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I’m so bored of getting anons going “you’re in a new relationship every month” and trying to like, come for me because I enjoy consistent sex and romantic affection?

It’s also weird because, as y'all know I was in a super serious relationship that ended abruptly in August and I haven’t been in a relationship since then. I think my non-monogamous romantic interactions are being mistaken for multiple relationships which is like hilarious lol…

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Is it normal to, kinda hate your gender? Like I'm Bigender and I hate it a bit, my gender causes a internal fight often on how to present myself because I wanna be pretty and feminine but not mistaken for a girl since I'm only comfortable being being mistaken for a girl 20% of the time and I feel fake when I'm feminine since I'm AFAB and there's always a 50/50 when I'm feminine that I'll reject my much preferred named (I don't mind being called by my birth name by certain people) and male 1/2

Pronouns and I feel horrible when I’m comfy with female pronouns since I usually reject them but now I wanna go by both pronouns but I don’t wanna be seen as a cid girl cause I’ll feel even more fake and this stresses me out it’s like my genders are two different people fighting each other, they both wanna be pretty yet handsome and don’t like each other. It all feels like it’s possible a kind of dstroia(?) and it seems like it’ll never end I just wanna cry 2/2

Yeah being multigender/genderfluid/any gender where there are different things that oppose each other is tough. From what I’ve seen on tumblr, the people I’ve asked, and my own experience, people who identify partially with their agab have a tendency to feel invalidated, especially when they’re genderfluid and leaning more in that direction. Wanting to switch names and pronouns at different times is also common. You are far from alone.

As for presentation/other people gendering you, that’s a common problem for nonbinary people too. My solution is to take testosterone to look like a guy, and then be pretty with my hair/clothes/accessories. Others try to look androgynous. Some people switch presentations with their moods. Maybe try thinking of your genders as people, and act as the mediator. See if you can find compromises, and if there are easy ways to look handsome/not be gendered as a girl when you want, and look pretty/be gendered as a girl when you want. You might be able to hit a balance where a simple accessory or change to your hair can make the difference.

I’d also suggest seeking out people who understand that you’re nonbinary and what that entails in terms of dysphoria and how you want to be treated. Being treated the way you want in terms of gender can really help with dysphoria even when you can’t change physical aspects the way you’d like to.

Take a deep breath. You’ll be okay. You’re not alone.

Hope this helps!


By: Emily Morrison
Something so lost,
It lingers,
Conversations turn,
To bicker,
Holding the grudges under,
The breaths of are ancestors,
Being mistaken as peaceful protest,
Let go of your weapons,
Your words of mass destruction,
Be apart of the new direction,
For seen in this past election,
We’re so far of a concluding sentence.


The Avengers as music albums.

on men in fandom

The point at which men feel compelled to make a separate, masculine fandom name for themselves, the better to differentiate themselves from other, presumably female fans inhabiting the same space, is the point at which they feel their gender to be not only relevant to their expression of fandom, but so important that it needs its own word, lest we confuse them with women.

The fact that men seem only to be interested in doing this on entering traditionally or predominantly female fandoms says a lot about the logic behind it. Where fans are presumed to be male, there’s no need to assert their maleness with a masculine name; where fans are presumed to be female, however, they strive to differentiate themselves, not only to void the risk of being mistaken for women, but to rebrand the actual property as being for men

If such men were genuinely interested in disproving gender binaries and the sort of sexist logic that tries to steer their tastes in other directions, as is sometimes claimed, they wouldn’t feel the need to establish that the thing they like has masculine properties, as though they couldn’t or wouldn’t like it otherwise. This isn’t like the oft-ignored female fans of comics and videogames asserting, rightly, that such things are for everyone, which category happens to include them; it’s men expressly stating that an originally or traditionally feminine property isn’t really feminine, the better to make it for men.   

Following this logic, female-dominated fandoms are only worth joining if men can make absolutely sure that their support isn’t confused with female support, or their interests with female interests, the better to assert their more selective ownership of the property. Crucially, this move also has the effect of forcing women to either accept the gendering of the fandom and adopt their own, feminine nomenclature - possibly one the men themselves have created, heedless of the fact that it was irrelevant prior to their insistence that it wasn’t, as per the term pegasister - or to refuse the binary and so have the male term become synonymous with the fandom as a whole, as though male interest is the only kind that matters.

tl;dr: If you’re a guy and your first thought on approaching a new fandom is “how do I make a name that describes my interest in this thing while letting everyone know that I’m a dude”, then do us all a favour and stay the fuck out of it.  

I want to see a female Doctor Who. I want to see someone with 900 years of experience of presenting as a white man, suddenly having to navigate the world as a woman. I want The Doctor to walk into an emergency situation and start taking control as always, and being dismissed out of hand, and being totally thrown by it. I want the Doctor to realise that even with psychic paper people are going to be suspicious and questioning of their expertise. I want to see The Doctor being mistaken for their assistant. I want to watch The Doctor, as they realise that people didn’t just listen to them because they were clever, or right, but because they presented as a man. And come to terms with that, and fight back against the institutionalised sexism, whilst also fighting aliens I guess? 

So yeah, I was watching some first season New-Who today and just thinking “I wonder how this scene would have played out if The Doctor were a woman.” and yeah. Food for Thought.  

