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NCT-127 Reacts to you putting your hands up their shirt/sleeves to feel their skin as a habit

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Surprised by your sudden closeness, he’d probably take a while to get used to it and be startled at first. Eventually the habit would grow on him, and he’d get used to it - not minding too much if it put you at ease. 

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I can see Johnny being the calmest about it, laid back as your hands moved across his skin, enjoying the closeness. He might make a joke or two at first, but would soon get used to it and possibly start doing the same, you having to remind him not to let his hands wander to far.

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 He’d probably he concerned the first time you did it, putting his hands on yours and trying to move them - especially if you were around people. As he got used to your habit, he’d find it relaxing to have your hands on him, a comfort he missed when he had to go away for any periods of time.

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At first he’d likely take it the wrong way, but all together wouldn’t mind. He’d probably never admit it, but would enjoy it whatever your intentions, glad you just wanted to feel close to him. He might brag about it to the other members, telling them how lucky he was to have found some who habitually just wanted to be close to him. 

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He’d probably be shy about it at first, wanting to return the affectionate gestures but also trying not to cringe or sass you. I don’t think he’d mind your habit, but also would sometimes prefer you to keep your hands off his skin, finding it too distracting. 

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Unlike others, he probably wouldn’t take it the wrong way and would just enjoy the feeling of your hands on his skin. He might ask you what you were doing, but wouldn’t mind it as long as you weren’t going too far. He’d enjoy the small touches, finding them reassuring and comforting.

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 Another one to be quite shy about it, jumping slightly when he felt your hands move up his shirt. His awkwardness would be visible, and even if he didn’t say anything you’d realise and have to explain yourself. He probably wouldn’t mind too much as long as your hands didn’t go too far, prefering it and possibly enjoying it if you stuck to subtly touching his hands an arms. 

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Mark would likely be just as confused as others at first, not sure what to do and maybe trying to move your hands away. Once you explained, he might still be a bit uneasy about you touching him, particularly in public, however in private moments when he got to be alone with you he wouldn’t mind too much.

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 The moment your hands wandered up his sleeve he’d jump out of his skin. Being a smol child, I can see him loosing his usual sassy attitude and cringing or just staring at you. When you told him it was just a habit and you didn’t mean anything, he’d be calmer, and slowly start to enjoy the idea that you just wanted to be close to him.

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Requests open for NCT-U and 127!

Jealous Much? (Pietro x reader)

Good evening babes! I hope your Saturday went well. I love you all, and I’m sorry this weekend isn’t super filled with fics, but it’s a hectic family kind of holiday, so I’m doing my best to be as active as possible. Much love, xoxo

Request:  can you write a pietro imagine where he loves the reader but doesn’t show it so she brings someone else as her date to a party and eventually he gets so fed up that he picks her up and runs off and they have really rough dominant sex? by: Anon

Warnings: SMUT. Cursing. 


Tonight was one of Tony’s grand parties where all important and famous guests came to spend their Friday night. He had asked you to find a date, so that you wouldn’t be alone. Everyone else on the team had a date, well, besides Pietro. Honestly, you had a huge thing for him, but you always thought that he could never feel the same way. He was always so feisty, and it made it hard for you to read him. Was making snark remarks his way of flirting? Nobody knew, especially you. So, having no date within the circle of your fellow Avengers, you had asked one of your old friends if he would accompany you to the party. Luckily, he agreed. 

You slipped on a form fitting black dress with a low neck line, that showed just enough to catch the right person’s attention. Your hair fell effortlessly around your shoulders, brushing lightly against your arms. You met your date at the party, and as you walked across the room, you started catching people’s eyes. They stared at your curvy figure, the exposed parts of skin, and they were head over heels for the way you strutted. You kept mostly to yourself and your date, not wanting to draw attention to yourself. Well, the only person’s attention you wanted was Pietro’s, but you wouldn’t admit it. So, you talked it up with your good friend, bringing up old memories and cracking jokes with them. The two of you were really close, you guys were basically siblings. Naturally, you were more comfortable with them, and you would nonchalantly would drape your arm over them. To other people it would seem like you were a couple, but to you two, it meant nothing. 

