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Trolls post-movie headcanons that won’t leave me alone:

  • Branch sneaking away during the party celebrating the Bergens and Tolls finding peace and just having a good, honest, cry becuase holy hell he looked like he needed it.

  • Poppy finding him and at first being like ‘oh no what’s wrong aren’t you happy?’ but realising that he is happy and ending up just holding his hand while he gets all of the emotions he’s been bottling up for years out. 

  • Poppy and Branch leading an excursion back to the Troll village to help everyone get what’s left of their stuff. Poppy helping Branch clean out his bunker and finding all of the invites he kept and being so touched that she tears up. Branch trying to brush it off ‘cause it’s pretty embarrassing but she ends up hugging him and he just shrugs and accepts it. (Branch absolutely grabbing his stash of romantic poetry and hiding it before Poppy can find it because he is 800 different levels of not ready to have that conversation.)

  • Poppy being almost too physically affectionate with Branch because he’s been deprived of it for so long. Branch pretending he’s annoyed but actually not minding so much. (As long as it’s Poppy anyway.)

  • Branch and Poppy getting into fights sometimes becuase Poppy only ever gives everything 110% and while Branch wants to turn over a new leaf he’s been alone for a LONG time and he’s still nervous and embarrassed and sometimes it is just too much and Poppy doesn’t get that right away. Poppy totally learning to give Branch the space he needs and loving him even though he is still different from everyone.

  • Branch still having issues about the Bergens and being a bit overzealous about keeping everyone safe, becuase he can’t quite forget how he lost his grandma, and can’t always remember that it really wasn’t his fault. Branch still hoarding supplies a little and getting nervous when any of the Bergens move too quickly or surprise him, especially around Poppy. 

  • Branch trying his hardest to be silly and happy and loud again, and half the time it comes out weird or mistimed or awkward. The others think it’s funny, but only a few of them notice the cute, love filled gaze Poppy gives him when he’s doing his best.

  • Bridget and Gristle have a baby girl and name her Poppy. (And it turns out, in one on one situations, Branch is really good with kids.)

  •  I fully believe that baby Trolls grow on trees. Some fancy magic mumbo jumbo, idk exactly. Lets just say that Branch gets a little too into guarding his and Poppy’s little sprout. (”Branch you can’t just stay out here all night.” “But Poppy what if something happens?!” “The only thing that’s going to happen is you dying of hypothermia.” “You’re right we should get some blankets out here, it’s way too cold.” “Branch stop.”)

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I was wondering about how open the characters are about their sexualities and gender identities and such. I mean, p much everyone isn't a straight cis person, but is everyone aware of that? In this universe, is that chill, or is the friendgroup just a bubble of being awesome even tho the school doesn't know, or what? Also- have you ever made a post with all the character's identities/disabilities before??? Ok, sorry to bother you, and I LOVE this comic!!! The art and story is gorg and engaging ❤

 hello  ❤

ngl,  I didn’t initially want to discuss their MIs, sexualities and gender, because I didn’t want people thinking it’s being romanticized, or that the characters would be reduced to naught but.. their gender/mental illness. But. Still. Representation is important and I am. So tired of mentally ill characters being demonized dude.  

I kinda thought their school would be, all liberal? It’s a big fancy schmancy school where nobody.. Really cares what you do with your life, so long as you don’t bother ‘em. But that’s just most of the students. (not all.) 

So. let’s start with Dallas. He’s trans, but he’s passing. He doesn’t struggle with being misgendered a lot, since he A. Doesn’t really talk much in the first place, and he talks in a really, tired, Jane-Lane-season-1 mumble.But y’know, the more observant people Talk, since middleschool, he’s changed A Lot. Tl;dr, Dallas is not out to anyone he’s not close to, just the rest of the baseball team, Mr. Beaumont (Tyler’s dad, and their geometry teacher), Coach Williams, and, maybe, Wendy. 

