being let out of class early

Bad Chemistry

Last year, my junior year, we had a horrible physics teacher. She couldn’t control the class for shit and she favored the girls like they could do no wrong. She was a tiny skinny Indian lady that walked with a limp because of a swollen knee. Most of us thought she was crazy because she would randomly start laughing for no reason. She was also very democrat and we, her class were very republican and she, being vegetarian and living in Texas got a lot of crap about never having had a good steak at a Texan barbeque. Anyways, some time early in the school year a student drew a swastika on the board, let’s call him Dylan. The teacher told him that she had those symbols hanging all over her house because they were a sign of peace. I at one point drew a penis on her wall with an expo marker. This was no ordinary penis though: it was squirting out a swastika and had another swastika on the left nut. Under it I whrote the teachers name (let’s call her Mrs. Bott) “Mrs. Bott’s” with an arrow pointing to the penis. She didn’t notice it until a week later. She blamed the boys of course even when they gave her proof that it was me that drew it (i am female so she didn’t blame me). One day, we walked into the classroom to see that Mrs. Bott had covered up the penis with a piece of paper so I drew the same thing on the paper. After long enough, she decided to have it painted over and not very well considering we could still see the drawing of the swastika penis under the paint.

Later in the year one of the students figured out how to hack her sound system and started playing music. We told her that we didn’t hear any music and the whole class went along with it making her think she was going crazy. I’m turn she started laughing for no reason because it was her “coping mechanism”.

Finally, at the very end of the year some kid kicked a hole in the wall about the size of a toaster. We decided to get all of the calculators and hide them in said hole. Mrs. Bott didn’t find them until the last day of school when we told her where they were.

She quit at the end of the year.

Kinktober #3: Public 

Modern Art AU time! This is less PWP, more story continuation with some incidental sex and a heavy dose of hipster!Kageyama whoops

“Kageyama, let’s watch a movie.”

Hinata leans his head all the way back over the armrest of the couch so he can look over to where Kageyama is sitting. Currently Kageyama is at the kitchen table, one leg drawn up with his foot on the chair, hunched over his sketchbook. He doesn’t even glance at Hinata when he responds.

It had been a good session, that day—Kageyama had decided to suspend Hinata with the shibari ropes. And then, he had decided to kiss Hinata, securing him up first and then dragging his lips slowly over every tied inch of him, sometimes on top of the ropes and other times against the skin ever-so-slightly pinched by the bindings, where it was most sensitive. And then finally, he had claimed Hinata’s slack mouth, buried his long fingers in Hinata’s hair and kissed him breathless. The ropes and the tying always bliss Hinata out, but Kageyama’s heat, his hands on Hinata’s skin, add an element of euphoria he’s sure no drug could achieve.

“Can’t,” Kageyama says, and Hinata’s thoughts are shattered. “I have class early tomorrow.”

All the air goes out of Hinata like a deflating balloon. The thing is, he isn’t lounging around naked on Kageyama’s sofa eating pizza for nothing.

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Lets Dance Pt. 2

Now that you and Tom aren’t enemies, he has a different idea for your relationship…

(2,350 Words)

Warnings: language, smuttity-smut-smut


Part One

Originally posted by sensualkisses

The next day, ballet was uncomfortable to say the least. Tom was always stealing glances, licking his lips and smirking at me whenever he got the chance. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only who noticed. Almost every silent interaction with him was followed by one of my friends putting an elbow in my side and giving me a ‘what the hell???’ look. I would simply shrug at them, unconvincingly telling them that I didn’t know what was going on either. Tom ruined my facade when he came up behind me after class, putting an arm around my waist and asking, “Same time tonight, love?” I could feel the heat in my cheeks rise from his hand on my waist and my friends’ eyes burning holes through me. 

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Full credit to @butteredonions for the inspiration for the backstory to this piece (sorry about the delay, Onions!)

“You used to be my hero, you know. It took a long time to let go of that image.”

Lance says it with a little laugh, head tilted towards the stars. Shiro turns his gaze away. He’d ask why they didn’t send Keith, but he figures he knows. This is his punishment. Turning a weapon on a guest isn’t very paladin-like — isn’t very heroic.

“Bet I helped with that,” he says.

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BTS x Modern Magic!AU

i haven’t written something for all the boys in a while, so i decided to get back in the groove with this cute lil bangtan au ive been thinking about,,,,,,enjoy~


  • vampire 
  • he’s never actually bitten a person before because he grew up in a family of, to put it politely, “vegetarian” vampires. but even when it comes to drinking animals blood,,,,he feels horrible about it
  • like he’s always on the brink of starving because when he has to go out and hunt for food he like,,,like he catches a rabbit but he lets it go two minutes later because he’s like “i can’t,,,,it’s too cute,,,,,,,”
  • ever heard of a vampire having an ethical dilemma when it comes to feeding on an animal’s blood? no? well meet namjoon,,,,,,,,who all the other vampires said read too much ‘human’ philosophy and got tricked into being so damn humble
  • but you, who once took a philosophy course with namjoon in your class, figure out pretty early on that he’s a vampire
  • mostly due to his clumsiness as in ,,,, he was drinking red stuff out of a bottle that said ‘tomato juice’ but he had been picking at the label and it came off just in time for you to see under it the words ‘pigs blood’ and you were like what now
  • and namjoon begs you to not tell anyone he damn near cries and you’re like i wont ????? obviously you’re not dangerous if you’re here around people and haven’t attacked anyone by the way how long does that bottle of blood last you
  • and he’s like ,,,,,,usually others drink two of these a day but i make one last a week and you’re like what?? why ??
  • and he’s like “i ,,,, feel bad drinking blood,,,,,,,even an animals,,,,,like it died for me. it died for my sins,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like bro that’s deep but you do know that’s how the food chain works,,,,,and he sighs like yEAH ,,,,,,but i feel so bad,,,,,i need to go mourn the pig that died for this,,,,,
  • and you’re like in shock because what now is he seriously a vampire but also,,,,,,,you’re very intrigued and you’re like it’s kinda endearing how sulky and pouty he gets over literally????? eating his lunch 


