being married to jesse and starting a family with three little girls

How Will I Know [16/17]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader [AU]

Warning: Language. Angst. Drama. The Dirty. Plot Twist.

You’re engaged to James Barnes, at your fathers request and you always did as your father asked. That is till Steve Rogers waltzed into your life one night with those blue eyes haunting your dreams and the life shattering grin of his. Your families at odds, refusing to get along, the ring on your hand binding you to another man when you just might be falling for another set of blue eyes. Are you willing to say I Do in white and take this to the grave, or are you ready to defy your family and live something you’d only heard stories about?

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Castiel’s palms are sweating so profusely, he’s ninety-five percent sure he’s going to sweat through his mittens and the wrapped gifts they’re clutching. He watches with wide eyes and a racing heart as Dean rings the doorbell and walks inside, tugging him along by his coat sleeve.

“What if they hate me?”

“Won’t happen.”

“Mom? Dad? We’re home!”



“Unca Dean!”

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Fresh Start - My Home

A/N: This is the final part of ‘Fresh Start’. It has taken me quite some time to get this written and I truly believe that’s because I’ve dreaded the day this would end. I want to thank everyone that has stuck with me through this series, all that has liked and commented, you have all helped me stay inspired and motivated. I hope I managed to do the story justice and give the characters the ending they deserved. Also a special thank you to my beta who has spent so much of her valuable time helping me with this, @thorne93, you are amazing.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Jess, Balthazar, Lexi (OC), Beth (OC), John (OC), Mary Ann (OC)

Warnings: Angst, fluff.

Wordcount: 3355


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The sunlight peaked through the small slit in the curtains of your bedroom, hitting you straight in your sleepy eyes. You groaned and turned around stretching out your arm to find Dean so you could hide your face in the crook of his neck, but no one was there. It was weird waking up without him there. Since he moved in to your house six months ago you hadn’t spent one single night apart. With another groan you flung yourself out of bed and padded down the hall to find your boyfriend.

You peeked into Beth’s room and found Dean curled up in bed next to her, his arm thrown around her as she was cuddled up against his side. Dean wasn’t exactly a small man and to see him curled up in the small bed was almost comical, but they looked so peaceful where they were sleeping. You walked back to your room to get your phone, snapped a picture of the two of them and headed downstairs to start breakfast.

It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day outside, and the sun was already shining in your backyard so you decided to set the table and have breakfast outside. You were just about to get the plates when Dean and Beth stepped into the kitchen.

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Fic: Change of Plans

@skivvysupreme: you should write something angsty about Kurt having to deal with St. Berry being together.

me: What the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK - Okay.

Grab your tissues and direct all complaints to skiv. ~1725 words, PG-13, I’m sorry.

It was Elliott’s birthday party, of all things, that made Kurt snap. The whole gang was together - the friends formerly known as One Three Hill, Blaine, Santana and Brittany, Sam and Mercedes (though not SamAndMercedes this month) and Rachel and-


Jesus Christ, Kurt, you can’t even think the guy’s name? Kurt berated himself mentally, scowling from a corner of Elliott’s living room. He’d gone off by himself for a moment to recharge and enjoy a piece of the fantastic devil’s food birthday cake Dani had bought when he’d caught a glimpse of Rachel talking wildly with her hands to Mercedes in his peripheral vision. She was standing only inches from Jesse while she barreled on, somehow not hitting him in the chest every time she made a point. Jesse, meanwhile, was looking at Rachel with a fondness Kurt had only previously seen on one other guy.


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#255 - First Father’s Day

Harry: You made sure the baby was securely in her carrier as you worked on making breakfast for Harry. It was the first father’s day since you both had welcomed Ali into the world, and you wanted it to be special. Keeping a close eye on the baby, you set the table and set the food out before scooping the little girl from her carrier and gently resting her on your shoulder. “Let’s go say good morning to daddy yeah?” you smiled softly and made your way down the hallway to your shared bedroom. Harry was still in the same position you had left him in when you got up. Smiling widely, you walked around to his side of the bed and knelt down, keeping your hand on the back of Ali’s neck. “Happy father’s day baby…” you whispered, reaching out briefly to move some hair from his face. Harry started to stir when he felt your touch and his eyes slowly fluttered open. As soon as he saw you and Ali, his smile spread widely across his face and he reached out to brush his hand over her head. “Good morning loves,” he whispered out groggily, humming out deeply. “We made you breakfast daddy,” you giggled and carefully turned the baby to face her father. She seemed somewhat un-phased but she grabbed a hold of his finger. “Really?” Harry asked softly, looking back at you and sitting up. “You didn’t have to love… thank you so much.” “I wanted to! It’s your first father’s day. It has to be special.” Harry slipped out of bed and helped you and Ali back to your feet before placing a soft kiss against your lips. “Thank you so much…” “Happy father’s day Harry.”

