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I’ve always been taken aback by the accusation that “reylos are just closeted self-inserting straight girls” and here’s why: I’ve never projected myself onto Rey. I can’t project myself onto Rey. Rey is who I wish I were. Kylo Ren ? Kylo Ren is who I actually am.

I remember watching the infamous bridge scene and getting teary eyed as he was getting teary eyed. Then he delivered the even more infamous “I’m being torn apart” line and I was bawling.

I may not know what it’s like being a magical space warlord, but I know what it’s like being torn apart, begging to be free of this pain and feeling like it’s too late, like you’re beyond help.

I wish I were Rey, but I’m not. I’m Kylo Ren.

Why People Fall In Love

Muses: Jeon Jungkook.
Words: 4.7k words of cringe worthy fluff.
Type: fwb!au + fake dating!au
Note: This is another my ‘to be posted’ scenarios, posted.  Yay. :D

+ An agreement to become Jungkook’s fake girlfriend and a trip back to his hometown lets you see more of the Jeon Jungkook who you think is only made of Friday hookups and boyish charms.

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“So let me get this straight, your brother’s bringing his girlfriend home for dinner this weekend and you ‘sorta’ blurted out that you have a girlfriend too just because you want to prove that he’s wrong about you not being able to keep a girl?”

Sheepishly, Jungkook smiles and rubs the back of his neck. “Yeah, sorta.”

At his nonchalance, you lightly smack his chest; it’s not like he’s going to feel anything if you straight out punch him anyway. “He’s totally right!”

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a tiny bit jealous

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: Reader has been friends with Peter since forever, and has been in love with him even longer

Requested by: n/a

Warnings: sadness, slight self-consciousness 

Word count: 2,018

Notes: There! Will! Be! A! Part! Two! Message me if you want to be tagged in it! Writing this gave me major feels you don’t even know.

Part two

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Imagine: Falling for the Joker’s Son

The clown prince gripped the steering wheel tight with one hand and kept his other on your bare thigh. His gold bracelet he inherited from his father almost made you jump at the cold touch. But he had a firm grip on you, keeping you in place.The sky was almost pitch black over Gotham besides the green lights shining from where his club was. Harley and Joker’s son and heir was carving out his own piece of history. His very own club downtown from his parents was all his, he was feeling more powerful than usual tonight. You could feel it radiating off his body… but

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Tbh I can’t believe I haven’t seen a supergirl avatar Kara au.

Airbending avatar!kara, her entire nation and culture wiped out but instead of 100 years in an iceberg it was 25 years, so things are both more and less screwed than if it was just a hundred years for Kara tbh .

And fire princess!Lena, who was adopted as a child, in part to help with the Luthor’s image bc bloodthirsty and ambitious doesn’t mean stupid– they know they need to soften their image, in the interest of world Trade and continued loyalty (massacres of children don’t really sit well with ANYONE.)

But Lena is a firebending prodigy just like her older brother (some rumors have her even better than lex, but they’re just whispers, said along to crackling flames because regardless of whether or not she’s better, lex is far more dangerous, far more volatile)

(And maybe there’s also talk about Lena’s eerie green eyes–not the eyes of a proper firebender but of one descended from Earth.

and for years people thought that Clark was the avatar, the baby that was spirited away to a friendly earthbending family of farmers and that maybe he’s just a late bloomer bc he’s an El and the Els are infamous for being uber powerful benders but nope it’s Kara, who would def be used as a weapon by some less than virtuous organizations wanting to harness and experiment on the avatar (and not to mention hiding from the fire benders, who killed off the airbenders.)

Except, Kara left the temple because they were going to take her away from her parents and she panicked and left and if you guessed that she was heading in the direction of the fire nation you’d be right and if she happened to be found by a fire nation family, the danvers, you’d also be right

So they train Kara as a firebender, or try to, all the while keeping her other powers a secret and hiding in plain sight. Some days are more successful than others. Or maybe they pretend she’s a non-bender, they can’t quite give her more instruction with firebending other than how to put fires out, or make it look like firebending, not until she masters the other elements but teaching a master bender an element is noticeable , and just. So Much destruction. And they’re TRYING for subtle. And so everyone sees the shining pride of the danvers clan, their brilliant prodigy but most teachers and students just kinda overlook Kara–which is kind of the point. Everyone knows her as Alex’s sister but if they didn’t say that Kara was a distant relation from the colonies there’d be a lot of people scratching their heads as to why the noble Danvers family took in such an ordinary girl

