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Hello! I read (and enjoyed!) the story you posted of your grandpa and his tree disposal methods, and so was looking for the story you mentioned of your other grandpa menacing a peach tree with a baseball bat, but can't seem to find it. Halp?

That would be because I haven’t posted it yet!  Many people have requested the story mentioned in the tags “Grandpa Menaces a Peach Tree With A Baseball Bat”, So here it is, with a side of “Grandpa Menaces The Iowa Relatives With Giant Corn”


For the Full Context of this tale, you have to understand how my dad’s side of the family got to America in the first place.  Prior to 1917, they were all farmers of limited success that migrated from county to county, trying not to starve, until a covey of the Fitzpatricks heard that they could be shoveling shit in Grand Americay, far away from the people they owed money to, so they all fucked off to Iowa and somehow made a fortune in the real-estate business in the middle of the depression.  Despite now being comfortably middle-class, they never actually gave up farming, and having a pair of glowing green thumbs was a point of pride in the family.

So, when Grandpa moved out to California, specifically to the Salinas Valley, which is where an absurd percentage of the country’s food is grown because it’s full of probably the world’s most stupidly good soil,  Grandpa had to continue the tradition and set up a garden in the backyard, planted various crops and flowers in January because fuck you this is coastal California, I can start stuff in the middle of winter, and invited his sister Leone and her growing brood of (at the time, 5, later 9 children) out to visit.

They came out in July, to escape the Midwest humidity and Butter fetish for a time, when the corn is typically getting to be around knee-height if things are going well.  Grandpa spent a long time asking how things were back on the farm, plying them with ice tea and grandma’s lethal Angel Food cake, before politely inviting Leone and her Husband Scotty out back to see how his patch was doing, oh its not much really, just a bit of fun for me and the children-

Scotty and Leone stared at the nine-foot-tall goddamn corn which was already setting fruit because it had been going since January.  At the watermelon plant that had taken over the side-yard, and at the other oversize and thriving crops that had taken over grandpa’s yard.  There was a few moments of awed silence.

“Well fuck you Edwin.” Scotty eventually said, before Leone whopped him over the head and the rest of the visit was a pleasant diversion.

the following spring though, Grandpa received a package from Iowa, specifically a small peach tree with a note saying “With Love, Scotty.”

Leone knew better than to engage in such shenanigans, because this is irish-agrarian passive-aggressive Bullshittery at its absolute finest.  “Sure, yeah, you can do corn.  Any asshole can do corn.  TRY THIS FUSSY-ASS PEACH VARIETAL INSTEAD, YOU ASS”  is perhaps a more accurate translation.

Grandpa, not about to be intimidated by a mere tree, planted that sucker in the front yard and proceeded to pamper it- bone meal fertilizer, a brand-new irrigation system, the works.  Hell, he would go out some times and talk to the darn thing.  It flowered, and he borrowed a behive from one of the local farmers to make DARN SURE that it got pollinated, because he was going to mail peaches to Scotty for Christmas, that asshole.

The tree. Did not. fruit.

That fall, grandpa reccived a letter from Scotty, asking after a couple paragraphs of circumlocutions, how that tree he sent was doing?

Grandpa got up, made himself a martini, picked up Dad’s baseball bat, and walked out to the front yard to have a discussion with the Peach tree.  

“I’ve just received a letter.”  he explained, waving the paper at the tree. “Asking when you’re going to fruit.  Now, I think I’ve held up my responsibilities to you as your caretaker, so it’s time for you to start providing.  Do you understand?  This spring, you better start fruiting or I will personally take this bat to you and turn you to into kindling.”

He stepped close to the tree, sticking his face in the branches as though whispering into it’s hypothetical ear. “Do not test me, you little shit.”

The next week, the tree bloomed out of season, and by February, it had set an obscene amount of fruit, which grandpa gleefully turned into preserves and mailed back to Iowa.

whenever ppl say that “if ur REALLY poor then youd sell all of your belongings and never treat urself to anything good uwu” stuff i always get the feeling this person thinks all poor people are making up their poor-ness for attention or smth lmao

like…….. being poor is a wildly different experience and theres many levels like yall think economic experiences are like only sorted into 3 groups but theres different levels and ways u can be poor. like people living on welfare cheques, but still having a house and stuff and people who are homeless are both poor, but in different ways

poor-ness isnt a one-dimensional experience, just like being middle-class and rich isn’t.

Laurent Akielos.

Damianos de Vere.

