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HEADCANON: Being A Lightwood Would Include

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  • Being a badass shadowhunter.
  • Being annoyed with mundanes. Or annoyed in general.
  • Being a pro in fighting in heels.
  • You and Izzy being besties.
  • Liking Clary, (in a platonic way). 
  • “You don't have to live a lie, Alec.” -”I don’t know what you are talking about.”
  • Simon having a crush on you.
  • Being proud of Alec, when he comes out.
  • Shipping Malec.
  • Getting in trouble with your parents.
  • Being an extremely good at negotiating.
  • Surprising Raphael by speaking Spanish. 
  • “What, you’re not the only one who speaks Spanish, Raphael.”
  • Helping Clary train.
  • Having a lot of sass.
  • Putting your life on the line for your friends/family.
  • Alec and Izzy being extremely protective over you.
  • Being protective over Alec, Izzy and Max.
  • Disagreeing with your parents.
  • Kind of being rebellious.

Benjamin Raynes for @amuhav‘s River’s BC

Full Name: Benjamin Raynes

Is the applicant submitting himself? Yes.

Sexual Orientation: He’s gay. He’s only ever been attracted to other men.

Traits: Eccentric, Handy, Workaholic, Vehicle Enthusiast, Daredevil

Favourite Food: Tri-Tip Steak

Favourite Color: Blue


Benjamin has two passions in his life: car racing and mechanics of all kinds, in that order. Ever since he learned to drive, there was nothing and no one who could keep him away from the gas pedal, as Benjamin can’t imagine his life without the thrill a high-speed race can give him.

Of course, he won’t lie - the money brought in by the races is also quite appreciated. Not that he would complain about his financial situation - as someone who’s been helping out in his old man’s auto shop since his very early years, Benjamin is already a pro mechanic at his 25 years of age and makes a good living from fixing and restoring vehicles. On top of that, his skill in mechanics, combined with his never-ending need to try new things whenever possible, has resulted in him being a pretty good inventor who makes novel and useful widgets that sell well. In other words, Benjamin is already pretty well-established in life in terms of his income.

However, while his professional life is going well, his romantic life is lacking. He’s dated a few guys before, but most of them aren’t on board with his extreme lifestyle, with the last one actually leaving him for a more white-collar partner (Benjamin: Good riddance with that one!), and Benjamin absolutely refuses to date anyone of his fellow racers, because he maintains there is too much potential for things to get messy in case of a break-up. So, he really hopes to meet someone that he can really click with and who won’t judge him for the things he loves. Perhaps, River can be that guy?

Besides, his parents and married sister have been trying to set him up with someone already and they just always pick the wrong people. So, Benjamin is taking his romantic matters into his own hands.

What made you decide to apply? He saw River’s picture and thought the guy is pretty hot. And he’s been single for a while lately, so it can’t hurt to give things a try, right? After all, you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

Does the applicant believe in the supernatural? Oh, yes. A couple of people he raced against have been supernaturals - he knows they’re real.

His only CC are Hair and Shirt (Long Sleeve Version).

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm kind of debating between pro-life and pro-choice right now. Why are you pro-choice? (I do not mean this question in a disrespectful way) And why do you think that pro-life is bullshit?

hello! I have quite a lot of reasons as to why I’m pro choice. 

I’m sure there are many more reasons, but here are some important facts that I can recall off the top of my head. Please note that all of these sources are from medical journals and reputable news sources.

Now as for why I think pro life is bullshit? well…

they often propagate inaccurate medical information or straight-out lie about abortion safety and risks. all you have to do is look at pro life websites such as, which states several inaccuracies, including but not limited to saying that abortion causes cancer (disproved by the National Cancer Institute), and that abortion is unsafe (if you take a look at their citations, they cite data from the 70′s that is clearly outdated as medical procedures have evolved since then. they also use invalid studies).

Pro life organizations including but not limited to Students for Life and Operation Rescue talk about “post abortion syndrome,” while a study done by the American Psychological Association cited above has stated that PAS does not actually exist. 

You can also note the recent “planned parenthood sells baby parts!!!” debacle which was stated by sting videos from antiabortion group The Center for Medical Progress. These videos were fabricated, all state investigations into Planned Parenthood about these allegations have cleared Planned Parenthood of any accusations and the makers of the videos have been indicted for using illegal means to obtain the videos. 

