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im a hoe for both your smut and angst so can you please do the RFA + Saeran developing feelings for MC and confessing when they're only friends with benefits?

I’ve been wanting to write out such an au fic with one of these characters! One day…orz. I hope you don’t mind me writing about this happening outside of mc stumbling along the messenger!
(Scum’s life tip: Be very prepared if you ever get in a FWB relationship. Feelings get developed easy and it hurts when they’re not returned! Be careful!!)


- Zen, typically, didn’t persue one night stands. There were chances of it damaging his career, and honestly, some women got a little too obsessed with him at times.

- However, one night out drinking with cast after the final show, and he landed back at his place with you in tow

- Normally, he wouldn’t do this. He wouldn’t be squeezing your ass, grinding against you with a teasing smirk. He wouldn’t be panting your name as your teeth left indents on his neck, shoulder, and grazing lower.

- But he was. And if the two of you enjoyed this one night together, both desperately needing release, why not keep it up?

- And that was when he fucked up.

- At first, it was fun. He got to build up his sexual stamina again, was able to send more risque pictures for once, and listening to your moans and gasps of praise was doing wonders for his self esteem

- But you would leave soon after, refusing all of his offers to let you stay the night. Sometimes he even got a glimpse of you texting other guys, and it was hard swallowing his jealously and pretending nothing happened.

- At first, he tries to ignore it, but since he has to see you nearly every day during rehearsals, its rough. Especially when the other guys are trying their best to flirt with you. There was more than one time he had to take a decent break to cool down from that.

- But then, of course, the two of you have to do some romantic scene together. He nearly pours his heart out through the lines, but of course you don’t assume he means the scripted words. He invites you over that night, and you decline saying you’re busy, and he’s left wondering if you’re being busy with someone else.

- He tries cutting communications off for a week, and fails miserably when you text two days later needing a pick-me-up.

- That night, with your permission, he’s rougher than usual. It’s not sweet and gentle like your sessions had started to become, but mainly reminiscent of your first night together.

- When you point that out, cooling down from another romp, he tries to ignore it, but you keep pressing the topic futher and futher, and he finally admits his jealously.

- “Zen, you know we’re not dating, right?”

- He feels so fucking stupid. He gets up, getting dressed and preparing for you to leave again.

-“Zen…Are you wanting to date?”

- “It’s pretty clear you don’t want to.”

- “I never said that.”

- He drops the shirt he was holding, looking at you with an expression of surprise that makes you laugh.

- “If you wanted to, I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot, Zen.


- The two of you actually started out as friends for a while. Before she could understand that her feelings for you weren’t just platonic.

- Neither of you considered being more than friends until one night, the both if you stressed and tired, decided to watch a movie. Sitting next to each other turned to cuddling, cuddling turned to handholding and kissing, and next thing she knew she was naked in bed with you the morning after.

- She was too scared to lose the only friend she had, so she brought up possibly becoming friends with benefits, and swallowed down any confused feelings.

- I mean…If she enjoyed it, it was beneficial for her too, right?

- It wasn’t long until that was proven otherwise. Sure, each time that they two of you met up, it felt amazing. All her stress from work vanished, and she enjoyed every minute with you.

- But when you weren’t around? She never know she could become more stressed out than the last time Jumin set up a cat project right during the quarterly reports. Her emotions were all over the place, and she nearly even snapped at Zen once in the chatroom before she realized who she was talking to.

- So, she tried to be the bigger person and cut it off. She invited you over, made some decaf coffee to help her nerves, and spilled everything out. How much she ached afterwards, and that the cons were starting to outweigh the benefits.

- Somewhere along her explaination, you had started crying, and she…honestly didn’t know how to deal with that. She tried comforting you the best she could, but before she could offer any kind words, you were stuttering out on how you were wanting to see if the two of you could be something more.

- And that’s when she admitted that the reason everything hurt so much was due to her feelings for you extending past just ‘friendship’.

- The talk grew a bit awkward there. You crying, her quietly rubbing your back, until she finally mentioned possibly just trying a relationship

- She was not expecting the tight hug you gave her, but she smiled and hugged you back, thankful to have found someone as sweet as you.


