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It's kind of weird how....a man and woman can be told by someone that they likely have a crush on each other and without any context many people who saw this would believe it. Hardly anyone would think, "oh no, this man and woman are just friends." Replace this with two men and the knee jerk reaction is "They gotta be friends, it's no way they're deeply in love." even with a lot of prior evidence of the two men being very intimate and close. It's..a shame. It's why Destiel suffers.

It’s why we suffer because we just take it on the same face value instead of making ridiculous excuses for why it can’t be a thing just because it’s those two.

The “if Dean’s boobs were actually real” clause to interpreting Destiel :P Just.. frikkin make him Deanna from the get go and see what happens when Cas swoops in and saves her. 

It still took years for me to let go of learned pattern’s of behavior that negated my capacity to give and receive love. One pattern that made the practice of love especially difficult was my constantly choosing to be with men who were emotionally wounded, who were not that interested in loving, even though they desired to be loved. I wanted to know love but was afraid to be intimate. By choosing men who were not interested in being loving, I was able to practice giving love but always within an unfufilling context. Naturally, my need to receive love was not met. I got what I was accustomed to getting. Care and affection, usually mingled with a degree of unkindness, neglect, and on some occasions, out right cruelty.
—  bell hooks

i cannot believe shadowhunters actually had a scene where the start of the scene was literally just a queer couple making out. like. that’s where we started. the camera pans over them softly kissing each other. that’s the top of the scene. that’s the beginning. they were showing us two queer men being tender and intimate. casually. casually tender and intimate. because they’re in a relationship and that’s what you do. we’re meant to infer that they have regular makeout sessions. because they like kissing each other. just kissing. soft sweet gentle outdoor kissing. that was the opening of the scene. not the culmination the opening

The Talk

Kind of nsfw? But not really? idek.

I’m redeeming Esther. I feel sorry for being mean to her in titanic au. Also I killed her off in another fic so I need to atone for that…. :’)

Davey hadn’t realised what was about to happen when his mother knocked on his door after dinner and requested that he put down his homework for a couple of minutes so they could have a serious conversation. Had he known that the ‘serious conversation’ she had in mind was in fact the serious conversation, he would have bolted for the door. Instead he was stuck staring at his hands in his lap whilst Esther talked to him about hormones and contraceptives and respecting women and porn not being an adequate representation of sex. He tried not to flinch every time she mentioned girls and bit his tongue to stop himself explaining that he knew porn wasn’t accurate when it came to real life but it had helped him a lot with understanding what his feelings meant and who exactly he had those feelings for.

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Im going to eat a girl out for the first time, Do you have any advice?

As a matter of fact yes.

1) You are not on Man vs Food and you are not Adam Richman. The clock isn’t ticking, and you can either do it the quick way or you can do it the good way. Eating pussy isn’t a chore to tick off as quick as possible so you can get to the other stuff sooner, so you need to make peace with the fact you’re essentially down there for life. You’re a lifer in pussy prison son and you only get parole if you’re good.

2) The Path of a Thousand Smooches: This is a pilgrimage my friend, but before you reach the shrine of The Goddess you’ve got a whole load of grovelling to do on the way. Your only chance of avoiding eternal torment in the fuckboi underworld is to smooch it up from top to bottom and make your girl feel like she’s your last meal on death row. Start with the face and just work downwards, following the contours, listen to her voice, take detours. This is a sensory experience, you just gave her a day pass for Universal Studios and she wants to ride the 4D orgasm experience until the cleaners ask you to leave.

3) Several weeks later you should arrive at the pussy. The Pass at Thermopylae. The Hot Gates. You’ve been smooching far and wide, but much like brave Leonidas you are going nowhere anytime soon and probably fighting in the nude by most historical accounts. Your girl should basically be pushing herself onto your mouth with lust by this point, but instant gratification is for decadent Athenians. Instead, you wanna be kissing in slow circuits around the labia, inner thighs, perineum, never quite giving what she’s aching for. You’re aiming to wind her up as much as possible. Use your tongue. Be a tease. Don’t make me come over there.

4) Congrats, you’ve got your girl bright red and probably dripping without even touching her pussy. So now you’re gonna oblige her, but less is more and you’re starting with shrinking down those circles you were making in the previous step so that you’re running your tongue around her labia majora really lightly, throwing in a few soft kisses, and using your warm moist breath as a conduit for your sinful pussy magic.

