being psychotic here

eructations of a self-confessed mind

i happen to be one of the dumbest or no wait, i must be the dumbest person alive. :))

as usual, if you:

1. are looking for sense

2. are looking for something meaningful

3. holding a box of fruit loops

4. are THE box of fruitloops

you better stop reading right now. these are fragments and fragments often don’t make sense.

so check-list:

NSTP paper: ..l..

prelab for chem: about 240 hours remaining til deadline

microbio report: 2% done

filipino: 0%

okay. so here’s another post. i have all the time in the world (insert sarcasm here) i still have issues with that same red box of fruity loops i posted about a really long time ago. i was able to open the box by a teeny bit. i’m not really sure. well guess what? i thought they were colorful at first. but that’s just me. it wasn’t fruity loops inside. i got nothing but cheerios. in the box of supposedly colorful fruity loops, some assface put cheerios YAY. so much for colorful and edible (HAHAHA) and it was supposed to make you taste rainbows (another HAHAHAHA). there’s one thing i’ve always known about cereals: they can be deceptive. you know, appear sweet and edible when in reality they taste like the inside of your cabinet or it’s like you’re chewing pebbles. i have issues with processed grass plants. yes. like i said before, deal with it.

i like reese chocolate. but i hate the ice cream. i’m just being random that’s all. everything just irritates you like hell when you’re in a lousy mood. i had a freaking laid-back day today. and i just so happen to know very well that lately i’ve been in a constant pissed-off mode and it’s been rant-fest here and there. i’m starting to think my stressball wants to kick me already hence the negative energy i’ve been emitting. it’s been going on for more than 2 weeks already. rjgfnzlrjorijgfzlrijgf

there are new things that are. you know. new. last night i had a realization after my ohh-so-time-consuming waffling. so i’ll end this entry with a question. yes or no?