- Meeting business women was nothing out if the ordinary. Nor was them requesting a date with him before signing a contract, either. What was unusual, was him not being able to ignore advances from you.

- He had never gone this far with a person before. The dates stopped was the meal was over, contract signed, and then he’d be already contemplating the project and ignoring everything else.

- When he couldn’t do that with you, he thought he might have been having attention problems that day from a lack of sleep. Or maybe too much wine? But none of the excuses worked when days later he still couldn’t get you out if his head.

- So, he contacted you for another date. Tried to explain he needed to discuss a few more details of the contract, but you called him out pretty quickly, and later that night he found himself naked, exhausted with you peppering a few kisses on his face.

- He thought that would be the end of it. That he was just having a rush of hormones, or something out of the norm like that. Instead, he found himself requesting your attention more and more, and when you suggested such a relationship to him, he accepted it since it promised he would see you more.

- At first, his thoughts towards you were mainly sexual. He couldn’t stop imagining his name leaving your lips, your nails scratching down his back, how amazingly wonderful you felt.

- But then his thoughts shifted to thinking about the sweet goodbye kisses you gave him. How Elizabeth 3rd meowed for you after you had gone. How you had teased him with the batter for the strawberry pancakes he was trying to make for you that morning

- Of course, someone else had to point out that he probably had a crush on you, and then he had no idea what to do. One of the firm rules you had promised for your beneficial relationship was that no feelings would be involved. But here he was, yearning for you in ways you two had sworn from.

- Regretfully, he set up another dinner with you, planning to end the ‘friendship’ the two of you had, since he couldn’t refrain from those emotions.

- But you just blushed and laughed, even going as far to tease him a bit.

- “I fail to see how this is so funny.”

- “Jumin, I don’t mind you having feelings for me. In fact, if you want to…I don’t mind trying to go for a relationship with you.”

- His shocked look was laughable, but he cleared his throat, offering a small smile.

- “I would like that.”


- You guys stumbled your way into becoming friends with benefits. He didn’t want it to go that way at first, not at all, but you both agreed to only let your friendship extend that far.

- You two met at his college, noting both of you had LOLOL pins and became quick friends through that alone. Soon you guys were hanging out, then hanging out at his place, then one thing let to another and the two of you were basically dry humping one another during a heated movie scene

- Shortly after, the two of you had a brief talk explaining to each other how you both weren’t ready for any relationships…But definitely wanted to do that again. And that’s how it started out.

- The two of you eased each other through awkward first time sex, first time foreplay and oral- Everything. And it broke his heart when you talked about how much he would be able to make his future girlfriend happy

- Because he knew that meant you weren’t willing to be his girlfriend.

- Admittedly, he had feelings for you since the beginning, but he couldn’t get the courage to admit them now, especially when the two of you were having so much fun together. Even just outside of sex!

- Zen really had to help him even consider admitting his feelings.

- It wasn’t until the morning after one exhausting romp that he finally told you. He woke up alone in his bed, with the smell of breakfast cooking and you humming along.

- He ended up groaning a bit and trying to turn over to sleep, even though the temptation of breakfast was amazingly strong, but you fussed at him from across the small room.

- “Yoosung, it’s already noon!”

- “I don’t have to go anywhere todaaay.”

- His whine stopped pretty quickly as you walked over with a teasing finger poking at his forehead. “You can’t sleep in all day, though. That’s bad for you, you’re gonna end up messing up your sleep schedule.”

- He pouted, pulling your hand down to tangle with his as he looked up at you. With your messy hair and various lovemarks decorating your neck. He didn’t know what came over him, but he just let it slip out right there.

- And he instantly let go of your hand, covering his mouth and waking up quickly. Before he could apologize, you bent over and pulled his hand away, pressing your lips against his, smiling aftwards

- “I love you too…But you still can’t sleep in, you dork.”


- Surprisingly, he was the one to initiate it. Met you at a one-time place, and when the sex was better than he was expecting, he toyed with the idea of finding your number later.

- And thats exactly what he ended up doing. Lied and said you gave it to him that night, you must have forgot, but hey he really needed to relieve some stress so were you free?

