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“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we’re finally home.” 
― Stephanie PerkinsAnna and the French Kiss

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Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu | s1.3 vs s2.2 - Falling asleep to ‘Akubi Shinan’
↳ “For summer we learn the ferryman’s yawn, let’s begin our practice. Imagine its early afternoon by the pine of the bank of the Sumida river. One customer in the belly of the boat, one ferryman at the stern, lazily smoking a cigarette. Hey, Ferryman. Take the boat up river. I like the boat. But being on it all day get so boring, so boring… No good at all…”

I thought he was proud.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen,
Word count : 1,727
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 4 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You had been on set for a few hours now, and no one had even heard from Jared. You were keeping River distracted, which wasn’t hard. He was a huge fan of the show, so everything interested him. He had even followed a Boom guy around for about 20 minutes asking a million questions. He wanted to know every aspect of filming the show. Finally, Misha had offered to show him the set of the bunker, so that’s where you stood now.

“Hey.” Jensen came over. He had been on set much earlier than you filming, so you hadn’t seen him yet, until then.

“Hey.” You smiled.

“Still no word?”

You shrugged. “I guess not.”

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Leaving || Jason Blossom

A/N: So I have mixed feelings about how I wrote this but I hope you guys enjoy! I’m sorry I keep going inactive as well. Hope the anon who requested this is satisfied with the result! I hope all of you enjoy and feel free to request anything you’d like, anonymously or not! 

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Drug Use, Some Angst

Words with quotes and italics like ‘this’ are either thoughts, or text messages.

A * symbol means that a flashback is occurring.


It has been two weeks since everything had happened. One conversation did so much damage to you and your twin’s bond, and it hurt you a lot.


You snuck into the drive-in, and walked into the shack you called a home. Immediately dropping your bag, you turned around as you heard someone move.

Jughead stood there, “Where the hell were you and why didn’t you let me know you’d be out?” he asked demandingly. You lowered your gaze, “Well, my loving twin. I’m sure you were a bit concerned-””A bit? That’s an understatement.” he muttered.

He got a sigh as a response, “I was with Jason..” you muttered quietly, giving him an apologetic look. Jughead just shook his head disapprovingly, “Stop meeting him, I’ve asked you this before. Please. I don’t want you hurt (Y/N)” he whispered sharply.

Despite knowing that you shouldn’t push him, you decided you had to. Eyebrows furrowing, you spoke up, “I can make my own choices. Juggie I’m happy with Jason, he even invited me to move in and I said yes-””You what!?” he interrupted loudly.

You flinched at how loud his voice got, he never shouted at you. The raven-haired teen took a step closer to you, “You are not moving in with them! Please…” he whispered at the last part sadly, furiously wiping at his reddening face.

Tears came to your eyes, “I already said I was, I have to. Jason needs me there and- I just””I need you here!” he interrupted, removing his hat and throwing it at the wall with as much force he could muster.

Jughead turned to you and you hardly recognized him. It was like all of his anger, frustration, and sadness had just taken over him, controlling every word he spoke.

You felt tears begin to fall, “You have to let me go. You don’t understand-””I think I understand just fine! You got sick of having me around- and now that you have a better option with someone you pick them! You don’t care, but I guess it’s just in the family, huh?” he muttered with a cruel, sad smirk.

Shaking your head, you spoke again, “Don’t go there, dad didn’t kick us out- we- we chose to-””I don’t see him caring, he didn’t stop us! You’re just like him, you’re selfish! You will willingly abandon me and make up excuses about it all! I’m trying to protect you-””I don’t want you to protect me!” you shouted.

Everything stopped moving, you knew that Jughead didn’t mean what he had been saying about your dad. He knew that it was his own choice. The thing that bothered you was how he talked about you as if he hated you.

He glared at you through teary eyes and pointed to the door, “Get out.” he muttered, and you listened. You stepped outside, shivering as you walked back to the Blossom family’s house.


Jason had immediately taken in your red eyes that night and sat with you in his room while you cried. He held you close to him and only whispered out apologies.

All Jason felt was guilt, he tore you from your twin brother, he ruined that. He watched you for the next two weeks carefully, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get you to open up about what had happened again.

Despite you trying to hide the drugs from him, and convince him not to, Jason began smoking again from all of the stress and guilt. He would wince every time he saw Jughead and you avoiding each other at school.

Some days you would attempt to speak to Jughead and he would walk away,  sometimes it was the other way around. It hurt you both, and Jason didn’t miss the hateful glares Jughead would send him.

One day he heard you sobbing in his bathroom, occasionally hearing Jughead’s name being muttered. He ran to Sweetwater river and spent his entire day sobbing, cursing himself for ruining a relationship because of his own selfishness.