But, oh, did it mean something to Pietro. He was drifting away from a conversation with Wanda as he stared daggers at you and your date. The way you put your arm around him, or whisper in his ear, got his blood boiling. Seeing you with him was making him jealous. He should be with one with you on his arm, whispering all the things he was going to do to you later. Yeah, okay, he didn’t ask you. But, it was out of pride. Pietro didn’t want everyone to think that he would just fall to his knees for you. 

At this time, you and Pietro were catching glances at each other, the tension between you two growing. He would slit his eyes at your date then quickly shift his gaze to yours. You would respond with a stoic glare, quietly wondering why he was acting meaner than usual. He was being sassy, and it was pissing you off. But God, did he look good in his suit. The dark blue contrasted against his alabaster skin so well, his bleach blonde hair complimenting the look. You wanted to tear it all off of him, and you were doing so in your mind, biting your lip at the thought. From across the room, Pietro was leaning against the bar, a growl erupting in his throat. He couldn’t take this anymore. You were being a little to friendly with your date for his liking. And seeing you bite your lip got him very aroused. 

“Get the fuck over here, princessa.” A low, raspy voice whispered in your ear, before zipping you off down the hall, leaving nothing but a blue streak in their wake. It all went by so fast, making you very disoriented when he stopped in his bedroom. 

“Pietro, what the fuck?” You furrowed your eyebrows at him, quite baffled at his actions. “I swear to g-” You were quickly cut off by his lips harshly colliding with yours. It was unexpected, but you quickly melted into his touch. You had wanted this for so long that nothing was going stop you now. 

“Stop talking to other men, F/N. I don’t like to share.” He pressed you up against a wall, whispering into your ear, then lightly biting your neck. You moaned, the sensation sending shivers down your spine. 

“Jealous much?” You mumbled under your breath, pressing your lips against his in a passionate kiss. Without saying another word, the two of you quickly tore each other’s clothes off and threw them onto the floor. 

“Fuck, F/N. I want to fuck you so bad.” He mumbled into your neck, sucking on your sweet spot. You already knew he was going to be leaving a bruise there. But, you didn’t mind. If he was marking you as his, then hell, let him do it. He roughly kneaded your breast with one hand, grabbing your ass with the other. You gasped as your nipples began to harden under his touch. He lifted you against the wall, and you wrapped your hips around his waist for leverage. Your bare core brushed against his stomach, earning a moan from him. With every movement, you could feel Pietro’s erection getting harder.

“Why the fuck didn’t you do this earlier?” You gritted through your teeth. Pleasure surged through your veins. Your eyes were dilated with pure lust for him. “If you wanted me all to yourself, you should have done something about it.” You met his gaze, receiving the same lustful look.

“Don’t question me. Piss me off more, and I’ll fuck you harder than anyone has ever before.” He ended with a slap to your ass, leaving a red handprint. You yelped, and he grinned at your reaction. When you couldn’t take the build up anymore, you clawed at his back, trying to lift yourself onto his cock.

“Eager, are we?” He smirked. Then his face turned stern and dominant. “You don’t get it till I say so, princessa.” You moaned. Your bare core was pulsing, and you were leaving your juices all over his toned abs.

“I swear to god…” You said in between moans. “Fuck me already, damn it.” The two of you were fighting for dominance, and both of you were relentless. This time, Pietro gave in, but he wasn’t nice about it.

“You asked for it.” He growled and lifted you up, then forcefully thrusting himself into you, bottoming out inside of you beating core. You screamed his name, painful pleasure erupting in your body. He gave you no time to adjust to his length and immediately pulled out almost all the way before plunging his cock back into you. You clawed at his back and tugged at his hair. He moaned your name, you tight core feeling so good around him.