Dallas is bisexual, he has psychotic depression and dyscalculia. Established that his therapist is a massive douchewad, there’s probably something else that’s gone undiagnosed. (something along the lines of dependent personality disorder, and etc)

Malek, there’s always names for People Like Malek. He’s unabashedly pansexual. He’d really date anyone who can make him smile. He’s out to everyone, (that includes his aunt’s live-in boyfriend.)

Malek has anxiety that often gets dismissed because he doesn’t show signs of being mentally ill. 

Poppy is not out to her parents. She’s out do Dev, and the rest of the school knows she’s bisexual. She doesn’t have a filter, and she says what she wants, and then afterwards she feels terrible to have acted like a jerk. She’s a real soft, good kid inside. She has BPD, and ngl, I wrote her to have struggled with ED when she was a bit younger. 

Jonas/Parker is autistic. I’ve talked about him and Dallas’ disabilities here. He’s bisexual, but he is not out to anyone but Phoebus and Tyler. I think he could be interpreted as someone who has PTSD from abusive parents, but I need to do much more research on this.

Ari is nonbinary. They’re not out to anyone except the baseball team. They use any pronouns. He/She/They, it don’t matter for a nihilist like Ari. They have AVPD, and it’s pretty hard for them to open up to.. Anyone at all. It’s Just Hard. They tend to lash out on people. 

Phoebus is an amputee. He’s had a rough tumble with osteosarcoma, but he’s alive, and it’s all that matters. Sometimes he gets tired, he uses a wheelchair. He has depression, but, like Malek, it tends to get forgotten because he doesn’t show signs of being mentally ill. He’s pansexual, and he’s out to everyone.

Blake is gay and a cocktail of undiagnosed cluster B personality disorders. He’s too afraid of seeing a therapist, He is not out to anyone outside of the baseball team, but People Talk. 

Ben is HoH. Dallas is his bi awakening. I think he has ADHD and PTSD, but I’m still reading into it.  For Spoiler-y Reasons, I Can’t Disclose Too Much.

Sara is lesbian. She doesn’t care about people knowing, but she only tells people when boys hit on her. Again, I can’t disclose too much about her personality without it being too spoiler-y!

Tyler has OCD. At the moment, he’s assumed he was straight up until he let himself get close to Blake. Blake makes him feel all sorts of wiggly and angry things in his stomach. He wants to kiss Blake but he also wants to punch Blake in the head sometimes. His Feelings Need a lot of work. What’s it to have a crush on anyone anyway. He’s too young to be in love, and his greatest fear is to end up like his dad, divorced, always sitting late at night in a boring old office, disgruntled and malcontent, cursing while grading some dumbass’ paper. He’s not out to anyone, and everyone, including himself, assumes he’s straight.

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Lin for the 4 headcanons meme

What I think realistically:

Toph gave her children immense freedom but very little structure. Lin craved structure desperately, and felt anxious and afraid without it. One place in her life that had structure was her Aunt Katara and Uncle Aang’s place. Their Son Tenzin was in many ways similar to her, a person who craved control and order, and this is part of the basis of their appeal to each other as young lovers. They are both a little tightly wound.

What I think is hilarious:

In a black comedy way, I can’t see her first meeting with Lao and Poppy being anything but an epic disaster. As far as they’re concerned, she’s just like her mother, and that’s terrible. Lin is mortally offended. Su is obviously much more like their mom and they like her.

What is soul-crushing:

While Lin used to harbor some resentment that their mother bailed Suyin out of trouble, her long tenure on the police force has given her a lot of first hand knowledge of just how badly Suyin’s life could have gone, if she had gone to prison, if she had gotten in deep with the triads. She now resents the way Suyin doesn’t seem to realize just how completely she was saved and how lucky she was. It makes her furious every time she sees a dead person in an alley who got in with the triads and couldn’t get out, because Suyin doesn’t seem to get that could have been her.

What doesn’t work but I don’t care:

Lin was very close with Iroh before he left for the Spirit World. She reminded him of his nephew when he was younger. Because of this, Lin has an encyclopedic knowledge of tea.

