being passionate is the shit!


I’m gay as fuck for these two and I needed to cleanse my depressed soul with pure content, so have this. I’m still unsure what my personal headcanons for them are, but I heavily enjoy Dib being super duper lovey dovey and shit cause he’s so passionate in general so … yes… but also i like his canon snark and rub-it-in-your-face attitude. Zim also appearing apathetic to his advances but secretly enjoying the service lifts me up. 


My screen came back on but I’m gonna return this laptop for an Asus (From HP to Asus yeh yeh). 

I have completely given up on my tsundere endeavor to claim that i don’t like JakeDirk so here’s a scene from the second chapter of An Ocean Between, go read it

cool and fun concept fr allistics: dont make fun of people doing or saying weird shit just bc u dont explicitly know that theyr autistic

when u make fun of shit like infodumping or being passionate abt x thing, even if that person is a 100% certified allistic, ur telling me that the things we do are weird or okay to make fun of as long as ur not making fun of an autistic person specifically

respect not only us but how we act. when u make fun of behavior that is heavily linked to autistic people, even if that behavior is not coming frm an autistic person, u are telling me that u only respect how i act bc i am autistic

the signs as things i heard at school today
  • aries: (you look like an elf on the shelf) you look like a bitch that's about to be dead
  • taurus: i'm gonna be late to class, please make sure no one jumps out the window. (what if i jump out the window?) fine, you can, but make sure no one else does.
  • gemini: he's probably going to become homeless from buying too many video games. and she's gonna die alone with her crystals
  • libra: let's vote her most likely to be a furry on broadway
  • scorpio: she only looks at sonic and my little pony porn on tumblr and i'm so tired of walking in on her scrolling through it
  • sagittarius: look i only smashed this raw egg against the desk to see if it was hard-boiled
  • capricorn: (completely out of the blue) i miss smoking
  • aquarius: *throwing lifesavers across the room* give me the fucking pizza
  • pisces: (how's ninth grade going?) well, i love my teachers and— (no, the NINTH GRADE PAGE FOR THE YEARBOOK) oh i forgot we're in yearbook right now

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I have been thinking of this Headcanons for a while now and I hope u can bring my imagination into light! what if rfa+v+Searan first meeting with MC at an aquarium where she works as a diver and saw her for the first time behind the glass diving with sharks and small fishies and stuff~ maybe she looked like a mermaid :P I'm sorry if it's complicated and it's ok if u don't want to do it~ love u~

I love these scenarios when they meet before RFA <3 

I wrote this when I was really sleepy and slightly drunk, so I have no idea if any of this makes any sense lololol. Anyway, hope u like it! ^^

RFA + Saeran and V meet MC at an aquarium


  • He was there for a photo shoot and decided to take a look at the place
  • You passed by his side wearing your scuba suit, talking to a colleague about checking on the sharks
  • He followed you, he just… felt this urge to go after you.
  • And he watched you mesmerized, you were so elegant… and so brave for being that close to the sharks!
  • “Isn’t it scary?” he had to ask when you got out, you looked at him puzzled. “The… sharks?”
  • “Oh… no, not at all! They don’t do anything if they’re fed properly and… if you’re not bleeding.” you say this so naturally and with this huge smile, it’s adorable! “Don’t tell anybody, but… they’re my favorites!”
  • He felt warm inside about you sharing this secret with him. “Wh-why is that?”
  • “I don’t know, there’s something exciting about fearing them, you know? Being around something so majestic and dangerous. It’s like…” “Liking someone and being afraid of hurting them with all of your passion?” SHIT! What is he saying? This isn’t one of his musicals!
  • “Yeah… something like that…” you chuckle. Oh, did you really get it or are you just being polite? “Hey, do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar…”
  • “I get that a lot, actually.” nah, he wouldn’t brag right now, it was time to know more about you. “So… what’s y-?” one of the sharks bump into the glass and he yelps.
  • “Oh, shit, Hercules! He’s a little blind, I… I should go, he gets all disoriented when this happens. See ya!” you run without even looking at him.
  • “Yes… see ya.” Well, he would actually see you a few weeks later standing at his door.