Liam: The day had started off slowly and had pretty much progressed the same way. It was Liam’s first father’s day, and since your little boy Aiden was still quite small, the two of you had decided together to just take it easy. It was nearing 4:30 and already, your family had taken Aiden out for a walk in the park and gone out for a special little brunch. Now, you were all sitting on the couch with a mindless TV show on. Liam held Aiden face down on his chest, rubbing his large hand up and down Aiden’s back. The young boy’s whole torso was basically the length of Liam’s hand so there wasn’t much room. You rested your head on Liam’s shoulder and gently wrapped your hands around his bicep. Liam smiled over at you and gave you a soft kiss on your forehead. “Today has been absolutely amazing, you know that?” he murmured, pressing his cheek against the top of your head. “I’m glad baby,” you hummed out contently. “I was hoping you would have a good day.” Aiden let out a deep, gummy yawn which caught both you and your husband off guard for a minute. “He’s so cute,” you chuckled. “He really is…” your husband whispered, closing his eyes for a moment. “What are you thinking?” you questioned softly, glancing up at him and noticing his deeply relaxed state. “I’m just thinking about how lucky I am… I got to marry you and I got to have this beautiful little boy with you. I’m just so happy that I get to spend this day with my family.” Your heart fluttered in your chest. “We wouldn’t want to be with anyone else Li… you’re the best husband and the best dad we could ever need.”

Niall: It was incredibly unfortunate that Niall was unable to be there for the first father’s day. And with Niall being the new father, he was quite upset. You could hear it in his voice when you were talking to him on the phone. You had tried to reassure him that you and Rorie would make up for it when he got back, but to no avail. “I should be there (Y/N)… it’s a special day, not only for me, but for all of us,” he explained softly, his voice low and soft on the other end. “We’ll Skype tonight Niall… it’s not like you’re purposely avoiding us baby… you know that and so do we. Rorie will get to see your face and in a week’s time you’ll be back and we will make up for this okay? It’s all going to be perfectly okay.” Niall let out a deep sigh. “Can we Skype now maybe?” he asked softly. “Let me go get the baby…” you smiled softly. Niall thanked you and hung up. You went to get the baby and cradled him against your chest. You grabbed your computer and went into the kitchen. In about a minute, you had everything set up, and a couple minutes after, Niall’s call came in. You hit accept and smiled widely when you saw his face. “Happy father’s day!” you cheered out, holding up the baby by carefully and gently shook his hand to mimic waving. Niall’s face completely lit up when he saw you and Rorie. “Hi guys!” he breathed out. “Hi Rorie… oh my goodness look at you… I miss you so much buddy but I promise I’ll be back next week and I’m all yours. I promise. I love you guys so much.”

Louis: The day was nearing an end, but it wasn’t quite over just yet. You walked up the stairs carefully with the two hot mugs of tea. When you walked in the room, the sight you were greeted with was absolutely precious. Louis was lying on his stomach just like Jess was. Your baby girl was fast asleep, but Louis was just lying there and admiring her. He gently ran his fingers down her back and was always double checking to make sure that she had enough space to breathe. “Here’s some tea love,” you spoke quietly, setting it on the bedside table along with yours. “Thanks sweetheart,” he breathed out, glancing up at you with a soft smile. You came over and placed yourself on the other side of Jess, reaching out and gently brushing his hair back. “Did you have a good day today?” you asked quietly, propping yourself up on your hand. “I had a perfect day love,” he smiled widely, happily leaning into your touch. “It was so fun…” “I’m glad,” you chuckled softly and watched your little family come together even closer if it was even possible. “You know she looks just like you,” you smiled softly. “She looks like you too though,” he smiled in reply. “I think that’s the point,” you chuckled quietly and grabbed a pillow so you could lay down but stay elevated. “I love this…” he murmured. “I love moments where the three of us are just relaxing and just have time to be together.” Smiling softly, you nodded in agreement. “There’s a lot more to come love…” “Promise?” he smiled up at you, chuckling softly. You gave him a peck on the forehead and nodded. “Promise baby. Many more.”

Zayn: Smiling widely you rubbed your little girl’s belly as she sat in her carrier on the kitchen table. She blew out some saliva as she kicked her legs around slightly. You giggled softly and used your sleeve to wipe her spit away. “Daddy’s gonna be home very soon angel. Don’t you worry.” It was kind of unfair that Zayn had to work on father’s day, but at the same time, you were glad he got to come home at the end of the day to see your daughter Jana. You slipped dinner into the oven and turned back around, making a face at your little girl and grinning like an idiot when she brought one of her little hands up to her face. You heard the front door open and close, making a happy face at Jana. “Guess who’s home,” you giggled looking over just as Zayn walked in with a warm smile on his face. “There’s my girls.” He came over to you and wrapped an arm around your waist, giving you a soft kiss on your lips. “Hi baby!” he cooed, leaning over Jana and giving her a soft kiss on the forehead. “Happy father’s day baby,” you smiled softly, going to take dinner out and set it on the counter. “Thank you love,” he chuckled and turned back around for a moment to kiss your temple. “It smells delicious sweetheart,” he hummed out happily and went to sit next to where Jana was. “Well it’s done so I hope you’re hungry.” Zayn chuckled softly and pulled the baby onto his lap, holding her up. “Always for your cooking baby.”