“Pietro! Fuck… I-I’m almost…” You couldn’t even finish your sentence as you gasped for air, every thrust knocking the wind out of you. He smirked, glad he was getting you to your breaking point. Without warning, he used his speed to thrust in and out of you at mind blowing rates. You screamed out as he hit your g-spot what seemed like a million times.

“Fuck!” You moaned out and your body tensed, your orgasm rippling through your core. Pietro followed close behind, and you felt him twitch inside you, his movements becoming sloppy. He slowed down, rocking you through your euphoria. You felt his hot cum release inside you, then felt it dribble down your thighs. He bit your collarbone and you fell into him, exhausted and blissful. You were slumped against his body as he pulled out of you, then lifted you up into his arms bridal style, laying you in his bed. You eyelids were heavy, and your breathing was slow and deep. Pietro pulled the covers over both of your bodies, pulling you into him. As you fell asleep, you completely forgot your friend along with the party that was roaring downstairs.

You were fast asleep in minutes, and Pietro took the opportunity for his confession. His face softened, a different wave of emotions rippling through him.

“You’re mine, F/N. Never forget that. Because guess what? I’m in love with you.”

Good evening babes!! I hope you had a good Saturday. I got to spend my day with cute babies. Best. Saturday. Ever. Just a reminder that you’re all beautiful and I love you guys!! xoxo



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Imagine Mob finding a stray cat and befriending it — it starts to become apart of his routine to feed and pet the cat every day. And naturally, he gets attached to the cat and starts to worry about it wandering around the city streets all alone. 

His parents won’t let them have a cat. They don’t have any pets, after all. So his next stop, naturally, is Reigen, who unfortunately has a no-pets-allowed policy in his apartment. He tells Mob to ask his friends and classmates and promises to advertise to clients, but already decided that if Mob can’t find the cat a home he’s just gonna smuggle it into his apartment, rules or no rules. 

Body Improvement Club is out. Everyone either already has pets, is allergic, or isn’t allowed to keep them. No one from the Telepathy Club is able. Even random classmates don’t seem particularly interested in adopting a stray. The more rejections there are, the more stressed Mob becomes. Ritsu asks Shou, but both of them agree that his hamsters will be quickly victimized by a cat used to hunting its meals. 

Somehow, Teru is the very last person that Mob asks. It just doesn’t occur to him. Their interactions in canon are pretty much limited to Teru approaching Mob (what a lovesick puppy lmao) so naturally that’s exactly how this comes about. Teru’s just walking home and oooooh is that Kageyama’s aura? 

The second Mob tells him he’s trying to find a home for a cat, Teru offers to take it in.

The next second he thinks I have no fucking idea how to take care of a cat.

Too late. Mob’s eyes are shining and he’d sooner fling himself out of the atmosphere with his powers than destroy the look on his face. 

That’s how Teru gets saddled with a cat. A cat that wants nothing to do with him or his psychic powers. He finds clawmarks on his furniture and learns very quickly that litter boxes need to be cleaned multiple times a day. If he tries to float the cat out of trouble, it just gets pissed off and knocks over a cup later. He does not get along with the cat. 

Then, Mob starts coming over to visit it. For a moment he has to wonder if somehow the cat got bodysnatched because it acts totally different around Mob. Purrs and cuddles and sleeps in his lap. Mob very clearly adores the cat (Teru clearly adores Mob.) Unfortunately, the moment Teru tries to give the cat so much as a scratch behind the ears he walks away with a bleeding hand. 

But like… Mob and Teru, bonding over taking care of a cat together? Teru learning how to care for another living creature? Mob just being an absolute sweetheart as usual (but maybe a lil sassy about Teru’s apparent incompetence with bonding with his new pet). Holy shit. 


Archie Andrews Imagine:
Song:Northern Lights-Jaymes Young

-It kills her mother when she drinks too much, she can’t stay sober for a day-

The music boomed through the house, the smell of alcohol filled your nostrils and you made a promise to yourself that you weren’t going to drink this time, no matter how stressful things were.

“I really don’t know why we’re having a party Veronica, I have so many people to question"you chewed your pen lid as your eyes scanned the suspect list.