  • potion brewer 
  • kind of runs out of a black market for other wizards and witches, but some humans find out about it through like back doors and things like that
  • he specializes in two things: truth potions and love potions. those are the most popular 
  • and other brewers say that it’s immoral to brew potions that tamper with peoples emotions like love potions or potions that force someone into only telling the truth but does yoongi really care? no. you know why? mmmmmmmmmoooonnnneeeyyyyy
  • what does he use in his potions? oh you know the usual rose thorns, goblin fingernails, unicorn horn, some interesting parts of fish, the fangs of a fallen vampire,,,,,,, the usual magical hocus-pocus ingredients that anyone who isn’t acquainted with magic would probably be horrified to touch 
  • yoongi’s brewing pot is passed down from generation to generation, just like how the families familiar is a crow,,,,things like this are just signature to the min wizards
  • and so you know,,,,you have no clue these people even exist until a friend of yours gets mixed up with it and comes running to you for help and you’re like ???? what you bought a love potion from some good looking guy in an alley and now he wants you to pay him an obscene amount of money??
  • and you go with her to meet ‘yoongi’ who explains that if your friend doesn’t pay up he’s got means of blackmail that could ruin her forever and you’re like “ok how much is the debt?” and when he says the number you damn near die,,,,,,,and you’re like “can i exchange anything else???” and yoongi thinks for a moment and he’s like “you can pay off her debt for her.” and you’re like how boy i am B roke and he’s like “easy. you work for me now.”
  • and with that he pulls you over and erases this whole thing from your friends mind in a matter of seconds and you’re like wwwwwhat,,,,,,is,,,,,happening and he’s like 
  • “first order of business, you need to drink this.” and he passes you this like black, bubbling drink and you’re like what ew no and he’s like hey. you belong to me until the debt is paid off
  • and so you drink it, and it surprisingly tastes like licorice and suddenly you notice an inking become visible on your skin and it’s a tattoo of a black crow that goes up you forearm and you’re like ????? rubbing at it with your finger and yoongi just laughs and is like
  • “it’ll stay on till we’re done here, let’s go human” and you’re like holy god what have i gotten myself into  
  • meanwhile yoongi is just like,,,,about you,,, like they’re cute,,, humans are usually not my style but ,,,,,hmm,,,,,,,he’s definitely interested in seeing how you two will get along ^^


  • clairvoyant 
  • really tired and bored of always being able to see the future and the outcomes of just about anything
  • will occasionally see the lottery numbers for the next day and ‘casually’ buy that card and ‘casually’ drop it beside someone who might look desperate for cash 
  • people have tried to become his friend simply to backstab him and take away his power, but thanks to his power he can see their plan and he’s like lmao yeah no get away from me or ill knock you out with my frying pan
  • “jungkook don’t run that way you’re bump right into namjoon and- oh there they go, namjoon make sure you don’t fall on your side it’s gonna hu- oh he already fell. whoops.”
  • you know jin because you work at a coffee shop he frequents and it’s really interesting because,,,,,,,if he focuses on you he can see that you’ll be quitting this job in the next 4 months to do something else and whenever you’re like “it’s really busy” he’s like “don’t worry, you won’t be here forever”
  • and you think he’s just being a kind, empathetic soul but lmao no he actually knows you won’t be there forever
  • but one day something happens that really startles him you guys are talking while you’re getting his change and you go “i wonder when ill meet the love of my life, valentines day is around the corner and it makes me so sad.”
  • and jin ,,,,, out of curiousity tries to focus on you and see how your love life will play out,,,,,,but he can’t. like at all
  • and he panics because is he losing his power???? but no if he focuses on your co-worker he can see that she’ll meet her husband in about 2 years on a trip abroad but you???? nothing
  • and when he gets home he calls up his mother, who has the same power and he’s like what does this mean??
  • and his mom is just like jin (: you know how clairvoyants can’t see their own futures? and he’s like yes,,,,,,
  • and his mom is like (: that (: means (: that (: person (: is (: part of your future honey~~~~~~!!!!!
  • and jin is like ,,,,, oh my god ,,,,,,,, 
  • and the next morning when he comes in he looks up at you while ordering and wow holy moley where you always this attractive,,,,,,


  • necromancer 
  • “guys i know you’re all dead, but you’re all my friends anyway. and no none of you can possess my body, you guys know that’s against the rules.”
  • started ‘accidentally’ summoning the spirits of the dead at a young age because apparently drawing a circle on the floor in chalk and then just sitting in it ,,,,added in ofc with hoseok’s magical aura was enough to pull all the ghosts that haunted the entire block into his room
  • and hoseok can conjure up the dead just about anywhere he goes and most of the time he doesn’t speak with their physical forms, but their energies still stuck on earth
  • and it’s a really cool ritual to get an actual physical body to come back to “life” but it involves too much blood and too much chanting for hoseok to ever try
  • and you are a strong believer in how ghosts are made up and fake and hoseok always chuckles under his breath when you’re like “the dead stay dead” and you wanna know why
  • so you keep pestering him and hoseok is like even if i told you you wouldn’t believe me
  • and you’re like try me !!! and he’s like “ok. i can call out dead people’s spirits and talk with them” and you’re like
  • well you’re like LOL you’re write i don’t believe you and hoseok huffs because fine let him prove it
  • and he’s like “you know how your family cat died when you were younger?? his name was mr. oreo right?” and you stop laughing because,,,,,how does he know that
  • and hoseok is like “when i call out a spirit i can do it by trying to call out spirits that follow alive humans. mr. oreo is following you right now. he keeps thinking you’ll get home and give him belly rubs.”
  • and you’re frozen because,,,,,holy hell how does he know that,,,,,,,
  • and hoseok is like “believe me now?”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THATS SO COOL HOSEOK YOU’RE MAGICAL
  • and he’s like,,,,w,,,what??? because he DID NOT expect this reaction but at the same time he starts grinning and jumping up and down like “yeah!!!!! im magical!!!!!!” and you’re like omg grabbing his hand and you’re like we need to go to a cemetery or something we have to go talk to spirits!!!!!
  • and hoseok is like yeah we do- wAIT what cemetery heck no they’re creepy
  • and you’re like ?????? how can you find them creepy you literally bring back the dead
  • and he’s like nope. no. let’s just go over to my place and watch a ghost flick instead,,,,,,,,,,,and maybe ill try to summon the spirit of this old lady who lived above me before and you’re like cool sounds like a date
  • hoseok internally: screaming because you called this a date dghkbljfs


  • healer 
  • every part of him feels like it could heal any wound, from his smile to his soft hands to his sweet voice. but in reality it has to do mostly with his breathing and with concentration of his energy into the wound it’s actually a super tiring process and jimin usually passes out after healing just one person
  • but you know,,,,,,he’s still a glowing angel literally
  • it actually all matters on what type of illness the person has. for instance he can cure rashes with the touch of his finger, things like colds he has to focus only a bit of energy, but big bleeding wounds he has to hold his hands over the gashes or scratches and focus his energy into reviving the skin and tissue
  • and it’s really cool to watch because he emits this ring of golden when he’s completely focused and it looks really pretty,,,,,,,,aside from the fact that it’s literally like physically draining jimin of his own energy
  • you’re his assistant,,,,,since he faints after healing and needs his sweat dabbed from his forehead and things like that
  • you guess you’re a nurse,,,,,but jimin is much more magical than any doctor and he usually only heals other magical beings because if modern scientists found out about his abilities he’d probably just be taken in for experiments
  • and some of those beings are far from human looking, like jimin can also heal dragons and mermaids and even rejuvenate certain magical plants. 
  • you yourself don’t have the ability to heal like jimin, but jimin trusts you since you’ve been childhood friends and sometimes after a hard days work
  • he’ll go “you know,,,,,,out of everything my power can do it can’t work on me,,,,,,” and you’re like what do you mean you can heal your scratches just like everyone else’s
  • and jimin embarrassing smiles to himself and he’s like “yes,,,,but i can’t heal my own heart from my feelings,,,,,” and he like looks over at you from behind his eyelashes and you’re tilting your head a bit in confusion and he just chuckles
  • and you’re like ???? and he’s like “it’s ok though,,,,,,i have you to heal those feelings,,,,,,,,” he whispers this part so you don’t really make it out but,,,,,,,,lmao even in a magical!au,,,,jimin is quite the romantic 