Consider if you would for a moment that not everything is 100% better when everyone gets back to the village, consider it still being hard for Branch to open up and sing and dance without caring like everyone else. Consider the sound of a hug time bracelet going off still making him feel like he can’t breathe (and everyone knowing this so no one tries to hug him, also everyone knows Poppy is the one exception.) And even consider him having relapse of going grey (Poppy comes over for a surprise visit and finds him sitting in his bunker in the dark and she knows what’s going on before he even turns around because she can hear him sniffling and even with the lights off she can see his color is gone, and when he finally does realize she’s there he can’t stop apologizing. “I- I’m sorry Poppy I didn’t mean to I just-” “you can leave I’m sorry i know I’m just being stupid” “I swear I’ll be b- better soon I’m sorry I’m sorry-” but she doesn’t accept any of the apologize because he has nothing to be sorry for in her eyes. So she just sits next to him, let’s him cry, gets him water, sings to him, gives him hugs if he asks for them, because she knows what to do. Because this isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. But she doesn’t care, all she cares about is being with him in times like this, no matter how long it will take.

Consider this does take a long time. Longer than anyone cares to keep track of.

Now consider Poppy being woken up to Branch opening the curtains to let in the sun and shaking her because “Poppy, Poppy, POPPY GET UP” “the party’s tonight and we still have so much to do!!” “Its not everyday guy diamond has a birthday you know” “and I was just at the bakery, and you’ll have to go down and talk to them because they think I’m just being picky, but no way do those cupcakes have enough edible glitter let me tell you” “also Dj changed the music mix without telling me and I’m not sure I like the new one as much-” the only thing that stops his well-planed rambling is the light musical ping of her and his very own hug time bracelet. And he is immediately beside her bed with his arms out and a light blush on his cheeks. Poppy can’t help it, she jumps out of bed so fast they both go tumbling to the ground.





At the Tower of London red ceramic poppies are being planted to represent every killed soldier in the British Empire. Artist Paul Cummins was inspired by the battlefield accounts of an unknown soldier who died in Flanders. Every poppy is being handmade by team of at least 35 people and each takes around three days to create All flowers are to be sold off. This will raise millions to be split between six charities with links to Armed Forces. (Source & More Information)

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Poppy kissing all over branch's face and branch blushing and giggling. Those fucking dorks I swear branch could just be reading a book or something and poppy being poppy is like "Hmm I want to make my boy smile right now gonna attack his face with kisses and nuzzles"like it could be in public and branch is like "poppy lol stop" but he doesn't want her to stop because he's so happy. This is for both movie universe and human universe. Guy Diamond is sitting off to the side muttering "yes, yes"


Dan x Reader - Not Good Enough For Her PART 2

Part 1:


//Time Skip//
About 3 Weeks
Dan’s POV
“Alright, I’m out. Bye!” Phil saying goodbye to Poppy in the lounge as he passed through the hallway and waved to me. I smiled and went back to my girlfriend sitting on the couch.
“Dan…” She quietly but there was a hint of seductiveness in her voice. I wonder what that was for and what she wanted.
“Yes?” I asked sitting down as she brought her long arms over to my shoulders.
“I think I’m ready.” She took a deep breath, her cheeks now smeared with pinkish tint. I took it in for a moment what she had just said, careful to make my face remain still. “It’s been awhile now and I trust you. I’m actually really excited.”
I just nodded and mumbled, “Okay.” Poppy had glee all over and smiled, kissing like on the lips instantly. I know, any normal guy would’ve taken this opportunity right away. But somehow I wasn’t ready and the reason wasn’t something I could say aloud without Poppy being gutted. So I went along, I think… Honestly to busy thinking about what’s going to happen so I just follow protocol and begin to take off Poppy’s blouse, as she stops me.
“Um? Here? Don’t you want to do it like in the bedroom?” Poppy asks confused, clearly I awkwardly ruined this supposed steamy moment.
I shake my head nervously, “Oh yeah. Sorry, I forgot.” She stares at me oddly and I attempt to play it off, “I’m just excited, I guess.” I can’t tell if she bought it as I carry her wrapped around my legs up into my bedroom. We kiss for awhile, but it’s clear I’m all out of tune. In the giant square mirror, I can see she’s all up attempting to get up close to me while I just kinda of sit there. My mouth moves but it’s like a first time teenager and I just barely rub my hands up her body. I hear her let out a frustrated groan, as she stops.
“Is something wrong Dan?” I just nod my head no and continue pulling her closer the waist but it’s too late. My mood is clearly subdued and I just can’t operate.
“Okay, okay– stop it. You clearly don’t want to do this.” Poppy says annoyed and confused, I shrug.
“I’m just not ready yet.” I say honestly and she widens her eyes me.
“It’s been 3 months Dan! What is it…” Poppy says, her point is correct. This isn’t exactly the first time she’s tried, only the first announcement probably because she’s sick of waiting.
“I’m sorry, Poppy.” I try to apologize to no avail.
“You know what just forget it. Forget it!”
Poppy begins getting up and grabbing her bag, I try to object.
“Dan forget it!” She says waking to the door. “You need to let her go.”
“What?” I ask, dumbfounded she even knew.
“y/n, it’s obvious now after what just happened.” Poppy says and now I’m angry.
“This isn’t about y/n Poppy!” I object trying to defend myself as she rolled her eyes.
“Yes it is! I’d thought you’d be over her, but clearly not!” She shouts over to me and now we are arguing.
“It’s about you and me.” I say strictly.
“No. You’re not ready to be with me because of her and I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want me. Goodbye Dan.” And like that she left. My only chance at a relationship, out the door.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, the one other shot I had at happiness was gone. There would always be more girls, but it was clear that if I couldn’t be with Poppy, everything else would be the same. I wanted to be with y/n so bad, but I couldn’t be and now I don’t think I would ever be able to be happy again. Not without her. I was still in love and had feelings for her and enough to love her endlessly with nobody else. I sank in my bed wanting all this pain and feelings to go away, but they wouldn’t.

“y/n!” Edmund called from his flat as I ran out, telling him I was sorry.
“I can’t, I’m sorry Edmund.” I answered in a fritz as I went out the door.
No he didn’t ask me to move in with him, he asked me to move away with him for a job in New York. Yes, it was an amazing opportunity and any normal person would’ve said yes, but here I was. Running away and shaking my head no, as Edmund was due to leave in two days. He told me long distance relationships weren’t his thing, so now it would be over within two days. I might as well cut to it and panic as he asks me to go, knowing the fate of us. The worst part of it was, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to New York, the worst part was that I didn’t want to go only because of my best friends. I didn’t want to leave them, and I didn’t want to leave Dan. Even if it meant not being with him, I wasn’t over him. That’s why I cried, I was so trapped in this and I had just realized. After leaving Ed’s I run to the only place I know other than my lonely place. Phil opened the door and I was instantly greeted in a huge warm hug.
“Phil.” I said with teary eyes.
“I just got home from the shop.” Was all he said and I just let out a giggle, of course he was confused but still being a caring best friend.
Dan must’ve heard all the commotion when he came out of his room, looking quite sad himself with his face streaked with red and watery eyes.
“Hey what’s up? y/n, why are you crying? Are you alright?” Dan said concerned while I could ask the same thing about him.
“Nothing, really.” I said not daring to look at him or Phil in the eye. I would break
“y/n, what is it?” Dan asked once more and it caused me to reach my breaking point.
“Dan, have you been crying?” I asked pulling myself together at the last moment and he was taken back by my question.
“I’m fine thanks. Back to you.” Dan said
looking at me and I squinted my eyes at him. Now we had settled back into the boys’ office as Phil left this weird situation, not even bothering. I was still in this and Dan wanted to know what was wrong? But he wouldn’t answer my question, this stubborn one.
“So you going to tell me or?” Dan asked annoyingly yet I really desperately needed to but didn’t want to bulge.
“Dan! I want to know what’s wrong with you!” I was whining like a little toddler as he laughed, making me giggle. I can’t believe his heated moment was turning into a funny little quarrel.
“You’re so cute y/n.” Dan said chuckling at me and his damn dimples and through causing me to exhale and calm down. There was no way I could be a serious at the sight of his cute face when he was amused.
“Shush.” I mumbled grudgingly and I’m pretty sure I heard a Phil laugh from the distance.
But as I sniffled and we both contained ourselves, Dan drew one finger to my face gently wiping a tear. I looked at him in his sweet chocolate orbs for eyes when he brought my face above to his with the palm of his hand.
“Now, please tell me what’s wrong.” Dan asked gently with the softest and kindest voice, a baby curl now shaping his face making him appear even softer. I wasn’t going to win and truthfully I didn’t care. I had to tell him, I wanted to tell him, and I needed to tell him.
“Fine! I’m in love with you Dan Howell.” I spit out chokingly as more tears run down and Dan deepens his gaze at me. No words from him just pure disbelief, with my dropping fear.
“Yes, it’s true and I’ve literally just ran out of this guy’s flat because I was asked to move away to New York with him but I couldn’t because–because I couldn’t leave you– because I love you. I just need you to know that, and I know you don’t love me back…”
“But I do.” Dan told me in the most meaningful tone I’d ever heard from him. The next part of his statement set me off in confusion, happiness, and pure fear mixed with excitement.
“I do love you back.”

