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Lauren welcome to your tape!

So lets get a little delusional?!?!

Camila gave an interview where she said that “i have questions” was written one year and a half ago, she said that at first it was gonna be just an interlude but decided later that she wanted the song to tell more or something along those lines. Then she went back to finish the song when she “coincidentally ran into the person that inspired the song”.

Now in a most recent interview camila stated that she finished the song in January/February.

So its clear that it was around that time when she ran into the inspiration for the song aka her muse aka you know who!
But it doesn’t end there. who else was at studios recording new music? around january/february? 

and who else was with steve in February? 

This is just one of many coincidences, lets also not forget that lauren was also recording with halsey who has “links” to camila as well. And 5h was also recording in the studio at around the same time and they are in the same label so?!?  

I truly believe this song in particular is about lauren, im sure there will be other songs in her album about 5h and her departure etc but i dont think its “i have questions”. i dont get friendship vibes from the song lol especially with the whispers at the end. Thats it! Bye!

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stop telling aroaces to accept the aro erasure shows are doing to canon aroace characters

stop telling aroaces that their asexuality is more important than their aromanticism

stop using “at least they’re ace” or “they can still be ace” to justify aroace/aro erasure

stop using “but aromantic people can still date” to justify your aro erasure and to justify your arophobic ship**

stop using “but aromantic people can still date” when the aro/aroace character is romance repulsed to justify aro erasure and to justify your arophobic ship

stop telling aroace/aro people who they should feel about the aro/aroace erasure when you aren’t aroace

stop aro erasure towards aroace characters
stop aroace erasure towards aroace characters

** = yes some aros and aroaces date but for some aros/aroaces this isn’t what they want so this is very dehumanising towards them (towards me) who don’t want to date, ever. 

jfc there’s billions of non aro characters out there you can ship do you really have to choose the very few aro/aroace characters we have. 

More Top Moments in Early American History

- James Madison “accidentally” buys prostitutes for foreign ambassadors

- Jefferson eating a tomato like an apple at a dinner and everyone rushing off to find a doctor because Americans thought tomatoes were poisonous

- Washington and Lafayette falling asleep under a tree after Monmouth

- Washington cursing out Charles Lee after his retreat

- James Armistead Lafayette, who was a badass spy during the revolution and gave Lafayette vital information which led to the victory at Yorktown. Lafayette freed him and James was so grateful he took Lafayette’s last name

- Lafayette being given an alligator as a gift and, not knowing what to do with it, regifting it to John Quincy Adams

- the Constitutional Convention going out and getting turnt two days before the signing of the Constitution, and some of the additional charges being a broken chair, cups, and chamber pots

- John Hancock being smol

- Alexander Hamilton’s argument against hanging John Andrè basically being “he’s too pretty”

- Aaron Burr sleeping through Valentine’s Day

- Lafayette naming his ONLY son after George Washington

- Ben Franklin and John Adams once having to share a room with one bed and falling asleep arguing whether or not they should sleep with the window open or closed

- Ben Franklin taking “air baths” which consisted of him sitting naked in a bathtub for hours a day

- Aaron Burr having a knife hidden in the handle of his umbrella, and then LOSING said umbrella

- John Adams’ kid Charles once ran naked across Harvard Yard

- Alexander Hamilton losing his check book and having to write the bank of New York for a new one, while also requesting his account balance which he didn’t know, which he wrote in the check book, which he lost

- Aaron Burr hitting his head on the same pipe twice jfc he’s such a mess

- Thomas Jefferson getting a terrible headache for two days after behaving awkwardly in front of a girl

- John Adams naming his dog Satan

- Alexander Hamilton’s letters to his totally hetero bro™ John Laurens being censored by his descendants

- George Washington running for the House of Burgesses and getting his constituents totally smashed so they would vote for him

Hamilton characters as things people have said in my home and careers class
  • Burr: i ́ll just sit and wait for help to come.
  • Hercules: i had a dream where someone gave new pants and they were the best damn pair of pants anyone ever gave me.
  • Hamilton: we aren't fighting we´re playing boys patty cake *punches someone*.
  • Lafayette: french toast was made by french guys being french guys.
  • Laurens: i was about to say that´s so gay then i remembered that i´m gay, and it´s wonderful.
  • Angelica: if you don´t help me i will shove this onion down your throat.
  • Eliza: i want to sew something amazing but i can´t because my fingers are currently bleeding.
  • Peggy: our biscuits look like deformed children.
  • Phillip: if you tell another yo mama joke i will shoot you.
  • Washington: you can insult me all you want but i will sick my dog on you.
  • Jefferson: i think the machine doesn't like me because it keeps breaking, its not even on and i somehow broke it.
  • Madison: i´m afraid i will sneeze in the food so i´m gonna wear a mask to school.

He’s a bit of a worried boyfriend, but they’ll be alright

Based on something I did earlier

  • Other people: Omg the new episode shows Todoroki's backstory and I want more of him animated!!
  • Me: *slams down fist* MORE K I R I

@jointhefight said: Have you ever heard of threadbanger because their channel would basically be peggy’ and john’s
I watched them for the first time the other day thanks to your comment. Oh my gosh, there were a LOT of very John/Peggy-esque moments that I wanted to draw but when I saw THIS gem of an opening...that was it, the deal was sealed.

I feel like they’d be a mix of Rob/Corinne and Rosanna Pansino/Kurt Schneider (take that how you will).