"You need a break y/n, it’s great that you and jughead are really invested in this, so are we but sometimes you just need to relax"Betty smiled as she grabbed the book out of your hands.

"Okay point taken, but why does it have to be at my house?"you asked.

"Your mom said it was okay"Jughead answered as he walked into the room.

"Oh well it’s great that you guys have actually spoken to her, I haven’t seen her since Monday, she’s been really busy at work"you said to your best friends as Archie walked into the room.

"Chill y/n, tonight’s going to be great"Archie leant on your fridge making it shake slightly.

"Nice of you to make it Archie, considering you’ve been M.I.A for the past two months?"you said bitterly.

"Archie hasn’t been MIA? I saw him yesterday we had a milkshake at the diner ?"Veronica spoke out, a confused look on her face. Betty smacked her arm quickly.

"Oh is that so?"you said angrily.

"Just have a drink y/n"Archie grabbed your arm gently.
You pushed him away.
"Thanks but no thanks, enjoy the party"you smiled as you left the room.

/2 hours later/
"I need a drink"you rolled your eyes as you watched Archie slip out through your back door. The party was still busy and more people turnt up every 5 minutes. You didn’t really care about the whole Archie Mystery(lie).You’d even forgotten about the whole Miss.Grundy situation(lie).

"No y/n, just have some juice or something it’s healthier"Jughead poured you a glass of orange juice.

"When have I ever cared about my health, but thanks juggy"you smiled as you took a sip of your drink.

"Y/n- Archie doesn’t mean to-

"Enough about Archie, please? I just don’t want to have to worry about what he’s getting up to"you pleaded.

"Hey it’s okay, I understand, how about a group picture?"Jughead offered.
You nodded happily, he grinned as he set off to find the others.

6minutes later you, Veronica, Betty and a very sweaty Jughead were stood around your kitchen once again.
The moon light shone in from your back door.

"Wait are we going to take the picture without Archie?"you finally asked.

"I guess so, I couldn’t find him"Betty frowned.

"You’re right y/n he’s been acting so weird lately, I think you were right about Grundy aswell, something’s just not adding up"Veronica agreed.

Jughead shuffled about nervously.
"Maybe we should just take the picture"He prompted.
Seconds later and the flash from the camera nearly blinded you.

You jumped about happily, ready to see your first group photo.
Betty snatched the picture from the camera.

She was smiling as she looked at the photo carefully, then suddenly a frown made its way onto her face.
Veronica’s matched hers.

"What’s wrong Betty?-
Veronica took the photo from Betty, she scanned the picture.

"Oh my"Veronica gasped.

"Guys seriously we don’t look that bad do we?"you asked confused as you took the photo from Veronica.

"No y/n!"Betty reached out to take it back but you were too quick.
Your eyes glanced over the photo, you all looked fine, you didn’t see a problem.

Then your eyes caught onto a certain red haired figure in the back of the picture. It looked like someone was in your garden.

You watched closer.
"Hey look guys, Archie is in the photo after all!"you smiled.

Your smile faltered when you realized that Archie wasn’t alone your heart sped up and everything made sense. All of your questions were answered.

"Archie and Miss.Grundy t-together?"you whispered as you dropped the photo onto the ground. The photo was great at first…Jughead was grinning, Veronica was being her sassy usual self, You and Betty were cuddling in the middle. It was ruined because Behind Archie and Miss.Grundy were kissing.

You felt the sick to your stomach, you found yourself sprinting out of your house, away from your party, away from Riverdale.

Headcanon that Gran Torino is actually as fit as someone of his age can be. Forgetfulness? Bad hearing? Getting weaker, slower due to his age? Naaah, not Gran Torino.

That he sometimes seems to forget things, or only hears things when he wants to, is just him messing with people because he’s a sassy man and gets a good laugh out of it.

Honestly, I imagine him working together with the police and whenever he doesn’t like someone (let’s say, Endeavor shows up and wants to know why there’s an old man working on the case) Gran Torino’s face just goes completely blank, he lifts a hand to his ear and yells in a drawling, croaky voice, “Huuuh?! You will have to talk louder, sonny, I can’t hear you!”