Part 3 / FINAL is coming soon!

I needed to start this with that large, exclamatory sentence for two reasons. 1) it is true.  I really do like Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, I think that the writing is, for the most part, truly good and the characters well developed and interesting. 2) I am about to talk about part of the show I have problems with and I don’t want anyone saying I’m a “hater” or “have it in for the series”.

Yes, when I first saw the designs for the show, I was vocally unimpressed and through the entire concept of a Kamen Rider revolving around Video Games was silly and aimed at a very, very young market. Then, I gave the show my standard 3-5 episodes to impress me.  It’s something I do with every series no matter how bad I think it looks because I am often proven wrong by the narrative.  I have learned to never, ever judge a show by its yearly gimmick or costume designs because writers have ways of doing amazing things with silly ideas.

I was happy to say I did like this new Kamen Rider, I found the characters and the concept intriguing once I got past the goofy costumes, flashy visuals and sillier parts.  One of the characters I was really interested by was our starting female protagonists, Asuna Karino/Poppy Pipopapo .

She was interesting to me not just because she was really, really cute (which I admit is something that hooked me at first) but because it turned out she was a computer generated character and later, we discovered she was actually created by the Bugster Virus that is the series primary evil force. This, of course, raised some questions for me because the other two totally sentient, self-sustaining Bugsters we have seen got their sentience through the deaths of the hosts they infected.  Was Poppy the same?  Was she given her own sentience and ability to exist forever in the real world because she had infected and killed someone?  That’s still yet to be answered and I really think it needs to be addressed sometime in the series.  

However, that is not what I am here to bring up today.  What I’d like to bring up is the issue of Agency and how it relates not just to Poppy Pipopapo but how her treatment in the series (intentionally or not though I have a feeling it is the latter) relates to the issues of Agency in female video game characters in general. Yep, I’m going to be talking about women in video games and Kamen Rider, so I am bracing myself for hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.  Sorry but this is something I’ve been thinking about all weekend after the events of episodes 24 and 25 and I needed to talk about it.

Oh and as a warning SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!

So, what is Agency?  One of the definitions of Agency from Mirriam-Webster is:

“ 2:  the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power”

So, someone with Agency has the power to decide what they do in a day, what they wear, what they want and how they act.  For example, someone with their own Agency can say no to something or decide against a certain action based on weighing how it will effect them or those around them.