  • animal whisperer
  • from horses to dogs to ants to snakes to birds to fish
  • he can understand and talk to them all,,,,,,and you’d be surprised how gossipy animals really are 
  • most other magical powers are inherited through family genetics and/or constant study of witchcraft but taehyung’s talent is singular to him because most people can only speak to one kind of animal,,,,,taehyung obviously can talk to them all
  • and people rumor that it’s because he was raised by wolves or something dumb like that. but it has more to do with the fact that taehyung just loves spending time with animals and so,,,,,,,he just picked up on as much as he could
  • and his favorite thing to do is to talk with domesticated pets. a lot of the times the stories are sad and dark, but sometimes the pets just spill embarrassing secrets and stories about their owners that make taehyung roll over in laughter
  • and that’s exactly what happens with you. as you’re walking your dog taehyung comes strolling by and asks if he can pet it and ofc you’re like sure!!!! and when he leans down
  • the dog is like “did you know every morning my owner turns on the same song,,,,,,,fire? i think is the name and they just dance around to it singing into a bursh like it’s a mic. isn’t that hilarious”
  • and taehyung can’t hold back his laughter and you’re like ???? and looking up at you taehyung gives you a once over and he’s like “i didn’t expect you to be the silly type.”
  • and you’re like ?????
  • and taehyung is like “i like that in someone, business on the outside but actually kind of goofy. im taehyung by the way, i also sing into a brush like a mic.”
  • and he sticks out his hand and you’re like wait what how does he KNOW,,,,,,,,but also,,,,,,,,,,,goofy??
  • and taehyung is like “your dog here told me kindly about your dorky side, it’s cute though.”
  • and ofc you think he’s joking but tbh he’s handsome and sweet so you’re like “do you have a pet? i want it to tell me something funny about you too so we’re even hehe”
  • and taehyung grins and looks down at your pup and while you’re distracted taehyung is like “hey , do you think i have a chance?”
  • and the dog is like “with my owner? no way. they’re too cute for.” and taehyung is like hEY did i just get insulted by a dog
  • (but dw taehyung,,,,,,obviously you wouldn’t say no to a cute date with him????? right~~)


  • werewolf 
  • incredibly playful in and out of wolf form, loves pulling pranks and challenging older wolfs in the pack to play fights
  • which is not surprising because when he shifts back into human form, his arms and legs are all bruised up from those play fights but jungkook thinks they make him look really cool and strong
  • everyone swoons over his athletic body and they’re like WOW he must swim or play volleyball to have such strong upper arms and legs
  • lmao no it’s that when he’s in wolf form he spends like 85% of the time running around like crazy,,,,,,,like a literal puppy
  • his wolf form is really pretty,,,,his coat is a light brown but the fur around his ears and paws gets snowy white
  • and his eyes get sparks of blue between the browns of his pupils
  • the only problem is he’s reckless and so sometimes he’ll get too excited and parts of him will shift without him knowing
  • which is how you find out he’s a werewolf because you’re over at his place beating him at video games and jungkook gets way to riled up and stands up and you look over and you’re like wait
  • why does he have a tail????? and ,,,,,,, are those,,,,,,,,,,ears on the top of his head?????
  • and once you’re like uh jungkook i think you’re mutating,,,,,,jungkook is like oH DAmmit the pack is gonna kill me
  • and you’re like the pack,,,,,,,???? and jungkook is like “well im halfway there might as well show you the whole thing” and before you know it he’s shaking his upper body and suddenly,,,,,,,,in the living room of your friend jungkook’s house is a big,,,,,,,,,,wolf
  • and you’re like WHAT IN GODS NAME but then the wolf like nudges the controller with his nose and points to the screen of the paused game with it’s paw and you look at it the character on the screen is named jungkook
  • and you look back at the wolf and you’re like,,,,,,,y,,,,,,,you’re,,,,,,,jungkook?!??!??!
  • and in a moment the wolf begins to shake it’s head and jungkook comes back to his human form and you’re like WOAH and he’s like “it’s cool isn’t it????”
  • and you’re like “y-yeah but also,,,,,,,,,” and your eyes are closed now and you’re like “you’re naked. please put on some clothes dog boy”
  • and jungkook is like DOG BOY
  • but also he runs out of there because right shifting,,,,,leaves one exposed
  • but when he comes back you’re like,,,,,,much more comfortable with the fact that your friends a werewolf and you’re like 
  • “hey,,,,,,,can people hypothetically ride,,,,,,wolves like on their backs??”
  • and jungkook snorts like iM never letting you on my back
  • (but he actually ends up letting you get on his back in his wolf form because jungkook likes you and will never admit it but he wants to show off by running through the woods with you on his back and the face you make when you end up seeing how fast he is makes jungkook’s ego like x100000 times bigger and it’s cute ,,,,,,,,,,,, werewolf boy in love) (get the pun?)
Role Model

Also on AO3
This is a direct sequel to Zip-Line from June.  It includes a little emotional hurt (because Gabriel is a jerk) but it doesn’t fall into angst.

Now with art by SketchyPam!

Marinette noticed that Adrien seemed a bit out of sorts when he first entered the classroom after lunch.  He was wearing the model smile, which she’d long ago learned meant he was hiding how he really felt.  She wasn’t sure if it was because he didn’t want to be a bother to his friends, or if it was his father’s social conditioning about the Agreste family image.  She suspected it was a little of both.  He was genuinely so resilient, and their deeper friendship was still new enough she’d been hesitant to pursue an answer.

He made a brief detour to Ms. Bustier’s desk, so she took the opportunity to look at Nino.  He was frowning slightly at his best friend’s back, as he bent to speak to the teacher.  Alya leaned forward and tapped Nino’s shoulder, and he briefly met Marinette’s eyes as his gaze turned to his girlfriend.  He shook his head and shrugged, indicating whatever was wrong was new enough he wasn’t in on the details.

Adrien’s, “good afternoon,” was quieter than usual, as he reached his seat and gracefully tossed himself into the chair.

Nino leaned in, one hand on his beast friend shoulder to murmur something.

Adrien let out a sigh and shook his head.  "I’m okay, I promise.“  His reply was barely audible and struck Marinette as an utter lie.

As the afternoon passed, Adrien’s mood didn’t lift.  He appeared to be attentive in class, but Marinette could see that his notes were much sketchier than usual.  She missed his light energy and the quick smile that had earned him the nickname Sunshine Boy.  For their last subject of the day, they were given the class period to continue researching independent projects that were due early the following week.  Adrien had gone to the library with a pathetic wave to his friends as he left.

"He didn’t want me to come with,” Nino muttered to Alya.  "Do you think I should go anyway?“  His expression was tight and concerned.

