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Imagine your OTP sleeping in the same bed. Do they cuddle all night or do they sleep away from each other? Which one has tons and tons of blanket and which has 1? Does one have more pillows than the other, how many? Do they fall asleep at the same time or not? Does one try to steal the blankets off the other throughout the night? Which one has nightmares and wakes up to see the other and is comforted just by them being near?

I completed Part Two of my Endless Summer fan art inspired by bases made by Snuffysbox here. I adore the relationship between Boy Scout (Emrys) and Aragorn (Jake) so much. I attempted to portray the dynamic of their relationship through this art. My next post will be a compilation of all my Endless Summer fan art. Feel free to tag an Endless Summer character you like me to draw interacting with my MC. Hope ya’ll enjoy.😘😜 P.S. I head canon Male MC being taller than Jake.

other gr8 things about the newest episode:

  • Tweek is a CERTIFIED BADASS who stands up for himself at all times
  • Tweek is a kick-ass actor
  • canon!Tweek is actually superior (he’s so much braver than fans give him credit for)
  • PC Principal’s consent guidelines omg (“Craig, can I touch your penis?” “No, you may not!”)
  • everyone’s acceptance of their relationship
  • lots of character development? w/ Craig, Tweek, Cartman, Thomas etc.
  • Tweek comes to terms with being (perceived as) gay
  • so does Craig (albeit more reluctantly)
  • Craig increases Tweek’s confidence and it’s the most adorable thing
  • Thomas asks Tweek to “quit” Craig Brokeback Mountain style

“I don’t care how much of a slump you’re in. I’ll throw my best pitch into your mitt every time!

Imagine Person A of your OTP being extremely passionate about one subject in particular, and being able to talk about it for hours if you let them. Person B does find the subject interesting, but more than that, they adore how Person A’s eyes light up when they speak about it, and how excited they get. Person B is always flustered to find they’ve been rambling, but loves having someone to talk to what they love, because they rarely get discuss it with anyone else.

If you think about it, Sans has good reason to hide how powerful he really is. To pretend he’s lazy. You think, “Oh, he doesn’t have to pretend he’s lazy. If he were upfront and honest with everyone about his real power level we’d just think he was cool.” And in theory that’s nice, but in practice, in reality people have actually committed genocide just for the chance to fight and defeat him. Just because they know he’s strong. For the challenge. Even when they have the option to be friends with him.

So yeah, I totally understand the facade he puts up. Reminds me a lot of kids with a reputation for being tough and other kids would fight just to see if they could beat them… even though those kids don’t WANT to fight, they just want to be happy and play with their friends. But once other kids know the challenge is there that’s difficult to avoid. Maybe that’s why they had to leave wherever they were from, sometimes that’s the only way to change your life once people have made decisions about who you are. I’m sure a few of us can relate.

Who wouldn’t rather have friends and be loved over the reputation of being badass?
Arts by pixelkenj and pi-ratical

anonymous asked:

can i ask why your otp is derek/failure? it makes me sad because i love him and i just want him to be happy :(


I love Derek Hale more than anything else in the world maybe like more than sunshine and chocolate and puppies even. But the show does not love him. The show pretty much aggressively hates him all the time always.

And so Derek fails at everything he tries: fighting, dating, being an alpha, being a mentor, getting through an episode without bleeding through his increasingly-adorable clothes.

And the failure kind of becomes a joke, because if you let yourself get all DRAWN IN and ENDEARED to him and his refusal to give up then you’re basically buying a ticket to the Neverending Pain Train.

BUT NOT-SO-SECRETLY you are already on the Neverending Pain Train and its showing no signs of slowing down until Season Eleventy-BIllion so you just retreat into a dark corner of your mind where you concoct fuzzy harmless scenarios wherein Derek is bad at dating or cooking or buying Christmas presents but those things don’t matter because they only make him MORE PRECIOUS and anyway he’s not failing at the most IMPORTANT thing which is being a GOOD PERSON and being able to LOVE AND BE LOVED

so maybe he isn’t able to do all the things he wishes he could do but it’s OKAY and he’s safe and warm and not at all sexually-manipulated or impaled through the chest with rebar THANK YOU GOODNIGHT

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