And maybe Kara spends a lot of time in the city, kinda sorta maaaaaaybe sneaking out (she’s an airbender–she’s good at blending in when she wants to, a simple breeze lost in the wind). And maybe she runs into another girl with really pretty green eyes named Lena, who’s kind and so smart and brilliant and has she mentioned pretty and Lena just Loves how to Kara she’s just her friend and she’s judged solely on her own merits (and maybe she also loves how when Kara tells her she loves Lena’s eyes Lena believes her)

But reality sets in and Lena is a fire nation princess and Kara is the avatar and both have are sent away to learn more, and the next time they see each other?

They just may be on opposite sides of a war.

|| absolutely ||

{summary: there’s been no girl after me? is this true?}

you guys ready for this au where Peter is hot and popular and who’s also infamous for being a player? bECAUSE I SURE AS HELL AM.

im gonna make you readers thirst for more fuckboi!peter parker with this story 👅👅

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**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**

warnings: explicit language & attempts at an attack


Peter Benjamin Parker, God, just hearing the name had the power to bring girls to their knees for him.

And you were no exception.

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Hypnotic| Jungkook

Jungkook is eager for one last fuck and you feel obligated to give him that

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Warning: Usage of weed, cussing, smut, Daddy Kink!, Fuck Boy!

Genre: Smut

Word count: 6.5K

A/N: Get Yourself some holy water.

Mistakes. The world is filled with them. Mistakes were the skum of the earth riddled in its core only to erupt taking as many lives as it could with it. Not killing them of course, just damaging them permanently. Males had this effect, not all males but specific types. The types that only saw women as a garbage bin to dump there goods into not thinking twice about it.

As years passed by this topic began to trend within boys later being called the infamous fuck boy. The world was crawling with them. People would often blink an eye not minding there existence while others were very much drooling over there existence. High school was drowning with them. Wanting nothing but a quick fuck. Jungkook was one of the ever so famous ones walking around school, eyeing women as recycling bins.  

Jungkook often referred to himself as the innovator the one who ruled the female species. He was the original while all the others were impostors. He had every girl wrapped around his finger. It was disgusting, but if i said this i would just be a Hippocratic. Sadly i was one of the many girls wrapped around his finger. I wasn’t caught up in his looks or the way he swooned me but i was caught up in the sex. Yes as much as i hated to admit it Jungkook pleasured me in a way that was indescribably. This still didn’t change my perspective on him and his idiotic ways. I didn’t even plan for this night to happen throwing me for a curve ball. We were at a trashy high school party filled with sweaty bodies and overly hormonal teenagers.

Of course with the obvious alcohol lurking through everyone’s systems everything became even more tempting. So naturally sleeping with Jungkook didn’t seem like the worst alternative in the world.

“Hey, princess decided the where something tight tonight all for me?“

I visibly rolled my eyes at his drunkenly common behavior. Funny how he always acted like this but the alcohol just intensified things making it further more interesting. Why had i just noticed how attractive it was till now but i wasn’t gonna cave in just yet. Jungkook placed his arms around my waist bringing me closer as he began talking to me in a drunken slur.

"Its okay baby you don’t have to admit it. Ill always know that i’m the only one that can make you dripping wet.”

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This is basically my declaration of love for Sterek, the best ever OTP, and for the amazingly talented Sterek fandom which has given me so much joy and happiness throughout the years. Here’s hoping the years post-canon will be even better and brighter. #eternalsterek

Big thanks to @halekingsourwolf for the beta! (Also on AO3 here: )

For Sterek

You meet for the first time on private property – 147 pounds of pale skin, fragile bones and sarcasm, and a majestic wolf with bunny teeth in a too big leather jacket.

Derek Hale: you’re the king on Stiles’ chessboard, his anchor, the prettiest alpha with the flower crown and Stiles your flower queen. You’re the alpha of Stiles’ heart.

Stiles Stilinski: you’re Derek’s anchor, his second in command, the emissary in training, the most loyal member of his pack. You’re Derek’s mate.

Mieczysław and cousin Miguel. You meet each other in a thousand different ways, in a thousand lifetimes. You impress each other with your Polish roots and fluent Spanish skills. Together you suffer through endless family dinners and visits to Grandma’s only to be interrogated about your intentions. You’ll have your informal occasions, too: relaxed get togethers and movie nights and bbqs in the backyard, letting the pack and your respective families mingle. You’re no strangers to loss but the tragedies of the past make you appreciate your self-made families all the more.