  • He’s there on a tour promoted by one of his teachers
  • He’s not really interested in any of this. Sea animals are not really his thing. Then he gets to the dolphin area.
  • Then you show up and greet his class, and the tour guide introduces you. “This is MC, she usually works with the dolphins and the other mammals.”
  • “Do you feed them?” somebody asks. “Well, that too, but I mainly provide activities to stimulate their brains. You see, dolphins are extremely smart creatures, and…” you go on talking about dolphin’s brains, and Yoosung is… really interested in all you have to say, he’s even taking notes.
  • “But enough talking, do any of you want to see how we do it? Let’s see… hum, how about you in the back? The blond one?” he’s so taken aback by your face he doesn’t even notice you’re talking about him, his buddy nudges him and he notices you’re looking straight at him… SHIT
  • He goes to you hesitantly, your smile is so beautiful and… your curves on this tight scuba suit… wait, what? “What’s your name?”
  • “Y-Yoosung.” “Cool! So our friend Yoosung here will shuffle these numbers and our other friend Chi Chi will put them in the right order. Here you go, buddy.” shit, you’re so nice! He’s trembling while shuffling the cards. “Okay, Yoosung, you can give to her.”
  • “M-me?” “Yeah! Don’t worry, she won’t bite! Well, she does sometimes and it hurts as hell, but…” you see his eyes widening. “I’m kidding!” he hears his mates laughing, ugh…
  • He hands the cards to Chi Chi and she quickly puts them in order, then you explain this isn’t training like in the circus, it’s just a method to stimulate their memory.
  • After the demonstration is over, the teacher calls a a little break for the students to explore as they please, but Yoosung wants to stay right there.
  • “Good job, she really liked you!” you say enthusiastically, are you just being nice or are you genuinely this bright? Either way, your smile is beautiful. “I’m so lame for being afraid, I… I’m sorry.”
  • “Oh, don’t worry, Yoosung! It can be a little intimidating at first…” oh, you remember his name! He wants to know more about you, but then you get a call and run quickly. Well, he would have another chance pretty soon in the chat room.


  • Well, this was the oddest meeting Mr Han’s associate could ever come up with
  • Then she sees the jellyfishes and this diver swimming right beside them.
  • It’s… beautiful! And the diver moves as flowing and elegant as them.
  • And then the diver looks through the glass, straight at… her? And waves for her? She awkwardly waves back.
  • “Hey! Did you like the jellyfishes?” you ask her coming from behind. You’re still on your scuba suit. Oh… were you that elegant diver from before?
  • “Yes, they’re… beautiful! Isn’t it dangerous? I mean… don’t their tentacles burn?” “Oh, my suit protects me, see?” you grab her hand and make her squeeze your arm. She blushes.
  • “It’s made of a special material, they just bought it thanks to this new investor.” “Yes, it was… my boss, actually.”
  • “Oh… cool! Your boss is sickening!” is… that a good thing? Judging from your huge smile, it is, she frowns her forehead and you chuckle. “Oh… maybe not?”
  • She gives this weird smile. “Yeah, my boss is a pain in the ass sometimes too.” how can you talk so easilly to a stranger? But she can’t stop listening to you, for some reason…
  • She would like to hear more, and talk more. Maybe venting to an outsider about how stressed she was would bring her some relief?
  • “Oh… speaking of the devil…” you fidget your walkie talkie on your hand. “Gotta go!”
  • Well… too bad! It wasn’r right now she would have the chance to vent. Gladly she does much more than that when you two meet again.


  • He heard about this aquarium getting closed and thought about investing in it.
  • He has his aquarium at home and… well, he really appreciates these creatures, he doesn’t like to think what could happen to the animals if the aquarium gets closed.
  • So he goes there to see what exactly he’s dealling with. And then he sees this diver surrounded by colorful seahorses.
  • It’s almost like a mirage, and this diver is apparently having lots of fun. Yes, working with something you love is really fulfilling.
  • “Hi! We’re… closed right now.” “I’m here to see the admnistrator, actualy.” “I’ll take you there, come on”
  • He’s a little uncomfortable about walking side by side with this woman all wet, aren’t you cold? “So… may I ask why do you want to see the boss?”
  • “Well, this is… I would rather not talk about it for now.” Yes, he shouldn’t be discusing this with one of the employees.
  • “Okay… just know we’re doing our best here, but it’s really hard to keep things in order with such a low budget, I’m saving up as much as I can with the seahorse’s food, for example and…”
  • “Don’t worry about it. Keep doing your best and it will pay off, I can guarantee.” “Okay, I guess…” he wanted to know more, what were your position here exactly, your name…
  • “Here you go, sir!” you patted his shoulder friendly and turned around.
  • He was impressed at how much you cared for this job and for the animals, if every employee was this hardworking, he would be more than happy to buy the place.
  • And he did, but you just got to know that when you went to his penthouse a couple of weeks later.


