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Hi, senpai! ♡ Uhm, I really like your blog. You inspire me so much... Today we were in class talking about what do we want to do in life, and I said I wanted to be a writer. Some of my classmates proceeded to tell me that I would end up dying not being able to afford a house or even buy food. But when things like that happens, just checking your funny posts or your writing tips makes me regain confidence. Thank you so much~☆ PD: English isn't my first language, sorry if I made a mistake.

I mean… I’m a writer that speaks one language and I still don’t get it right 75% of the time–you don’t have to apologize at all. Especially concerning such a sweet and thoughtful message! Just glad I could help :)

Oh and one last thing–tell your classmates to stick it where the sun don’t shine

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Stories I’m fucking sick to death of:

A white character being comically terrified of interacting with a Black person and making all kinds of awkward faux pas because Black folks are just so inherently intimidating.

A straight character being super embarrassed and uncomfortable at being mistaken for gay ESPECIALLY when there are no actual gay characters in the story.

Being Draco's Best Friend Would Include...

• Him always giving you hugs from behind.

• “Stop being a git.”

• Both of you buying each other different gifts.

• Kissing each other’s cheeks.

• Being mistaken for a couple.

• Acting like a couple.

• “God, that Potter.”

• “Sh, I know.”

• Cuddling.

• Making Pansy jealous.

• Having feelings for each other.

• Never leaving each other.

If you’re like me, and only had basic familiarity with the ‘90s Pokémon, you might be a little confused by all the internet’s talk regarding the new installment.

Well, fret no more! I’ve figured it all out – here’s SDM’s handy dandy, 100%-accurate guide to the new Pokémon.

Name: Shrugging Meowth

Usually Found: Not caring about what you think of him

Name: Lazy Koala With A Beer

Usually Found: Sleeping off his eucalyptus hangover

Name: The World’s Angriest Otter

Usually Found: Posting in social media comment sections

Name: Diglett With Wheat On His Head

Usually Found: Being annoyed when mistaken for regular Diglett

Name: ‘80s Glam-Rock Trio Diglett

Usually Found: Being swooned over in concert while wearing leather pants

Name: A Bus

Usually Found: Being a bus

Name: Donkey With Regrettable Haircut

Usually Found: Not wanting to look at his yearbook photos later in life

Name: Just A Sandcastle

Usually Found: Wondering why his designer got so lazy

Name: Hideous Abomination

Usually Found: Wondering what his designer was smoking at the time

Name: Nightmare Fuel 

Usually Found: Probably watching us while we sleep 

Name: Living Flower Crown

Usually Found: Wondering if, technically, it’s grabbing its own butt right now

Name: Overfull Hamster

Usually Found: Lamenting the number of seeds he ate

Name: I’m Sorry, What

Usually Found: Probably, um… maybe… uh…

Name: Wait, Is That A Transformer

Usually Found: Are these all seriously new Pokémon, what’s going on


Usually Found: WHY IS THIS A THING




When he’s in a train car packed with people, Yuuri keeps his hands raised up in the air, probably to prevent himself from being mistaken as a pervert. I don’t know if it’s because he’s bored about doing nothing with his hands, but he’s repeating rock-scissor-paper with them over and over and is, at this moment, quite possibly the cutest male figure skater in the world right now.
—  Phichit, when they trained together in Detroit

What I need for Sanvers:
- fake dating
- being mistaken for a couple
- Alex trying to hide her jealousy but not really managing it
- Alex going on a Operation Jealousy pretending to date someone else
- Maggie being jealous of Supergirl
- Kara teasing Alex about the Maggie thing and she denying it
- “I’m single now” “Oh good. … Sorry not good”
- A “how do you dare endangering your life” kind of fight
- Anger first kiss
- “I thought you were dead” kiss
- Secret dating
- Sex at the DEO
- Official first date with a lot of cute anxiety
- “You are beautiful” with heart eyes
- Temporary break up
- A random declaration-of-love-at-the-airport scene
- Meeting mama Danvers

What I don’t need for Sanvers:
- Stray bullets


The Avengers as music albums.

i don’t think i’m ever going to let go of the fact that flip flappers, a beautiful, well-written story with gorgeous, colorful animation will in the end go down in the anime industry as a flop

*pops back into the ML fandom after 1342754928309432 years with starbucks* 

I’m writing an adrinette fic where they go to a Ladybug/Chat Noir themed amusement park and turns out you can only enter if you’re dressed in theme, go figure. Mari won the yo-yo in a game, Adrien won the cat ears in another game, and the two of them spend the rest of the day being ‘mistaken’ by little kids as the actual superhero duo. It’s tooth-rottingly sweet…. and being written in Korean :’D 

on men in fandom

The point at which men feel compelled to make a separate, masculine fandom name for themselves, the better to differentiate themselves from other, presumably female fans inhabiting the same space, is the point at which they feel their gender to be not only relevant to their expression of fandom, but so important that it needs its own word, lest we confuse them with women.

The fact that men seem only to be interested in doing this on entering traditionally or predominantly female fandoms says a lot about the logic behind it. Where fans are presumed to be male, there’s no need to assert their maleness with a masculine name; where fans are presumed to be female, however, they strive to differentiate themselves, not only to void the risk of being mistaken for women, but to rebrand the actual property as being for men

If such men were genuinely interested in disproving gender binaries and the sort of sexist logic that tries to steer their tastes in other directions, as is sometimes claimed, they wouldn’t feel the need to establish that the thing they like has masculine properties, as though they couldn’t or wouldn’t like it otherwise. This isn’t like the oft-ignored female fans of comics and videogames asserting, rightly, that such things are for everyone, which category happens to include them; it’s men expressly stating that an originally or traditionally feminine property isn’t really feminine, the better to make it for men.   

Following this logic, female-dominated fandoms are only worth joining if men can make absolutely sure that their support isn’t confused with female support, or their interests with female interests, the better to assert their more selective ownership of the property. Crucially, this move also has the effect of forcing women to either accept the gendering of the fandom and adopt their own, feminine nomenclature - possibly one the men themselves have created, heedless of the fact that it was irrelevant prior to their insistence that it wasn’t, as per the term pegasister - or to refuse the binary and so have the male term become synonymous with the fandom as a whole, as though male interest is the only kind that matters.

tl;dr: If you’re a guy and your first thought on approaching a new fandom is “how do I make a name that describes my interest in this thing while letting everyone know that I’m a dude”, then do us all a favour and stay the fuck out of it.  

My Experience as an INTJ #26

Signs of an INTJ

  • When talking, their eyes tend to keep shifting away from yours as if in avoidance, yet when you start talking, they will instantly snap to yours and stay there unfalteringly (provided that that the INTJ deems you worthy to be listened to); this results in the intense INTJ stare
  • They tend to say very little especially if you’re acquainted but not quite friends; it might lead you to think that they don’t like you when that’s not usually the case or they are often mistaken as being shy (uuuuughhhh)
  • They hold strangely accurate general impressions and predictions despite lack of remembered concrete details
  • Perfectionism is a pretty good giveaway
  • Seems to have mastered the Mona Lisa Smile™
  • Casual friendly body contact = ???