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i just wanna know ur wholenlife story and everything uve done ever and why and what has happened to u and why and just everything

So little KodyJewel Sanico was born on june 15, 1999. Her mother, jesse, was 18. Her father, jeremy, 24. But, you see, jesse didn’t want to have a baby. She wanted to have an abortion. Jesse went to dinner with jeremy and his parents, cindy and steve, and they convinced her that if she went through with having her baby, she could work, go to school, do whatever she wanted, They would make sure the baby was taken care of. So she had the baby, and her and jeremy and kody lived in a room downstairs in jeremys parents house. Jeremy would work all day and come home in the evening, which then jesse would shove kody at him and say take her. She would take his keys, and leave for the whole night until early morning the next day. This happened every night, until when kody was five months old, on Thanksgiving. There was a tug of war over the baby girl! Jesse won. She took kody, took jeremys keys and his car and drove to sonata ana, staying with her baby at whore houses and her dealers houses. Then to anaheim, to long beach, hollywood, everywhere. This went on for six months. One day, jeremy was at work. He hadn’t seen or heard from jesse or the baby since that day they left. He gets a call from a day care center in santa ana, claiming that they need jesses dental records because she dropped kody off four days ago and hasn’t been seen since. They filed a missing persons report. My dad then drove up to the daycare and got me, and i have lived with my grandparents ever since, But unfortunately this is not nearly ¼ of my life “story.” My mother saw me maybe a couple times a year, and the cops were called because of abuse issues each time. Ive been sexually traumatized by her boyfriends and dealers, I’ve had to speak to police and social workers since i was around 4. Oh, did i mention my mother has been a meth addict for 15 years? yeah. that too. My dad is a heroin addict/alcoholic. My brother, kyle, died in his sleep on janurary 18, 2008, in my bed. He was my best friend in the whole world. Around that same time, my dad’s gf at the time, tasha, was pregnant. So they got married and she became my step mom that you all know about. We hated each other. Everyday there were verbal and physical fights. Her and my dad were both still using heroin, oxy, xanax, coke, etc. After living with them from when i was 9 until i was 12, they decided we couldn’t afford to live in cali anymore, and that we should move to germany where tasha’s family lives. So we moved, and i actually really like it after a while, but i was twelve so i didn’t have much going on back home either. After around 6 months, my step mom said either you send your daughter back home or we’re done. So me and my dad left, He said lmao fuck off cunt and we were out. That day, at the airport, saying goodbye to my little brother while he’s screaming for me and clinging on to me was the most traumatizing event in his and my lives. He will never be the same. That is why he is now at age six in therapy. So after that me and my dad moved back in with his parents, cindy and steve aka nana and umpa. I did eighth grade back at laguna, and then end of eighth he told me he was going back, he can’t leave my brother to grow up without a father. And i understood completely, plus i was eager to live with just grandparents and do whatever i want. So he left, and thats when it all went bad. I started smoking when i was in germany, but not often at all. Once i got home, i started smoking more often. Started smoking weed a little, once ninth grade started it was an everyday have-to. Started drinking more, doing uppers, doing any pills i could find, to trying meth, smoking crack cocaine on ACCIDENT and not minding at all. Fast forward to my grandpas birthday. March 14,2014. I was fourteen. I overdosed at school, i took twenty 500mg midols, it was all i had on me. I got sent to the hospital and had to get my stomach pumped because i wouldn’t drink the liquid charcoal. The doctor told me if i had taken anymore i would have died of liver failure. The social workers came and did the same old routine that I’ve bene through too many times. “did you do this to try and hurt yourself?” no i fucking took twenty to kill these cramps. I got transferred by ambulance to cerritos college hospital for the third, and hopefully last, time. i was there for almost two weeks. Detox/ evaluations/ being put on meds. I was told i had to go to a three week intensive therapy program. So i was like ok cool ill do this bullshit and then continue to get fucked up everyday sick. That wasn’t the case. I got out, went to mcdonalds, and drove to this place called breakaway. We pulled up and i saw two dudes eating pizza rolls out front and wearing bucket hats, I was like nice typical newport/costa mesa dudes. I looked like absolute shit because i didn’t have any make up, and id just spent two weeks in hell. I looked in the window and saw a bunch of really cool looking chicks and they all waved at me and smiled and i was like wtf„„who do u think u are. So i went in for a few minutes, my grandma did some paperwork and then we left. The next day was my official first day. So the next day i get there and i instantly fall in love, everyone was super chill and welcoming, we fucked around all day but also got pretty serious when it came to group therapy, and i realized a lot of them had pasts with drugs. At the end of the day, i met this girl. She said hi and gave me a hug and said “so how do you like rehab so far?” and i was like


she ended up being my sponsor, time flew by. a lot of drama went down. lost a lot of friends, made a lot of friends. People graduated, got kicked out, left, new people came. It was my home. But i fucked it up. Peed for another chick, broke contracts, slept with people i wasn’t supposed to sleep with, didn’t do community service i was supposed to, etc. In mid july, i was told i was coming on three week vacation to see my dad back in germany, and i was like ?????? 