Perhaps you’re orphans and make your own families. Or you meet as kids and become instantly inseparable. Or you meet in school but have a hard time fighting through your different social cliques to reach out and make your special brand of jock and nerd work, connecting through mutual love for pop culture or music or literature. University fraternities may try but they can’t keep you apart forever.

Sometimes you meet later in life, when you already have kids, but all that friendly neighbourhood DILF will charm your pants off. Often enough you get to have your kids together, carry your own pups and join your beautiful everything (Herald being the infamous exception, of course).

You communicate via notebooks full of scribbles in sparkly pens, you text and sext and skype and type and call using few words or none. The anonymous postcards are instantly recognizable and always welcome. And when you’re not using words, you know to interpret each other’s eyebrows and the eyerolls. Your love translates without sound or sight, with a simple sign or touch.

You’re studying for your exams, learning anatomy bone by bone while lying in bed. You connect the multitude of moles, admire all those brilliant tattoos covering each other’s bodies, magical and ordinary alike. You make having gray hairs okay because getting them means growing old together.

But first you’re still young and you meet in the forest, lay on a rock and share a smoke. It’s a club –  it’s always a club – dark, loud and full of people invading your space. You leave the wolfsbane laced drink and craft beer behind and move to the dancefloor where your sweaty bodies gyrate together, following the beat of the music while you learn each others’ curves and angles by heart. Later you’re in no hurry, you’re vegging indoors, tangled on the sheets, kissing and watching the smoke twist and curl up, up, and up in lazy patterns. Taking turns shotgunning your spirits and dreams from lips to lips. You lose your virginities together… maybe you lose it to save your life, to avoid becoming the next sacrifice, but it always, always means something. Because you’re soulmates, your innermost thoughts and desires appearing on your skin, helping you to find your missing piece, connecting you two old souls time and again.

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I think Arab Supremacy is not talked about enough and it is something I feel strongly about. Racism in Arab countries against South Asians and East Asians, as well as black people is seen as common and expected. It is normal for staff to treat customers who aren’t white or Arab themselves poorly, and not to mention the horrific treatment of the domestic workers and construction workers, who are completely ignored and basically have very little rights once they start working for Arab families. Racism in Arab countries is swept under the rug and tolerated. Arabs adopt a mentality similar to white people and develop superiority complexes, this has a lot to do with their skin colour, as anti blackness is rampant in Arab culture as well. It is so common to see blatant racism from Arabs openly on twitter and there seems to be little to no backlash. Why are they excused from their racist views?  
There are documentaries made about racism in Arab countries, Lebanon being infamous for it’s racism as well as the Khaleeji states (U.A.E, Qatar, Bahrain) whose ugly truths are hidden behind their attempts to constantly show off their country as luxurious resorts. White people visiting these countries (especially Dubai) will LOVE the way they are treated, because they come only second to Arabs and retain their white privilege. However, people with more melanin (especially Asians) will find their situations are not the same. 


jonghyun feeding ontae


"She used to be my queen." Bellamy Blake/ Roan imagine.

