being locked in a tower and never being let out

Bethany Hawke breaks my heart. Imagine having been born and raised in relative freedom, but having also seen enought to believe that magic was bad and wishing with all your heart that you were a different person.

Bethany literally says that she tried hard not to do magic. She didn’t want to be herself. She lived her whole life learning that being a mage only meant she’d be feared and hunted and in the best case scenario, locked up in a tower.

If you don’t take her to the Deep Roads she ends up giving up and fucking letting herself be taken to the Circle. Just out of sheer resignation, because she’s just so exhausted of being scared.

Bethany, as a mage, is forced to chose between living in constant fear of being hunted down by Templars, or give up her fucking freedom. Mages everywhere have to constantly chose between a life of misery as constantly prosecuted pariahs, or to never see the sun again and be subjects to whatever abuse Templars want to put them through inside towers.