you’re letting me leave for three weeks with no drugs tests…why do you trust me i don’t even fucking trust me?? you can’t do this to me right now. but they made me. i said my goodbyes, i spent my last day in america with my best friend, kat. i got to germany and after a couple weeks, my father hid my passport, said i got kicked out of my rehab and my grandparents didn’t want me anymore. Ive been here ever since. Its been around three months. Im in beauty school, i have a job at a very high end salon, and i hate everything. I will not be home before i am 18. The end.

“I’ll wait for you” Harry Styles

So, one of my best friends is a Harry girl and she had an idea for a fanfic in which you leave to study abroad and when you come back you’re getting married. Harry likes you and he kind of shows you that and you remember you liked him, and… well, that’s a bit of a summary as you can see I’m awful at doing summaries. It’s quite long, but… enjoy! :) 

Harry closed his door, the cool air of April hitting him. He decided to take a walk next to the small river that flowed near his village. After a few weeks of constant raining the sun was now shining brightly. Spring had decided to kick in, filling every corner with a wide range of colours, like a canvas splattered with greens, reds, yellows and violets, the transparent cold water of the river flowing vigorously. The birds were chirping and the breeze produced a rustling sound when it passed by the leaves in the trees. Harry sat on the grass, resting against one of the pillars of the brick bridge the train passed through. It had been 5 years since she left, but whenever he came here, memories of that day would flow back to his mind.

*5 years ago*
It happened during the summer holidays. It was really hot and Harry was sitting beside the river, his legs inside of the water to cool himself up. He looked up to see Jessica sitting against the same brick pillar they always sat by. Harry was slightly confused at this. Usually she’d quietly walk behind him and try to scare him or hug him. He stood up, crossing the small flow of water and running to her side. “Hey, what happened?” Silence. She seemed distant, something weird when it came to being with Harry. It wasn’t after a few moments that Jessica decided to talk. “Because of my grades I’ve been offered to study in a very prestigious university…”
“That’s great news!” Harry couldn’t really get why she was sad, until Jess continued talking. “…but it’s in the US.”
Harry was now speechless “Oh… and for how long is it going to be?”
“Three years. My parents say that I shouldn’t waste such a great opportunity, but I don’t know what to do.”

“Well,” Harry was doubtful. Of course he didn’t want Jessica to leave. She wasn’t just his best friend, she was the girl he’d had a crush on since he was 14 and he didn’t want to see her leave. But telling her not to go wasn’t the right thing to do. It was her dream to become a great doctor and it’d be very selfish of him to make her stay. “you should go. It’s not everyday you get an opportunity like that.” “I know, and I really want to, but everything I have is here. My family, my friends… you.” Her last word was barely audible but Harry was able to hear her, a small smile forming on his lips. He looked at Jessica in the eyes, confidence shining on his green orbs “I’ll wait for you.”

It’d always happens the same way: he’d come, sit, close his eyes and remember. Remember her words when she told him she was leaving. Remember the day they wrote their names on that very same pillar, as a way to say their friendship would last forever. Remember all the times he gave her advice when she had any problem. Remember the laughs they had, the times he’d hug her tightly whenever she was sad, their late night talks about everything and anything. And then came regret. Regret for letting her go, for not trying to keep in touch with her regardless of the time difference. But mainly, regret for not telling Jess how he felt about her, how he still feels. Even after 5 years, he kept loving her, no matter how many times he tried to move on. But that day it was going to be different.
A voice snapped Harry out of his thoughts, which really surprised him since nobody went there. “Quite a long time since I last came here, right?” He looked up to see who the so familiar voice came from, only to find Jessica, gazing at the horizon nostalgically. Her once short dark locks that were always put in a ponytail were now much longer, falling down her shoulders up to her waist, and her brown eyes were still behind the same violet glasses. Harry smiled to himself when he saw she was wearing the necklace he bought her for her 17th birthday. “Yeah… seem like ages ago. I had started to think that you’d never come back.”
“Sorry I kept you waiting. So much has happened and I’ve been really busy.”
“I’m guessing university wasn’t easy. How did it go?”

“It was exhausting, but an incredible experience. I finished two years ago and I found an amazing job at one of the best hospital in the whole US.” Harry’s eyes lit up, completely happy and proud of her success. He hugged Jessica tightly, twirling her around and laughing joyfully. “That’s awesome! I’m so so happy for you. I’m sure you’re gonna be the best doctor to ever exist.”  But after that, confusion showed on Harry’s features. “Wait, having such a great job, why did you come back?" 

