head quickly didn’t sense. “Niall it’s too early,” you breathed out as he grabbed your bag. You had just thought your contractions were nothing more than Braxton hicks. They felt so similar. “I know,” he nodded. “We just gotta call your doctor alright?” he said calmly, wrapping his arm securely around your waist as he grabbed the car keys. You nodded your head and found the number on your phone, calling and explaining the situation. She told you she would meet you at the hospital and you were on your way. The only thing you felt you could do was hope that everything would be okay. 12 hours. 12 hours of laboring and contractions. You had expected a lot worse for your first baby. The moment you heard her cries as she came into the world, your levels of hope shot up. Niall was able to cut her cord, his hands shaking and his eyes tearing up as he tried to focus. “Don’t worry love, you won’t cut baby, just me,” the nurse smiled, guiding him along as he finally got through. At one point the nurses had been worried more that he would pass out, but he was determined to be with you the whole time. You were able to hold her about an hour later. She had a tube going in her nose, but the wires were as non-invasive as they could be. From the moment the sweet little thing was placed in your arms, you knew that every second of your future was going to be spent protecting her.

Louis: We can’t have too many people over at once,” you reminded Louis as he had brought up the possibility of having his sister Lottie and her boyfriend come over to meet your son. “I know, but the doctor said three people at the most and they just have to really wash their hands first,” he explained, standing in the doorway as you sat in the rocking chair with your baby sleeping soundly in your arms. “I suppose,” you murmured, nodding your head and looking back down at him. Louis smiled to himself and came over, kneeling down in front of the two of you. “I know you want to do everything in your power to make sure he doesn’t get sick love, trust me, I do. But he’s getting so much better… he’s home now, that’s a great sign…” “I know…” you nodded your head, adjusting the blanket around the sleeping boys head. “But you understand the fear? He was so sick when he was born… so small… he was in the hospital for almost three months… I just… I don’t want to risk anything…” you said softly and Louis nodded his head understandingly. “And I understand that… he’s been home for a month… the doctors said he’s well on his way to being healthy and strong… I promise you that Lottie will wash her hands and be so careful… please? I really want her to meet him…” For a moment, you stopped rocking, looking down at your partner before nodding your head. “Okay…” you murmured. “Okay,” he smiled backm leaning up to kiss your forehead. “I’ll call her.”

(Okay, before you ask me where Zayn’s part is, let me explain xx I’m not taking him out of the preferences! Just for this one I feel like if I try to carry on, it’ll become dull x I’m really happy with the four parts I’ve written and don’t want to push myself to right some lackluster part. If enough people ask, I will add a Zayn part at a different time. Xx love you all and thank you for the continuous support xx)

{PART 2} Magical Thailand // BamBam

Originally posted by bamkissii

Pairing: BamBam x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You tell BamBam the good news!

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, I suggest you do so before reading this final Part 2! :D

{Part 1} {Part 2}

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Doctor and Nurse - 13th Doctor x Reader


This was requested by an anon who wanted either a 13 x reader or Missy x reader with the prompts: 6. “i know you don’t love me, but please, just lie to me once more.” and 41. “prove me wrong.” I chose the 13th Doctor because I’m in love with her and I just wrote for Missy.

Do you want to request something with a prompt? Click HERE for the prompt list!

“I want you to throw out all the custard and fish fingers, Y/N!” the Doctor yelled while you pushed her into her bed.

“We don’t even have that,” you groaned. She tried to sit up and you pushed her back to lie down. She actually tried to kick you away and you had to sit on top of her and pin her down.

“Doctor, just go to sleep,” you told her.

“No! I’ve got so much things to do, let go of me, Y/N!” she yelled, fighting back. Lucky for you she was still weak from being sick all week and eventually she just gave up.

“Listen, Doc, you told me to get you in bed. You took that nasty medicine that will make you feel better and you need to sleep now,” you said, brushing through her hair with your fingers. She looked horrible, very pale and with swollen eyes. She hadn’t showered in some days.

“I can’t go to sleep,” she whined.

“Yes, you can,” you told her.

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Left hand drawing

To clarify since I’ve gotten some questions about it, I’m trying to draw solely with my non dominant, left hand atm. My years of not stretching properly(?) and sole interests consisting of drawing and playing video games have caught up to me and I’ve got some issues with my right wrist. A bit unclear of what exactly the problem is, but I’m on doctors orders to “basically try to keep your right wrist in a neutral position at all times”. Boring as hell.