"Could you tell if he was just being polite, or did he really need space?” Alya asked, leaning forward on her desk.

Nino let out a helpless shrug.  "He’s so hard to read when he gets like this.“

Chloe suddenly appeared on the stairs beside Adrien’s empty seat.  "Marinette will go,” she said firmly.  "If anyone can fix it, she can.“  She gathered up Marinette’s belongings and tucked them into her messenger bag, oblivious or unperturbed by the stares of Alya and Nino.

"Never thought I’d be saying this,” Alya said, her face uncertain.  "But I agree with Chloe.“

"Chop, chop, Marinette,” Chloe said briskly.  "None of us want an akumatized Adrien.“

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Number One Guy

Prompt: what if the significant other gets a puppy or cat and everyone feels kind of jealous cause they spend so much time with it.

Words: 1071

You were sleeping, and not just any sleeping either, the totally content kind of sleep, where the temperature of the bed was just right, and Bruce’s arm was wrapped around you at just the right kind of tightness. So, when Bruce suddenly sputters awake, on your one day to sleep in, you’re more that a little reluctant to wake up. But, you do so anyway.

          You can’t help but grin at the sight. There’s Bruce, bat glare having fully taken over his face, and the newest addition to your family is sitting on his chest. You move forward, scooping the puppy off of his chest, and cradle the dog in your arms. Bruce is still glaring as you kiss the dog’s fluffy head. “He just wanted to say good morning,” you explain.

          “We agreed to no dogs on the bed,” Bruce stated.

          Your lip juts out, and you place the rather oblivious puppy’s paws in a begging position. “He’s just a baby.”

          “Y/N,” he some what sighs. You just grin, and move the covers to the side. Setting the puppy down on the floor, you grab your robe, and tie it. “Where are you going?” Bruce asks.

          “He needs to go out,” you explain, before walking out of the room, he puppy right on your heels.

          The manor is unusually quiet for a Saturday morning, but that can’t be helped. The boys are all out on missions, and Alfred is away for some sort of class reunion. Titus is waiting for you by the door, and Louis trots right up to him. Slipping on the sandals that now remain by the door, you let Louis out, following closely behind.

          He’s not all that big, yet, but you know he’s going to be huge by the time he’s done growing, if those huge paws are anything to go by.

Despite being a purebred, he has no papers. He was a rescue from a puppy mill, the runt of the litter who needed a lot of time and attention in his early days. He’s a fairly new, but popular breed called a Goldendoodle. He’s cute, fluffy, smart, and barely sheds.

You’ve only had him for about two months, but you’re already completely in love with him. You call him your baby. You stumbled across him at a Wayne charity even for a local animal shelter. Administrators had been giving you a tour, detailing what needed to be done. You’d been more focused on the animals than the tour to be honest. But when you passed the little carrier with a teeny tiny Louis inside, your heart had melted.

They had quickly detailed his medical issues. Most of it would clear up, but he was deaf in one of his ears. That hadn’t mattered to you. You quickly sat through a class on bottle feeding him, and caring for him, and took him home that day.

Bruce had left the day before for a month long mission, and the boys were all gone as well. That left you, Titus, Louis, and Alfred in the manor. Alfred had taken one look at the puppy, shook his head and went to make lunch.

Over the next month you spent most of your days and nights bottle feeding and training the little puppy. Titus, the big lovable boy watches over the puppy somewhat. It reminds you a bit of Dick and Damian to be honest.

When Bruce comes home, he’s greeted to the sight of a destroyed pair of Italian loafers, and two dogs on your bed. He’s not all that happy about the situation, but he sees that it makes you happy, and lets it go.

He draws the line at you bringing him to work, or sleeping in your bed. You pout for a bit, but ultimately agree. As the dogs finish their business, they begin playing. Louis attempts a sneak attack on Titus, but fails.

You take a seat on the patio furniture, happy just to watch you dogs. A little while later the door opens and Bruce, fully dressed, joins you outside. “I thought you were coming back to bed.”

“They started playing, I didn’t want to ruin the fun.”

“Y/N they’re dogs,” Bruce states rather bluntly, and you raise an eyebrow in question. Your husband has been acting more than a bit strange lately. He seems more than a little put out. A theory had been forming in your head for a few days now, but you’ve pushed it aside because the idea of it being true is ridiculous.

Still there’s no harm in asking, “Bruce are you jealous?”

He straightens, and turns his head instead of answering, and you can make out the slightest blush on his cheeks. Smiling, you stand up and go to sit in his lap. His arms wrap tight around you, pulling you in close, and you kiss him.

“Bruce Wayne, I love you, you are the most important thing in my life, but…”


“But you’re gone a lot; for the League, for Gotham, for the company. You travel a lot, you and the boys, and most of the time I’m left here alone. And when you’re left in a big empty manor, you tend to get a little lonely. Louis and Titus they help with that.”

“Y/N …”

You smile, “Don’t apologize Bruce. I love that you’re Batman. I love that you help people, and save the world all while running a multi billion-dollar company and managing a home life. I just needed a little something for myself. You know other than work, or managing the computer while you and the boys are on patrol.”

“You’re a big part of our success. You give us a reason to come home, you love us, and provide warmth that was missing before you came here.”

You smile kiss him and simply say, “I know.”

You both laugh, and you suggest, “How about we go on a drive to nowhere?”

Bruce nods, “Best offer I’ve had all day. How does Louis do in the car?”

You raise an eyebrow in question, “Really, you’re going to make nice with my dog?”

Bruce kisses you senseless before explaining, “As long as he doesn’t wake me up anymore and realize that I’m your number one boy, we’ll all be good.”

You smile and say, “No Bruce, he’s my number one boy, and you’re my number one guy.”

potions partners (draco x reader)

in which draco is a little shit and both of you are a wee bit oblivious to emotions

Word Count: 5,098

Request: “Could you do an imagine where Draco’s crushing on a Gryffindor and does everything he can to be partnered with her and stuff to show his affection?” // @dolphindewott

Warnings: cussing and sexually explicit language

A/N: i actually went so overboard with this, im sorry to anyone who reads this super extra 5k word thing

Originally posted by owlswithfins

Your name: submit

Your surname: submit What is this?

You’d only given in because you were, unfortunately, alone.

Potions class with Slytherin was the one part of the week you always dreaded. It was one thing to be stuck in a room for an hour with a bunch of Slytherins, but a whole other thing to be stuck in a room for an hour with a bunch of Slytherins and an odd number of fifth year Gryffindors. As a result, you were forced to partner with a random Slytherin in almost every lesson.

And today, it was Draco fucking Malfoy.

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adore // stiles stilinski

summary ; growing up shy, you feel v reluctant to show too much pda with your boyfriend, but stiles, other than the fact that he loves to show off that you’re his girl, just can’t help himself when it comes to you. [020317]

warnings ; none

word count ; 800


stay safe + ily 🐥

“Hey,” The sound of your boyfriend’s cheery voice echoing down the hallway infiltrated your ears and you turned towards him from where you were leant against a row of lockers, a smile on your smooth lips when you noticed his elated grin and shining eyes.