- For a while, a long while, he managed to hold off his emotions. Acting cold and distant over text was easy, and he never answered your calls

- But slowly he started opening up. He started joking, teasing, even invited you to meet at his place

- And everything started falling apart then. You would leave in the morning, sometimes offering to help him make breakfast, and whenever you left, he was trying to fight the urge to follow you through cctvs

- To make sure you were safe. To make sure you didn’t run into any trouble

- That’s when he cut off communications for a good three weeks. Granted your meet-ups were once a week or​ two, but he stopped responding to any texts, no matter how kind or sexual

- But when you showed up at his door, his alarm going off because of course you didn’t know Arabic, he finally gave into his frustrations and snapped. Yelled at you for coming by, yelled at you for being so ‘easy’ and ‘stupid’.

- When you left, he thought that would solve it. But he couldn’t stop checking up on you through cameras, your social media- Anything he could access

- And after a week, he finally called you.

- You didn’t answer the first call. Or the second. Or third. He kept calling until finally, the ninth call, you answered and blew up at him

- He managed to convince you to meet him up in public, lying and saying you forgot something, some jacket of yours, and you angrly hung up after confirming the when and where.

- When the two of you meet up, he’s holding a few roses for you, looking ashamed and hurriedly explaining himself. Explaining he’s stupid, how he was trying to shield himself from getting hurt if you rejected him, how this whole time he had been helplessly enamored with you.

- Granted, you didn’t let him off easy. You gave him a few choice words for how he treated you, but…

- You agreed to try dating him, and he was going to make sure you never regretted that.

- When the two of you started off, he picked you because you seemed like you knew what you were doing. You were supposed to be a casual hook-up, but one thing led to another and here you were

- Curled up with him on your bed, lazily cuddling and watching the night through the window

- And everything was so peaceful. The fan was on, the room was perfect temperature, how you felt resting against his chest

- He almost hated it. He had casual sex before with others, always leaving right afterwards. But then you came along. Suggested talking again, at least for sex, suggested him staying over one night, suggested to spend breakfast with you because, according to you, he couldn’t just not eat breakfast.

- And soon, it was a normal habit. Sex, cuddling, staying over… Somewhere along the way, every time he had to leave his chest ached for you. He craved your touch, your kisses, your happy sighs when his embrace was so soft.

- When did he become soft?

- He had known for a while what to call his feelings. Even brought it up to Saeyoung once, Zen twice, and a million times to himself.

- His hand languidly rubbed against your back, your little hum filling his heart with more courage he could muster

- “Hey.”

- You looked up, your beautiful eyes meeting his and god you smiled

- “What if…” he trailed, suddenly feeling intimidated by your gaze

- “What if?”

- “What if I loved you?”

- The words hurled out, and before he could retract, you grinned. A huge, joyful grin, and planted your lips against his cheek

- “Then I would love you back.”
When We Were Young - raendown - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

@mouseymightymarvellous I hear your cries for more same age au and I deliver, with pleasure my dear. 

Pairing: KakashiSakura
Word count: 2744
Summary: Growing up together means changing together and Kakashi has always seen her from afar.

Follow the link or read it under the cut!

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Reading about Viktor's programs and themes like "damn I wonder how much bullshitting he had to do when the press/his fans asked him the meaning behind this"

“So Viktor, your theme this year is about ‘love and joy/tragic love’ and you’re skating a song from a musical where two people who have just slept together are singing about how much they love each other and how their lives have changed now that the other is in it but it’s a musical that ultimately ends tragically with one lover being abandoned for someone else and left behind, does this routine have any inspiration taken from the events of your own life at all?” 

