being internet famous

being internet famous is so weird like hank green has an 80/20 chance that he can go to a chipotle and no one will bother him, but on the offchance someone does recognize him they’ll probably cry and freak the fuck out like they’re dying

things anthony has said to me:

“That’s true. I am an undefeated wrestler. That is pretty awesome.”

“I’m not completely inept. I’ve put together a book case.”

“Don’t call me Bernard when you get mad at me.”

“I’ve only plucked out one eye. That’s only one more eye than you’ve ever plucked out.”

“Are you using me to learn the illuminati secrets? Don’t forget that I’m a “gatekeeper” also for covering up the Kennedy Assassination. You’re dating a gatekeeper.”

“Antigone sounds like my Hollywood Power Couple name if I was dating an iguana.”

“Congratulations on being internet famous.”

“I definitely won’t hit you with a chair, though. Even for the WWE Championship.”

“Please have an intervention if I am an etsy jewelry maker. I’m asking you to step in if that ever happened.”

“Obama/Biden are undoubtedly the most ice creamiest President and Vice President in history.”

“I’ve never been caught for killing someone.”

“Insultingly superior Anthanie is the best power couple.”

“For discreet, professional murdering needs, Call Anthony.”

“I am capable of sitting in darkness.”

“I totally forgot the gate code to the old storage unit. What is it? I only have room in my head for so many numbers. You wouldn’t want me to forget Millard Fillmore’s birth date, would you?”

“I am in fact aware of the continuing existence of China.”

“I only date girls with professional weight-lifting form.”

“Are you going to the gym tonight or just coming home to shoot people?”

“Bones kind of set the rules for the rest of your body.”

“Dragons are not relevant to Presidential history. I promise.”

“We can’t let the cat go terrorize the world. He’s our little terror.”

Honestly there’s nothing I love more than writing. Like…I always quote my senior year creative writing teacher but she was so right when she told me that she thought writing was something I have to do and will always have to do. It’s true. To be able to sit down and just write something without thinking is a feeling I’ll never take for granted.

I’m probably not going to be an author. A lot of things would have to align for that to work out (perhaps I can aim for being Internet/fandom famous, but that’s just luck of the draw) and I’m focused on my psychology major and research endeavors, for which I have immense ambition and passion.

Still, I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing, because it’s something I just have to do. Fanfic has inspired me and although it’s a little nerve wracking putting AUs out there and potentially eventually posting some original writing, it’s worth it because I love the process so much.

I know I might not seem like a good writer to those who haven’t read my essays or fics, what with my haphazard blog posts, but I really do love writing, and I’m learning to believe that my passion is well-founded — that the work I produce is a solid reflection of the love I have for the art. People say that they can tell good writing within the first few pages (essay, novel, whatever), and I aspire to be the kind of writer that establishes themselves as a good writer from the start.

Most of all, I aspire to simply be a writer and to keep writing through everything else that goes on in my life. Writing is my sanctuary, and the wonderful thing is that it goes with me everywhere. Just like when I get talking about psychology, I honestly can’t describe how much I love to write. It’s just a lot of feelings. I mean, who needs romance when they have a creative outlet?

I feel as lost as the rest of you from time to time. But I have passion and drive and ambition for the things I love to do, and that’s what I know will ultimately get me far.

Radio 1 Breakfast Show
27th September 2016
Radio 1 Breakfast Show

The team discuss Harry’s Another Man magazine cover, or as some might say, him singlehandedly saving the magazine industry.

Alternatively titled: ⬜⬜⬜👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻

the signs as we bare bears quotes
  • Aries: i got juice! pulp free!
  • Taurus: bears have lots of feelings and thats a beautiful thing
  • Gemini: wOW look at this CUTE SMALL BOX wouldnt it be cute if I were to sit in it?
  • Cancer: icebear charges extra
  • Leo: hey you know what i really like? moving tables into dark corners
  • Virgo: come on grizz weve had enough youre being kind of a.. a dingle
  • Libra: being internet famous is crazy cool
  • Scorpio: icebear ment to do that
  • Sagittarius: thank you officer
  • Capricorn: goodbye cruel world
  • Aquarius: icebear has a conspiracy theory
  • Pisces: aww youre just jealous cus our calzones are legit
Miraculous Ladybug ‘Aesthetics’ (or whatever you call it)

Adrien - Large windows, silent hallways, dropping something then picking it up but dropping it again, crease-less clothes, iced tea, silver accessories, classical music, cinnamon, unconsciously posing

Marinette - polka dots, waking up late, the smell of freshly baked cookies, having sudden inspiration bursts, staring at the sunset, forgetting to defrost the meat, drinking hot chocolate, calloused fingers from sewing/knitting

Nino - making faces at surveillance cameras in the mall, attending outdoor concerts, chuckling at jokes, listening to remixes, making playlists, blowing bubbles

Alya - electropop music, phone vibrating, moderating internet forums, being tumblr famous, writing fiction, staying up late, checking phone first thing after you wake up

Chloe - designer clothes, pretending to be texting someone when alone in public, high heels, Starbucks, Spa days, posting #ootd on Instagram, Listening to mainstream pop

Kim - Rewatching High School Musical, waking up at 5 am to go jogging, laughing really loud, watching prank videos on youtube, drinking milk from the carton, crying at the beginning of ‘Up’

Alix - Hair dye, snapped hairbands, bruised knees, chapped lips, suddenly breaking into runs

Mylene - petting animals, snickering, helping strangers, sunflowers, singing along to songs in the car

Ivan - Rock bands, dancing alone in the room, drawing skulls on the sides of your notes, loose clothing

Juleka - fingerless gloves, dark rooms, black boots, antique mirrors, black nail polish, black laces on clothing, wearing dresses with sneakers, scented candles

Nathanael - Paint stains on clothes, eraser dust all over the table, graphite smudges on finger tips, long quiet strolls, people watching, staying back late in the art studio to finish work, not paying attention in class

Sabrina - doing homework first thing after getting home from school, diary planners, extremely organized desks, window shopping, sending chain texts

Rose - adult colouring books, scrap-booking supplies, volunteering at animal shelters, using Pinterest, watching cat videos, sending motivational messages on anon

Max - owning star wars and doctor who merchandise, googling random stuff, solving math questions for fun, constantly checking the time, playing DnD, edm and indie music