Damen stared at the paper, trying to decide which one he liked more. He would love if Laurent would take his last name, but there was the offhand chance Laurent would want to keep his own last name.

Of course, Damianos de Vere had a nice ring to it. Damen wouldn’t actually mind taking Laurent’s family name - with Laurent’s permission, of course.

He considered the options one more time before scribbling down

Laurent de Vere-Akielos

Damianos Akielos-de Vere

Hm. Both of them sounded pretty good.

Of course, Laurent and him weren’t actually engaged yet, but Damen had a plan and a ring and the support of all of their friends and family (at least the ones who mattered), including not one, but both of Laurent’s brothers, Nicasie and Auguste. The boys had spent the first year of Damen and Laurent’s relationship terrorizing Damen in attempts to scare him away. Laurent, of course, never told them to stop. Something told Damen that he enjoyed seeing his brothers torture his boyfriend.

But back to the task on hand.

Damen continued to jot down as many combinations as possible until he finally ran out and started to doodle domestic (and sometimes rather pornographic) drawings of himself and the love of his life. 

Laurent watched Damen in concern. He had never seen his boyfriend so hard at work at his desk (excluding the one time they made love on that exact desk)(it was definitely more than once).

Puzzled, Laurent continued to watch Damen in attempts to figure his boyfriend out.

I redesigned my moonstone too. That’s the last of my gem oc’s so far.

summary: despite being middle class gems of lesser value than aquamarine, moonstones are still praised for their unique beauty and their naturally maternal nature. they are in charge of the pre and newly post “birth” gems on homeworld for blue gem’s court and watching over the incubation process. it’s their job to make sure no complications occur as well as look over newer and unstable gems as they adjust to their existence and surroundings.

Mission Bad Boy - 1

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Notes: I do not think nerds are ugly, I definitely do not think Kim Namjoon is ugly. Literally everything is taken by Korea’s strict-ass beauty standards. 

I really hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear what to think. Is it too out there?? Usually shit like this is the other way around, lololol. 4k Words

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Ugh, School.

Ugh, Math class.

You really couldn’t wait until you graduated. Just one and a half more years, and you would be out of this hell-hole for good. 

The autumn term of year 11 had begun only a few days ago, and your math teacher had blasted through at least three new concepts. You hoped that someone would be there to help you, but even your friend, Kim Jisoo, seemed to be struggling as much as you were.

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A classmate wore a shirt that said “girls just want to have fun–damental human rights”.

I bit my tongue the entire day to stop myself from asking what rights she doesn’t have.

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This is a great read, if you like the cartoon and want a more in-depth analysis of it.

The chapter about economics is, in particular, quite amazing. It explains why, rather than being the “middle-class” family, as they are regularly seen as, the Simpsons are working-class, plain and simple. 

And it ties in with how so many poor Americans consider themselves (vaguely) middle-class when they really aren’t.

As Henry points out brilliantly about the first ever episode: “A middle-class family does not struggle to buy decent Christmas presents for their kids.”

Fuck, even from the get-go, the implication was there.     

honestly snape’s poverty is part of the reason why i don’t really believe the idea that snape thinks he’s entitled to lily. lily is a well-to-do girl from the “right” side of town, middle-class and prosperous. her family is a “good” family - and snape is as aware of this as petunia is, though for wildly different reasons. 

i would argue that snape KNOWS lily’s “too good” for him (or, in reality, just from a different background). that snape uses his knowledge of magic to befriend her because it’s the only thing he really has to offer for someone with lily’s life - and when they go to hogwarts, he doesn’t have that any more, so why would she stay his friend? 

idk a lot of snape’s interactions with lily read a little desperate to me, not entitled. he doesn’t want her to abandon him because, i think, he’s so very aware that she can - and that a lot of people think she should. and that gets driven home during their fifth year (when she tells him as much) but i’m not sure that it was always a blood issue or even an issue of death eaters vs the order - class differences can be hugely difficult barriers to friendships and romance and are usually actively discouraged by parents and friends alike. there’s a REASON petunia doesn’t want to hang out with snape and it’s not because he calls her a muggle - she doesn’t want to BEFORE that. she knows he’s from the “wrong” side of town, she knows he’s poor, and she’s either learned or seen that she, being from middle-class background, shouldn’t be hanging out with him. that lily decides to do so is almost entirely because of what snape can offer her and lily’s own kindness. 