“Good morning,” You mumbled happily with the same sweet smile as he joined you and the rest of the pack, his arm wounding around your waist and gently tugging your body closer to his. “Oh!” You let out a quiet, surprised gasp when his lips connected with yours in a soft kiss, his hands coming up and resting delicately on either side of your face in an attempt to deepen it.

You pulled back slightly after a while, your cheeks burning a deep red and a bashful smile on your lips. Looking around with a shy chuckle, you saw how the others were in their own conversations and paying no attention to the two of you and so the flush on your face faded slowly. When you turned back to Stiles, his bright eyes were searching yours as he held you closely against himself, his hand slowly running up and down your back in a comforting gesture as his lips subconsciously pulling up into a loving smile after he saw your (y/e/c) eyes connect with his light brown orbs.

“You guys are so cute,” Lydia squealed, her teeth gently biting down on her bottom lip to suppress her giggles towards her two best friends. The others mumbled their agreements in tiresome voices, the early morning being too much for the busy teenagers. You and Stiles both turned towards the group; your face flushing once again at the attention on your relationship. 

“It’s sickening,” Liam commented from next to you with a grin, his tone making obvious to the fact that he was only joking. You feigned anger as you lightly shoved his shoulder, an amused chuckle escaping right after. The bell ringing throughout the halls then interrupted the laughter and indicated the first class was about to begin before you let out an overly-dramatic sigh when everyone muttered their goodbyes and dragged themselves to their lesson. 

“Ready to go to class, beautiful?” You felt Stiles’ arm wound around your waist and delicately pull you away from the lockers, the scarlet blush that your cheeks had accumulated multiple times in the past ten minutes then returned once again at the nickname as you nodded your head slightly, trying to use your staggering hair to hide the blazing red that your boyfriend of a year could still bring out.

But, Stiles seemed to notice instantly as he chuckled, his fingers lightly digging into your side teasingly as you let out an unintentional squeal of laughter and jerked further into his side, your hand darting to his fingers to halt his actions. 

“Stiles!” You whined childishly as he continued to laugh, his eyes sparkling and his arms pulling you snug against his chest once you reached outside of your classroom. You buried your face in the crook of his neck and giggled when you felt his chest rumbling with laughter. “I hate you,” You murmured with a fake huff and a pout of your lips.

“Well, I love you, so…” He trailed off, his voice was quiet and matching the quiet of the empty hallway as fingers gently ran through the strands of your soft, (y/h/c) hair. 

“Hmm, I guess I love you too,” You teased lightly, a grin gracing your lips as you pulled away from his affectionate embrace slowly and looked up at his warm, hazel eyes. 

“Good,” He mumbled happily as he pressed his lips together with yours in one last, quick but soft kiss until later on in the day. You pulled away hesitantly, the usual idea of skipping class to be with Stiles filtering into your mind but you pushed it away, deciding to be good for once. Quite often you’d find yourself in this situation and then, you’d find yourself straddling his lap in the back seat of his beloved jeep.

“See you later,” Your words were whispers as you stepped away from the boy whom you loved, your teeth encasing your bottom lip in an attempt to suppress the immense, happy smile from breaking through too much before entering the room full of students chatting quietly and readying themselves for the mundane day to begin.


Wanted - Double Trouble Pt. 3

Description : Finding a mate was becoming extremely hard for both Yoongi and Hoseok, what became much more of a task however was when they both began to get a rush from the same girl

Pairing : Yoonseok x Reader, (werewolf!yoongi, werewolf!hoseok)

Genre : angst, slight smut

Word count : 3.6K

a/n : This is long overdue im so sorry, I’ll start making more time for this because I really enjoy it school is just fighting against it ugh but enjoy, let me know what you think too :)  

Yoongi opened the main door to their house discreetly, praying to God that Namjoon was still asleep. The door, of course, made a slow creak regardless. “Way to go genius you’ve woken up the whole house now,” Hoseok pushed pass knowing full well they’d already gotten caught and Yoongi followed behind releasing an annoyed growl after making another creak while trying to lock back the door.

“It doesn’t look like he’s awake,” Hoseok began, “Hurry up and –

“Now just what the fuck were you two thinking?!?” Namjoon slammed his fist on the delicate wood of the coffee table with his eyes still half open evident he’d just gotten up.

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Disaster Finds You So Easily

pairing: Ivar x OFC

fandom: vikings

warning: AU

A/N: So historically speaking, it is not quite clear where Ivar got his name ‘boneless’ from. There are a few different theories about it, ranging from diseases to false translation.

So, this time I chose to take another one of those, so that’s why Ivar can walk in this story.

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk

“What’s going on?”
When I came to the university this morning the front gates where crawling with people. I didn’t know what the hell was going on so when I saw my friend standing among the crowd I quickly headed over to her.
“Didn’t you hear? They say he’s some sort of a prince and he’s going to go to our uni! Can you believe that?”
“Oh come on…” I roll my eyes and sigh at her, “That’s got to be a bad joke. Why does everyone believe these rumours so easily.”
“Why can’t you believe something for once without questioning it?” She retorts but her eyes are already fixed at the spectacle in front of her again.
“Because it’s stupid to believe everything without questioning it…” I mumble as I let my hands run through my hair. “I’ll have a class soon, see you later."  

I take my usual spot at the back of the class, being at least 15 minutes too early and get out my phone. First few hours were in the laboratory, meaning a small group with few people around. Just the way I like it because huge crowds were never really my thing.
The room slowly fills with people, the same familiar faces everyday. When the teacher walks in he is accompanied by someone I don’t know yet. Though I did catch a glimpse of him earlier. The so called prince.
The whole room immediately gets louder, whispers starting as he stands in front of the class while the teacher introduces him as our new classmate.
Just my luck, of course I got to have the attention drawing one in my class. One of the few quiet places around campus.

"The name’s Ivar.”
He tells everyone with a sweet smile that looks all but honest.
He was handsome yes, with his gemstone like blue eyes and the curly black hair. I could see why everyone was making a fuss but there was something else about him that wasn’t so easy to pinpoint just yet. A glimmer of something darker lying beyond all this beauty and fake smiles.
He catches me staring and when our eyes meet he gives me that look, like he knows exactly what I was thinking just now. I shiver slightly and quickly look away. My imagination clearly got the better of me.

Or not. Because after introducing himself he walks straight to the end of the room, taking the seat next to me even though there are enough empty seats all over.
“What’s your name?”
“Arna.” I say, turning my head back to the front and pretending to listen to the professor.  
He’d have none if it and kept staring at me from the side, “You don’t like me, huh?”
“What makes you think that?” I try to keep the sarcasm out of my voice as best as I can but I’m pretty sure he still recognized it as what it was.  
He chuckles next to me and when I look over again there’s nothing left of the false friendliness he showed me just seconds ago.
“I was just waiting for someone like you…” He twirls his pen between his fingers while his eyes bore into mine, “…we’ll have so much fun. I bet I won’t get bored at all with you around to play.”
Somehow I highly doubted that I would be the one on the receiving end of said fun. He was in my class for what? 10 minutes? And I already managed to make me his target. Great job, really.

anonymous asked:

This is kind of urgent!! School starts tomorrow and this town is extremely trans/homophobic. I'm trans and closeted of course but I got a undercut. I'm terrified of what people are going to say or do to me. My best friend was gay and had to move towns because he got beat up so bad (broken ribs and even punctured lung) it's a serious problem

Lee says:

I’d sit in the front of each class if you don’t have assigned seating, and if you are comfortable, ask the teacher if you can sit in the front because it helps you focus/pay attention better if you do have assigned seating. 