It took two weeks for him to form a plan, that he hoped would fix everything. He left a note in Jughead’s locker, pretending to be (Y/N) and practically begging him to meet her by Sweetwater river after class.

He called (Y/N) asking her to come later on as well, and as he sat by the river, he silently hoped to see Jughead arrive. Luckily he did, although when he saw Jason, he swiftly turned and began walking away.

Jason ran desperately after Jughead, grabbing his shoulder and turning him around to face him. Panting, he began to speak, “Please- You can’t go, I’m- I’m so so- so sorry, just listen to me..” he stuttered, giving Jughead a pleading look.

Jughead frowned, “What do you want?” he whispered, staring right into Jason’s eyes. Jason quickly began speaking, “I asked her to- to come live with me- I begged her to. I love your sister and I desperately wanted her there with- with me. I didn’t know that I would be hurting anyone I didn’t know- about how you were living…” he mumbled out desperately, having so much to say but feeling like he had only seconds to say it.

Jughead, despite the hate he thought he held towards the Blossom, put an unsure hand on his shoulder, “You can hate me all you want- I can handle you hating me.. But please talk to (Y/N)… She- she is so upset about everything and I can’t stand seeing her upset and knowing it was my- my fault…” Jason continued speaking rapidly.

Jughead quickly shook his head as he registered everything that Jason was saying to him, and guilt flooded him. He had made his sister cry, and he had expressed such hate towards Jason. Now as he looked at Jason he realized that he was so wrong in everything he said.

Jughead stared at Jason for a moment before a voice interrupted them, “I really hope i’m not interrupting something..” you muttered, wincing when both Jason and Jughead looked at you. Jughead immediately went over to you and hugged you, shoving his face into your shoulder.

Jason smiled at you weakly, almost encouraging you to respond to Jughead, which you did. There was a moment of silence as you both hugged each other tightly, muttering apologies to each other.

As you separated, Jughead immediately spoke, “I didn’t mean- what I said that night. None of it was true- I love you, (Y/N). I want you to stay with Jason” he mumbled, smiling at you like he always did.

You laughed, “I love you guys so much… you don’t even know” you exclaimed, hugging Jughead and dragging Jason into the hug as well, the three of you smiling, relieved that everything had been resolved.

After a moment you spoke up, “Now that all of this shit is resolved, let’s all get food, on Jason?” you joked, causing the two boys with you to laugh. Jughead shook his head, “You really are my twin, huh?” he mumbled.

You shoved his shoulder, grabbing Jason’s hand, “Yes I am and you better be proud you little shit!” you exclaimed, running ahead , only turning around to shout a loud ‘hurry up’ at the two boys who then began running.

That day was one of the most relieving, everyone got along, and had food at Pop’s, who was a little bit confused at the odd group. The three shared laughs and stories from their childhoods, and all of the conflict was quickly forgotten, and put behind them.

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The River, 2016


The Doctor and Clara both have difficulty, as characters, at saying ‘you are massively important to me, you’re the most important person in my life.’ They can’t actually say that.

One More Light

Pairing: father-figure!Rob Benedict x suicidal-lesbian-teen!Reader 

Summary: kind of loosely based off One More Light by Linkin Park

Warnings: where do i start, um- swearing, TRIGGER WARNING- attempted suicide abuse bad parenting absolute angst and the kind 

A/N: A few weeks ago, I wanted so badly to end my life, but I didn’t because two things happened; one was the song by Linkin Park came on and Chester made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this, that he cared if I was gone. The second thing was Rob Benedict, and how I promised myself to hold on until I could actually meet him, my hero. So I wrote this with the intention to not post it, to keep it as mine. But now, Chester Bennington is gone, and I’m still here struggling to live with the fact that his song saved me but nothing saved him from himself, so this is me and my tribute to the guy who saved my life. 

(credit to @lyric-edits-are-my-new-hobby

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River x Doctor Appreciation Day 21st April || Favourite ‘Old Married Couple’ moment.

“Hi Honey I’m Home”

“and what sort of time do you call this ?”

The Doctor apologizing to his wife for being late and she being ‘supposedly’ angry ;) 

So, hypothetically, if Juvia were to end up being the river spirit Eridanus, I have a headcanon.

So, Juvia goes missing one day and nobody knows where to find her. 