so i don’t think snape feels “entitled” to lily. i think snape, more than anyone, is aware how easily lily can leave him. i’ve said this before, but i very much read teenage!snape as always waiting for the other shoe to drop with lily - and that’s why he clings that much harder. healthy? well no. lily is (as far as we know) snape’s only real friend however - i’d be pretty desperate and unhealthy too if i thought that the slightest thing would break that. 

also that’s probably why it galls even more to think lily would go out with james - not only is this guy snape’s bully and tormentor, but he’s also the guy with everything snape doesn’t have, the kind of guy lily “should” be hanging out with. when snape hears that it’s probably like a warning bell: if she has sjames, how long until she drops you? not even just because james would probably try to stop her from hanging out with snape - but james would also give her the kinds of things snape just never really can (in terms of material goods, traveling, etc not necessarily emotional needs). 

idk. it’s really really rough for me to see snape as “entitled” to lily when there’s so obviously a kind of power differential between them - and lily’s the one holding the cards, not snape. lily’s always the one who can leave and i think snape is more aware of that than anyone.

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Where would you recommend one learn Reiki from? Obviously a professional, but I mean, you know. Because I'm seeing it more and more (cough cough from you), and i know I can do energy healing okay, but I wanna refine that a lot more. You know?

To learn reiki, you NEED to find a reiki master. You cannot direct or control the reiki energy at all without an attunement. I have tried, and I have been doing energy work for 3 years now- despite this, I still could not access reiki energy. Reiki is initiatory; you need an attunement to be able to use it. Masters have achieved the level 3 attunement, which is REQUIRED to attune other people to reiki. 

However, while finding a Reiki Master is already a challenge, finding a reputable one is even harder. There are soooooo many ‘love and light!!’ :) Reiki masters/”Reiki masters” that actually know very little about reiki, including how it works, its history, different variations, etc. Additionally, quality of the attunement can vary a lot

Nothing against the ‘love and light’ mindset in and of itself, it’s more of the vast over-simplifications, cult-like mindsets, and general ignorance that comes from being middle class/upper middle class (which majority of people holding that paradigm come with) that often come with those types of practicioners that gets me really pissed. That’s a different argument in itself though. 

Back to the point, 

When you find a Reiki master, you’re going to need to vet them. Some suggested things to consider: 

  • Do they actually know what they are talking about? 
  • Do they actually know anything at all about reiki, especially Usui reiki, which is the Original™ reiki? 
  • Does their reiki actually affect/work with you/Is their attunement/reiki worth a shit? If you get a reiki session from them and NOTHING happens, then it’s time to look for someone else to get an attunement/healings from. There’s a lot of people with fake or very weak attuneents. 
  • Does their energy work well with you? While reiki is its own energy, when sending/doing attunements, it is still affected by the sender’s energy- thus you’ll need to find a Reiki Master who’s energy vibes well with yours. 
  • Do they believe Usui was a Christian minister?…if so, run away immediately. Because he was not, and that is a rumor that has been strongly dispelled. 
  • Do they know energy work outside of reiki? Not a requirement (especially for Usui reiki, which is centered on “allowing” and no directing at all) but it can be very, very useful. In my opinion, reiki energy is nowhere near as useful if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of energy work and energy systems, plus the will to learn shit on your own. 
  • Do you feel comfortable/safe with the Reiki master? Some of them give off bad cult-y vibes. 

BTW Reiki is culturally open. You do not need to be a certain culture/religion/etc to practice reiki. Usui, the original founder, very much so intended for it to be shared and spread worldwide. It is initiatory in that you need an initiation to be able to use it, but you do not need to be of any specific culture/ethnicity/religion to be able to learn it and share it with others. 

These are just suggestions and I’m just starting to learn about the wider and more info-based aspects of reiki, so don’t use me as the only source. These are just recommendations based on what I know right now. Feel free to hmu again later down the line tho, I’ll probably know a lot more in a couple months’ time :0 

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Mira Rajput spoke at a women's day event, she basically went on to say working women's children are like puppies... why is even speaking at an event and on top of that dismissing working women's' struggles.

I don’t think that’s QUITE what she was implying with the puppy comment, but there were so many things mildly offensive about what she said:

“I am a housewife and wear that label with pride. Why can’t you be an accomplished homemaker? Accomplishing could mean anything one has their heart set on. I had a tough pregnancy, bringing Misha (seven-month-old daughter) into this world. Now, I love being at home and spending time with my child. I don’t want to spend an hour with her and then rush to work. I don’t want to spend one hour in the day with my child and then rush off to work. Why did I have her then? I want to be there for her as a mother. Seeing her grow up can’t be quantified. She is my baby, not a puppy.”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a homemaker, if that’s her choice. But it’s easy to make that choice when you have an insane amount of economic privilege to help you “make” your home. You can accomplish a lot when you have maids and nannies at your disposal. Most women work because they have to, not because they don’t want to spend more time with their kids.

