being mean isnt nice

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Hey, please ignore that poster. You are entitled to your feelings. I don't want to presume your experience or feelings so will speak for myself. Recently I have been experiencing a disconnect with GOT7. I see they are over worked and just need a break to recharge. Some of their content has changed and I find that I am not so eager and in a rush to watch them. Again this is my feelings. I wish JYPE will allow GOT7 rest for real. Fan will wait and not leave if they take a well deserved break.

I can definitely agree with this on the most part and also relate, like I don’t really want to get too much into it but not even at got7 specifically just every group overall I’ve disliked fans who are so ready to blindly follow a group and kind of deny any criticism against them. Like you’re still allowed to not like every single song that your favs put out (mfw majority of got7′s japanese original titles) like if you can’t see that everyone has flaws and just place them on a pedestal that’s pretty close minded 

Stanning is to understand that not everyone is going to like [x group/idol] and also aware that you might not like everything about them either (either musically/personality etc) sometimes but still accepting them and loving them.