Apparently, she does this once every five years to keep herself alive in the human world, but she never remembers disappearing. Everyone is making a fuss looking for her when Loki appears at the guild. He asks what all the commotion is about and Lucy informs him that Juvia is missing. He knows exactly where Juvia is, but wasn’t sure if Aquarius was ready for anyone to know about this yet. He told her that she should probably have a talk with Aquarius. Lucy didn’t understand what Aquarius had to do with anything, but she did as suggested and summoned her from the river outside her apartment. Aquarius arrived and commented on the icky lake water. Lucy apologized and asked about Juvia and why Loki would suggest that she talk to her about her disappearance. Aquarius cursed Loki, but decided it was probably about time to come clean. Aquarius informed Lucy of her time with Layla and how she may or may not have had a thing with one of the men on the Heartfilia staff. The guy turned out to be very untrustworthy after Juvia was born and wanted to exploit Juvia as an oddity because she was part human, part spirit. Aquarius would have none of it and for a while kept Juvia in the spirit world, but Juvia wasn’t cut out for the spirit world because she wasn’t fully spirit. Her body worked like a human despite her magic ability and place among the stars. Aquarius had no choice but to send Juvia to stay on Earthland. Layla knew someone trustworthy on Jude’s side of the family and sent Juvia to live there, telling her that the man was her uncle. Before sending her off, Aquarius had her memories changed so that she wouldn’t remember her or the spirit world. She just wanted her to live a normal life. She knew that Juvia would have to return every now and then to survive, and she would naturally. And every time before Juvia returned to Earthland, Aquarius would tamper with her memories. It pained her to do so, of course, but she just wanted what was best for Juvia. She was so glad to see that Juvia had found Lucy at the tower. It was hard not to say anything, but she knew as long as Juvia was in Fairy Tail, she was in good hands. However, there was the matter of Juvia’s key. Aquarius had entrusted it to Layla to be sure that nobody would ever find it. Layla had it hidden before her passing, but Now that Lucy knew, Aquarius knew that Juvia would need to know now as well. Aquarius asked Lucy to find Juvia’s key and give it to her. If Juvia decided to make a contract with Lucy, the choice was hers, but she didn’t want anyone else to have her daughter’s key. Lucy swore she would find it. Juvia returned a day later and had retained her memories this time. Aquarius finally came clean and this time she didn’t tamper with Juvia’s memories. Juvia and team Natsu set out to find Juvia’s key, but after the second week on the search, Juvia disappeared in a bright glowing blue light right before their eyes. Gray tried to reach for her, but Natsu smacked his hand away. When Gray asked what the hell that was about, Natsu told him that he would suffocate in the spirit world because he wasn’t wearing celestial clothing. Can’t do much if you’re dead. Lucy summoned Aquarius and Aquarius confirms that someone has found Juvia’s key after all of these years. Lucy asks how and Aquarius informs Lucy that Juvia’s key was dormant until she accepted who she was. When she embraced her spirit half, her key activated and moved itself to a new location, much like when Aquarius’ key had when it regenerated, only Juvia’s wasn’t new, it was activating. Lucy asked if this was why Aquarius had them looking for it. She said that it was, because this is exactly what she knew would happen. She told Lucy to find Juvia, kick that wizard’s ass and get her daughter back. The wizard would probably try to keep Juvia in the celestial world and she can’t live like that. Lucy agreed that she would not lose. After over a week of searching and intel from Aquarius, they find the wizard and kick his ass from here to Edolas, winning Juvia back fair and square. Juvia thanks them and Lucy gives Juvia her own key, but then takes Gray’s hand and puts it over the key in Juvia’s. She says that Gray is no celestial wizard, but even so, she couldn’t imagine a safer place for her. Juvia asks if Lucy is sure, and even offers to make a contract with her. Lucy says there is no need because she knows Juvia has her back no matter what. She doesn’t need a contract for that. After that, Gray wears Juvia’s key around his neck with his cross. 

Of course I managed to wiggle Gruvia in there. 

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Genre: YA Dystopia


When everyone is beautiful, the world seems to get along so much better. A teen’s 16th birthday is the day where it begins, since it’s the day they finally get the operation to turn pretty. Once pretty, they get to join their friends in New Pretty Town across the river and party all day. Tally can’t wait. Being pretty is something she’s dreamed about all her life. But unfortunately for Tally, she’s one of the youngest of her year and nearly all her friends have turned pretty without her, leaving her alone. Until she meets Shay, another ugly with a late-summer birthday. Shay has some weird ideas about being pretty, but she crosses the line when she tells Tally that she wants to leave the city and stay ugly all her life. When Shay runs away, the authorities of the city aren’t happy, and they force Tally to make a choice: find and turn in her friend, or stay ugly forever.