And it’s insulting for women who want to work, as well. I mean, I grew up with a single mother who worked and went to uni at the same time, and I wasn’t…abandoned? I did not need my mom around 24/7, she didn’t miss out on my childhood, and it was good for me to see her work. It’s a positive thing for children, especially daughters, to see their mothers accomplishing things professionally. Shockingly, a lot of women have identities outside of being a mother, and just because they have children doesn’t mean they can’t pursue their own goals as well. Asking why you’d have a kid just to go to work is just…rude. Not to mention easy to say when you’re a millionaire and don’t have to consider your financial obligations to your child.

You’re right, I have no idea why she was asked to speak. She’s done nothing remarkable to qualify her to speak on women’s issues. If she just left it at being proud of her own decision to stay home with her baby, that’d be fine, and that’s a completely valid decision. But her justification was just…completely tone-deaf (and honestly, reflective of the fact that she grew up rich and probably doesn’t know much about the realities of being a middle/working class mother).

Wish this person who’s accusing us of being rich and middle class was right.

Would fucking love to be able to afford a dishwasher or a vacation for next year. That would be sweet.

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Was Dylan upper class?

The Klebolds were living in an -upper middle class to wealthy- neighborhood but struggling. Like Eric’s family, both his parents worked. The house they bought was a bit too much for their income within this upscale but rural neighborhood, and it needed quite a few renovations. From what Sue mentions, it sounds like Tom did most of the renovation projects.  They moved in in 1989 when Dylan was in the 3rd grade. The house has been a good investment property which easily increased in value in a desirable remote location. But Sue and Tom struggled a lot to keep that house, yet it gave the outward appearance that they were “upper middle class” or “rich” even.  I would expect Tom’s real estate business along with rental properties they owned helped to bring in extra passive income.  Again, I would put Dylan between the middle to upper middle class spectrum.  Their large house gives them the appearance of being an upscale middle class family but appearances can be deceiving. 

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What video game would you love to play that's considered a Batman game but it's not directly connected to Batman?

  • open-world gotham city
  • actually open-world, not “you get to explore the GCPD, two other known places from the comics and then you meet batman”. every other building is explorable
  • there are random instances of crime in alleys or bodegas. you can choose to intervene or move on
  • you hear people randomly talk about “the bat-man”, others in fear or making jokes
  • time moves in-game similarly to how it does in fallout 4 so when it’s 25th december in the game’s calendar, there are celebrations, people have put up christmas trees and decorations. a week before the 4th of july there are flyers everywhere inviting you to a fireworks show
  • you can choose your origins and that affects your gameplay. you can be born in a rich family so when there is a gala, you can easily attend it due to your family being invited (might even meet bruce wayne!). similarly, if you choose the origin of being born middle-class, you can attend as a journalist or someone with really well-connected friends. you’d probably have to break in if you chose the poverty origin and/or be very, very sneaky
  • that works both ways. when there’s a quest that involves the bad side of gotham, if you grew up on the strees you can gain access a lot easier than say, someone really rich who’s bound to get mugged
  • you can progressively become a vigilante or a gotham rogue (that doesn’t necessarily mean a villain, just not the best role model). throughout the game you upgrade your costume so you start out with a really amateur suit but by the middle/end of the game you look legit. resources are easier for you if you’re rich but you have more connections with the other origins
  • if you involve yourself too much in crime-fighting, you might draw the interest of batman but if you two meet, instead of him going “ok i’m your mentor now”, he’ll probably warn you to stop
  • easter eggs of far-off batman silhouettes with a kid running by his side. meetings of someone on a gargoyle that looks like batman? talking to… superman?? you can never reach them at first because your vigilante abilities suck. actually getting to meet them needs very specific flags to have been raised so it doesn’t happen to everyone
  • you get to costumize your own t-shirts with letters/words and certain phrases are made aware by npcs. if you type anything like “bruce wayne is batman”, you’ll hear people laugh, point at you or have certain individuals actually consider it
  • ipod-style menu so you can toggle on/off music while you’re exploring gotham

wow i want this

modern au financial situations:

-sasukes dad was the chief of police n he and his fam were p comf upper middle class. in aus where his family dnt die hes just kinda bratty but when his parents do die hes in the foster care system for most of his childhood and relates to being poor more than middle class.

