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Hello 7.5K new peeps! (holy shit this blog, slow down-) here’s my greeting to all of you!

and i’m sorry if i haven’t gotten a chance to make a fanart, busy with school and my up coming animatons, but don’t ‘chu worry! i will be doing something on saturday, i have a “to do list” but until then i hope you guys can wait for a while! thank you *hugs and kisses* <3


Like who he tryna kid though?

Okay but was there even a point to FT 517

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So ya played Undertale. Good, welcome abroad to your new superdeep fandom hell. Have fun discovering the secrets and!!! get ready for... "dead Papyrus jokes"! =) (I'm amazed by how your fandoms have this thing in common tbh)

yes i feel that i still have A LOT to learn like holy crap this fandom’s dEEp-

…….. there are dead papyrus jokes……??…;;??

Okay so i just realised but at the end of Words of Radiance, when Dalinar turns to Shallan and says “Life before death, Radiant”, that isn’t something we’ve heard anyone say before. if it is a  thing the Radiants are meant to say to each other then I’m surprised Syl and Pattern haven’t mentioned it, and Dalinar had been bonded with the Stormfather for all of two minutes at that point. I think one of two things happened:

  1. Dalinar heard about the saying from the in-world version of either The Way of Kings or Words of Radiance and used the first opportunity to bring back a cool tradition.
  2. Dalinar thought ‘storm it, I’m a radiant now, I can make up radiant in jokes’ and used the first opportunity to start a cool tradition

Either way, this is pretty in character for Dalinar, who we know is really extra likes tradition and ceremony.

“jade deserves better than davepeta” uhm. they literally. gave her some of the best life advice and listened to her and were Genuinely Understanding of her and u tell me that they r not good enough?? plus theyre both furries so like its obvs a match made in heaven?? gtfo

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a - age: immortal
b - biggest fear: ………..the dark
c - current time: noon ish
d - drink you last had: like 9 gallons of water
e - every day starts with: coffee
f - favorite song: paint it black
g - ghosts, are they real: i hesitated on my answer but i’m gonna say no
h - hometown: indianapolis
i - in love with: mia corvere
j - jealous of: anyone sleeping right now
k - killed someone: i mean i am satan so
l - last time you cried: last shadowhunters ep… i was a mess
m - middle name: renee
n - number of siblings: well, i’m an only child but biologically i have two bros (i’m adopted)
o - one wish: for taco bell to deliver
p - person you last called/texted: my phil (i’m lil)
q - questions you’re always asked: “is that a piercing?” (no i glued a rhinestone on my face) “how did they pierce that?” (idk dude it’s right under my eye how would i see that) “is that supposed to be a tear drop like you killed someone?” (yes, and you’re next)
r - reasons to smile: books. naps. tumblr friends. chocolate. fictional characters. thunderstorms.
s - song last sang: and we can run away // swimming in the sunlight everyday // paradise in your eyes // green like american moneyyyyyy  
t - time you woke up: god like 7, chugged 3456 gallons of water then fell back asleep and woke up again at 11
u - underwear color: damnit ana now i can’t unsee it as underwater color. ANYWAY, the comfiest black boyshorts eeeeever
v - vacation destination: harry potter world 
w - worst habit: trailing off at the end of sentenc… 
x - x-rays you’ve had: my collarbone (which resulted in them telling me my skeleton is crooked idek what that means) oh, and my foot. bc i uhhhh was hopping down the stairs, tripped, and broke my foot. i am very clumsy.
y - your favorite food: cheese. or potatoes. both?
z - zodiac sign: capriquarius. listen, i’m a cusp through and through 

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