being let out of class early

Allison and Stiles didn’t have that much classes together sadly, and the only time they could really geek out with each other was mostly during lunch, which was why Allison was walking down the hall to Stiles’ class. Her class had ended early, mostly because their usual teacher hadn’t showed up and a substitute did, and as usual, one of the students had tricked them into letting them out early. Allison didn’t mind, especially if she could spend more time with him.

His class was no better than hers, the teacher in front focused on helping the kids solve a math problem on the chalkboard while the other students chattered away, and that included Stiles. She would have called out his name, but she didn’t want to interrupt and waited, at the same trying to avoid being noticed by the teacher. Thank god his seat was near the back and the closest to the door. Listening to what he said, though, Allison was a little more than surprised and quite frankly, a little jealous. 

The lunch bell went off a minute later and Allison quickly backed away, standing by the lockers as she waited for Stiles to come out, her feet tapping nervously against the floor as a horde of students walked past her.

25 Days of Solangelo

Day 6: Old

Nico had no idea why he had let Will drag him out of their dorm at ten o'clock at night. Sure the two of them didn’t have any early classes the next morning but he didn’t know why or how he had Will coax him into going outside in the frosty December air, cold on the ground and everything. But he had because for some reason Nico was head over heels in like with his roommate and it was hard to refuse his face when he was being so genuine and innocent looking (even though Nico knew Will Solace was anything but innocent).

“Come on Nico you got to walk faster!” Will called from in front of him. Like hell Nico was walking faster. He was tired and cold and would much rather be in his dorm binge watching Netflix. 

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      “Yeah because nothing says ‘I love you’ like a new car.” Bryson mumbled in disdain as they looked over the ostentatious red convertible. Graduating early, thankfully avoiding the hell that was the Oak Pines senior class, had their dad ‘proud’ and the blond couldn’t have cared less. This just meant being out of the house faster. Pocketing the keys with a shake of their head, the blonde began to step away from the gift they didn’t want and didn’t really need when they miscaculated their steps and tripped. Watching all the contents of their bag spill, the blond let out a sarcastic, “Fuck great.”


Sarah and I switched roles this week because had she not been waiting for me at the gym I would not have gone! I was not feeling it tonight but knew once we worked out I would feel better…and I did!!

We did our arms and shoulders workout and since we got done early we had time to get in our squats!! Followed that up with Zumba class.

After Zumba some ladies invited me to say fro yo and I have been craving it for weeks so I could not say no. It was a lot of fun and I’m proud of myself for being social.

Successful NW Tuesday in the books. Let’s do it all again tomorrow!!