  • That was a weird mission, the thugs were getting more and more creative about places to do money laundering. An aquarium?
  • He wasn’t sure where to start looking, so he was just strolling around, looking for places he could infiltrate.
  • Then he saw this girl feeding the seals. Five of them all around you.
  • He couldn’t hold back a chuckle when he saw you doing this weird dance and the seals mimicking you.
  • You heard him chuckle and quickly turned around, looking straight at him and blushing. How… adorable!
  • “Hi! Can I help you?” “Oh… I’m… I’m from supervision, they sent me… to supervise?” WTF? He usually comes up with good stories, why couldn’t he lie properly staring at your curious face?
  • “So, uhm… about the seals. Are they getting the right treatment?” and you suddenly started talking about their feeding, their meds, even some biology jargons, it looked nothing like the girl who blushed before noticing she was being observed.
  • “Do you… like working here?” “Well, I… I’m a little worried about the new administration, but sure. I love this so much!” you eyes gleamed. Shit! Now he was the one blushing.
  • “About the new administration…” “I shouldn’t probably talk about this. Be careful on what you write on your report.” were you… worried for him? You didn’t even know him!
  • He knew he shouldn’t, but he really wanted to catch at least your name. Hell, now he was worried for you working for thugs! Was there nothing he could do to protect you?
  • Well, after the background check, he took the liberty to send your resumé to another aquarium, one with honest administrators. You didn’t remember sending any resumé to that place, so you knew it could only be his doing. Yes, even pushing you away like this at Rika’s apartment, you knew how much he cared about you…


  • He heard about the ice cream they were selling at this aquarium
  • But the restaurant there would open a little later, ugh… crap!
  • Well, since he’s here, why not take a look at what these children are making such a fuss about?
  • Then he sees you explaining to the kids about the starfishes and other animals at these interactive tanks.
  • “Be gentle, guys! Though it doesn’t show, they can feel everything!” he could see you were trying to be nice to the children, but you were more concerned about the animals.
  • “Yay! Now let’s take a look at the turtles?” they ran away from the tank.
  • “Why do they let animals like this for these brats to touch it?” “Well, it’s a… sensorial experience or… some bullshit like this.” Oh! Did you just swear? How feisty! “If you ask me, I think this is ridiculous and just stresses the animals, but… I don’t make the rules.”
  • “So why do you follow them?” “Well, isn’t it how society works?”
  • “What if there’s a place you don’t need to follow those rules?” “Well, this sound very utopic, but… I think it would be nice to me…and to the animals…”
  • Well, he couldn’t do much about the animals, but about you… did he just find his target to help him destroy RFA?
  • Yes, as he managed to hack into your phone, he knew! You were perfect to be taken to paradise!


  • He felt really inspired to take some pictures of this wonderful place with such wonderful creatures.
  • Well, he didn’t expect the most wondeful one to be a human.
  • He took pictures of this diver moving with the rays like they were all floating, it was amazing!
  • “My camera loves you… miss.” he took the initiative to talk to you when you came down, you looked puzzled, so he showed you the pictures.
  • “Oh, the rays are the fotogenic ones, actually.” “Yes, they move beautifully, it’s a shame I can’t really capture the whole movement of them.”
  • “Dude, are you kidding me? Look at this! You can feel the motion! It’s amazing! You’re… amazing!” and you blushed, he smiled softly, you were even more charming like this.
  • “Thank you, I’m just really lucky that sometimes I find just the right model.” “Oh yeah, the rays are great models!” he laughed, in addition to all of that, you were still funny? You were the amazing one here.
  • “You’re the guy they hired to take the promo pictures?” “Oh no, I’m just doing this for fun…” “So you’re a tourist?”
  • “I guess you can say that. Aren’t we all tourists when it comes to getting involved with these creatures?” “I don’t feel like a tourist around them.”
  • “Yes, you really look like one of them, look at this, it’s almost like a mermaid.” you blush furiously, and he grins, you’re definitely enchanting as a mermaid, at least.
  • He could talk to you all day if you let him, but then you got a call and ran without even saying goodbye. Well, maybe you two could meet up again one day? Who knows?

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So my school is k-12 all on the same campus and usually when we have random surprise assemblies the middle schoolers and the high schoolers are grouped together So one time we had these olympic bikers come in to talk to us about being passionate and shit So one of the girls speaking asks the crowd of middle and high schoolers really enthusiastically "Now who here has dreams?" and all the middle schools raised their hands and cheered and the high schoolers were all dead silent

I swear...

