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There’s a reason why we have to leave things behind, why exes are meant to stay as an ex. But never be disappointed for all the selfless acts that you did, or that you still keep on doing. There’s nothing wrong with being selfless when it comes to someone worth giving everything to but never forget to remind yourself that it’s okay to be selfish at times, that it’s okay to love yourself more. Because no one’s going to keep you happy all the time, but yourself. And I know you’re scared and that you’re still healing, but darling know that every single day, you are a warrior for choosing to fight and live another day. Be safe. :) 

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Okay but let me just say this, sleeping on Donghyuck and Chenle’s vocal capabilities is not okay. Excluding them when you’re talking about the main vocals in nct is not okay. Saying nct 127 needed Doyoung because Donghyuck can’t handle the job of being a main vocal in 127 is not okay. Not recognizing the great job both of them did in chewing gum is not okay. Defending the fact that Donghyuck has next to no lines in limitless because you don’t think he’s a good or stable enough singer IS.NOT.OKAY. If you don’t appreciate Chenle and Donghyuck for their talent and ignore their hard work and everything they’ve given up so that they could be singers then please unfollow me and never call yourself a nct stan again.


Hearing the phrase “they had it all planned” in the latest In/finity w/ar “trailer”(?) Sneak peek (?) Mood board. :/

Reasons I love Weightlifting Fairy & what it taught me:

* Bok Joo shows that you don’t have to be absolutely perfect to get a good human who loves you for who you are.
* Joon Hyung shows that you don’t have to be an absolute gentleman to get a good human who loves you for who you are.
* Although Bok Joo’s depression started because of a broken heart and may seem silly to some people, the show and its characters never made it seem that way. They showed that her feelings were completely valid and that it was okay for her to do whatever she needed to in order to feel okay again.
* Bok Joo and Joon Hyung’s healthy relationship: they supported each other through everything, but also made sure to talk when either of them was being unreasonable.
* Regarding the characters’ careers: not everyone ended up doing what they originally planned to. The obvious example is Shi Ho after her last competition, but other characters seemed to change their minds as well in the end. This showed that although we may be stressed at one point because we aren’t sure of what we want to do in our lives, everything will be okay and we will eventually figure it out.
* Although Jae Yi and Ah Young had been friends for years, she explained that relationships should never be forced and should take their time.
* When Joon Hyung found out the real reason why his mother came back, Bok Joo didn’t tell him that the way he was feeling was wrong. Instead, she acknowledged his feelings but also tried to explain to him that seeing things from his mother’s perspective may help him try to understand her. Before we judge others, we should at least try to see things through their eyes.
* Last thing: because we’re young, we should try to enjoy these times. We won’t always be happy, but by surrounding ourselves with people who genuinely love us and by being kind to others, we can make the best out of these years.

I really loved watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. This was my first kdrama and to be honest, I never thought I’d love it as much as I did.

when your scary but stupidly attractive boss’s less scary but also attractive partner starts to work with them ;) @feynites

How are we ever going to ever watch another show ever again?

When will we ever get character development like this?

When will we ever have girls written this beautifully?

Boys too?

When will we ever have our sexualities treated this right?

When will we ever have mental illness written this delicately?

When will we ever have Muslims not being villains?

When will we ever have girls not being broken and defined by what men did to them?

When will we ever have straight boys sitting around table advising their friend how to get his guy?

When will we ever have a straight boy being offended for being thought to be homophobic?

When will we ever have girls realising it’s okay to not have everything figured out?

That it’s okay to value your own opinion of yourself more than that of a boy?



G-Eazy on his song Everything Will Be OK that will be on When It’s Dark Out (x)


I love how when d&p are being interviewed or something Phil usually just keeps eye contact with the person talking to them
but Dan constantly looks over at Phil as if he needs to be reassured like
I’m okay
My best friend is here
Everything will be okay
He constantly just looks over at phil because Phil makes him feel comfortable and safe
and then Phil will look over at him and keep eye contact with him for a few seconds and smile as if he’s saying
You’re okay Dan
I’m here
You’re gonna be okay
I love you.


you take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.

How dare someone say DC isn’t inspiring hope?! It is inspiring hope in a world where finding hope is hard. Superheroes shouldn’t enter a universe when everything is okay and be the source of rising tension and problems, they should enter the world when people have nothing else to believe in when they need inspiration!

The DC universe starts with Clark Kent being a hero in a world where people would turn against him. Clark Kent can’t find his place in the world, he is struggling with creating his own identity, but he is still saving lives. Lois finds him because everywhere he goes he saves people. The world is invaded and Clark is pushed as he would realistically to his breaking point (the destruction is the level it would be if a world ending fight had happened) the world is scared it needs hope. It needs superheroes to inspire. Criticize MOS all you want, everyone knows that if a being with God like powers showed up you bet your ass everything Martha feared would come true, but Clark still has enough faith in humanity to risk everything for it- how is that not hopeful?