“Nope, totally and completely unrelated. Why would anyone ever think differently” *sweats* 

  • Him: Do you know what else is terrifying other than being left behind? It's leaving.
  • Her: But why?
  • Him: Because you do not know what would happen next. You know why people hesitate to get into long-distance relationships? Because distance and timezones make everything shitty and uncomfortable. You plan to communicate every day but in the long run, daily video calls become a once-in-a-month thing. You plan to survive it but your partner is slowly letting go. You plan to make it work, but somehow, things change and then you wake up one day and question yourself if the relationship is still worth it. Leaving is terrifying. You could lose the person you have cherished so much. You could find someone else and break another's heart. You can walk away feeling confident that it wouldn't hurt only to realize days later that it's unbearable. Walking away for any reason isn't always pain-free and guilt-free. It comes with a price -- which most of the time is too high to pay. I understand that being left behind is painful but so is leaving someone else. Being left behind is tragic, but walking away feels heavy on the heart too. Being left behind is terrying, but leaving is very scary too. So the next time someone leaves you, do not hold grudges. Remember that it might have been so difficult for them to take a step away from you. You might not notice it as you are blinded by your tears but they are probably breaking inside too.

I love this little exchange so much. It’s such an important moment for Natsume, and such a big shift in his relationship with Tanuma and what he can expect from his friends from now on. 

They’re watching the fireworks, and when Tanuma comments on them, Natsume’s first instinct is still to lie and be like “Oh yeah, I can totally see them too”. He’s got it so ingrained in him not to make waves or bother people with his problems it’s just completely automatic for him to do that. It’s like a reflex. 

But Tanuma NOTICES. He can tell Natsume can’t really see him, that he’s lying, and asks what’s wrong. And Natsume is surprised and realizes what he did and remembers that Tanuma wants to know the truth and cares about what’s really happening with him. So he’s like “yeah sorry actually I can’t see them but it’s okay because blablabla”. And Tanuma’s like, “okay, well then let’s go find a place where you CAN see them”.

And that didn’t even occur to Natsume, it’s like he didn’t know that was a thing he could do, or that Tanuma would be WILLING to do with him. He’s actually shocked for a second, but then he smiles and says “yeah, you’re right.” He realizes his friends are willing to accommodate him, and that he can ask to move if he can’t see, that he can tell Tanuma when something he sees that no one else can is he something is distracting him or worrying him or stopping him from doing a thing. He can share and he can ask for help.

And this fits very well into the mental illness metaphor. You get so used to hiding that you can’t do something other people can or that you need extra help, that it doesn’t even occur to you that someone could help you, accommodate your needs so you can do things with them. But a real friend will make and effort to accommodate you and make sure you’re not being left behind. And it’s so great when someone else cares enough to both notice you’re struggling and help you. it’s so great when you feel you can share with them why your needs are and even lean on them a little.

You deserve to be able to experience everything. You deserve to not have to hide.

I love this show for saying that and showing what a good friend does. It’s such a touching, important moment.

Red vs Blue Fic: Dibs

Summary: Wash has always wanted someone to choose him.

Parings: Wash/Carolina, mentions of past Yorkalina and Wash/CT

Warnings: Canon-typical language

Notes: also available on AO3!

Thanks to @tuckerfuckingdidit for Wash’s line about calling dibs. <3

“C'mon,” says York, heedlessly confident, “it’s not the same.”

Wash stares at him. He’s lost track of what York was talking about—but York always creates his own context, and Wash finds himself nodding along regardless.

They’re in a dirtside bar on a backwater colony. Wash is on his second Cosmo, Maine and Connie are both on their fourth vodkas, York has had only one one beer, and Carolina—

Carolina has her hand pressed between York’s shoulder blades, her mouth kissing his temple.

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Peter Parker One Shot: Best Friends

You’re sitting in class, doodling on your paper, unable to focus on the content being taught.

Peter just left to go help someone else, and all you can think about is the possibility of him getting hurt.

There’s only thirty minutes left of class, but that seems like forever when your best friend’s life is on the line.

When the bell rings, you bolt out of class, running to your car. Hopefully when you get home, Peter will be there waiting for you.

You walk through the door, finding a note from your mom; she’s gone to the store, and will be back for dinner.

Thankful to have the house to yourself, you walk upstairs to your room. When you get there, Peter is lying asleep on the bed in normal clothes again, completely safe.

Smiling big, you drop your stuff and climb in bed with him.

Peter smiles in his sleep and pulls you into his chest, holding you tight.

Sighing to yourself, you close your eyes and fall asleep, feeling like the safest person in the world.

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The Denied Truth | Jasper Jordan X Reader X Monty Green

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Characters: Jasper/fem!reader, Monty/fem!reader, Jasper/Maya.