"I did come, but I’m not gonna stay. Actually I came here because-" 

"Hey honey, what a lovely place this is. What a pity I couldn’t come earlier.” The voice came from a young man, probably 25. He put his pale arm around Jessica’s waist and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. He had short dark hair and light blue eyes, with a golden hint when the sunlight laid on them.  "Oh I forgot to tell you, this is Adam, my boyfriend. Adam, he’s Harry, my best friend since I was a little kid.“

Best friend. He would always and only be her best friend. Those words stuck to his head, together with the image of Adam with his arm around Jessica. Her boyfriend. She had found someone else. ‘If you hadn’t let her go…’ A voice kept repeating that at the back of his mind, the thought getting stronger and stronger. He faked a smile, trying to act as content as he could. "Oh, nice to meet you. So, why did you decide to come?” Jess answered for him “You know how my grandparents are really old and they kind of can’t travel by plane?” Harry nodded. “Well, my grandma told me that if she lived long enough one of the things she wanted to do the most was come to my wedding.” At this point Harry felt a drop of cold sweat running down his back, shivering from the only thought that crossed his mind. “So that means you are…”
“Yes, I’m getting married! Adam and his family agreed on coming for the wedding.”
“Oh…” Harry was completely frozen. It felt as if a bucket of ice had been poured over his head, leaving him a feeling of pure pain, and lost all kind of reaction. His rational thinking came back after a few moments, but thankfully Jess thought that moment of silence was because he was very happy for the news, rather than the bitter feeling he actually had. “That is… great. I’m really happy for you.” It didn’t sound convincing to him but Jess was too excited to notice. “Thanks Hazz! Do you think you’ll be able to come? I’d really like it if you could.”
“Well, it’s really sudden and I had a few things to do, but… I’ll try and see what I can do.” He didn’t want to go at all, but he was supposed to be there for her. “That’s great! Thanks Hazz.” She moved towards Harry, giving him a short hug that nearly made him forget all that was going on.
“Hey love, when were we meeting your mother?” Adam asked looking down at his watch. “At one o'clock, why?” “Cause it’s half past twelve.” Jess’s eyes widened when she heard that “Oh gosh, we’re gonna be late!”
Harry was, again, quite lost with what was going on? “Late to… where?” “We were going to have lunch with my parents” She then looked back at Adam “you reckon we have enough time to go home so I can get changed?” “Yeah, of course.” “Thank God… well Hazz, I gotta go, see you in a few days? We really need to catch up.” “Sure” Adam approached him, shaking his hand “It was great finally getting to meet ya, mate.” “Yeah, definitely”
“See you Hazz!” Harry waved back at her, his smile fading right when she turned around.

*1 week later*

Harry’s phone buzzed, signaling he had received a message. He unlocked his phone to see it was from Jessica.

Jess: Hi Hazz. You doing anything now?
Harry: Not really.
Jess: Good. You wanna hang out?
Harry: Sure. You’re up for a coffee?
Jess: Always hahaha.
Harry: So, shall I meet you at the coffee shop in the park in 15 minutes?
Jess: OK, byeee <3
Harry: Byee.Harry dressed up quickly, grabbing a jacket because it was still a bit cold. He was about to open the door when he remembered something. The song. Over the last week he had written a song for Jess, to be truthful to her and show her his feelings. It had always been a lot easier for him to tell his feelings and thoughts in a song. He stood in the door for a few minutes and finally decided not to take it. It was no use to tell her, and it was better  for her not to know it, for the sake of their friendship.

The afternoon went by fluently, talking about every little thing as they always did and laughing at Harry’s terrible jokes, but Harry still had a bittersweet feeling whenever she talked about Adam or the wedding. He was so deep in thought he didn’t even noticed what he said “If you don’t mind, I’d like it if you came to my house. There’s something I’d like to show you.” Jess was a bit surprised at first by the sudden statement, but agreed to go anyways. She always loved surprises and Harry was, without a doubt, the best person at giving them.

~ ~ ~

Harry grabbed his guitar and walked back to the small room he had equipped as a studio. He had always enjoyed singing and had even made a few songs, but it was just a hobby. There was a long minute of silence, Harry thinking what to say. He shouldn’t have let those words slip out of his mouth, but it was too late now. “So, I’ve written you a song. It’s kind of your wedding’s present because I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to buy you something, but I think I’ll have time to buy it, so” Harry stopped, taking a deep breath to clear his mind and stop rambling “anyways, it’s just a small present so I hope you like it.” He cleared his throat, then played a few notes to tune the guitar. Jess smiled at him and asked “What’s it’s title?” “Uh?” “The title of the song, what is it?” “Oh, it’s I wish.” After that he began singing.

