being majestic

The kindest Queen, My Queen. (ThranduilXReader)

Request for @amralimedeano​;  Hiya! I have a request, I’d like an Imagine where the reader is Thranduil’s wife but she is the opposite when it comes to personality. She is soft and kind with everyone. So, the thing is the dwarves arrive to *Mirkwood bc they need somewhere to sleep and Thranduil wants to kick them out but then the Reader appears (being as majestic as Galadriel for example) and lets them stay and Bofur develops a crush on her and she notices and smiles at him and wishes him luck for the journey. Pls?

Hope you like this.

Word Count: 1087

You walk up the stairs towards your husband, Thranduil who sat alone on his throne. A delicate smile pulls against his soft lips and his arms open to welcome you into his arms.

Smiling, you let him pull you close and gently settle on his lap. Thranduil sighs in delight and buries his face into your hair. Giggling slightly you tease your precious husband; “You willingly show affection in front of your guards, your highness?”

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ASTRO FACT: Jupiter is well known for being the fastest spinning planet in our solar system. Many wonder why this speedy spinning occurs. Inside the gas planet lives its guardian, the Speedo-Torpedo whaleshark. This majestic being is about 1/8th the size of the actual planet and is able to swim inside of it. To keep adventurers away from its treasure, the whaleshark swims in a circular pattern around the outer border at incredible speeds to keep it spinning on its axis so quickly. This also causes the storms which make it increasingly difficult for anyone to get to the center.

Things I’ve Written In Fanfics
  • “You are the wind beneath my carcass.”
  • “I am Shakespeare and I approve of thy message.”
  • “I just popped my kneecap and my life flashed before my eyes.”
  • “If it was legal I would make love to this hamburger.”
  • “Pretty sure life’s problems can be solved with a Mickey Mouse waffle.”
  • “When you die can I dissect your body?”
  • “In another life I want to be a barbarian that knits doilies.”
  • “I appreciate your concern but a stuffed reindeer’s not going to ward off intruders.”
  • “I like the idea of being a majestic whale that screams ‘MOTHERFUCKER’ as I cannonball on my enemies.”
  • “I’m positive that stealing a swimming pool would make Santa sad.”
  • “I drink juice boxes while judging people.”
  • “I’m working on my Disney princess name. How does ‘Snow Gay’ sound?”
  • “Why do you have a tattoo that says ‘Kittylicious’ on your butt?”
  • “Sweet dreams you burnt turnip.”
  • “I have achieved the ultimate state of animu.”
  • “Crying for twelve minutes after watching Pooh Bear is perfectly normal.”
  • “Why did you stick a rose petal up your nose?!”
  • *squints eyes* “I want to say that that…. is a finger.”
  • “What does LMAO mean? ‘Laughing my anger out’? I do that often. And then I want to stab someone.”
  • “That is illegal everywhere.”
  • “When someone sends me an emoji I have to send the same one back more times than they did. Otherwise they’ve asserted their dominance and I can’t have that.”