Word Count: 1481 words.

Parts of the series: (1) (2) (3) (4)

(Y/N) stared at the chocolate cake on her plate, but this time there was no smile on her face, instead she had a grimace, as if just looking at the cake made her feel pain. And that was almost what was happening. The reason could be seen when (Y/N) looked up, her eyes looking at the table in the front where she sat, where Jasper was sitting, stealing, this time, bites of Maya’s cake.

(Y/N) felt a pain in her heart and looked back at her own cake, totally untouched. It was driving her crazy. Not Jasper and Maya, but the reason why the (Y/L/N) girl was feeling so upset to see them both like that.

It had all started days ago when Jasper had started to be late to meet (Y/N) and Monty, saying that he was with this new friend of his. At first (Y/N) thought it was normal to feel jealous of her friend. She was used to being one of Jasper’s best friends, meaning they spent a lot of time together, so seeing him spend more time with someone else made her kind of angry. That made her an angry friend.

That was what she wanted to believe, but she soon realized that it wasn’t the truth. (Y/N) didn’t feel angry because Jasper had made a new friend, but because he seemed to be getting too interested in her, romantically interested. But the (H/C) girl didn’t want to believe it, she couldn’t have a crush on one of her best friends.

“What the hell did this cake do to you?” a voice took (Y/N) out of her thoughts. Monty.

“What?” she asked confused, looking at the boy sitting next to her.

“You’re looking at it as if it’d killed your family.”

(Y/N) let out a chuckle before she remembered why she was looking at the cake like that, a grimace appearing on her face as she glared at Jasper and Maya, who were laughing at something.

"He’s ditching us, Monty.” the boy didn’t even need to look in the direction she was looking to know who she was talking about, but he did it anyway, feeling himself a little hurt by his best friend not being there with them. "I was here waiting for you guys and he came with her, looked at me and you know what he did?” she asked, turning to Monty, her voice sounding outraged. the Green boy shook his head, denying it. “He smiled and went to sit at the other table. He didn’t even come to say hi!”

“I know how it is.” Monty murmured, disapproving of his friend’s actions.

(Y/N) took one last look at the smiling couple at the front table and sighed, closing her eyes, her head falling on Monty’s shoulder. “Doesn’t matter.” she took his hands in hers. “I have you.”

The boy squeezed her hand, a smile appearing on his lips as his head fell on hers. “Always.” he muttered back.

Monty, who was still glaring at Jasper and Maya, saw as the Jordan boy looked at them, the smile that was on Jasper’s face fading when he saw the position in which his two friends were. He looked back at Maya, but his smile now seemed fake as he tried to ignore what was happening at the other table. But he couldn’t, Jasper felt a sudden need to be with (Y/N) and Monty.

The (Y/L/N) girl sighed again, opening her eyes and raising her head, looking at the cake in front of her. She couldn’t be in love with one of her best friends. That sentence started to repeat itself even more in her mind as she noticed Jasper and Maya walking toward their table, then sitting in front of Monty and (Y/N).

"Hey guys, I didn’t see you here.” Jasper said looking between his two friends, before turning his gaze to (Y/N) and pointing to Maya. "You two already know each other, right?”

“Yep.” (Y/N) said as the other girl nodded to the boy. They knew each other, but they had never talked to each other.

“Nice.” he muttered, a strange silence filling the place for the next few seconds, until Jasper noticed the plate in front of (Y/N), an excited smile appearing on his lips. “Do you mind if I take a bite?”

“Weren’t the bites you gave Maya’s enough?” she answered bitterly, before she could think what she was saying.

Jasper looked surprised and confused by the girl’s response, feeling a little bad to hear (Y/N) talk in that tone to him, she had never done that. Obviously noticing the tension that was taking place there, Monty squeezed (Y/N)’s hand lightly before letting go of it and standing up. “She’s not feeling so well. Headache and stuff.” the Green boy said as (Y/N) stood up from her seat, clearly irritated. "I’m going to take her to the dorm for her to rest. See you later.”