“He takes your hand, I die a little.
I watch your eyes and I’m in riddles.
Why can’t you look at me like that?
When you walk by I try to say it.
But then I freeze and never do it.
My tongue gets tied, the words get trapped.
I hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever I’m near you.”
Harry’s nervousness started to fade as the song continued. This was what he liked the most about singing.
“But I see you with him slow dancing,
tearing me apart cause you don’t see.
Whenever you kiss him I’m breaking.
Oh, how I wish that was me.”
It looked as if everything around him disappeared.
“He looks at you the way that I would.
Does all the things I know that I could.
If only time could just turn by.”
Just him and the music.
“Cause I’ve got three little words that I’ve always been dying to tell you.”
'I love you’. The three little words that we’re so small yet meant so much. And he repeated them in his head whenever he looked at Jess, but he never had the courage to say them out loud.
“Oh, how I wish that was me with my hands on your waist while we dance in the moonlight.
I wish it was me that you’ll call later on cause you wanna say goodnight.
Cause I see you with him, slow dancing,
tearing me apart cause you don’t see.”
He looked back up at her, smiling sweetly, then changing his gaze back to the guitar.

“But I see you with him, slow dancing,

tearing me apart cause you don’t see.

Whenever you kiss him I’m breaking.

Oh, how I wish
Oh, how I wish
Oh, how I wish that was me.
Oh, how I wish that was me.”
Jessica clapped, and got up to hug Harry. “That was so beautiful, Harry, I loved it. Thank you so so much.” “It’s nothing, you truly deserve everything beautiful in the world.” Harry himself blush at the cheesy line he had just said and tried to brush it off. “Would you like to have the song? I recorded it and it sounds fairly nice.” “Of course, that’d be lovely. You mind if I keep the lyrics too?” “Nah, it’s okay.” “Well, I should get going.” She grabbed the paper with the lyrics and a small mp3 with the song and she put them away in her purse. “Thanks Hazz, bye!” “Bye”

~ ~ ~

The preparations for the wedding continued: the cake, the food, the invitations, the reservation in the restaurant, the clothing… Everyone was nervous and excited, but Jessica felt strange, different than before she came. That day with Harry had really affected her, and the more she listened to the song, the more strange she felt. The 18 year old girl who was helplessly in love with Harry was coming back. That girl who would think about Harry whenever she saw something that reminded her of him. And that very same girl who tried to forget him while she was away. 'But I can’t love him, I moved on. Didn’t I?’ 'But maybe, just maybe…’ 'No, it can’t be! I’m marrying Adam, he is the one I love!’ That’s what Jessica kept saying to herself, but the more she repeated this the more unconvincing it seemed. And the more she thought about it the more confusing it was. But she knew she had to make a decision, and she feared what the consequences of choosing one of them would be.

Regardless of how much she thought about it, she wasn’t able to make a choice, and the day of the wedding arrived.
She reached the church at 11 o'clock. Her dad opened the door of the car for her and she stepped out. She was wearing a long white dress with short sleeves that left her shoulders uncovered, a lace going around her waist and finishing in a beautiful light blue flower. Her hair was pulled in a bun, and some loose strands of hair rested on her shoulders. She took a deep breath and started to walk slowly down the aisle. The music began playing and Adam turned around when she entered, smiling sweetly at her. She scanned the room, not really focusing on anyone until she laid her eyes on Harry, making her feel a knot in her stomach.

“Do you, Adam Samuel Scott, take Jessica Becky Smith to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you apart?”
“I do” answered Adam confidently. The priest then turned to look at Jess. “And do you, Jessica Becky Smith, take Adam Samuel Scott to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you apart?”
'I do’ where the two words she had to say, but Jessica found herself unable to pronounce them. She looked to her family, friends and all of the people invited and a voice told her to say the words. Then she spotted Harry, and this time another voice told her not to. It was as she had a small angel and demon in each side of her like in a cartoon show, with the difference that she couldn’t tell which spoke right and which wrong. The pressure of everyone looking at her expecting her answer was too much for her to handle, and ended up running off.

Harry was the first one to react, running after her. He found her in a park near the church, sitting underneath a tree with her head buried in her knees. He sat next to her, wrapping an arm around her. She shifted closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder, sobbing softly while Harry caressed her back trying to calm her down.
“I don’t understand… why? Why did I run away?” “It’s okay, you’re just overwhelmed. It’s not everyday that you get married.” “I know. And I also know I still love him but… I feel like it’s different and I feel really bad about it. I mean, I was going to marry him.” “You shouldn’t feel bad, it’s completely normal. Just see how many divorced couples there are. People love each other until they find someone better for them. You can find that someone right away or it can take a few tries.” “True, but still… what has changed?” “You.” Jess looked at him puzzled “Me?” “Yes, there’s something that has made you change your mind.”
That’s when she noticed that, in fact, nothing had changed. She had always been in love with Harry, she just needed something to remind her. “Nothing has changed.” She said with a chuckle “I just forgot.” “Forgot what?” “I forgot how much I love you.” She placed a hand on his cheek, staring at his emerald green eyes. She then looked down to his lips and closed the space between them. Harry was surprised, but it didn’t take him long to close his eyes too, pressing his lips to Jess deepening the kiss. It was sweet and tender, the kind of kiss that only seems to happen in movies. Their hands were intertwined, Harry’s free hand moving down to her waist while hers moved to the back of his head, tugging his long curly locks. They parted after a long minute, their eyes still closed while they rested their foreheads against each other.