You and Bellamy had been together since the Ark. So you were one of the 100 that were sent to see if the Earth was habitable.
Turns out it wasn’t.
While things had been trying between you and Bellamy since Clarke had left. You two had been fighting over little things lately.
You both had changed since the young teens who knew peace back on the Ark. You had seen so much death that much like Octavia, you went to the grounder path.
Right now you two were arguing about whether or not Clarke leaving was selfish.
“Clarke had every right to leave Bellamy!” You grunted as he brought the topic again.
“Whatever.” He rolled his eyes.
“What happened to you?” You whispered as you realized how distant he’d been lately.
“(Y/n)-what the hell does that mean?!” He raised a brow. Jaw clenched.
“What happened to sweet Bellamy? Ever since we hit Earth you’ve been cocky.” You asked as a matter of factly.
“Me?! You’re asking what the hell happened to me?! (Y/n) look at you! You’re a grounder!”
“Oh and suddenly that’s bad?! You’re sister is one!”
“(Y/n) you’re not even you anymore. Makes me mad.”
“And you think I’m totally cool with you being like this?!” You shrieked.
“Get out. We’re done.”
“Excuse me?!” You scoffed.
“Leave. Out of my life. Or the camp. See if I care.” He growled.
Octavia, who had been spying on the conversation heard her brother and gasped.
(Y/n) pushed back tears.
“Okay.” She stated strongly.
Bellamy realized what he said.
“Don’t ever expect to see me again. Bellamy Blake.” She whispered as Octavia ran over.
(Y/n) heard a crack of thunder as she turned on her heel. She felt as thought her heart weight a ton.
“Bellamy! What the hell!” Octavia shouted. Light rain scattered over the camp as Bellamy stood there.
(Y/n) pulled her hood up as she mounted her horse.
“Goodbye Arcadia.” She murmured as she nodded for someone to open the gate.
“OPEN THE DAMN GATE.” She shouted as no one went to open the gate.
“Let’s go Whiskey. GO.” She shouted over the rain, which was now heavily pouring.
She didn’t stop till the camp looked to be the size of her thumb.
“Good riddance.” She whispered as a tear rolled down her face.
Time proceeded as it does.
(Y/n) grew stronger in certain practices. Like being known as an infamous warrior who fought for a cause. Much like a black widow figure.
This was talk of all the people, Trikru, Azgeda, Polis. A certain Ice Nation king took notice.
“Find her. Bring her to me.” He ordered.
Not three days later she was brought in. A bag over her head as she kicked and screamed. Not doing much good due to the gag in her mouth.
“Hir yu laik.” (Here you are King.) The servant.
“Leave us.” He ordered and everyone filed out. He walked up to (Y/n) and gently took off the bag and rag.
“Huh. No one ever said you were as gorgeous as you are.” He smirked and she rolled her eyes.
“No one ever said you were cocky. Guess we were both misinformed huh?” She stated icily.
He smirked.
*Time lapse*
Bellamy fought the guards as they pushed him away from the throne room.
“I demand to speak with Roan now.” He barked angrily. He pushed open the doors.
Roan raised a brow as he sat back.
“Roan. We need to talk.”
“This should be good.” He rolled his eyes.
“Your highness, Artemis requests to see you. Immediately.”
Bellamy rolled his eyes. What could be so important.
“Ah. My darling queen.”
“My handsome king.” Bellamy whirled around as his eyes widened.
There she was. She looked great. Her hair was longer. A crown happily sat atop her head much like the one Roan had on his head.
“Bellamy. Meet my queen…(Y-”
“(Y/n).” He whispered.
“And how do you know this.”
“Because she use to be my queen.” Bellamy stated sadly.


murphamy AU | Bellamy Blake is the leader of a kickboxing street gang, being infamous for rebellious behaviour and his weakness for lost kids. Murphy is a lone wolf, living by minor theft and sleight of hand, who hides in the shadows, knowing when to interfere and when to bugger off. After Bellamy catches the orphan breaking into the kickboxing gym, he tries to take a reluctant Murphy under his wings.

Kageyama likes Yashiro but gave up on him too soon...

I know that Kageyama has some haters in the Saezuru fandom but I’d like to think that somehow, both of their personalities are the greatest factor as to why they did and could not work out as a couple. So here’s my theory:

Both Yashiro and Kageyama were infatuated with each other but both are shy to admit it and eventually resigned to the fact that neither can fall in love. Now I can hear people disagreeing with me right now, but let me explain.

Let us put emphasis on the last box. “Now he always brings me band-aids whenever he catches me with scars.” It’s touching, I know. Given that no one actually bothered to give Yashiro that kind of care that he needed but seriously?! We all know Kageyama’s magical obsession with scars but I think that pity is only half the reason why he gives Yashiro the band-aids. 

I mean, come on guys, does this look like pity?!


In my opinion, he started giving those band-aids because it really distracts Kageyama, to the point that he does not realize this himself. Kageyama may have at least thought that he is weird himself (honestly with a fetish like that?) but Yashiro did not judge him for it, so he used the situation to his advantage. I’d like to think that this must have been a dream come true for Kageyama, obviously since no one was willing to bear with his weird fetish. And Yashiro states that they have been doing this for about two fucking weeks. 


To hell with it, these two are fucking oblivious fucking idiots ugh, it’s annoying me!!!! They just had to deny this and deny that and ugh. And look! They both look so fucking depressed because none of them wanted to clear up the suspicion, of what their relationship really is. 