31 First World Lesbian Problems

1. Other lesbians not thinking you’re gay

2. Having “that talk” with a member of your family

3. Being told “you’re going through a phase”

4. Being introduced as “my lesbian friend”

5. People insulting gay people without knowing you are one

6. Finding out the woman you like is straight, or are dating someone else

7. Straight women asking if your are a lesbian

8. The death of your favourite lesbian character in EVERY TV Show

9. And then the endless search for Lesbian subtext in EVERY new TV show that comes out

10. Being asked which is the “boy” in the relationship

11. Having to out yourself when you make a new friend

12. Online dating struggles

13. Shopping in the boy section, then having to use female changing room

14. Being mistaken for a man “excuse me sir, oh I mean…”

15. Straight men asking questions about your sex life

16. Gay man asking you questions about your sex life

17. Straight women asking you questions about your sex life

18. Presents from distant family members

19. Referring to your girlfriend as partner, to keep your sexuality neutral in your workplace

20. Becoming a lesbian stereotype

21. As a couple, being confused as friends or worse siblings

22. When your periods syncs with your girlfriends

23. Suffering through a bad movie in order to watch that three-minutes of lesbian romance

24. Having a straight girl crush

25. Being too afraid to ask a woman you fancy about her sexuality

26. Being a straight girls experiment

27. Bro-friendships and listening to their views on women

28. Over analysing your girlfriend’s motivations

29. Lock Jaw!

30.Being told lesbian sex is not real sex

31. The ending of The L Word

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African-American actress Danièle Watts claims she was “handcuffed and detained” by police officers from the Studio City Police Department in Los Angeles on Thursday after allegedly being mistaken for a prostitute.

According to accounts by Watts and her husband Brian James Lucas, two police officers mistook the couple for a prostitute and client when they were seen showing affection in public. When the officers asked Watts to produce a photo ID when questioned, she refused. Watts was subsequently handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser while the officers attempted to figure out who she was. The two officers released Watts shortly afterwards.

Watts, who played CoCo in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and currently stars in Martin Lawrence vehicle Partners, posted an account of the incident on her Facebook page:

Watt’s husband Brian Lucas, who is white, claimed that the two were targeted by police for being an interracial couple. In a seperate post on his Facebook page, Lucas said that “from the questions that [police] asked me as D was already on her phone with her dad, I could tell that whoever called on us (including the officers), saw a tatted RAWKer white boy and a hot bootie shorted black girl and thought we were a HO (prostitute) & a TRICK (client).”

An Los Angeles PD public information officer told Variety that “there was no record of the incident as Watts wasn’t arrested or brought into the station for questioning.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In 2008, a Galveston, Texas couple sued three police officers who arrested and beat their 12-year-old daughter after mistaking her for a prostitute.

If your Warden is a dwarf, a mage, a elf, or a woman, I think a common problem they would face is Alistair and Nathaniel constantly being mistaken for them. 

King: It is such an honor to meet the hero of Ferelden 

Alistair: I know it was such an honor meeting her too. 

King: What-

Warden: Hero of Ferelden at your service.


Orlesian: You know, Warden Commander, you should really think about your policy of accepting anyone into your ranks. Having elves and dwarves in your company may be useful but it must damage your reputation-

Nathaniel: Hm. I’ll bring it up with the actual Warden Commander then. Warden Commander?

Warden Commander (who is an elf or dwarf): I’ll make a note to let Ferelden crumble next time, since Maker/Stone forbid we damage our reputation. 

In short, just a lot of getting wrecked for assumptions all around. Because let’s be real, when stories travel, they change. And it’s not too far fetched to think that the stories of the hero would morph them into a strong, male, noble warrior over time in certain circles. 

Being a part of the Omaha Squad would involve...

#1 hacking their insta and twitter / them hacking you back

#2 Sammy being all flirty

#3 Having those days where you all just laze around in one room the whole day, dealing with your hangovers

#4 Nate constantly teasing you

#5 being mistaken for their girlfriend

#6 “Gilinsky, I need to talk to you about that last snap”

#7 Gilinsky being goofy with you

#8 wearing their clothes whenever they leave something at your house

#9 Johnson giving you advice

#10 getting high together

#11 them asking for your opinion on new music

#12 “Sammy, pull your pants up”

#13 them giving you the dumbest nicknames

#14 being in their snapchats

#15 skating with Sammy and Nate

#16 playing basketball

#17 being good friends with Gilinskys sisters

#18 them randomly showing up at your place and convincing you to come along with them

#19 having long talks with Sammys mom whenever you’re at his place

#20 them having serious discussions about your ass

#21 “No Nate, I haven’t seen your bob marley lighter”

#22 Gilinsky playing your boyfriend whenever you don’t want a guy flirting with you

#23 “Hey Jack?… no, the other Jack.”

#24 having seen each of them naked at some point, because of different drunk/high stories

#25 “Samuel, what the hell are you wearing?”

#26 them getting you the most random birthday presents nobody else would think of giving you, just because you never wish for anything and they know you prefer those random, funny presents

#27 shopping and girl nights out with Emily Wilk

#28 fans asking you to tell them hi / make them recognize em

#29 John being like a brother to you

#30 making fun of Nates clumsiness

#31 Nates younger brother having a crush on you and Nate being annoyed about it

#32 helping Jack & Jack making vines

#33 “Whoa Johnson, you need to talk slower, this is not a rap battle”

#34 “Nice boxers, Nate“

(I added numbers so you can tell me your favs haha ❤️)

Enjolras once wore red lipstick to show that make up doesn’t have a gender. He ended up being mistaken for Taylor Swift at least 5 times. one of those times was when courf walked into a meeting late and almost fainted after screeching like a fangirl.

Being Draco's Best Friend Would Include...

• Him always giving you hugs from behind.

• “Stop being a git.”

• Both of you buying each other different gifts.

• Kissing each other’s cheeks.

• Being mistaken for a couple.

• Acting like a couple.

• “God, that Potter.”

• “Sh, I know.”

• Cuddling.

• Making Pansy jealous.

• Having feelings for each other.

• Never leaving each other.