Crisis Pregnancy Centers, or CPCs, are pro life organizations that facade as abortion clinics in order to coerce pregnant people to come to them, and then lie to them about abortion and push them towards adoption or parenting. the blog @expose-cpcs has compiled a huge amount of info about CPCs if you want to read further, and there’s also this investigation by the House Committee in 2006 documenting disturbing lies and misinformation spread by government-funded CPCs -

“According to the report, an overwhelming majority of the centers—20 of the 23—provided “false or misleading information” on the physical and mental health risks of abortion to pregnant women. For example, eight centers told women that their chance of developing breast cancer will rise substantially if they have an abortion. One clinic in particular said there was a 50% greater chance that a woman will develop cancer after an abortion, whereas another said the likelihood could be as high as 80% greater.

In addition, seven centers informed the caller that there is an increased risk of fertility problems after abortion. One center told the caller that having an abortion “could destroy your chances of ever having children again.”

Also, 13 of the 23 centers told callers that having an abortion would cause a host of detrimental mental health outcomes. One center, for instance, said that after an abortion, the risk of suicide “goes up by seven times.” Others asserted that women could suffer from a range of negative outcomes such as guilt, numbness, anxiety, drug use, eating disorders and sexual dysfunction.

Alarmingly, this investigation also highlighted the fact that CPCs often mask their antiabortion agenda to attract pregnant women who are seeking medical advice and dissuade them from obtaining an abortion. Many centers act under the guise of organizations that provide pregnant women with a comprehensive set of options, including abortion services, even though CPCs neither provide abortions nor referrals for abortions. 

After pulling together the results of the investigation, the authors concluded, “A pregnant teenager who relied on the information from these federally funded centers would make her decision about whether to give birth or terminate her pregnancy based on erroneous facts and misinformation.” The report demonstrates the extent to which CPCs grossly distort the facts when it comes to discussing the risks associated with abortion—all in an effort to promote an antiabortion message.”

Lastly, I find the pro life movement as a whole to be extremely hypocritical. This blog, “how pro life of you,” was created in order to document the pro life violence against actual born, living people - I have an entire tag of pro life violence, from death threats to actual documented murders and bombings, here

As a tl;dr of my example tag, you can take a look at this long wikipedia page dedicated to anti abortion violence. These murders, bombings and threats were committed in the name of “pro life” organizations. You can note Operation Rescue president Troy Newman for calling for the execution of abortion doctors, and also senior vice president Cheryl Sullenger who had ties to the murderer of abortion doctor Dr. George Tiller. these are only a few well-known examples off the top of my head, obviously there are many, many more.

Speaking of George Tiller, there is a wonderful documentary called ‘After Tiller’ available on netflix, which talks about the assassination of Dr. Tiller and the aftermaths that anti-abortion violence has had on clinics. 

These are some, but not all, of the reasons as to why I’m pro choice and vehemently against the pro life movement. I know this post is long, and that it’s a lot of information, but I genuinely hope that you take this all into consideration when looking at being pro choice vs. pro life. If you have any questions, my inbox is always open. 

B.A.P When they find you’re a pro gamer.

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“So i actually wan’t really bad?” would be happy that it’s not that he sucks at games.

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“You’ve been fooling me all this time? You let me win? it can’t be…” In denial because he likes to win.

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“No fucking wayyy!” He would find it really cool that his girlfriend is so good at games

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/Watching some of your videos on youtube and is amazed by your skills/ “Wow you won against all those people~”

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“No way! My life is a lie! You let me won?! nooooooo! my life is a lie! so cool!”

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“A pro gamer?” he’d laugh at himself after being deceived. You would tease him for being bad at the games but never told him why.

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What CPC people actually think of the “babies and moms being saved from abortion”.  I think we can all tell what “urban” means here (coded racism).  Also the fact that once you do decide to keep your baby, then the CPC gets annoyed because you need diapers and formula?  Typical and not exactly pro-life.

Spot on.


One: this makes no assumption that abortion and murder/rape are equal.

Second, a reply to oh-snap-pro-choice who took objections. Hopefully, this will make things clearer:

“First thing first: this was not supposed to be an argument for being pro-life, but a rebuttal to people who make statements like “I adhere to moral standard X, but won’t tell others to follow X” just for some X: those for which it isn’t politically inconvenient to do so.

Unless it’s a case of rape, the person who bears the child is responsible for it. Also, consider a born child: would you say that her parents should not be held responsible if they don’t feed her, you know just let it lie starving? (and no one else notices and saves her.)

Even if you answer no to the above question, there is no principle of self-ownership that says that the society can’t harshly condemn such bad choices and ostracize those who make it.”

pitbulls-and-my-dick  asked:

Okay so I'm not trying to get a debate growing here. I've been given some information in regards to pro choice pro life. After reading the facts and hearing opinions I decided my personal opinion was pro life. I see in your bio that you're pro choice so can I ask what brought you to the decision to be pro choice over pro life? Understandably it's a woman's body and what not and it is her choice I do respect that. But do you have exceptions to being pro choice do in some instances become pro life

Each individual person owns their own body. There isn’t a SINGLE Instance in which the law has allowed a person to use a persons body without that persons consent even when the reason was ‘I will die’. But somehow, pregnancy is something you’re allowed to override a persons bodily rights for?