5) You’ve done your prep, said your prayers, now you get to eat. Take those circles you’re drawing and start to apply more pressure until the lips spread and you’re exploring the full top to bottom length of her pussy. You’ll never make her cum like this, and that’s not the point. You’re relieving some of that craving she’s built up, and you wanna stimulate all around, even if it’s not the most sensitive parts.

6) MYSTIC PUSSY RITUAL ZONE. Listen well, traveller. You’ve shown tremendous spirit so far, and for your efforts I shall impart a nug of ancient wisdom. You set out on this journey to eat pussy, but to truly eat pussy, you must suck pussy. Contrary to what your bro friends ingrained in you, pussies are heaven. So plant your mouth at the top end of her pussy, with her clit somewhere in there, and form a seal. Now pretend you’re gradually sucking up a big bundle of spaghetti bit by bit, entirely disregarding my previous remark about this not being Man vs Food. This takes practice, but eventually you’ll work out a great technique which simultaneously gets blood rushing to her clit, stimulates the clit itself, stimulates the rest of her labia, and even allows for some insertion using your tongue in a satisfying rhythm.

7) By now, her clit should be primed and ready to finish the job. Some girls can orgasm purely from clit stimulation, others may also need you to reach on up and work the nipples, others may need insertion. For the latter, refer to the billion g-spot diagrams on the web, and remember you wanna create the illusion of volume in there, pressing on the top and bottom surfaces with whatever motion work for her. Plant your top lip above her pussy, and get ready to send your tongue on an endurance run. The most comfortable (and therefore longest-lasting) motion for you is a straight up and down flick with the tip of your tongue, but again, this depends on your partner’s preferences.

8) Doing all of this slowly and gradually wasn’t just for her benefit. By now you’ve had plenty of time to figure out what works for her, and you can now combine two or more of them to give her one of the best orgasms of her life, and a week’s worth of smug self-esteem a for you. As I said before, eating pussy isn’t a chore to get out the way, and you should at least hint that you’re happy to give her another spin. You’re not putting tokens in a machine, you’re having an intimate experience and being generous is win-win.

You’re welcome, men.

In Case You Missed It Pt 3--1x07

Gallavich moment 3

The first thing that occurs in 1x07 is Ian walks into the Kash And Grab to find Kash roughed up by Mickey.

 It also turns out that Mickey stole the gun. Now, before anyone complains about this let’s keep in mind–this kid has grown up with firearms and learning to defend himself against any adversary, armed or otherwise. Mickey was raised to not only survive Southside, but to run it as his father and his father’s friends seem to.

 Kash is a pansy who honestly has no business owning or using a gun (at least not until he gathers more courage and practices more to handle it well). Can we realistically expect Mickey to handle the situation differently? 

Imagine this, Mickey’s packing up his usual box of treats when Kash warns him to put it back. Mickey of course ignores him, maybe even laughs like the punk he is, and Kash pulls out his gun, releases the safety. Mickey sees this. What does he do? Act like the frightened little pussies Terry taught him he could take from, or take the gun and teach said pussy to never pull a firearm on him again? And if we’re being honest, we’re lucky(?) he didn’t full-out kill him. He just as easily could have shot Kash in the head. 

This development does a couple of things things: continues to establish Mickey’s reputation as a hardened thug, shows he knows his way around firearms and is not afraid of someone (who is inexperienced) with a gun, and that he does show some restraint. Let’s be honest, if someone pulls a gun on you, regardless of whether or not you’ve done something wrong, you’re probably going to fight for your life. Mickey, knowing that Kash isn’t actually going to do anything with his piece just gives him a black eye and takes the gun before he hurts himself.

Moving on, Ian promises to get the gun back and rushes over to the Milkovich place to do just that. He ransacks Mickey’s bedroom while Mickey is away picking up his father from prison, freaking out Mandy.

And tells her that Mickey needs to give the gun back so this feud can be over. Obviously, Mandy is not convinced that Ian can actually do anything to change her brother’s mind. These teeny details are important because it shows what kind of a man raised the Milkovich kids (a jailbird) and that Mandy feels she has true reason to be afraid for Ian’s safety should Mickey find out he was in his room.

Next time we see Ian and Mickey interact is their big fight/sex scene. I’ve heard a few things about this scene and people are just so bewildered by how they can go from trying to kill each other to fucking… And they aren’t wrong, this is definitely puzzling! But this is also Shameless so…. need I say more?