The best thing about the whole thing would be that Endeavor knows the old guy is messing with him - he saw him fighting a Noumu, after all, that old man is neither senile nor deaf - but he can’t do anything about it, cause Gran Torino just keeps pretending to not hear him.

Everybody around them gets a good laugh out of it, and it’s only a question of time until Naomasa records the whole thing and sends it to Toshinori.

Scared through hard training or not, Toshinori is grinning in pride as he watches the video of his old teacher being his usual self.   

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations - Episode 2 - Review/Analysis

Hey guys! Whattup? Just to let you guys know I am on Spring/Easter holiday back in Barcelona, Spain and during Semana Santa (Holy Week in Spanish) and currently feeling

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Though I still need to revise and study for next month’s exam during the holidays and still need to work on my dissertation since it is my final year at University

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Anyways, I have watched episode 2 of Boruto. And my thoughts on this? Was it great? Was it OK? Was it as good as the first episode or was it ‘meh..’?

Let’s dive in and find out…

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The April Fool Tarot Challenge Day 5: April Showers

April Showers: The Wheel. There’s going to be change and upheaval in the next little while, making some things difficult. (With the end of semester looming and no confirmations on my summer job, I believe this wholeheartedly).

May Flowers: Eight of Swords. Eventually I’ll realise that a lot of the difficulties ​and barriers I’m experiencing are self-imposed, so I can start working to minimise them.

I feel as if my decks know me really well (and Mucha is being a little less sassy than usual, haha)


waverly earp in season one → purgatory

Nohrian Festival: Jakob and Niles Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Something else that was requested by two people… And rightly so. This conversation is hilarious between Niles attempting to “seduce” Jakob and Jakob just being his usual “Nope I’m out fuck off” sassy self. 

But well, Niles always manages to get his way eventually. Even from a hardass like Jakob. 

And Niles, we all know that you do mean well, but sometimes your methods of comfort are a little… scandalous. 

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Did anyone actually ever stop to think about the fact that when Rhodey finds Tony in the desert, that that is the first time Tony learns that Rhodey is still alive? That he did not get his best friend killed?

I bet Tony was beating himself up about that in the cave over and over again. And then Yinsen died, also for him, and that must have been so much worse, knowing he is the second good person in three months to die for or because of Tony.

And then he manages to escape, and he sees the helicopter, and he doesn’t even dare to hope; it’s been too long and Rhodey is long gone anyway, but then he’s there and he’s snarking at him like always and Tony is just so damn relieved that his best friend is still alive.

season 2 headcanon

Peggy tells Angie she has to go work in LA and asks Angie to accompany her. Angie still hasn’t made it in New York so thinks fuck it.

They get to LA and Peggy solves all the murders, kicks all the arse and she also formally introduces Howard to her wonderfully talented gal pal Angie who he promptly sees fit to cast as lead in the first ever film to be made at the film studio he has just opened

And then Angie and Peggy kiss and its wonderful

(during all of this Jarvis is being his usual sassy english self)

anonymous asked:

HONESTLY YOURE RIGHT i miss seeing hyuck being all sassy and his usual self I WANNA GIVE HIM A BIG HUG but THAT MESSAGE THING HE SAID TO JENO AT JENOS BDAY PARTY i was like💖💖💖 because like jeno and hyucks friendship is kinda underrated?? and that gif set you made of the two of them i was like !! good friendship. but sm really... really needs to clear these things up and not drag out he's literally only 16 and i feel so bad? the least sm could do is clear this up for him? you know?

i miss seeing the beautiful sunshine tbh. ALSO YESSSSS, jeno and haechan’s friendship is honestly so beautiful. you can really see how long and how well they’ve all known each other by how they treat each other y’know? <3 honestly, it’s been a month and basically reducing his screentime in a lot of their videos, only makes him appear more guilty and you’re right, he’s literally sixteen years old. i can’t imagine the kind of pressure he must be under ;;;;


-I have just been informed by the head Warbler - whose name is Tristan or Crispin or Montague or something annoyingly fay - that their coach is currently missing.