It is a wonder then why we won’t strap someone down and force them to give blood, a very easy, non-invasive procedure that takes an hour at most. I’ve given blood before, so I know exactly how non-invasive and comfortable the entire procedure is, they even give you two stickers with two different bar codes on them one that is a ‘yes’ and one that is a ‘no’ and leave the room so that if you’re feeling pressured into donating you can put the ‘no’ sticker on and they will throw your perfectly good blood away. That is how much we respect bodily rights when it comes to giving blood.

And yet you and every other pro lifer is perfectly comfortable with FORCING (yes, FORCING) a person to undergo a potentially deadly situation against their will?

If you consider strapping someone down to remove organs, tissue, bone marrow or blood to be wrong, but you’re comfortable with forcing a person to either seek an unbelievably dangerous abortion or give birth against their will then you are doing some extreme mental gymnastics there.

If they need my continuous consent to take blood out  of my arm and I can say while they are wheeling it away after I put the ‘yes’ bar-code on it ‘stop, I just changed my mind’ they have to stop. If I say ‘stop, I changed my mind’ right as tey are putting me under to take my kidney and give it to someone else, they have got to stop. But for some reason, if I said ‘stop’ to a fetus I didn’t want in the first place, and probably took active measures to avoid… somehow I’m liable to see it through for months, ending in excruciating pain, all while putting my life, physical and emotional well-being, other dependents, my job, my home, my financial security all on the line? Why only in pregnancy?

The lives I could save donating blood are sentient, aware, fully autonomous, capable of suffering and not infringing on any rights just by existing.

A fetus is not sentient, unaware of everything including it’s own existence, non-autonomous, not capable of suffering, and is actively infringing upon my right to bodily autonomy.

Why is it then, that I can deny the use of my body to a sentient person and no one bats an eyelash, but if I deny the use of my body to a non-sentient, unaware fetus, suddenly I’m a murderer?

We allow people to kill those who would infringe upon their bodily autonomy too. Legally, it is called ‘self defense’ (and yes, defending your life falls under bodily autonomy). If I can kill a fully sentient, fully autonomous person who is violating my right to bodily autonomy, then I should have equal right to remove a non-sentient, non autonomous entity from my body by any means necessary.

Not to mention pro lifers literally have a page dedicated to their violence, legal abortion SAVES lives, 70,000 die from lack of access to abortions, abortion rates are actually lower in places with easy access to them.

Abortion also has no link to any severe health issues later in life.

In short, I’m pro choice because I care about people, their well being, their security, and understand that I cannot begin to understand their reasons or need for an abortion nearly as well as they can. I’m not an expert on anyones life but my own.

Pro choice is “You know your life best”.
Pro life is “I know your life best”.

FYI, those sites I linked you are unbiased ones. If you used pro life sites for your ‘facts’ then most of them were blatantly false. Pro life sites regularly lie and make up ‘horror stories’ that can be found only on pro life sites (meaning they aren’t true or legitimate news sources would have picked up on them). They’ve literally made up doctors that do not exist in any medical databases to make what they’re lying about sound more credible.



Crisis Pregnancy Centers are mutliplying in the US while abortion clinics are being forced to close.

CPCs are the first results you find when researching nearby abortion clinics. They WON’T terminate your pregnancy. They will lie to you about their purpose. They will feed you misleading, scientifically untrue information designed to make you feel like abortion is the worst option, is unnatural, harms you and your child. They will take away from you the right to choose.

Sorry, I’m tagging people because I have like zero followers so no one will see this, but people NEED TO KNOW. Please help raise awareness.
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Reproductive Justice Defense Action, organized by Boston Feminists for Liberation. July 26th 2014, Planned Parenthood, Boston MA.

Clinic defense actions are controversial, but this action succeeded in blocking anti-choice protesters from speaking to patients, blocking the signs of anti-choicers, and taking the focus off of patients and onto us. We were filmed and photographed by anti-choicers the entire time we were there, and in that time I saw 3 women walk into Planned Parenthood without any cameras on them and without anything being screamed at them. The majority of us are/were PP patients in the past, and this was our chance to stand up to these people, who were not as willing to speak down to us when we had 20+ other women standing by our side. In other words, this was a success.

–photos taken by event participants–