You can wear earbuds in the hallway but not play any music, so people will be discouraged from talking to you but you still keep all of your awareness of what’s going on. Don’t loiter around, go from place A to place B with a good paced walk.

Sit in the front of the school bus, and when it gets to your stop get out and go where you’re going quickly. Don’t go to the bathroom during passing time, go to the bathroom at the start or end of class if you can’t go during the middle of class. There are less people in there during the class period, and sometimes only 1 student can go to the bathroom at a time from a class, so it’ll be harder for someone to follow you there.

Make sure you introduce yourself to your guidance counselor, and if you feel comfortable, tell them that your friend got beat so you’re worried that someone will target you because of your haircut and your friendship with them (but you aren’t gay/trans ofc!) and see if they have any suggestions for your safety.

If you have a school GSA, talk to the GSA members about what’s happening and make sure you keep the adult teacher/advisor in the loop about what’s happening. They may be able to help try to change the school’s culture with inclusion initiatives and things like that.

Change for gym in a bathroom stall not in the locker room instead of the locker room if you’re worried about going there. Just say you’re shy and you have anxiety if anyone asks you about it.

Have you researched anti-bullying laws in your state? Look at statewide laws, then school district guidelines, then your school’s rules. What are the policies on bullying and harassment? If someone threatens you it’s okay to report it to the administration if you think it’d help and they’d be able to save you from retribution or if you think retribution is unlikely.

Once you know what you’re working with, I’d print out a summary, or take notes or gather links or something to prove what the laws and rules are. That way, you can point to the rules when you’re telling someone in the school administration that they’ve been violated.

If you have any friends, stick with them. Stay close to them, and tell them you’re worried about your haircut getting you in trouble if you feel comfortable telling them that. During lunch, get a library pass and go to the library and sit somewhere the librarians can see you if you can’t sit with your friends in the cafeteria or close to the adult/teacher cafeteria monitor. 

Try to change up what you’re doing now and then, as falling into a routine makes your location known to people looking to corner you alone. You can also start running in your free time, which is a good sport to give you exercise, but can also help you be ready to run away and outrun anyone chasing you if you were caught alone somewhere. Swallow your pride and shout for help if you need it! Holding your phone in your hand when you’re going places is also good because you look ready to call 911 or call for help, but if you’re on your phone using it then it’ll look like you’re distracted and not paying attention, which isn’t good.

Get a few whistles and be ready to use it. Attach one onto your backpack, and keep one on your coat or jacket pocket. If anyone asks why, say your parents made you do it because they’re overprotective or worried about your safety.

Do you think your parents would support you? You can tell them you’re worried about being bullied for your haircut and ask them to please intervene and contact the school without saying you’re gay or trans. They already know about your haircut, and they may or may not approve, but hopefully they won’t be okay with other people hurting you over it.

If you have a supportive teacher who likes you, you could ask them what they think you should do. You could see if they be able to walk you to classes regularly, or if they’ll let you out of class a few minutes early so you can walk through the hallways before the other kids are let out of class. They might be able to convince your other teachers to do the same. You can tell them what happened to you if you get bullied, and see if they’d be willing to back you up and come with your for moral support if you approach someone in the school’s administration.

If your family won’t support you, you can try going to the office and getting the secretary to schedule you in for a meeting with the principal and saying these are the laws/rules and this is what’s happening to me, you need to take action to help me, and make sure you ask them to help you come up with a written plan to stay safe.

Followers, any advice for anon?

New Boy // Yoon Sanha  {HighSchool AU!}

Originally posted by angstro

Pairing: Sanha x Reader

Genre: Fluff, AU, One-shot

Summary//Request: Sanha just transferred to your school and you take him under your wing. As both of your feelings grow for each other, he finally confesses in the sweetest way~

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I’d Rather Love You


Mor ran a hand through her hair and avoided the stares she got as she walked to her locker. She had been tense all morning, just waiting for someone to say something, to tease her or call her out. This is why she had stayed hidden for so long. This is why she didn’t want anyone to know.

Last night was one of the worst nights of her life. A picture of her and Andromache kissing had been posted all over social media, and Mor hadn’t found out until this morning. Andromache stayed home, too worried about getting picked on more than she already was.

Mor, on the other hand, had gone to school with her back straight and her chin high, refusing to let the thoughts of others get to her. By the end of second period though, her shoulders were slumped and she hadn’t spoken to a single soul.

Opening her locker, she reached up to grab a binder, but stopped when she saw her hand shaking. No. She would not be scared, and she couldn’t let all of this mess get to her head.

A loud whistle sounded from behind her, and she quickly turned to see her ex, Eris, walking up to her, leaning against the locker next to hers.

“How have you been, Mor?” He asked with a hard gaze, looking her over from head to toe.

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anon request | myungjin

“Ugh, he’s so cute!”Myungjun whined, stabbing at his lunch.

“Why don’t you just talk to him? You know, like a normal person,” Moon Bin rolled his eyes. He paused. “Nevermind, you’re not normal.” Myungjun threw a cherry tomato at the other in retaliation.

“I don’t even know his name. He’s so freaking hot and he sits in the front and sometimes when I manage to get a seat somewhere behind him, I see this cute little birthmark he has on his neck and ugh he’s just so attractive.”

“I don’t know… Dongmin’s pretty fucking hard to beat.”

“Your boyfriend isn’t fucking human, Bin,” Myungjun deadpanned. Ever since Moon Bin started dating that art major that everyone on campus seemed to know except Myungjun, the whole world imploded in chaos. Suddenly, everyone was really interested in Moon Bin which meant they in turn recognized Myungjun as the tiny friend of the guy who’s dating Lee Dongmin. It was college for fuck’s sake. Why was everyone such a high school kid? Sure, Dongmin was handsome. But he wasn’t that handsome. But Myungjun would never say that out loud again because the backlash he received for even muttering those words was ridiculous.

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In Herba Veritas

From a prompt ages ago, a college AU featuring weed; my last remaining WIP – enjoy!

A week of these buzzing fragrant late-May days where spring’s been shading into summer, the light holding out longer, the air warmer even after sunset. Outdoor study dates, lunches on the steps in the quad, and a tiny little spray of freckles has appeared across Scully’s winter-white collarbones, sweet cinnamon blossoms he imagines are one of the harbingers of the season to come.