“What are you gonna do now?” Asked Harry after another minute of silence. “Well, I’m not getting married. I’ll have to talk to Adam and his family, try to find a way to pay them back for coming all the way here for nothing. I feel awful for Adam, he really does love me but there’s nothing I can do. I just hope he doesn’t take it too badly. And I’ll have to explain this to my family too.” Jess groaned, the only thought of having to deal with so many things made her tired. Suddenly her eyes widened, as if she had noticed something important. “But I’ll have to go back to America to work, what are we gonna do?” “I’ll go with you.” Jess looked at him startled “What?! But you have your job and everything here, I don’t want you to leave because of me.” “True, but I can always find a new job. Plus, I don’t have you here with me.” “Are you sure you want to come with me?” Harry grinned, leaning in to give her a short kiss, whispering against her lips “Without a doubt.” before kissing her again.

Cherry Pink Wedding [Dean/Cas, T, 4.4k]

on AO3

The place was a cherry tree haven. Pink blossom adorned the grounds like a pastel carpet over the grass, and as the breeze swept by, flurries of colour danced like nymphs between the car park and the church. It was almost ungodly, and Dean would have remarked as much to his mother, Mary, as they trouped from the hired 1926 Bentley down the dusty path towards the chapel – but there was serenity here, it stilled his tongue. He hadn’t expected it to be this beautiful.

Today, Dean’s little brother Sam was marrying Jess, the girl of his dreams. And it was perfect.

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Destiel soulmates au?

I hope that the whole bracelet that counts down until you meet your soulmate thing isn’t way too overused, but I hope you enjoy!

Dean Winchester’s bracelet had read -m.-d.-hr.-min.-sec. for as long as he could remember. After many trips to doctors and professionals, Dean was told it would be far too expensive for a family of his class (a.k.a; poor and usually broke) to get his bracelet fixed.

Dean was quick to except the fact that he was, indeed, broken.

He’d never find his ‘soul mate’ and would never settle down with the love of his life. After his father passed (alcohol poisoning… no surprise there), Dean had made the silent decision that he’d move in with his brother, Sam, find a job, and live his pitiful existence like that until he passed away in a fate probably similar to his father.

Dean had no plans to have a fulfilled life. He just wanted to get it over with.

That was, until one day his timer started to work.

It was no surprise that Sam had married before Dean. He met his soulmate at college, a sweet pretty girl named Jessica. They found a small city house and had invited Dean to live with them. Considering Dean had spent his life since high school in shitty apartments that he could barley afford, he was forced to take up the offer. He knew this was the way it was going to go anyways, right?

It had been a miracle that Dean found a job. With his little college experience and sloppy resume, Dean was eventually able to get a job offer at an elementary school. Sure it was as the repair guy/janitor, but it was better than nothing.

His forest green bracelet flashed the digits 0m.0d.1hr.47min.22sec the morning of his first day of work.

At first he hadn’t even noticed. The stupid green bracelet wired in his wrist was just another reminder of his useless life, so it was usually ignored as much as possible. Dean saw the change when he was brushing his teeth. He nearly dropped his toothbrush when he realized that yes those were not just dashes but real numbers. He swelled with excitement, a smile creeping onto his lips for the first time in ages. For the first time, there was hope.

Unless, this was some kind of sick joke or the bracelet just malfunctioned and…

No. This was another chance, another start. Not another joke. The bracelets never were wrong. /“Except for yours…”/ Dean couldn’t stop himself from thinking.

Dean did his best to look collected when he waltzed into the kitchen. He had already been wearing his best for whole the first day gig, as in putting on a clean shirt and his best pair of jeans. With now having even more of reason to put effort into how he looked, Dean even styled his hair.

His unusual joy did not go unnoticed by his brother nor his wife.

“You excited for you job, Dean?” Sam asked as Dean grabbed his coffee mug out of the cupboard, sliding it under the nozzle of the coffee machine and waiting as the thick liquid dripped into the cup.

“Yup.” Dean answered, giving his brother a cocky grin.

Sam raised an eyebrow. “And, uh, anything else?”

His cup filled and Dean removed it from the machine, taking a sip from his beverage. “Oh, nothing much.” He shrugged before breaking his false calm exterior. “My bracelet’s working, Sam.”

First Sam looked doubtful, Jess even looked up from her papers she had been scribbling on to cock up an eyebrow. When they both realized Dean was being serious, they joined him in celebration.

“That’s great, Dean!” Sam beamed, standing up to strangle his brother in a hug.

“So what does it say now, Dean?” Jess asked after the excitement died down.

