being lazy tourists

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I like how she claims she "skimmed" the article. Like she didn't pore over the interview looking for things to criticize. Then again, she called him out for being a lazy cultural tourist. Seems to have missed the bits about how he lived among exiled Tibetan Buddhists and marveled at (was intimidated by) the regimented lifestyle. Found this touching: had a v similar exp living with Korean Buddhist nuns. I didn't/don't side-eye my white friend who is now vegan and speaks better Korean than I do.

The septics always over analyze everything Ben says or does. They will always criticize the things he says when they don’t fit their narrative. You are right, they don’t skim over articles, they read them over and over, twisting everything he says. Just look how they are interpreting the crying in the bathroom bit, or the run lines with someone.
What drove Aeltri over the edge, is that Ben spoke about his children. She’s been denying reality for the last 3 years now, and it’s taking its toll on her. Aeltri is a shitty human being, but I am really worried about her state of mind.