So to work around this I’ve picked up drawing with my left hand again. I broke my right arm in like fourth grade, and got a months worth of lefty practice in, and then a couple of years back I did some sketching and stuff with my left hand, thinking that if I ever lost my dominant one I’d have a head start on getting back to drawing again. Thanks, past me!

I find drawing with my nom dominant hand to be pretty fun actually. You can work up some proficiency with it pretty quickly, and it both turns out pretty loose and lively, but also slows me down a little to pay attention to details since I can’t move as quickly as normal.
It’s nice to be able to draw even as I rest my right one as much as possible, and I’m motivated to get as good as possible with my left one so that I can potentially use it at work, if the doctors tell me I need to rest my right one more after the summer. As opposed to going on a long sick leave or something.

But hopefully I’ll get better soon, I’ve got a doctors appointment next Monday.

Thank you guys for being awesome and following my art stuff! :)

Thanks for all the well-wishes and birthday wishes. You guys are great  

I’m still really new to my area and don’t have that many people to celebrate with irl, but it means a lot to me that you guys care enough to send your support for me to kick this dumb virus’ to the curb and for me to have a happy birthday.

^Me at this weird cold/flu virus thing. I’m convinced New York is waging biological warfare at me at this point. 

Don’t know you guys irl but you guys are kind and wonderful people and thanks for making me smile. You’re great pals and everything you guys say to me means a lot. This comic wouldn’t be here without you so thank you ^^

@kiratrevelyan84 @ashleyanthrax @pokebrony @captainanndor @keove

@fangirlsquee @peisaac @wraithware @author-of-sin and everyone else who’s been kind and left messages.

I’m going to try to get up early to work on the comic but just to be safe, it might be better assume that it’ll be posted Saturday. Will try for tomorrow but given family stuff it might take me a tiny bit longer to finish up.

EDIT: The doctor says I have bronchitis so will try to shoot for Sunday. Got a bit sick today and wasnt really functional. I’m so sorry but will work on it as much as I can to put it up Sunday morning.

Preference: Avengers taking care of you while you sick

- Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Tony is in absolute hysteric than it comes to illness. He’s terrified by even slightest possibilities of getting sick too, so he either ship you off to the hotel or to secluded part of the tower. Of course he’ll send a doctor and make sure that you comfortable just not…spreading you germs near him. But don’t worry after you recover he’ll make it up to you.

- Steve Rogers (Captain America)
Steve remembers his own sick days from the past so he’s provide you with extreme kind of care. He calls your boss, insists you stay in bed, wraps you in blankets, brings chicken soup, and makes sure that you take your medicine. Cuddles are optional but he wouldn’t say no. After you recover he still gives you a few extra easy days before sending you on missions.

- Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)
Natasha actually leaves choice to you. If you want to stay in bed and being taken care of she can do that. Hell, she’ll probably take a sick day just to be lazy and cuddles in bed with you. If you prefer to carry on and act if nothing happens she won’t say a word and just keeps you supplied with tissues and pills.

- Bruce Banner (Hulk)
Bruce is a doctor with a good history of treating a lot of sick people, and can judge your condition much better than you do, so you’re in good hands. He either find or create a best possible combination treatment so you’ll be up and around in no time. Well…that’s actually all. But he’s exceptionally kind to you while you sick and may let you borrow his lab coat to wear as your “sick robe”.

- Clint Barton (Hawkeye)
Clint is a overanxious babysitter. At first signs of illness he’ll get you all that you can possibly need from tissues to that little pillow with red dots. He checks on you every hour make sure you. His care sometimes goes to extremes such as he can stay awake all night and watch you to make sure you keep breathing. After you recovery he’ll probably take a few sick days to restore his strength.

- Thor
Thor believes in your strength. If you said could handle yourself  - so be it, but still pretty concern about your wellbeing. He also had a handful of reasons not to like midgardians hospitals and doctors so instead he bring you “a famous Asgard medicine” which in 3 case out of 5 turns out to be of some sort of alcoholic beverage. Surprisingly it helps but usually left you to deal with a sever hangover later.

- Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)
Pietro is a firm believer in “it will get better”, he also doesn’t want to give you “sick” treatment, so he tries to get you mind off that by acting suspiciously cheerful and almost nauseous energetic. Running in the morning, games in the park during the day and long walks or better - workouts in the evening. He acts like if nothing happens and eventually you start too. And after all you can always go to Bruce, he’ll patch you up in no time.

- Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)
Wanda is cautious around you. She’s afraid to influence your mind during moment of your weakness or learn something she wasn’t supposed to. She feels uneasy and anxious, so tries to avoid you or at least not be around for long. However she constantly send others to go check on you or pass to you this book mentioned some homemade cookies and cute blanket. Wanda makes sure you visit doctor and take your medicine if prescribed. She can make exception and stay with you if you fall asleep near her and will gently stroking you hair until you wake.

A/N Sorry my internet connection keep dying on me, so I’m not very active((((

anonymous asked:

I was wondering since the last time, you were sick.. and you have projects and even you're still sick.. I hope you get better I really want to see the zen's comic! I really miss it!

thank you anon-san;; yes, i’ll be seeing doctor (again) this afternoon, it’s a third one already i hope this one can really help me. i really want to be fully recovered so i can draw with my maximum speed and quality :’) i draw like snails due to being sick for the past 3 weeks.. and yes i’ll for sure finish the comic strips ;) //sorry for sharing too much all of a sudden x’D

EDNOS // Stiles Stilinski

Description/request: Could you write an eating disorder(EDNOS)/panic disorder imagine with Liam or Stiles? If you don’t feel comfortable I understand! Not the typical kissing to calm the reader down though, that’s way overdone. Love your imagines btw!

Thank you anon!!

Anyways; I had to do research EDNOS because I didn’t know exactly what it was. I’ve heard of it, but never really knew what it is.

If you don’t know, it’s basically a mixture of anorexia and bulimia and the doctors don’t really know what it is. So they call it the eating disorder not otherwise specified. The person doesn’t meet the standard to anorexia or bulimia but they have similar symptoms. Lots of people die because of this eating disorder, they call it ‘The Silent Killer’.

Side Note: Please, if you know anyone with any disorders and their not willing to come out and get help, do it for them. You might end up saving a life.

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BTS REACTION to gf being sick for a long time and not telling them about it

I hope this cheers up everyone who has been sick lately! :)

Namjoon: When you first started to get unwell it went unnoticed, but the first time he asked you do you want to eat dinner soon and you answered “I’m not hungry” he got upset. Namjoon wanted to have a long discussion with you how you’re doing and would be hurt that you wouldn’t tell about it earlier. While you were talking he took out his phone and after a few clicks he asked you do you want him to drive to the doctor at 10 or at 12 the next day.

Originally posted by babiiyoon

Hoseok: Being the cheerful guy he is, Hoseok noticed very fast when you lost your ability to smile at his silly actions. It made him cautious and he kept an eye on you so when you told him you’ve had abdominal pain for almost a week he wasn’t surprised. Instead he took you into a hug, said it’s going to be okay and promised to accompany you to wait at the doctor’s office later that week.

Originally posted by rudesuga

Yoongi: Yoongi thought you were acting a bit weird, but thought it might be that time of the month so he didn’t put much thought to it at first, but when you got gloomier and gloomier he insisted you to tell what’s up. He listened to you with a serious face and then grabbed your hand saying “we all get sick sometime so don’t be too sad about it” with a smile.

Originally posted by keepingupwithbts

Jungkook: “No, don’t Kookie” you said and escaped his super tight hug that hurt your stomach. The boy was astonished and his mouth hung open when he frowned and took a good look at you. “What is it? What have I done?” When you didn’t answer Jungkook disappeared for a while and then came back with chocolate. You tried to grab it, but he pulled it away. “Now, you get this if you tell me why you’re mad”. Needless to say Kookie would be the kind to need a full explanation before actually sympathizing you.

Originally posted by jamless-vibes

Jin: He could tell right away when you started to feel unwell. First he didn’t say anything about it, but he would give you extra much attention and cook super tasty food just because “he felt like eating it”, but in reality his goal was to cheer you up. The atmosphere made it easy for you to say you were feeling everything but good and Jin told in your surprise he had already bought some herbs that will help you cope until you see a doctor.

Originally posted by bwibelle

Jimin: Jimin couldn’t understand why your mood went downhill so suddenly. He felt burdened and went to talk to Namjoon about it, asking for a second opinion. It made Jimin extremely anxious to see you feel unwell, but not talk about it. It went on until Jimin burst in tears in front of you as you said “Oh, this is just something… temporary”. He calmed down only once you assured him you will get a proper check up and you will be your happy self soon again.