BVS is apparently so dark, but the entire movie is about people who have lost hope regaining it. Clark struggles with being hated and feared, he struggles to deal with his sacrifice, as anyone would. He pushed himself to the breaking point for people, and yet they don’t trust him. Clark instead of breaking works hard to prove himself, he tries to be a hero for the world, to fit in. It isn’t easy for Clark, but it is worth it to him, Clark see’s enough good in humanity that he finds a reason to be their hero despite the fact that he doesn’t owe the world a goddamn thing. 

Bruce has lost everything, he has lost his purpose, and he see’s the worst in Clark, as he see’s the worst in himself, and humanity. Bruce despite struggling with his PTSD  finds a reason to trust again because of Clark’s heroism. It’s Clark Kent’s embodiment of the most human principles (hope, trust, faith) that brings Bruce back from the edge. “Men are still good”

BVS shows heroes even when they lose hope can find it again. Diana is much the same, after a World War she doesn’t think that humanity deserves saving, but because she see’s a man with no power fight a losing battle, when she see’s a being much like herself risk everything despite being rejected she remembers why she fights! How is that not hopeful.

Suicide Squad begins with dealing with the fallout of Superman’s death, the world hasn’t simply gotten over it. However, horrible people, people who have no reason to trust each other, or fight for humanity, come together to save it because even the worst of us have the potential to do the right thing. The idea that no one is too far gone to save, that even with a bomb in your head you can choose to save someone you care about is shown. That is pure hope.

Hope is easy in a world where the hero can save everyone, hope is easy when people trust heroes from the start. But hope in a universe where your faith is constantly tested, now that is an achievement.

Honestly the scariest thing about casserole claire’s books is that they’re targeted towards teenagers and they romanticize rape and abuse, promote racist and biphobic/homophobic themes and promote girl/girl hate. Like I was 12 when I read her books and I didn’t see any problem with the books at all. I thought everything was perfectly fine and I even remember praising casserole for her diversity. She’s teaching young teenagers that it’s okay to date two girls “accidentally”, and that if guys are grossly possessive over you its “cute” and “romantic”. She teaches young girls that it’s okay to hate other girls just for being pretty. She teaches people that it’s okay to accuse bi people of sleeping with everyone they know. And honestly it’s just sick. People writing children/YA books should be sending positive messages. Casserole is disgusting and I refuse to believe otherwise

pro tip: when you mess something up, just admit you messed up, apologize, and move on with your life.

not everything is about being right or twisting things so the blame falls on someone else.

it’s okay to be wrong, even a little wrong. just learn and grow from it and you’ll be okay.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people freaking out by the “how old will you be in 2024″ post and how they ‘aren’t ready’ to be ‘that old’. 

As someone who is currently older than most of you will be in 2024, let me tell you that it’s fine, everything’s okay, not that many people have a Life’s Purpose even at my age so you don’t need to worry about hurrying up and finding one. Extra responsibility is tiring, but it’s okay. Working full-time is tiring, but it’s okay. Neither of those things are as scary as they seem when you imagine them; your routines change effortlessly and before long you can’t remember what it was like being at university/school/living at home with the family.

 As you age you become more certain about who you are, less insecure, and (hopefully!) more balanced in your opinions and perspectives. People start to take you more seriously. You worry less about what other people think and are more in tune with what you need as a person. If you have mental health issues like I do, you get better at managing them. You understand them and work with them. 

Growing up seems scary when you imagine it, but all it is is you. There’s nothing you need to be ready for, because you will adapt step-by-step to the changes that happen to you and then you’ll look back on yourself now in 2024 and realise there wasn’t anything to be afraid of <3

Sometimes you are going to miss things in life. No special reason. And if you ever come across a time you have these kind of feelings. Call your mother, say you missed her. Tell her about something hilarious that happened. Thereโ€™s no better feeling than being close to your mother. When you feel like youโ€™re drowning in your thoughts. Write. Anything and everything that comes to your mind when you hold that pen. And when you feel like nothing in the world is making sense and youโ€™re too tired to comprehend the outside world. Take a walk. Remind yourself how utterly beautiful the world is and its okay to be empty. And when the memories hover over you and swallow you. Let it be. It’s a good thing. Trust me. You will smile. You will feel sad. Thatโ€™s okay. I promise. That only makes you strong. At least you will feel something.
Dating Colossus Would Include...

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-Him being super over protective of you always and you always telling him you can fend for yourself

-You trying to explain Deadpool’s sense of humor to him, and laughing when he keeps saying “I do not get it, it is not funny.”

-You constantly having to reassure him that you do love him and that he’s doing everything okay, “I did not mess up?”  “No Piotr, I promise everything is okay.” You smile at him.

-Him always looking to you for direction, and you being more than happy to help

-Him being the most selfless person ever and constantly asking if he can do things to assist you

-Which means he always carries in the groceries after shopping, but never complains, which is a bonus for you

-You finding it both adorable and hilarious at how seriously he handles every situation 

-Him hugging you too tight almost every time, but you never telling him because you can’t handle whenever he gets that hurt look on his face. Plus, in the long run the hugs are amazing

-You always loving the fact that he has the biggest heart of anyone you know despite looking like he could crush a car with his bare hands

-The fact that your smile is the only thing he needs to be happy

-How determined he is to make you laugh because he loves hearing it, so he’ll spend hours on the internet writing down bad jokes and then delivering them all wrong, but you laugh anyways, because he always looks proud when you do. “Now that one was funny, yes?” “Yes, that had to be the best one yet.” You kiss him on the cheek

-Him always kissing the top of your head, because you’re the perfect height

-Basically him being the sweetest person ever, like a big puppy dog 
















Lapis Appreciation Post

Note: Spoilers from Alone at Sea and Room for Ruby.