And with that, Monty pulled (Y/N) down the halls until they reached the empty dorm where the 48 slept. The girl sat on her bed as soon as she got there, the Green boy sitting next to her. "I’m an asshole, aren’t I?” she whispered, letting her head rest on his shoulder again.

“Don’t let Jasper upset you.” he murmured against her hair.

"I’d be upset too if it were you the one ditching me.”

Monty wrapped one of his arms around her, caressing her shoulder. “I’m not going anywhere.”

(Y/N) knew that. Monty would never do anything that could hurt her. And for a moment she’d managed to stop thinking about how much it hurt to see Jasper with someone else, but only to think of the sentence she’d just said.

In her mind, she had put Monty in Jasper’s shoes, and she saw that she felt the same thing she was feeling at that moment. The same pain in her heart, the same anger. The same thing she felt for Jasper, she felt for Monty. And that could only mean that either she was confused about her feelings and actually just liked both of them as friends and didn’t want to feel that she was being left for someone else, or that she somehow liked both of them. Oh boy.

(Y/N) tried to imagine herself raising her head, looking straight into Monty’s eyes and then kissing him. That thought made her heart beat faster. Could she really like Monty Green?

Monty. The boy who had always been so sweet to her. Her own physics teacher during the time in the Ark. The boy who has always been by her side, always working out how to make her feel special. The thought of being with him seemed so right when it popped in her mind.

But there was Jasper too. Her dork. Her own chemistry teacher when she needed it, always passing the answers to her during the tests. The boy who had also always been with her, making sure that she always had a smile on her face. The thought of being with him also seemed very right to her. But he didn’t like her. For all she knew, none of them liked her.

“Can anyone tell me what’s going on?” this time it was Jasper’s voice that pulled her from her thoughts. He had just entered the dormitory, his expression still confused as he walked toward them.

“I’m sorry.” she said, raising her head, which made Monty take his arm off her. "It’s just that… It was always the three of us.” she began, Jasper sitting on the front bed. "And seeing you spend more time with someone else than with us made me a little angry.” a small smile of understanding appeared on the boy’s face. “But I was thinking and I just want-” she took a deep breath. “You and Maya have my blessing.”

Jasper seemed surprised by the girl’s words, not the I-didn’t-expect-it-but-I’m-glad-to-hear-that kind of surprise, but the I-didn’t-expect-it-and-it-wasn’t-exactly-what-I-wanted-to-hear kind of surprise. Anyway, he stood up, a weak smile on his face as he sat down beside her, taking her hand in his for a brief moment.

"No matter what, you’re always going to be my favorite girl.” (Y/N) couldn’t help smiling at his words.

The girl looked from one boy to the other, wrapping her arms around them and making them lie their heads on her shoulders, which made them both chuckle.

“My boys.” she murmured.

“Our girl.” Jasper muttered back, closing his eyes, enjoying the moment.

“Our girl.” Monty agreed, doing the same as his friend, snuggling closer to (Y/N), who couldn’t get the smile off her face.

At that moment, feeling the two boys quietly enjoying being with her, she settled for the truth that until then she had been too blind not to see. She was in love, not with one, but with her two best friends.



When I’m having an adventure to explore new places and make friends. 

I’m Frisk.

When I’m nurturing friendships and grow in learning to teach.

I’m Toriel. 

When I what to laugh and not acknowledge my own feelings but someone else to inspire for. 

I’m Sans.

When I feel superior and try my very best for appreciation and approval but get annoyed of teasing. 

I’m Papyrus. 

When I like to cook good food for everyone to smile and get payed in gratitude.

I’m Grillby. 

When I get picky and like to crawl into people’s skin. 

I’m Muffet.

When I gain success and protect those who are close to me.

I’m Undyne.

When I shy away but want to help as best I can and try to keep a conversation going.

I’m Alphys.

When I’m feeling excitement to strive on ratings and praised.   

I’m Mettaton.

When I experience a great loss of something or someone but still appreciate the good times around me.

I’m Asgore.

When I feel clever to kill or be killed and break through everything.

I’m Flowey.

When I let myself suffer in solitude and don’t try to ask for anyone’s help but trying to win someone’s heart.

I’m Asriel.     