*Bach’s Air “on G string” starts playing* Here we can see the early stages of courtship between two specimen of dorkus adorables. Looks like the mating season has just come once again…

Exo Scenario: Accidental Pepero Kiss with Sehun ~

Could you possibly do a Sehun scenario where you two are really good friends and did the peppero challenge thing but you guys ended up kissing because you actually really liked each other and neither of you broke it off? Thank you! X

Aww I love this request so much! Thanks for sending it in :) Hope you like it and let me know what you think!

Because Pepero Day was coming up, you had done the smart thing and gone shopping. You knew that most people gave the packets of cookies to their loved ones, but you intended to keep them for yourself. This was the one week a year that you allowed yourself to eat the cookies to your heart’s delight, and maybe you were being a little selfish when Sehun asked if he could have one, too.

You pouted, sticking your tongue out at your best friend.

“Didn’t you buy your own?” you asked, being just as sassy as your best friend usually was. Sehun was known for being sassy, mostly because he was surrounded by his hyungs and noonas most days. You supposed that the two of you shared a similar attitude, unless of course, he was the one to rub off on you in the first place. 

Sehun’s brow furrowed, “You can’t just give me one? You had like…” and he glanced at just how many packets you had bought. Five in total, all different flavors, “You have five boxes! You can spare one pepero.”

But you were still being selfish when you put your hands on your waist, “What’s in it for me if I give you one?” the two of you liked to ask this of the other most days, especially when you shared food. Despite being best friends, you were both a little selfish and about yourselves. Probably why the two of you got along so well.

Sehun seemed to be thinking about that for a moment, but then he reached for the box, pulling one out before you were able to say anything to stop him. He put one end in his mouth and nodded for you to take the other. When you didn’t move, he rolled his eyes. 

“We’ll split it.” he insisted, “Now here.” and he gestured for you to open your mouth to put the other end of the pepero in. You eyed him curiously, knowing how these things usually went. It wasn’t common knowledge that you liked him as more than a friend, but if something happened and the two of you ended up kissing…You weren’t so sure it would be a secret anymore. You felt your face blushing just at the thought. 

Doing as Sehun suggested, you leaned forward to bite at the free end of the pepero, the chocolate coating sweet on your lips. You eyed him across the cookie wearily, not sure what to make of this. He winked at you, only making your cheeks color even brighter and he moved his lips down the pepero, letting you hear the crunch as he bit down first. 

There was a challenge in his eyes as he went to take another bite, but you were just as competitive as he was, so you eased your lips forward to. 

You weren’t exactly sure how it came to it, but soon, the two of you had run out of pepero and were kissing. Of course, this was the natural succession of things, and you shouldn’t have been surprised when Sehun leaned in for the last bite, reaching your lips at the same time. Still tasting chocolate on the tip of your tongue, you were even more surprised by how sweet he tasted - even without the flavor of chocolate on his lips. 

Sehun was the one to break the kiss off, though that was about a minute after his lips had originally touched yours. You leaned away from his, your face brighter and warmer than it had been going into this. That was when Sehun reached for another pepero, eyebrows raising in question as he stuck the end in his mouth again, waiting for you to come forward and replay what just happened. 

Instead of leaning forward to put the pepero in your mouth though, you snatched it from between his lips and pressed your own against his quickly. You were a little satisfied by the surprised noise that escaped him and you were both blushing then as you pulled away. 

“Can I have my own pepero now?” he asked after a minute of silence, neither of you really sure how to start a conversation after that. 

You rolled your eyes and, still pink from embarrassment over kissing him, handed him the box that he had opened previously.

“Just as long as you share with me.” you answered, your throat tightening up at the sound of your own cheeky reply. But Sehun didn’t mind and as soon as the two of you had finished the first box of peperos, you abandoned them completely, going for a more direct tactic of each other’s lips…