Uglies begins with an interesting premise: when people no longer argue over physical appearance, the world can finally get along. In the city where Tally lives, it’s not just a theory—it’s put into act, and it works. Westerfeld does a wonderful job setting up and explaining the futuristic world through action and dialogue, with its own ideals, language, and culture. It’s especially interesting to watch this world through Tally’s eyes, who has a much different perspective than a 21st century reader. This is part of what made Tally’s character so interesting to me: Westerfeld wasn’t afraid to give her a twisted view of the world. In fact, she wasn’t always the “good” character that we often see in protagonists, and she would have stayed happily ignorant all her life if not for Shay. The relationship between Shay and Tally moved at a good pace and felt natural, but in my opinion the romance between Tally and David felt a bit sudden and weird from the start. In all honesty, this was a YA book where I felt a romance was not entirely necessary, especially when the intended love interest was not introduced until nearly half-way through the book. However it was not poor enough to ruin the book for me, I just didn’t have strong feelings about that relationship. Overall, Uglies had a fast-moving plot and enough action to please a YA reader. I would recommend it to readers with an interest for futuristic worlds with a dystopic twist.

Creative Writing Analysis: Writing Female Characters

There are many things I could point out about Westerfeld’s creative choices, so it was hard to decide on this one. But I think it’s important. In one semester of my creative writing class, I made a tally chart of all my classmates’ genders and compared it to the genders of their main character. This only totaled to about 36 stories (18 students, 2 stories each), but the trend was undeniably obvious. The girls in my class were about 50/50 in male versus female protagonists. As for the boys, only ONE chose to write about a female lead (and he did a great job of it, by the way). Trying to find a reason for this trend is not as easy, since it could be a few things. Do men feel they can’t relate to a female lead? Are they not interested in a female lead? Are they afraid to write a female lead? I’ve also heard claims that a male protagonist better represents mankind and the human experience, so maybe they think a female lead won’t make the deeper meaning of their story applicable on a universal level. Which is all nonsense, in my opinion.

Even though Scott Westerfeld is a man, he choose to have a female protagonist and a female best friend. The two most important characters in the book, Tally and Shay, are girls. In fact, for the first half of the book, we mainly only see girls. I’ve read a lot of books with male authors who somehow do a dreadful job with their female characters (flat, stereotyped, and a weird obsession with mentioning boobs, typically), so it was actually really enjoyable for me to see female characters done right. It is possible for men to write women correctly. In addition to reading books about women, by women, I think men can learn to write these characters in a well-rounded way simply by taking them seriously as a main character. Westerfeld also accepted that his female characters can make mistakes, be flawed, and wrong about things. They can have a distorted point of view, they can be heroes or villains. They’re honestly not much different than male characters. When you get it in your head that women are mysterious creatures and no one will ever understand them, then you’re already starting down that path to failure.

Westerfeld, Scott. Uglies. Simon Pulse. 2005. 425 p. 0-689-86538-4

1. See how he is around his mother. She’s the number one woman in his life. She has raised him, lived with him, seen him at his best and loved him at his worst. She is the reflection of who you are about to be. If he can look her in the eyes and deceive her, if he can ignore her calls and urgent texts, if he can go more than two weeks without checking how she is, let him go.

2. Get him angry. If a little scrap on the PlayStation or a dispute over a bad look from a guy on the train makes him spit poison and fire at you then let him go. If his eyes don’t dull and his skin doesn’t pale, if his hands don’t ache and his throat doesn’t burn after he’s yelled at you then let him go.

3. Get him drunk. If he’s forceful, truthful, or violent as a drunk, let him go. Alcohol does not change who you are, it strips away your ability to hide it. If he is roaring names and angry abuse at you whilst intoxicated and apologising with love and regret the next day, let him go. He cannot be the bullet in your chest and the bandage that covers it. If he hurts you too deep, let him go.

4. Get him around his friends. Get him questioned. Get him asked ‘where did you two meet?’ ‘How long have you been together?’ And see how he reacts. If he only touches you when you’re alone, let him go. If his hand clams up when his friends are around and you go from baby girl to yeah, her, then let him go.

5. Get him around your friends. They will see the flaws in him before you ever do. If your college friend tells you the way he looks at her made her uncomfortable, if your school friend tells you he’s shifty, if your best friend tells you he’s a creep, let him go. They will see the bad in him before you ever do, and when in three months time you’re crying in their laps over something he’s said or done, you’ll come out of it looking weak. Let him go.

6. Get him sad. Ask him about his ex, ask him about when his grandma died, ask about his childhood. See how much his eyes dull as he talks about being bullied in sophomore year. Watch how badly his hands shake as he talks about his first heartbreak. His sadness becomes yours when you become serious. If after one late night conversation you’re already cutting yourself on his broken glass, let him go.

7. And finally get him loving. Get him where you picture yourself being married one day. Get him by the river at midnight. Get him under the moonlight. Laugh and dance and play around with him. If his eyes shine any duller than the stars as he watches you, let him go.

—  the 7 things you need to check before you settle down with him