When I try to push everyone away and hunt things down because I’m bored of life.. or scared of myself and everyone.

I’m Frisk.

When I try to not see their own darkness and shield to not let them leave.. but fail.

I’m Toriel.

When I won’t give up on someone and believe in them.. but fail.

I’m Papyrus. 

When I protect and put my life on the line on duty for everyone’s safety.. but fail.

I’m Undyne.

When I’m afraid and heartbroken but try to stay strong.. but fail.

I’m Alphys. 

When I try to change their mind, to lay the guilt on everything on someone and stopping them from getting too far.. but fail.

I’m Sans.

When I’m too scared to feel left out but also being afraid to be with someone else.. but fail.

I’m Flowey.

When I hate everything to destroy and obliterate anything and everything- ..Darkness is all that is there..

I’m Chara. 

- Quotes by @metalphoenixxwolf

This is my version of interpreting undertale’s characters with emotions.  

A Summary of Conquest

.everyone calls jungle
.at least two instalocks
.spams “we need wards” but never places a ward themselves
.people blaming jungler if they them self do bad
.someone will always spam “you rock, cancel that”, most of the time its the person doing the worst in the match
.the good ol’ reasoning of “if im not doing good then everyone else isnt doing good” or “its not my fault im doing bad, its the teams fault”
.jungler and mid laner ganking and roaming jungle around together, never leaving each others side, in death do they part
.honestly if you’re jungler you have to marry the mid laner and never leave their lane
.“hey, this lane is doing too good, lets all go to their lane and ruin their asshole”
.“callouts? whats that? never heard of him”
.“if im doing bad, its the junglers fault”
.“whats a gold fury? oracles who? are they thicc?”
.“im gonna go off meta and do something other than warrior in solo lane :)” *does worst in the match*
.the only junglers are awilix, arachne, and susano, all other assassins dont exist
.“whats a team fight? we have to work together???”
.“nah, you can handle that 1v3 gank fam, i believe in you”
.support tries to jungle if the jungler messes up the tiniest bit and then dies 7 times in 5 minutes
.you like posiedon? well prepare to see him in mid lane every match
.the classic “its late game so lets all roam in a pack and attack a single lane”
.my team never does the last one
.teammate chasing enemy all the way to their phoenix, its only 6 mins in, they get ganked and blame team
.if you dont call your role before someone else does, you’re being left with support
.“ill fill” “did you mean support?” “sigh… yeah”
.if you’re doing good prepare to be seeked out and quadra ulted by the enemy team
.“potions? starter items??? fuck that, rod of tahuti or bancrofts talon first item”
.enemy never leaving tower without ult
.enemy never leaving tower period
.support or warrior never wants to tank a tower or phoenix
.“help, im being chased and im about to die!” teammate: 👀☕
.someone feeds
.someone makes the same mistake again and again and never learns from it
.jungler: “lol, fuck these camps, i just want kills”

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Just curious but what do you think are the likeliest reasons for Nino to get akumatized again? (If it could happen again, that is)

On behalf of someone else, feeling overlooked and expendable, being left behind. Its not like him to get spiteful or hold anyone else accountable, but he could get very down on himself which could give HM and opening.
He doesnt blame his friends exacty, but he doesnt really blame himself either
He just doesnt understand why he keeps getting left behind

If you want a not heavy one maybe he gets a really unfair slanted critique and gets angry for having a passion of his slighted regardless of how hard he worked. He doesnt get a chance to improve or learn hes just told that its bad and to give up all together

“We will survive this”

Is not some naive platitude
To comfort the frightened and grieving
That forgets bloody and neglectful
History where we failed terribly
To protect the most vulnerable

“We will survive this”

Is a snarled battlecry
Spoken by those who know
They will stand over graves
Of friends and family who cannot
Survive the coming lean years

“We will survive this”

Is a mantra in the night
When there is no other hope
To stay the blade or the bottle
That promise a final safety from all pain
And silence that is no victory

“We will survive this”

Is an outstretched hand
Offering to share what little there is
With those who have less
Even if all I have to give is words
Because I have nothing else

“We will survive this”

May be the slimmest of hopes
To cling to when everything else is despair
But it is a thread of hope
And I will not cut it and take away
What may be someone’s only lifeline