If I see one more video of Climon naked in bed, making out and being all passionate and sweet and shit and Malec gets a god damn fade to black again I might just pull all my fucking hair out. Correction: ALL the hetero couples in the show get half naked make outs in canoes or institute beds all passionate and steamy and shit while MALEC the only LGBT interracial mlm couple in the show, portrayed by two beautiful men who love and support Malec and Shadowhunters AND the LGBT community gets a fade to black with no morning after. I’m allowed to be a little pissed at mostly FREEFORM bc all they’re promoting is CLIMON and CLACE the HETERO LOVE TRIANGLE. It’s annoying, tbh. But to the people who commented on the post about 2B not being out yet, I agree. We’ll just have to wait and see if the SH writers and Todd pulled through. And to the asshole that commented (you got deleted by the way ;)) about me “blaming it all on Climon when the ship is getting enough hate as it is” i don’t like the ship and you should respect that. You should also respect that I’m (and the whole fandom considering its numbers are mostly people from the LGBT community) allowed to be more than a little pissed off about Malec not getting the treatment it deserves and more than a little annoyed that Climon and Clace and Jace with some random nameless fairy bitch get naked rolls in the sheets about 2 fucking minutes long while we don’t even no for sure if the most popular main pairing (confirmed ENDGAME) mlm couple in the show actually had sex at all. So no, I’m not “hating” (as you so eloquently put it) on Climon nor am I hating on ANY of the hetero ships but it’s the fact that it’s ONLY the hetero ships that get representations like this when Malec has more than deserved to be treated with the same amount of equality and respect. I’m tired and I’m angry and I’m upset and annoyed and I’m allowed to feel this way, since I’m not some of the assholes that I know are scattered around this fandom sending HATE to the actors and actresses when it’s not their fault. So you should fucking respect that.

S/o has amnesia ( Batboys headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: Headcanon where the batboys’ s/os get amnesia?


  • Shook
  • Cries for a long long time
  • Tries to slowly start telling you things about the best
  • Loves the way you look like it’s the most amazing thing you’ve heard
  • When he leaves for longer missions, he leaves small sticky notes everywhere 
  • They have dates on them and what important happened on them
  • You keep them all in a notebook
  • Tries to rehabilitate you as best as possible


  • Could you hear that?
  • It’s his heartbreaking
  • He’s so sad and pitties you
  • Even though you told him not to
  • Takes time off from being a vigilante
  • Shows you old pictures 
  • Passionately and dramatically re-enacts memories
  • Straight up Shakespeare shit 
  • Roy and the Fam thinks he’s crazy
  • But it makes you laugh, it’s all that he needs


  • Thinks that the doctors are kidding when they first tell him
  • Too tired to fully understand at first
  • Takes a minute
  • Asks about all the things he could do to help you
  • Researches cases of Amnesia
  • Hopes that it’s temporary 
  • Will tell you about anything that you ask
  • But won’t tell you on his own
  • Doesn’t want to fill your head with pointless informations 


  • This boy angry, especially if it’s an accident
  • Broods for a long time
  • Until he realizes that you need his help
  • It’s like falling in love all over again
  • He draws you small sketches of things that happened in the past
  • Adds the date and a small description
  • Like the day you went on your first date.
  • “The day that I knew that I wanted you to be my beloved forever!”
  • Cue the “AWW” sound track
  • Pays for all the medical bills (Rehabilitation, Therapy ect)

It’s safe to say that all of the boys would help you to the best of their capeability


With love,

Wow just imagine being a trainee since birth, mising the chance to debut because having to fly back America, then flying back to Korea to debut but that wasn’t a success, then not making it into top 11 after surviving most parts of that asshole of a show.
Imagine being so talented, so dedicated, so passionate but by-passers ignore that shit, and those who did care couldn’t vote because of some ridiculous rule for international fans.
Imagine watching the chance of debuting successfully is slowly fading away.
Imagine being 15, and having to experienced all that stuff.
Imagine being Kim Samuel.


i’m deleting the phandom

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Slow dancing with Harry after a few drinks and lots of cheek kisses and holding each other close and little whispers and "I love you"s and quiet talking about getting married and buying a house and promising each other things and just being all romantic and shit and then some seriously passionate, romantic sex afterwards ugh yes pls xxxxx


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Friendly reminder

So you have a headcanon you’re really passionate about? That’s okay! Other people have a headcanon different from your own? That’s okay as well! Hating and bitching at other people for having a different headcanon? That shit is not okay. Even if someone has a different view/opinion it’s never okay to be rude. Always stay respectful and allow people to have their own fantasy.

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What do you think of rick and morty?

I love the show, it’s funny and stupid and has just enough overarching plot to keep me interested but is still very clear that it’s main focus is just being funny and stupid.



It ain’t really necessarily all about being that tough guy shit sometimes I really seat my ass back listen to the saddest music possible and cry shit out I like being vulnerable and passionate I have no fear in showing emotion each one of them are always on 100. Damn though that’s a big ass run-on sentence 🤔