Out of all the episodes that focused on Lapis, I didn’t think that anything can top how much I loved Alone at Sea. I was wrong. I loved how Alone at Sea tackled the serious topic of letting go of an abusive relationship that you initially wanted. The impact that was put on me when I saw Lapis reluctantly say no to Jasper was heavy, because I’ve experienced that before. It was bad, but I also wanted it, I needed it. Despite the title, seeing a character being portrayed as such makes me believe that I wasn’t actually alone. But at the end of it all, Lapis was still not okay and so was I.

Room for Ruby falls second to Alone at Sea for me, so far as my favorite episode. In the episode, Lapis is far from being okay with everything but this time she accepts that she is and I think that’s a powerful message in itself. It’s not easy to admit to yourself that you’re not okay. Oftentimes, you would try so hard to deny and be okay that you actually forget that you’re doing it for you. Being okay WILL take time and there’s no shame IN taking your time. It’s a painfully slow process, but you need to do it at your own pace otherwise, it’ll just feel forced and rushed. Lapis wanted to slowly teach Navy how it was like to be on earth because she understands how difficult it was to adjust. Out of everyone who interacted with Navy, Lapis was the most concerned about her feelings towards accepting everything unfamiliar because she understands how hard it was. And even now, despite all the time she’s spent on earth, she’s still in the process of accepting earth, peridot, life in the barn and most importantly, herself.

Lapis is not really one to talk about her emotions or anything that makes her uncomfortable, which is most probably why she’s taking a while to adjust. As seen in Peridot’s reaction to her suddenly flying away means that she hasn’t been telling Peridot everything, even though they’re seen to have been getting closer considerately throughout the past episodes. But seeing her voice out her worries and uncertainties in Room for Ruby shows how much she’s willing to accept now because she wants to understand. She’s been growing as a character and that’s what I love about the episode. Even if she still has a long way to go, she is progressing and that’s what’s important. Hang in there, Lapis. You ain’t alone c’:

After the accident, after Rhett thought that he had lost him, his best friend, his partner, his lover, his companion, his everything, he was so afraid of ever losing him again. He knew that he was being overprotective, not even so much for Link’s sake, but his own.

Never did he think about losing the most important thing in his life, and now that its what’s on his mind majority of the time, it eats at him. When they’re not together, is he okay?, when they are together, relax, he’s okay

 Every now and then his brain wanders off into wondering what it would be like if he did lose him, he has dreams. Dreams of seeing those beautiful eyes that always had so much life drain into nothingness, dreams of hearing the words “I love you come out as his love takes his last dying breath. Link was fine and he knew that, but still, what if? 

He remembered what he asked Link in the ambulance, as he held his hand so tightly, what he thought might’ve been his last words to him, “are you mine?”I’m yours, always” replied the weak and broken voice. In this memory he found comfort. It became the first thing he would think about when those dreams would wake him, when he was gone and worried about him being alone, are you mine? It became a regular thing. Even after Link completely recovered, are you mine?

Right before they would film GMM everyday, are you mine? At night when they made sweet love and he would whisper it so softly in his ear, are you mine? In the mornings when the sunshine would glow through their curtains and their bodies still tangled from the night before, are you mine? After writing a successful song, are you mine? 

For 40 years they did that every day, several times a day. They both well knew the answer, but still it never grew tiring. 40 years… Link is 78, Rhett 79. Rhett lay in his bed, kids, grandkids, old and new friends have come and gone, but one never left his side, Link. He held his hand, sat their awake as his love slept, reminiscing on 73 years worth of memories. Rhett had his moments where he was almost in his mind and could consciously talk to his love. They mostly talked about stories together, “Remember that time on GMM…” and “I can’t believe when you did…” 

 On his last day, everyone knew it was his last. He hadn’t been conscious in days, hadn’t eaten or talked, just slept, but not gone just yet. Link still sat there though, holding his hand, talking to him about all kinds of things just like he always did, hoping that he would wake up one last time, say one last thing, even if it was a know-it-all comment. He had nearly dosed off when he heard that weak and pitiful yet so strong and confident voice say his name. He though about how crazy it was that even after all these years, that little five year old with the squeaky voice giggling his name still sounded exactly the same as this old man did today. He looked up to see a smiling Rhett. He leaned in to listen.


 “I’m here Rhett, it’s Link, I’m here, baby, I’m here.”

 "Are you mine?”

He knew the answer, they both did, but of course like the 40 years before, he always answered back. 

 “I’m yours, always.” 

Rhett smiled softly and brought link’s aged hand up to his mouth and kissed it, and with that, he was gone. 

 Link smiled at his love that lay so peacefully in the bed and repeated the famous line, “I’m yours, Rhett. Always.” Then he too, smiled weakly and faded off into forever.