And when this is over
When the bodies are numbered
Bitter tears shed for those
We could not save for trying
When there is more than thin hope

Then it will be time for new words
For rest and renewal and remembrance
Until that day comes
I will keep hoping that this is true

We will survive this

explore yourself. you are unique and there so many parts of you left undiscovered. forget being someone else, try venturing in the endless jungle you are, who knows what magnificent beasts are hiding

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Can you write for Tyler Lockwood based on the song 'Never be like you' from Flume? :-)

Request - Tyler Lockwood “Never be like you”

You saw Tyler walking in before he could see you. You watched how he walked towards Matt, wrapping his arms around his best friend and smiling that bright smile you had falling in love with, months ago. 

He wasn’t your boyfriend anymore. 

Your boyfriend was sitting across the table and was talking about something you didn’t want to understand. You didn’t even want to hear it.

No matter how hard the boy across the table would try, he would never be Tyler. He would never smile that same bright smile. He would never look at you with love and warmth at the same time. He wouldn’t win fights for you. He wouldn’t taste like Tyler, he wouldn’t feel like Tyler. 

“I need to go to the toilet…” You excused yourself and stood up. You knew that your boyfriend was staring at you and with your eyes staring at your feet you walked passed the boy that was still living in the centre of your heart. You wanted him back. You wanted Tyler back. You want to beg him and tell him that you had made a stupid mistake, that you shouldn’t have let him go. You just had no idea how. 

Tyler probably didn’t want you back. And he had every right not to want you back. After all, he had been the one being dumped, he had been the one being heart broken, he had been the one being left alone. He probably didn’t care that you were dating someone else. He probably would be happy to see you go.

On your way back to your seat, you stood still next to Tyler and you took a deep breath. “Hey…” Your voice was barely a whisper and it probably didn’t sound very convincing, but you didn’t mind. You just wanted to talk to him, had to talk to him.

“Hey.” Tyler’s voice sounded cold and a little bitter. “I didn’t know you were here too.” He probably meant that he wouldn’t have come here if he had known. 

“I saw you walking in…” You stuttered, almost trembling over your own words and you closed your eyes. Your boyfriend was staring at you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to stare back. “I wanted to say that I’m sorry. I…” You swallowed and your hands grabbed each other to stop them from shaking. “I shouldn’t have left you.“ 

"Are you serious right now?” Tyler raised his eyebrows and he crossed his arms over his chest. “Your boyfriend is up there. You realize that, do you?" 

You nodded. Of course you realized it. You had been the one bringing him here in the first place. "I know, but I can’t sit there with him while you’re standing over here.” You shook your head. “He’s not you. He has never been you and he will never be you.” You sighed and you looked up at the boy that had once been your lover. “If you tell me that I get another chance, I’ll dump him right here, right now. I’m probably a horrible person. I’m only human and sometimes humans do horrible things. But I want you and he can never be like you.”

“(Y/N)…” Tyler grabbed your hands and squeezed them. “Dump him gently, okay?”

Nothing left for you

I have no problem leaving anyone or anything. I’m so used to being left behind by others that the thought of leaving someone else doesn’t bother me in the slightest. People come and people go, I don’t believe that anyone ever truly stays. Sure they’ll try to defy the odds by staying in a situation or with a certain person they should have left long ago, but in the end, everything and everyone breaks. And the longer ones stays, the more painful it is. I only feel bad for those who are so young and naive to the reality of other humans… they aren’t worth the blow back you endure in the end because of their selfishness. At least not to me they aren’t. Other will go to the ends of the earth for those who won’t even walk a mile for them. I feel sorry for those fools.

“I gave my heart to a goddamn fool. I gave him everything, now there’s nothing left for you.” - Sam Smith

gender neutral hogwarts dormitories 

single rooms for kids who cannot/feel uncomfortable sharing for any reason

kids for whom remembering the passwords/solving riddles etc is a source of extreme stress or is not possible or anything being let in automatically rather than being left to sit outside until someone else comes along!!

hogwarts being more accommodating generally to lgbt+, disabled, and mentally ill kids!!!