Now, I’ve heard that some people felt they should have stopped seeing each other after that first time because of the violent nature of their meeting, but let’s examine this a little closer, shall we?

So, some people, when blaming Mickey for all of the fucked-upness of the more unsavory parts of their relationship seem to forget that it was Ian who waltzed into the Milkovich house with a fucking tire iron ready to fuck someone up, walked up behind a sleeping Mickey and tapped him between the shoulder blades with said weapon. 

So for Mickey haters, that’s one strike on Ian that tends to be ignored. But let’s also look into why Ian may do something like this before Ian haters get too excited.

Mickey has just assaulted his boyfriend (ugh!) and stolen a gun, the only means of protection that Kash had against people like Mickey. Mickey’s thug status has been well established so with Ian doing what he is doing right now, we are also establishing that Ian is brave and willing to stand up for himself and others. This is clearly a trait Mickey can respect as he does end up giving the gun back…

This also starts to set up my counterargument for something else Mickey haters say a lot; that Mickey doesn’t actually care for Ian or that Ian cares for him more.

Let’s look at what just happened here, though. Mickey, a thug, not only just outed himself to someone (a risky move regardless of who you are if you aren’t ready to come out yet) but is trusting that he won’t say anything. He also gives Ian what he wants. Why? Because they had sex? That doesn’t seem like a strong enough reason to someone like Mickey to cave in. If the writers wanted to, they could have just as easily had Mickey keep the gun just to make a point, but they gave him an open moment to show a bitty smidge of his vulnerable, even tender side.

Then, I guess it may have rubbed some people the wrong way when he refused to allow Ian to kiss him?

Why? Why should that bother you? It didn’t seem to bother Ian…

Confused, maybe… but not particularly hung up on it. 

Well, I understand why Mickey refuses to kiss him. Because that would make him officially gay in his eyes. Of course, we all know that Mickey is gay, but remember that Mickey was raised by a homophobic father who taught him to beat up gays, and probably made it abundantly clear that if any of his children turned out gay they would be dead and buried before anyone knew. To Mickey, I argue, this is just a kink and hooking up with Ian is just for satisfying his kink but does not make him gay. As long as it’s just sex, then that’s all it is because afterall, being gay (Mickey believes) means holding hands with men, kissing men, being intimate with men, maybe immersing yourself in gay culture… So to Mickey as long as the intimacy and any “gay” behavior is absent, he’s not gay. Obviously, we know this is untrue, but can we all appreciate for just a second how fucking sad it is that there are people out there who honestly believe this? There are people out there who absolutely refuse to accept themselves for who they are even if they “indulge” in their sexual preference every once in a while. Can we also take a moment to keep in mind that on top of the angry, abusive, and backwards childhood he’s had and the backwards things he has learned from his father, he’s also had to keep this part of himself buried so deep that even he didn’t recognize it? Can you imagine how angry he would be? How confused and scared and resentful? Noel Fisher explained it best, I think…

              “I think everybody can relate to that experience of needing to feel hidden or [having] some part of them they have to hide, and I just really try to imagine myself in that situation-in those circumstances, and I’m thinking if I had to do that for like the duration of my life I would probably be really angry and would probably have a lot of rage and frustration. I mean just think about how much frustration happens when you’re just driving in a lot of traffic! So if that’s just the taste and then there’s a lifetime of something much more important and integral to who you are as a person that would build up a lot!…”

                              -Noel Fisher, AfterBuzz Interview 

For the Mickey haters this time, just think for a while about everything on Mickey’s shoulders and imagine yourself in that position. I am fairly certain I would grow up resentful and angry and be very cautious, even defensive, about who I bring into my life. So this is where Mickey is at this point: allowing him to indulge in his “kink” for the time being while keeping Ian at arm’s length so no one gets confused that Mickey is not gay. This way his father won’t kill him and everything continues on generally unaffected. And on top of that, he gets to have satisfying sex!

That’s it for 1x07! Feel free to submit to my Request or my Ask if I missed anything or even if you want to counter argue. Next week I’ll move on to 1x08!

