being positive quotes

With You everything seems..

  • so perfect
  • so smooth
  • so nice
  • so blissful
  • so happy
  • so blessed
  • so adventurous
  • so peaceful
  • so homely
  • so new
  • so amazing
  • so wonderful
  • so certain
  • so charming
  • so romantic
  • so enjoyable
  • so carefree
  • so wowed
  • so musical
  • so daring
  • so beautiful
  • so lovely
  • so surprising
  • so laughable
  • so exciting
  • so lively
  • so fancy
  • so mischievous
  • so sunny
  • so adorable
  • so fine
  • so bright
  • so clear
  • so focused
  • so mesmerising
  • so fantastic
  • so bindblowing
  • so shiny
  • so brilliant
  • so creative
  • so artistic
  • so melodious
  • so marvellous
  • so realistic
  • so achieving
  • so glorious
  • so prestigious
  • so familiar
  • so colourful
  • so dramatic
  • so friendly
  • so memorable
  • so nostalgic
  • so relieved
  • so playful
  • so innocent
  • so satisfying
  • so good
  • so sweet
  • so delightful
  • so interesting
  • so good
  • so calm
  • so jovial
  • so best
  • so joyful
  • so happening
  • so meaningful

..because You dear are my Lucky charm.

You must find your why.
That why that gets you up early in the morning.
That why that has you staying up late.
That why that keeps you going.
If your why does not fill you up with a mixture of emotions, bringing with it both happiness and tears, laughter and anxiousness, eagerness and worries,
then it is not your why.
Keep searching until you find it.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
If you still think about him, it’s okay. If he’s still all you can talk about, it’s okay. If you still can’t fall asleep because of the thought of him on your mind, it’s okay. It’s okay, because all of these things will slowly fade. It’s okay, because one day you’ll wake up and realize you’re over him. You won’t forget him, but you will see that being without him will make you a little less sad every day. So don’t give up and believe in yourself, because it will all be okay in the end.
—  L.N. | getting over him
So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring your flowers.
—  Jorge Luis Borges (via Smile, Sugar.)
1. Feel sexy underneath.
You don’t need a significant other to wear fancy underwear for. Throw on a matching set of a bra and panties. Wear as much lace as you want. You’re seeing it. Feel sexy for you.
2. Remember to moisturize.
You are the one living in that skin. You have a beautiful soul to keep warm, so take care of your skin.
3. Shave or don’t shave.
Do whatever makes you feel the sexiest. If you like your leg hair wild and free, then do it. Let yourself be as you once were before you knew what society made a razor do to young women. Love your skin. If you like your legs shaved, then baby take your sweet time as you do it. Feel every inch of your luscious legs and smile as you appreciate the feeling of your body.
4. Take millions of selfies.
Worship your body, your face, your everything. Your soul leaks through these photos. Each selfie is a shrine built to worship your own unique beauty. Do not be ashamed of it. Share these photos with the world or keep them hidden, but do not fear them. Embrace the power and freedom that comes from loving yourself enough to take a selfie.
5. Nourish yourself.
Eat cake or eat carrots, eat what makes your body and soul feel good. Exercise whenever you want to. Don’t do it because you feel like you have to: do it because your body screams for the endorphins. Don’t deny yourself food out of fear. Only do it when you really, truly, deep in your soul, do not desire it. You are a wildfire and you are allowed to eat up the world, as much of it as you choose. If you want something, consume it. If not, burn on, wildfire.
6. Get lost in nature.
Take a buddy to the mountains or simply lie down in your front lawn, just allow yourself to be consumed by the world around you. You were once a part of the earth, so remember to embrace every bit of it. Allow yourself at least 10 minutes of peace a day in nature. It will leave you feeling more grounded than ever before.
7. Say no.
I cannot stress this enough. Your ability to say no defines you. You are a strong, empowered individual, and if you disagree with something or don’t want something, do not be afraid to say no. That is your RIGHT. No one has the right to coerce you into doing something you do not want to do. Do not let the concern of hurting their feelings injure you in the long run. Say no and I promise you, you’ll be better for it.
8. Be independent.
Being single leads to a type of freedom that some people are unaccustomed to. When you are single, you are truly independent. Make decisions for you. Be selfish, in a way. Don’t let others stand in the way of your burning soul, your true wildfire. This is your life and you must live it for you. Do not allow others to dictate how you should or should not live. Let those people go. Be free of those restrictions and burn on.
—  a few things i learned after being single for almost a year (
We all become stories. Some are short stories. Some are epic novels. There are sad stories and happy ones. There are tales of romances and tragedies. Some that make you feel every emotion at once. But each one is different. Because everyone lives a different life. And that’s good, because you wouldn’t want all stories to be the same. That’s why I believe you should be completely and utterly yourself. Because no one will ever have the same story as you. So you might as well embrace the uniqueness of your own.
—  Dust In Sunbeams - untoldxstories8921