He wishes he could look forward to it, this first summer with her, wishes they both had different plans than their actual ones. But next week is finals, then she’s off to this brainiac accelerated pre-med intensive on the opposite coast for ten weeks and he’s so proud of her for being selected that he’s just about bursting with it; also he wants to fling himself directly into the sun from the pain of being separated from her for so long so he doesn’t think about it if he can help it. He’ll be on the Vineyard, for hopefully the last time, working on his thesis in the stifling-hot attic, writing to her every day when he’s had enough of Decoupling Neurodivergence and the Criminal Impulse, having a sad, silent dinner with his mother every evening, going for long runs on the beach in hopes of being able to drop instantly off to sleep at night, alone in a too-short single bed that suddenly feels much too big without her.

But for now — ahh, for now, they do have the now.

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had an anon request more sick Jughead (because we love to make him suffer) and @define-lying specified with a prompt. So here I am, back at it with the sick Jughead. 

“I’ll figure it out, Dad. I always do.”



Jughead sighed, pulling his small blanket tighter around his body as the memories of the drive-in spun around his mind like a broken record. Figuring it out meant wandering the streets late at night—desperate for an answer, or a house for that matter, to manifest in front of him. The nights were growing longer and colder in Riverdale, and while searching for a new place to live, Jughead put all of his mental focus on plotting his novel in order to distract himself from the biting cold seeping into his bones.  

He wound up standing in front of he and Archie’s childhood tree house when he was contemplating on whether or not to include the drama between Archie and Ms. Grundy. It was less than ideal, but it was better than nothing, so he braved the rickety ladder and made his way up. For a brief moment, he wasn’t sure that the tree house would hold after the whole thing shook when he dropped his massive backpack down onto the wooden floor, but he froze and held his breath, and after a few moments, the house stilled.

After unpacking some of his belongings, Jughead tucked himself into a corner- knees drawn to his chest and beanie pulled down as far as it would go. The bitter wind sneaked in through the cracks, and it didn’t take long until Jughead was shivering. He already had quite a bit of layers on and didn’t want to risk getting the clothes he would need to wear to school dirty, so he tried to make do with what he had on combined with his small blanket.

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warm you up; chanyeol

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

12. knowledge

chanyeol x reader

word count: 740 of fluff

It was no secret that Chanyeol was knowledgeable in all things related to numbers. Meanwhile, you go in spontaneous combustion when faced with numbers.

Staring at the weird signs and letters, all you wanted to do was hurl. It always mystified you how a man like Chanyeol who saw the world in numbers and equations could connect with you who couldn’t even begin to fathom x plus y. Not literally, but point taken.

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Extra Credit

Requested by therealcap​: AU: Professor!Sam x reader where Professor Sam finds out that his student has a sexy wild side.

Word Count: 2223

Warning: Smut, college professor!kink

A/N: This one begins from Sam’s POV, then switches to the reader’s. I felt like we needed to be inside Sam’s head for a while to get the full effect. This one was so much fun! I love AUs!  I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it, love! XOXO

Sam Winchester was one of the youngest professors at the university. He had a rough start to the semester, realizing that all of his more experienced colleagues were ready to critique him at every turn. All he wanted was a foot in the door while he finished earning his doctorate degree, and when the position was offered to him, he had eagerly taken it. It wasn’t until his first week that he had realized the criticism and judgment that would come with it.

However, he had survived the semester unscathed, and thought it had gone surprisingly well. His superiors seemed pleased with his curriculum, and he had to admit that he had truly enjoyed his first teaching experience. Sam thought he had done well, drawing the students into his subject by being an expert, and not relying on the “I’m one of you” appeal his age provided. He didn’t want to be seen as one of the students. His career goals were bigger than that. 

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Adore - Sam Winchester x Reader (Alpha/Omega & Teacher/Student) - Part 1

Title: Adore

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count: 2,136

Warnings: Age gap, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, Teacher/Student Relationship (Reader is over 18 though)

Summary: Sam is finally happy to meet his Omega after so much time of searching. But things never were easy for the Winchesters. So as it is expected being with her is not easy. Especially when she is his student and he her teacher.

A/N: This is a sort of crossover with My Beautiful Omega. A few things are different, though, and I used my OC (Angel) as Dean’s mate that in My Beautiful Omega was the Reader. Reader in this is Sam’s mate (obviously). Also I have kinda changed the ages of Dean, made him a little bit younger than he is, so that Sam would be a little bit younger as well. There is no specific description of Angel so imagine her as you wish, even as some of your friends.

(Also, sorry if ‘Safe - Part 5′ is not up today but I was kinda tired to check it for errors and I had this ready for a long while)


“And then I like had to go in there and pretend like I was alright with a bunch of teenagers around me cause-” Dean stopped rambling as soon as he noticed his brother’s lack of attention.

“Wow dude! Thank you!” he added sarcastically and Sam looked up from his hands at him.

“What?” he frowned “I-I’m sorry Dean, I wasn’t really paying attention”

“Yeah, well thanks for nothing. I figured it out, you know. But come on, man. I’ve been gone for what? Seven? Eight months? Certainly long. And all I get from my little bro is the cold shoulder? You’ve barely said anything for the past hours and I doubt you’ve heard even a single thing I’ve said” Dean said and Sam smiled apologetically.

It was true after all. Dean had been gone for about eight months, visiting along with Angel (his mate and soon-to-be wife) her parents in Mystic Falls because her father was having some health problems and none of them wanted to be away from them during such hard moments. It was true that Dean loved them like his own parents, same went for Angel, so he had hardly waited for the permission from the college he now worked at as a teacher to go and visit them. Thing was that while there, though, he had not kept much contact with Sam and so he had lots of things to tell him, now. Mostly because they had stayed there for longer than needed, even after Kieran was perfectly fine.

“I know, Dean. And I’m really sorry. It’s just- some things have happened these months and-” he let out a sigh “-I’m just having a kind of hard time taking it all in” he looked down at his hands with a deep frown.

“Whow” Dean breathed out looking at his brother with an equally deep frown “Well talk to us, man. What’s going on?” he said and took the beer from Angel’s hand.

“Is- is everything alright? Do you need our help?” she asked with a small frown on her face, handing him his own beer.

“No, no it’s ok. I’ll manage. But let’s not talk about that. You tell me. Did you have a good time in Mystic Falls? How are your parents Angel? How’s Kieran going with his health? Dean told me he wasn’t doing well for some time” Sam said with a forced smile, trying to change the subject.

“You know he is alright, Sam. You don’t have to worry about him. Now tell us, what’s bothering you” she spoke with a calm voice, the smile ever present on her face.

“It’s nothing, really. I just- overthink things sometimes. And it’s not something bad either. On the contrary I’d say.” he said with a small shrug and smile.

“Yeah but you aren’t exactly saying what’s actually going on, either. Come on dude, spit it” Dean said with a chuckle when he saw the smile on Sam’s face widen. His eyes were on the bottle in his hand but anyone could realize that his mind was on something - or maybe someone- else.