Dean lifted his wrist and read off the digits. “0m.0d.0hr.25min.12sec… Shit I better get going.” He scrambled away from the kitchen counter and rushed to get his jacket, shrugging it on before peaking his head back into the kitchen. “Wish me luck!”

His family gave their blessings and Dean was out the door.

He waited anxiously at the bus stop, nervously surveying anyone that walked up to the stop. Could they be it? Could they? No, they don’t look excited enough. Not them. Not- His line of thought was interrupted when the bus pulled up, its doors opening like the gates to Heaven itself. Dean shoved his way into the bus, flashing his card to the driver before searching to find a seat.

His bracelet now read 11 minutes.

Dean found a seat in the far back so he could take note of the other people on the bus, seeing if any of them were the ones destined to put up with him for the rest of their lives. Searching to see if anyone looked nearly as nervous as he felt. Mostly there was just a bunch of elderly people lounging near the front, staring steadily at some point in the distance. No, none of these people were worthy suspects. It wasn’t until a blond woman with bouncy curls and green eyes jumped into the bus that Dean felt his pulse speed up.

She was a near copy of what Dean had been; Eyes searching everywhere and everyone, an unerasable smile dancing on her lips. Every few seconds, her eyes would dart down to her bracelet. Dean sat up a little straighter, maintaining the excitement that was boiling up inside him. His heart dropped a little when she sat down in an empty seat about three rows in front of him. He glanced back down at his bracelet.

Six minutes.

Maybe she’d talk to him when they get off the bus? Yes, that had to be it.

His heart raced back to the speeding pace it had been before when the blond woman sprung up out of her seat at the same stop Dean was getting off at. She ran out of the bus, and Dean followed at a similar pace. The gears in his mind were working overtime, planning out exactly what he would say and when. By the time he jumped out of the bus and the doors closed behind him, his wrist read 5 seconds.

The woman from the bus was not hard to find, she paced around a bit, bouncing slightly on her heels. Dean slicked back his hair with his hand and walked forward.

2 seconds…

Now he was behind her, reaching a hand out to place on her shoulder.


And that was the moment the blond woman let out a shrill sound of excitement, running forward and flinging herself into the arms of a man with long ashy brown hair.


Dean froze, the bracelet now flashing back to the painfully usual -m.-hr.-min.-sec. It wasn’t even at 0s, like it usually turned when you found your soulmate,

Of course. Of course this would happen! It was his life. Everything was either a sick joke or a false hope. His heart dropped down to his stomach after the women pecked a kiss onto the man’s cheek.

Maybe he should cry. Or turn away. But Dean just felt numb. He must have looked ridiculous, just standing there in a comatose state. The world that had seemed so colorful that morning when he woke up now splashed back to the usual shades of grey. Dean knew he should go. He should move and get going before he was late to his first day of work, but he couldn’t bring himself to pick up his feet.

The numb feeling shattered when a large mass ran into him, knocking Dean onto the sidewalk pavement. “Oh my god, I’m sorry!” A deep voice sounded above him.

“It’s okay.” Dean muttered under his breath, preparing himself to stand back up until a hand shot up.

“Here, let me help you.”

Before Dean took the hand, he noticed the blue wristband screwed into the man’s wrist.

The digits were at -m.-d.-h.-min.-sec.

Just like Dean’s.

A flicker of hope, of belonging, shot through Dean as he took the stranger’s hand, allowing him to help him up off the ground. After Dean brushed off his pants, he shot back out his hand for the man to shake. “I, uh, I’m Dean Winchester.”

Blue eyes blinked back at him and a hand took Dean’s once move, shaking it firmly. “Castiel Novak. Sorry for inconveniencing you.”

“Oh no, you weren’t-” Dean stopped himself, eyes grazing over the man, Castiel. He was just a few inches shorter than him and had a shadow of a stubble on his face. When he spoke, the skin under his bright eyes crinkled only slightly. Once their hands dropped back to their sides, Castiel ran a hand through his thick dark hair.

Dean hadn’t even noticed that his own hand was rubbing the back of his neck. “I, uh, noticed your bracelet.”

Castiel’s face immediately grew more protected, his posture fixing itself. “It’s always been like that. The doctor’s can’t fix it. It’s just a processing error.”

“Oh, I know. Trust me.” Dean hesitated before showing Castiel his own wrist. “I thought I was the only one.”

Castiel gazed in wonder at his bracelet, taking a step forward to examine it further. When he blinked back up at Dean, he flashed a smile. “So did I.”

“I guess we can be processing errors together.” Dean joked. “So where you going, Castiel?”

“Oh, the elementary school. I’m a teacher there.”

“No shit.” Dean’s smile widened. “I’m the new janitor there!”

Castiel now shared Dean’s beaming smile. “Well, I guess now I have an excuse to walk with you.”

“I would have let you walk with me anyways.” They started at a decent pace, Dean teasing before their journey to the school, “You can’t get rid of me now, Castiel.”
The teacher answered with a playful smile.