Sheesh man, this is really tough… But you know what, this is not going to work anyway. Why is that? They met in a very compromising situation (being classmates and all) but suddenly it became a very uncompromising situation (with Kageyama starting to touch Yashiro like this). I think the reason why Kageyama was afraid to ask was aside from the fact that it isn’t his business, he is afraid to be rejected by Yashiro, his first and only real friend.

And what does Yashiro do? Slap reality on Kageyama’s face.

Oh Kageyama’s reaction on this one is so fucking real, hahaha! To other people it might have looked like he was just in shock what I first saw was a pained reaction.  I bet Kageyama was already starting to question his feelings at this point but Yashiro made the wrong timing of telling this right at that moment. It made Kageyama feel that he was being compared to the infamous stepfather of Yashiro’s. It’s like… his mind translated Yashiro’s words to:

“My stepfather sexually abused me since I was a kid, now don’t you realize that you are abusing me too while using your weird fetish as an excuse?”

If you word it like that it just seems…ouch man, you don’t have to shove it in my face. Nevertheless, he was glad that Yashiro opened up to him.

(That face though… Kageyama really looked like Doumeki ;_;)

Anyway, I think that this is the moment where Kageyama had to reevaluate his approach towards Yashiro, the exact moment where he decided to just be friends with Yashiro. In his mind (although this is not what Yashiro intended to do) Kageyama has wronged Yashiro, so he wanted to atone for his sins (if you want to put it like that). But still, he wanted to be close to Yashiro.

(We all know what this did to Yashiro, huhu) 

I think some part of Kageyama thought that Yashiro is angry at him (as he seemed very glad to see Yashiro at the wake of his late father) and thus the relief on his face. But seriously, this scene is so unfuckingbelievable I don’t even want to believe they did not get together. like, ugh. WHY?

Okay, I’ve been dragging this too long, I need to stop ranting. 

So going back to the point, what went wrong? I think it all went wrong here, in this instance where Yashiro confesses to him (this is the closest thing to a confession Yashiro ever said to Kageyama) and as we all know, Kageyama leaves the scene. Many people have said that it was rude for him to leave but Kageyama here, cannot fully understand Yashiro’s thinking. Actually, more like it led him to an unfortunate and painful conclusion. 

(Note that this is the moment where Kageyama stopped resembling Doumeki.)

I know a lot of people found it rude for Kageyama to leave but if I were to insert my theory here, I would say that Kageyama was irritated by the fact that Yashiro could joke about something like that, given that if Kageyama really does have feelings for Yashiro, it would give him false hopes about Yashiro liking him. Also, considering the reason why he stopped touching Yashiro, he obviously does not want to cross that barrier because he cares about Yashiro. 

One of my proofs of how much he is “fond” of Yashiro is this scene when he’s talking with Doumeki. Given that Kage is pretty much shy, I doubt that he can actually admit to Doumeki whatever it was he felt way back when. But the thoughtfulness on his face here is just so… idk. So sad..unfortunate…

OH just how stupid these two idiots are, ugh…

In any way, this started the misunderstanding between the two of them.

Yashiro thinks that Kageyama is self-centered

Kageyama thinks that Yashiro is the one who is self-centered.

Without really asking one another what they are really thinking, they both dismissed each other’s actions as such since they are both shy to ask anyway. Yashiro is too shy to admit that he likes Kageyama that he had to lie and pretend that he doesn’t while Kageyama has been lying to himself that he can only be attracted to women (given that it is what is expected from someone like him, the son of a doctor) while in truth he actually cares about Yashiro so much. In this part where he saw Yashiro went manic after someone insulted him, he didn’t ask why but he comforted Yashiro in the best way he can. (thus the hug)

(They didn’t show Kage’s face here but I can tell he’s hurt too ;-;)

Most importantly, they both are only infatuated with each other. Since Yashiro disappeared from Kage’s life, his infatuation for the latter eventually diminished. We all know Yashiro, he still had this twisted desire for Kageyama since then.