Now, the essential question is, do Busters in general have Agency? I would argue that those who have freed themselves from their hosts (through the act of maturing the virus, killing the host and using that loss of life to achieve sentience) do. We see Parado (or Pallad depending on your translation) defy his creator and even kill him. We also see Graphite defy the orders given to him out of a sense of personal desire.  That’s Agency.  

So, now we ask, does Poppy have Agency?  If she’s escaped from the confines of being just a game character, the answer is yes.  We see hints of that in the beginning when she wants to give the Gamer Driver to legenday Gamer M instead of the Doctor arriving by plane that the Ministry of Health wants to have it. So, at least at the beginning of the series, she has some Agency and ability to make her own decisions.

Then we get to episode 24 and when all of that ends.  Poppy is reprogrammed by the new head of the GENM Corporation, who in essence own her as she was born from one of their products. She becomes an integral part of the Kamen Rider Chronicle game and has her ability to say no essentially taken from her.  She shows small signs of having her own will still (such as when she slapped the new CEO for getting a little handsy) but she cannot refuse to harm her friends of innocent civilians anymore.  She has been reduced from a person (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) back to just a game character.

She has gone from a self-willed ally of the heroes to a villain or, perhaps worse, been damseled and become someone who needs to be rescued. This is a common problem in video games (and other forms of entertainment mind you) where female characters are used more as props or shown as victims with no choice more than they are self-willed characters in their own right.  One could argue that no one in a narrative has any real Agency as they are all products of a writer but in the story, they should have some way of acting in their own interest or making choices.

Now, I am not saying Toei intended this to be a commentary on Agency in video games for female characters.  I don’t think they are that subtle or forward thinking in their writing as is evidenced by the treatment of women in Kamen Rider since the series began and their relegation to secondary characters, disposable Riders or shoved into the movie-only category.  I’ve covered that enough before. 

However, what’s been done to Poppy is different.  She has gone from being a character to being just a mascot for this new game.  Her entire persona has been hijacked and she has been recalled by the company that created her. If she could be recalled, reprogrammed and edited like this it raises the question of whether she even had any power to make her own decisions or if that was an illusion of free-will created by her programming. I can’t answer that though, if the writers of the show are smart, they will address this in-universe.

My greatest worry is that this will never be addressed and that Poppy will suffer the same fate as many women in Rider series past and perish.  That would be a horrible missed opportunity and something that would probably ruin my enjoyment of the show.  I know she is going to become a Rider (though I have yet to see episode 26) and that just raises another Red Flag for me.  The last time we had a female rider (In Kamen Rider Ghost) she got to transform for a minute before being tied up and turned into a damsel in distress for the rest of the series.

That’s not even mentioning the scads of times women have been denied the ability to be a Rider at all.  Again, I’ve covered that before and I won’t get into it too much here but it is important to note in the treatment of female character in Kamen Rider.  I worry that Poppy being a Rider, and an apparently evil one at that, is going to raise the flag for her death or reduction to just another will-less opponent or girl to be rescued.  That would be sad as we’ve seen that too many times in this franchise.

Now, we still have to see how this plays out on screen.  All of my concerns -may- be addressed or they may not.  I am still very interested to see what happens in the series and I will likely keep going to the end but this kind of plot twist seems a bit obvious, contrived and forced to turn a good character into someone utterly controlled not just by the villains but by the plot.  It robs her of her Agency in the story and turns her into just another female character in distress.

I wouldn’t even be complaining or wondering about this if the series hadn’t gotten me thinking and if I didn’t care about it.  I wouldn’t have written this much about a series I didn’t care about or wasn’t invested in.  What it boils down to is, I care about Poppy’s treatment and the outcome of this story because:



Paprika: Happy Holiday to you too! I’ll be spending it with my children Poppy and Tokita~! At my favorite place of course – the BEACH!

(I’ll be doing holiday pics for more when I’m not in a rush to get ready to go to my familie christmas party :3c ;; Enjoy this though in the meantime!)