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Oops~ (RM x Reader)

So an anon sent me this the other day

And I lowkey loved the idea so I had a burst of motivation today and wrote a little something (although I did change the idea just a tiny bit) ^^ it’s not my best work bc I wrote it in like an hour, but I tried haha

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Rating: T (there’s no smut sorry–just implied smut)

Words: 1,536

There’s a week before the first concert of their newest tour, and today is their first run through. The arena is bigger than ever, and despite all the preparation taking place everyone is relaxed. The venue crew, the bighit staff—even the boys. This isn’t their first time at the rodeo, so they take it in stride and do what they have to while also not stressing out too much. They’ll be fine—they always have each other’s back and they know how to do concerts well by now, so they all are feeling more confident than ever.

After practicing the first half of the program, everyone stops for an hour lunch break, and the boys shuffle off stage while pulling out their in-ears and mumbling about how they hope there’s chicken and pizza waiting for them. However, to everyone’s surprise (though Namjoon’s especially) when they step into their large waiting room backstage you’re there too—already nibbling on a piece of the chicken the managers had picked up the boys for lunch (but they have a soft spot for you, so of course they let you eat too).

“Y/N?” Namjoon says in surprise, a smile immediately lighting up his face as he walks over to you, opening his arms instinctively. You smile back and hop up to meet him, embracing him tightly as the rest of the boys crowd into the room, their minds and stomachs more focused on the food instead of you—though Jin, Hoseok and Jimin all wave to you in greeting when you catch their eyes.

“You actually made it, I didn’t think you would–,” Namjoon starts, releasing you and placing his hands on your shoulders, looking you over with longing and affection. You smile at him.

“I didn’t think I would either, but—here I am, so I can have my own little private concert since I won’t be able to make it next week.”

“Well I’m glad you’re here,” he says, and after turning his body slightly so the other boys won’t be able to see, he leans down and hooks his pointer finger under your chin, guiding your lips to his in a gentle kiss.

“Noona—come eat!” Jungkook calls, waving you over. He motions to the chicken, a drumstick already in his hand and a bit of sauce on his cheek (oh the coordi and make-up noona’s will scold him later, surely). “Taehyungie hyung and Jin hyung are gonna eat it all!”

“Hey—save some for us,” Namjoon immediately interjects, quickly moving over to where the food is spread out. He grabs a few pieces of chicken, a water to share, and a couple of napkins and then returns to your side. Looking down at you, he winks charmingly and then motions his head towards the doorway.

“We’re gonna go eat together, ‘kay?” he says to the boys, and they all grumble in response, not caring all too much. You two are in a relationship and you can do what you want—what do they care if you want to eat alone? It’s not like they can stop you anyway (though at the beginning of your relationship Jin and Yoongi had been a little…ya know. But things had changed since then).

Grabbing the water from Namjoon, you follow him out the door, leaving the rest of the boys behind. Once you’re gone, Jungkook looks over at Yoongi.

“Where do you think they’re going?”

“Probably some empty room,” he responds without glancing up from his phone. “It’s been a while since Y/N and Namjoon have seen each other, so I don’t blame them for wanting to be alone.”

“True,” Jin pipes up in agreement, his mouth full of chicken, but he quickly swallows it. “I just hope Namjoon doesn’t lose track of time. We have to be back on stage in 55 minutes.”

“It’ll b fime~,” Taehyung slurs while gulping water, and subsequently chokes, causing Jungkook to reach over and smack his back to help him out. The others laugh at Tae’s mistake as he finally gets the water out of his lung, and for the time being you and Namjoon are forgotten about.

Exactly 55 minutes later, 6 members of Bangtan are on stage, ear pieces in, mics cupping their cheeks. But Namjoon—

“Goddammit,” Yoongi sighs, looking back towards the hall they’d exited out of. Still no Namjoon in sight.

“Where is he?” a sound director calls from off stage, and immediately Namjoon’s manager jogs backstage to go and try to find him. Jimin is the one who yells back.

“He and Y/N went off to eat lunch together! We don’t know where they went!”

There’s the sound of a heavy sigh and then the wave of an uncaring hand. “Let’s just do another mic check real quick and we’ll get started! We have more practice days after this anyway!”

The present six boys all nod in agreement, but can’t help looking worried—hoping that their leader will run on stage, but he’s still nowhere in sight. Either way, the sound check continues, and they start with the oldest—Jin—and begin working their way down. Everything goes smoothly—the settings not needing to be changed much considering that earlier that day they’d already corrected their in-ear and mic settings. However, when it comes time to do Namjoon’s—

“Number 4,” the sound operator calls out, and Yoongi waves his hand.

“That’s Namj—”

But before he can finish the operator has already hit the button to turn on Namjoon’s mic, and as soon as he does the entire stadium stands still, sounds of moans and grunts ringing out from the speakers placed all over the venue.