As opposed to what I was saying earlier, Kageyama met Kuga in an uncompromising situation (wherein Kuga was beating one of Yashiro’s subordinates) and both settled for the compromising situation (which is to live together.) I know that Kuga is often compared to Yashiro, and honestly, I believe this is one of the reasons why Kageyama was initially attracted to Kuga, because he reminded him of a side of Yashiro that he rarely ever saw. Besides… Kuga is like the virgin Yashiro, so technically this will work for him. (He’s really perverted with the way he attacks Kuga btw… I don’t think someone like Yashiro, with a trauma and a huge hatred for men, can actually tolerate Kageyama’s perverted desires so yeah… you get that…)

Which is why, if Kageyama met Yashiro in an uncompromising situation back when he still looks and acts like this big oaf (which is barely 20 years ago), his reaction will most likely be like this:

Since Doumeki met Yashiro in an uncompromising situation (wherein Yashiro is being fucked by a detective) and later settled for the compromising situation (the bodyguard and boss drama), Doumeki’s interest to Yashiro just increased and made him want to ask questions. After all, Doumeki is more like the honest Kageyama for me. Like I said, Kageyama is really shy with his feelings and if he’s partnered with Yashiro, someone who is really shy as well, there will be no closure for the both of them. In fact, I think Doumeki asking Kageyama there about what he felt towards Yashiro was the closest thing to a closure Yashiro and Kageyama had since they never have really been honest with each other. 

That is why I think Doumeki is perfect for Yashiro, hihi!

In any way, I’ll make a separate analysis for Doumeki and Yashiro’s impending relationship soon, so yeah, sorry for dragging this too long! So, what do you guys think?  Let me know your thoughts, everyone! 

Sans’ “Zs” are not in Aster

(undertale spoilers)

It is a common misconception that during the Sans battle, Sans snores in the font “Aster.” It is so common, in fact, that Aster was included in our W.D. Gaster master post that went up earlier this week. Since Aster shares most of its letters with the name “Gaster,” Sans snoring in this font appears to directly link him with the mysterious doctor. However, upon closer inspection, the font Aster is, in fact, never in the game Undertale. Special thanks goes to user @the-henatiel-nest who pointed us to Putnam’s video, which busts this myth. As theorists, we decided to independently compare the font ourselves and run the font through font identifying tools.

Below is a comparison of the Z from Sans’ snoring and the Z from Aster.

They appear similar at first, both having pointed serifs and thick and thin strokes. However, once anti-aliasing is turned off, the differences become very clear.

First, the crossbars of the letters have very different thicknesses. Sans’ Z has a thin crossbar, while Aster is much thicker. The two are also at different angles.

The arms of the Zs have very different weights.

Perhaps most puzzling are the serifs. Aster has the standard serifs that angle out, but Sans’ Zs have serifs pointing in.

Lastly, Sans’ Zs are squared off, while Aster Zs come to points at the tips.

Of course, this begs the question, if it’s not Aster, what font is it? After using many font identifying applications and searching numerous type families, it seems as though this Z does not come from a font at all. The weights of the strokes, the reversed serifs, and the squared off points make this Z very unusual, and more than likely is custom made. It’s possible that this Z was purposefully designed not to look like any well-known font. After all, if this font was clearly something like Times New Roman, theorists would suspect there was another skeleton character yet to be revealed.

Unlike Comic Sans, Papyrus, and Wingdings, Aster is not a system font or even a well-known font. Most people have never heard of it or will never use it. It does not make sense for Toby to add in such an obscure font, especially when the other three are infamous for being overused and tacky. Additionally, the word “aster” does not exist anywhere in the game code. Perhaps “Gaster” comes from the word “ghastly,” a word meaning “shockingly frightful or dreadful.” After all, the circumstances and mystery surrounding the doctor can be terrifying.

There is no use of Aster in Undertale, and instead, Sans snores in a custom made Z with serifs. Why Sans uses a serif font for his snoring Zs is never explained, and continues to be one of Undertale’s many mysteries. 

I wanna talk something about Itori (Hide too)

WARNING: Thing you’re about to read is huge crack-pot written in very bad English with user who doesn’t know how to get to actual point and drags things on. Also this user is slightly under influence of alcohol. You have been warned.

I have been thinking about this for quite a while now but didn’t saw anyone else having this thought as well so might be one to pull officially trigger first.

What if Itori is “the witch”. What if Hide is child of Itori.

For a very bad start, they’re lot alike to each other in lot of ways. But I shall give one example:

Tokyo Ghoul has quite a bunch of parallels to Ishida’s other work The Penisman and guess who is ‘mama’ in The Penisman to Hide-looking character:

Ok this all hints on her being possibly related to Hide. But what does this have to do with her being “witch”? Well…. her mask.