Originally posted by infinitblaq


Taehyung: Tae may be living in his own world, let things distract him and go with the flow without worrying much, but the first day you felt abnormal pain in your lower stomach he could sense something was not right and as he saw your eyes he went into his serious mode, gently grabbing your shoulders and asking you what’s going on. He also talked about you two as “we” even though you were the one going to the doctor. “Once we get the antibiotics we will feel so much better”, “we need to eat healthier so we have more energy”, “Now we shouldn’t get sad. Sadness only makes us feel worse”.

Originally posted by tabwi

Which is why you found yourself sleeping in his lap soon again - feeling fresh and new like it hadn’t been a month of being sick…

Originally posted by jeonsshi


Is my reaction too gloomy?

Send me “cheer up” and “get better”  stuff so I will find the energy to be more positive!


Eh, ofc you don’t have to. It just kind of would be nice :)

I'm sick. Love me.

Originally posted by aamrbrooks

(OMG ANON, I LOVE YOU, haha, also I don’t know he actually has a fear of doctor or not. OMG it ended so much fluffier than I meant, x.x sorreh too much cute!! )

“But, Y/N, I’m fineee,” He sniffles, as you steer his cute bum to the doctor’s table. You knew he really didn’t like going to the doctor, but he has the British Invasion tour soon and figured it would be better if he wasn’t sick and sluggish for it.

“Sweetheart, you don’t want to be sick for the start of the British Invasion tour do you?” I say, going up to him and gently petting his hair and cheek, being mindful of the headache you knew he had.

He sneezes a couple of times and before he can answer, the doctor came in. “What seems to be the problem, Mr. Shaforostov?”

“Sniffly nose, sometimes a fever, constant headache, off and on appetite, and when I do have an appetite.” Denis ticks off his symptoms on his fingers.

“Well, Mr. Shaforostov, sounds like you’ve got the common cold, but I can give this trial antiviral, if you would like. After that I would say rest, soup/broth, and liquids.”


We had gone to the store on the way home. You ran in real quick, for Seven Up, saltines, and his favorite soup. Cream of Chicken and Mushroom.

You ran the two grocery bags inside and went back to get him. You help him out and loop his arm around your waist.

Once inside, you pull out the sofa couch, so that he could rest while he might possibly eat something.

He lays down on one side of the sofa couch and you pull his favorite blanket over him. It’s one that his mother knit for him. You always thought it was so cute when he snuggled into it, because though you knew he loved performing and singing, you also knew he missed his mother.

You poke him. “stay awake for a couple minutes,” as you prop a pillow under him.

“Hey, моя любов, can I have some soup?” Denis asks, cuddled into his pillow. (my love, pronounced Moya lyubov)

“Of course, hun.” You say, placing a light kiss on his lips.

You prep the soup and place a few crackers on a plate. As you walk back into the living room, you ask “Hey how come this is your favor-?”

You cut off your sentence when you see he had fallen asleep waiting for you. He hadn’t gotten good sleep in a few days and his sleeping face was so peaceful that all you could do was quietly set down his soup on the side table. You found a pillow for you, and laid flat. He must have sensed you, because he curled into your arms.

I really wonder

how my sis survived to adulthood.

You know, she’s the workholic kind of an idiot, who rather suffers at work with fever and army of viruses running through her system than taking a day off and GET BETTER.

So when the little idiot came to me if I know where is the nearest doctor, I knew it was no small deal. I found the doc, gave her the directions and sent her on her way.


She sucks so much at being sick that she literally coudn’t remember to tell her doc that she COULDN’T BREATHE.

“So, what is your problem? Do you have fever?”


“Hmm, your throat seems okay. And your nodes aren’t swollen… Does this hurt?”


“So why are you here?”

My 21-year-old sister had to have a fit of heavy cough to recall that she can’t actually breathe.

And to think that the idiot wanted to go to work WITH HEAVY BRONCHITIS WHEN IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE…

Original Imagine: Imagine Klaus taking care of you when you’re sick

Author: Sammi

Reader Gender: Either

Word Count:  1292

Warnings: just gross sick stuff, some nudity mentioned

Klaus stood outside the restaurant waiting for you to enjoy him on your first really date since Dalia ruined the last one. Klaus looked at his watch and was surprise to find that you were over an hour late. This was very much unlike you, always on time or five minutes early. So with that fresh in his mind, he quickly ran to your apartment complex. The only other person he worried about this much was his little girl but she was safe with Elijah, unlike you who insisted on staying in your own place.

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