-narutos almost always foster care and usually ages out of the system. always been poor and is use to it. hes had a job since he was fourteen and is oddly enough the best out of all his friends at budgeting. owns his own car and is the first to get his own apartment but also took out a shit ton of student loans he knew he couldnt pay altho it couldve been worse since he got mad money from fafsa.

-gaara is like. rich. like rich *rich* in the way that you only see on tv. his dad owns the worlds second highest profiting yogurt company right after chobani (temari voice fuck chobani) he gets disowned at 18 and is on that poor kid grind for a while and its stressful for him but naruto and sasuke thinks its *hilarious*

-sakura is a middle class family and her parents bought her a car when she graduated college. v average and she makes poor college get jokes anyways.

-hinatas dad is also rich and is a high ranking business man for some boring family owned company. old money. she also gets disowned by her family half way thru college.

-nejis rich passing bc him n his mom r actually kinda really poor but rely on his uncle for money. (its complicated but the short of it is that his dad took the fall for a whitw collar crime for his brother) he drives hinata mercedes benz and wears ray bans even though hes been homeless twice. he doesnt get cut off from his uncle, neji cuts *him* off and struggles to hold a job to help his mom out.

Peridot doesn’t know what music is? Ruby and Sapphire sure seemed to know about music in the flashback…

I can only really think of two possible explanations here.

1. On Homeworld music is only known and used by the upper class. And Peridot, being a low-middle class worker, had never been in an area where she could encounter it.

2. Garnet dramaticized her story a little bit in The Answer.

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I'm surprised Dwight and Caroline marrying wasn't a bigger deal socially. I know Dwight is a gentleman, but if I understood S2 properly, they were still considered to be from different classes, no?

yeaaaahhhhh so this doesn’t make any sense to me -  Caroline and Dwight were both gentry ( ie minor aristocracy that held property but were not inheriting titles ect like your Lord Falmouth types). And Dwight even said “I am a gentleman” to Ray Penvenen last season. There was not a difference in class but in wealth and income. Dwight was on the lower end of the income scale to Caroline but tbh that wasn’t that unusual, a lot of “well bread” gentlemen who lacked in income married heiresses and that was basically the “job” of the second sons who were not going to inherit (because the land was usually entailed). It wouldn’t exactly be a “catch” to marry a penniless doctor,but she wasn’t marrying below her station.

Anyway so. that all made sense, until this season when Caroline is discussing social classes and marriages and lists herself and Dwight as being from different classes….. now that’s patently not true and could be sloppy writing but im wondering if they’re trying to retcon Dwight into being middle class ….confusing.

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Veronica and Chandler ofc ;)


heather chandler:

  • her favourite ice cream is strawberries and cream. not strawberry, strawberries and cream specifically. she refuses anything else, besides maybe vanilla.
  • she had a nanny growing up that watched her, and she resented the poor woman and made her life hell, if only bc she thought that getting rid of her would make her parents pay more attention to her.
  • shes had a crush on veronica since they were little kids, and still doesnt know how to articulate these feelings.
  • her house is the main hang-out spot for the heathers, bc her parents never pay any attention to her anymore, so they can get away with a lot more than they can at dukes or mcnmaras.
  • Her favourite soda is gingerale, and she often jokes about being a cannibal bc of it (get it, cause shes a ginger, haha)
  • shes TOL, like six foot, and wards her height over everyone.
  • grey eyes? grey eyes.
  • as a ghost, she never outgrows being a bitch, never stops being obsessed with herself. after all, dead things dont grow, dont change. all they do is fester and rot.

veronica sawyer:

  • poly and bi and PROUD
  • her favourite ice cream is chocolate. just plain chocolate. shes okay with any really tho.
  • her mom and dad worked a lot when she was growing up, so she spent most of her childhood at marthas/betty finns. they were like a second family to her, and she misses them a lot once she joins the heathers.
  • despite the heathers cracks about her house being middle-class, her house becomes hang-out spot #2 because her parents care a lot about the heathers and dote on them like theyre their own kids and it makes the heathers feel loved.
  • her favourite soda is dr pepper and she refuses to drink anything else. its that or nothing.
  • shes abt 5'7, and feels shes rather average. often, she forgets just how tall she is, and is surprised when others are shorter than her.
  • roni has the bluest god damn eyes youve ever seen and they are the absolute SHIT to look into.
  • she never really realised that she liked heather chandler until after she was dead. she spent years after her death wondering what things could have been between them, and how she screwed it all up.