Fuck,” Namjoon growls followed by a lewd gasp and moan from you, and that’s all it takes to snap everyone out of their initial shock. Jimin falls onto his knees and hangs his head towards the ground, arms moving to cover his ears as they quickly flush red. Taehyung, with his mouth hanging agape, steps closer to Jungkook and smacks his head against the maknae’s shoulder to hide his blushing face, Jungkook simply standing there with the widest eyes possible, not sure what to say or do after hearing something so dirty.

But…the worst part is, is that the sound operators still haven’t turned it off. Apparently too caught up in the porn-track that’s now playing loud and clear for everyone, they still haven’t cut the supply to Namjoon’s mic.

“Turn it off!!” Yoongi nearly barks, cheeks pink and heart pounding against his chest. Not only is he embarrassed to hear you and Namjoon being…intimate, but he’s also angry that the men in charge are just sitting there being perverts and listening to you moan Namjoon’s name over and over again.

Fuck, Yoongi NEVER needed to know that Namjoon is this much of a dom. Holy shit the things he’s whispering to you that are getting picked up on his mic right now.

Stunned beyond belief, Hoseok hurries over to slap his hands over Jungkook’s ears, the lead dancer’s entire face flushed the same color as a tomato—and Jin isn’t fairing much better. The eldest has crumpled over, hands covering his face as he has no choice but to continue to listen to Namjoon fuck you—the slapping of skin and sinful words reaching everyone’s ears.

“NOW!” Yoongi screams, and finally the sound operators gather enough brain to flick the power supply to Namjoon’s battery pack off, and silence fills the stadium.

“Well…that was…,” Jin begins, trying to rectify the situation, but Yoongi holds up a hand to signal him to stop talking, and then promptly collapses onto the ground, hanging his head low. Hoseok breathes a sigh of relief and takes his hands off Jungkook’s ears, though…Jungkook’s in-ear had…been on the whole time…

While the boys try to steady their minds and hearts, there’s the sound of feet running in the distance, and after a few seconds Namjoon and you emerge, Namjoon’s manager right on your tails, his face beet red.

It’s obvious that you two must’ve been interrupted only seconds after the sound had been cut, because your shirt is crooked—revealing your flushed face and freshly speckled neck. Namjoon is out of breath as well, but it looks like he at least managed to finish—considering that there’s not a ridiculous hard-on trapped beneath his black jeans.

Grabbing Namjoon’s hand, you immediately tug him to the floor and press into a formal bow, yelling “I’m sorry!”, and Namjoon echoing your call. At that, the members of Bangtan sigh, and the atmosphere lightens a little.

“You’re both dumb,” Hoseok tells you, laughing off his embarrassment towards the situation. You collapse onto your side, laughing as well, although you feel like you might cry too. As Namjoon walks to the front of the stage and issues a formal apology to the rest of the staff, Taehyung wanders over to where you are on the floor, bending over to look at you quizzically.

“Was it good at least?”

“Taehyung!” you gasp, lashing your foot out to try and kick him, and he runs away giggling.

There’s no way that you or Namjoon will ever live this down…

not wanting canon lesbian characters to be shipped with men is literally in NO way equivalent to gold star lesbianism…we oppose gold star lesbianism b/c many lesbians have been or may now be in relationships w/ men and that doesn’t make them any less of a lesbian, but those relationships are obviously going to be unhealthy and damaging to various degrees. so many of us literally have severe trauma from past relationships with men and you’re really out there using anti-gold star lesbianism as an excuse to draw fanart and write fic of lesbians dating & being intimate w/ men??? also if this doesnt apply to you specifically where on earth do you get off commenting on it

alex: i never liked being intimate [with men], i never liked dating [men], i thought i was broken

alex: does all of these things and enjoys them with maggie

chyler, the writers: call alex a lesbian and call sanvers a lesbian relationship

alex: … breaks up with maggie

a ton of demons sliding out from the cracks on the floor: now im not saying alex WILL end up with a man be WHAT IF–

Pieces of Me- Edmund Pevensie x Reader- Requested

Request: Could I request an Edmund imagine? The reader has given herself to other men before and feels like she’s given too much of herself away and no one could love her and is really sad and Ed notices and comforts her and let’s her know that she is loved and it ends all fluffy and cuddly? It’s meant to be a bit more religious, but idk how much you write about that in your imagines. Thanks! I love your stuff btw and sorry if the ask is too long winded.