“What? No, let me guess. You finally got laid? No, wait. There are no women crazy enough in this world to want to sleep with you.” he muttered the last part mostly to himself, earning a slap on the shoulder from the Omega sitting next to him “Wait, I got it. You- you tried women underwear and liked it but still feel guilty about it, right? Right? Yeah? I got it? I got it!” Dean said with a grin and both Angel and Sam rolled their eyes at the older Alpha in the room.

“You’re unbelievable” she muttered.

“No, Dean. No I didn’t” Sam said with a bitch-face.

“Oh come on. No need to deny it. No need to feel guilty about it, either. You know I-” Dean started speaking only to be cut off by Angel.

You? What about you? Oh please don’t tell me that you have tried that” she looked at her mate with a look of disbelief.

“Well there was once one girl and she- uh- she- You know we can talk about this later, ok? When we’re alone. Now I need to know what’s got his pants into a twist” he said and turned to look at Sam who had a look on his face of utter disgust.

“You know I didn’t need that peace of information, right? I’m going to be having nightmares for a good few weeks” he said with a fake shudder and it was Dean’s time to roll his eyes.

“Well are you going to tell us what’s going on or what?” Dean asked, taking a sip of his beer.

“Well, I uh…” Sam started but trailed off not really knowing how to start talking about this.

He looked at his beer and, without really wanting to, images of what had happened just a couple months ago started flashing through his mind.


It was the beginning of the school year once again and no matter how many years passed Sam knew that he was never going to get used to it.

All these new faces walking through the school in masses scared him. There were moments that he found himself completely lost in the school he had been a teacher at for so many years. It surprised him in the beginning but he knew that that’s how it was going to be every time. All the more new students walked through the doors and Sam found himself at a loss when he realized that he would have to teach to at least most of them.

He ran a hand through his long brown hair and let out a sigh. A frustrated one at that. He was trying to make his way through the students but found it really hard, especially because he was going in the complete opposite direction as them.

He felt a sigh of relief escape his lips when the bell was heard and immediately everybody made their way to their classes. He was lucky enough to not have a lesson during the first period, most times he didn’t, but Sam was an early bird. He liked to be earlier than needed in his work and today, being the first day and all, he had come extra early.

He let out a sigh and soothed down his suit jacket, shaking his head as he took in the sight of a hallway that just a few seconds ago was full of students and now… completely empty.

Sort of.

He suddenly turned and walked around a corner, not really paying attention and therefore colliding with a body smaller than his which of course fell butt-first on the floor.

“Shit” a low feminine voice was heard and pushing his hair out of the way, Sam bend down to help the student - as it seemed - gather the scattered books and papers.

“I’m sorry” Sam was the first to apologize.

“No no. I’m sorry. I was running with what seemed like miles per hour trying not to be late on my first day but obviously failing miserably.” the girl said in a hurry, trying to gather her papers.

“It’s ok, I used to get lost here the first days too” Sam said with a chuckle, trying to help.

“No wonder. This place is freaking huge” she said and Sam let out another chuckle.

He didn’t say anything more, just continued gathering the papers trying to put them in the correct order or at least the way he thought they were before they fell on the floor.

The girl-

You were doing the same with the books and soon you had gathered all of them. You both reached for a last one and your hands touched.

Of course you thought sarcastically.

The most cliche thing that could have happened, did happen. And you had a hard time not rolling your eyes. And you would have if it wasn’t for the shot of electricity you felt run through you. Maybe those sappy books you read at nights were right after all.

Your eyes immediately snapped to the stranger’s direction and obviously his did the same. A blush formed on your cheeks and you scolded yourself for even so daring to, because you were actually pretty close with him. Your faces were just a few inches and you could literally feel his hot breath on your face, a slight smell of mint was there as well but what really got your attention was this man’s scent. It was nothing like you’d ever smelt before which made you wonder if it was his natural scent or not. But one thing was for sure. It was driving you insane and the mere thought of it made your cheeks burn even more red.

It was crazy just how much this man’s scent was attracting you to him and even more so when you got to think of the way it, and of course he, had you feeling right now.

It was impossible, though, not to feel your heart skip a beat at the sight of those big hazel eyes that resembled that of a puppy. You were sure that in the near future they were going to be your weakest spot. He had a dimple that you could clearly see forming as his smile widened and you could not deny what a breathtaking smile it actually was. His long hair was what actually caught your interest and you had to keep yourself from reached out and running your finger through them.

You cleared your throat and averted your eyes from him when you realized you had been staring at him for a good while - not that he seemed to mind. He was lost in you as well, his staring not so subtle. But you pulled away from him, anyway.

You took the books and papers from his hands and quickly got up “I uh- I should be going or else I’m going to be really late for class” you mumbled, not daring to look up at him.

“Wait” it was soft but caught your attention anyway - that and his hand that took hold of your arm. The shot of electricity - that’s how you could only describe it - along with the tingling sensation in your hand where he had previously touched you and those puppy-like eyes looking at you, honestly made your knees go weak.

“I didn’t really get your name” he said with a half smile.

“Oh it’s- I’m- My name is (Y/n). (Y/f/n) (Y/l/n).” you managed to stutter out.

He smiled even more and extended his hand towards yours “Nice to meet you (Y/n). I’m Sam Winchester… Your History teacher” he said and the smile slightly fell from your face.

Of course you thought bitterly.

Of course he had to be a teacher here. And of course you’d go and develop a crush on him.

Great. Bloody great.

-End of Flashback-

“Well?” Dean asked him, looking at his brother with an expecting look.

“I-” Sam swallowed the lump in his throat but before he could say anything else, Angel cut him off.

“You met your mate” she breathed out, a smile forming on her lips.

“What?” Dean glanced at her then back at Sam “Sam?”

Sam opened his mouth to speak but closed it again.

“Yes, yes you met her. That’s it, right? You met your mate. Your Omega. That’s- that’s the face Dean has every time he talks or thinks about me, and that’s the face my father has when it comes to my mother-” she said with a smile “Sam?” she breathed out and he finally dared to look up at them.
He didn’t bother holding himself from smiling anymore “Yeah” he breathed out with a laugh “Yeah, we literally bumped into each other” he chuckled.

“Wow well that’s great news man! ‘Bout time! Tell us about her? Were did you meet? How does she look? How is she like? Does she seem to like you? Have you asked her out yet?” Dean started blurting out question making Angel roll her eyes, the smile still on her face.

“Dean, baby. Relax. Sam will tell us everything he wants to, right Sam?” she put a hand on top of Dean’s and then turned to look at Sam.

“Yeah, well… I uh-” Sam didn’t say more, just scratched the back of his neck nervously.

“Well? Come on. Start with the basics” Dean said with a small frown, especially when he saw his own brother’s frown.

“Her name is (Y/n) and I uh- I bumped into her during the first day of school” Sam said as simply as he could.

“Well, ok. That’s good. You work together, I think there are plenty of opportunities to ask her out, right?” you asked him.

“Yeah, no. You see-” he hesitated for a while but after taking in a deep breath he spoke up.

“-She doesn’t work there as a teacher. She actually is not a teacher at all. She- she’s a student in one of my classes.” he finished and was only met with silence.

“Oh no” Dean breathed out after a quite long while.

Oh no indeed.