You are completely fine, Anon! I’m happy that you like, what I’m assuming is, my oneshots. I am completely comfortable writing stories with religious undertones; I myself am religious, so hopefully what I pull from my own experiences with religion and this topic specifically will make a good oneshot! Enjoy!

Warnings: The reader feels that because she has been intimate with people before that she might not be worth as much as people who are ‘pure’. (I would just like to mention that you have control of your own body, and you do want you want with it. I encourage you to safely and legally explore everything, and to not take societies ideals to heart.) 

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Please I need someone to explain how malec has not had any kind of physical intimacy beyond 5 second kisses or less? Like they've said I love you multiple times and I love that but I feel like their reluctance to show a mlm couple with any kind of intimacy beyond kissing is becoming very obvious. Idk I just need an explanation. Thoughts?

it is very obvious and the reason is homophobia

at this point there’s no point arguing it. if you look at these kissing stats you can see that even the kisses are less and not as long as all other couples

this episode was a step forward in them touching each other in ways we could actually see, but the second kiss was a step backward. they want to use malec to reel people in but they don’t actually want to give them the intimacy they deserve which is why they got a fade to black scene when other couples are given more time and so much more of their intimacy is shown

it’s obvious and really uncomfortable that the two heterosexual hookups we’ve seen on the show have gotten more physical intimacy than the strongest couple that is used for promos and heralded as being award winning

i want to see two men like me being intimate and obviously into each other with fervor and passion and consent

as i’ve said before if this is rectified through this season i will be fucking overjoyed but considering their track record i’m wary to trust that they will actually give mlm the intimacy we deserve to see

edit: please read this post

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I’m attracted physically/aesthetically/ and romantically with men. But I feel strange at the thought of being sensual or intimate with men. Almost uncomfortable if that makes sense. I’m aesthetically/sexually attracted to women and feel comfortable, happy and warm at the thought of being intimate/sensual with them. I’m not sure about romantic as I’ve never really given it a shot do to suppressing it. I don’t know. Am I Bisexual/Asexual/Lesbian/Heterosexual? Sorry if this has been asked before.

Hi there! This sort of stuff can be hella confusing, and we’ve all been there. Different types of attraction for different genders can make everything seem much more complex, but there really is a simple answer to your question: As long as you feel some sort of attraction to more than one gender, you can identify as bisexual. It doesn’t matter if the attraction isn’t equal!

Good luck ahead - remember that the way you want to identify all comes down to you. Your choice! :) 

- Mod Elena 🌻

straight men: *force gender-nonconforming people of any assigned gender into punitive identity categories referring to who they fuck starting when they enter the playground*

a gay person: people who identify as straight still form intimate relationships with other men and all their being straight indicates is a superficial distancing from said punitive category; there is literally no real difference between them and gay people

everyone apparently: wow look who’s perpetuating homophobia now sweaty. cant believe someone would be so disrespectful of another’s identity. sad. smh.

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2p Axis reaction to s/o asking for their hand cause their own hands or feet are really cold and always cold

Dude, my hands are always cold and I love it! Fun to startle my friends with sudden cold hands on the back of their neck. Anyway, enough mun talk, back to hetalia!<3

All: Would take s/o’s feet into their lap and massage them while they are alone and relaxing. 

2p Italy: He would take both hands and warm them with his breath and face making eye contact the whole time while smirking. Very romantic and full of power. Somehow manages to intimate nearby men while being sweet to his s/o.

2p Germany: He would grab their hand and rub them between his while covering them in kisses

2p Japan: He would start to carry around instant little heat packs so when his s/o needs time, he has them.

2p Romano: He would go out and by the best, both quality and look, pair of gloves and socks so his s/o can be warm and in style. Will also hold their hand.

2p Prussia: He would start crocheting a pair of mittens and socks. Something special from the heart. That way whenever s/o wears them, it’s like he is there warming them himself. 

2p Austria: He always takes the best care of his Queen (He is the King so no matter what gender/pronoun s/o has, they will always be his Queen. It’s a gender neutral term for him) so he is always ready to take their hand and warm them up by holding them close to his chest. The flames in his body will warm them is his explanation.

Sucks being emotionally abused by your family your entire life and also being manipulated by men in intimate relationships; then as soon as you have something good in your life you feel like you don’t deserve it!!!! 🙃