Tell me something, does this mask reminds you on anything in particular? Anything at all? Look at it. Doesn’t it reminds you on …. witch? Isn’t this how witches often are described to look in fairy tales usually? 

Not to mention that Hide’s witch’s servant costume looks awfully clownish as well.

Other thing noted about witches in fairy tales is that they tend to be quite old. Usually taking form of beautiful young women to disguise themselves. And Itori is hinted to be perhaps grandma with her introduction

And with referring to Roma as her younger protegee. (And Roma was 51+ year old lady if I might remind on it). So makes you wonder about Itori even further.

But who would be father of Hide? Taking into account that Itori might be way older then she appears (older then Roma) and that Hide-looking character from The Penisman has Itori-looking character (normal human) as mother and giant penis (mutant) as father then…. Nagaraj might be his dad.

Other thing that would make me suspect Hide being possibly related to Underground King (if Itori is truly his mother) are three dots he has on his shirt as Scarecrow as well as in Ishida’s art of him that we have seen kids from underground having as well.

This makes me further believe that Hide has some sort of connection with 24th Ward. One of which him being possibly related to infamous Underground King.

Last small thing to make me think of Nagaraj and Hide being related is “Naga” part as Hide’s last name consists of Nagachika.

(As for identity of possible 100 year one eye, I suggest giving a read to this theory.)

Back onto my own crack-pot thing.

Biggest questions with this would be “But Hide is a human. He ate human food. Wouldn’t half-ghoul and ghoul have ghoul child?” -for human food we already saw Eto who is half ghoul consuming human food and as for “human” thing in general since we’re talking about Hide possibly coming from 24th Ward then lets all remember one little thing about residents of said 24th Ward:

… they don’t consider themselves as ghouls and they truly very well might not be “ghouls” but some sort of hybrids. In remake chapter Ishida even teases us with possibility of Hide not being exactly human per say.

“But Hide is wearing mask because his face is most likely scarred from Kaneki. So shouldn’t this shoot down possibility of him possibly being ¾ ghoul?” -considering we had ghouls with scars, then it would not be that unusual thing. We have to keep in mind that there is limit to ghoul’s regeneration (as seen with Noro), so perhaps if that limit has been breached it results in more permanent damage. 

Too long to cut it short: This is huge crack-pot. I do believe in Itori and Hide being related but I’m not that certain in “dad” thing. 

In end we shall see.

TMNT React to Military S/O Going To War


Hi I’m in military school so how would the 2k16 craw react to the S/O going to war? Take as long as you want.
- @mcartminec4

Warnings: Light Cussing 


“You do realise how dangerous this is? Just think for a minute about what could happen to you!” Leo exclaims, whirling around to face you with wide eyes. 
“I have!” You reply, eyebrows furrowing as you remind yourself not to get mad at him. This is a big thing for Leo to have to process and there’s always the chance that you might not come back. 

“Are you sure? You need to make sure that you’re sure because then I’m not sure that-” Leo continues to ramble as his hands begin to raise towards his head- his mind slipping into overdrive. Viewing this from a leader’s perspective, you’re a member of this team, you’re a valuable asset. This, however goes beyond that. You’re his partner, through thick and thin you’re the person he loves in a way that he didn’t know he was capable of doing. 

“Leo,” you whisper, taking a cautious step towards him. “I’m sure. Have faith in me.” 

He pauses, eyes flickering to make contact with yours. They burned with intensity as he attempts to swallow his fear of losing you and look past it to the bravery and courage you’re displaying. “I have faith in you… if there’s anyone that I have faith in- it’s you.” 

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“No! End of the damn story!” His roar reverberates thoughout the lair. You could even swear that you felt the structure of the makeshift sewer home shake and you inhale deeply. 

“Raph,” you plead softly, stepping towards the towering giant of emotions. 

“No!” He snaps arm flinging out to prevent you from approaching. You eye the limb warily, taking note to cautiously remain out of reach upon the sight of his bulging bicep. “Please, just don’t.” 
His voice has softened and the harsh edge has almost been eradicated. His voice wavers and nears cracking mid-sentence, upon this observation you ignore the arm in front of you and approach him anyway. 

“Raph, it’s okay. You taught me to handle myself and protect others, now people need my help and I need to go help them… okay?” You whisper as your hands glide over his chest to wrap around his neck as well as you can manage. He lowers himself to your level, seating himself on the sofa behind him and pulling you into his embrace. His grip around your waist resembles a bear hug and you feel as if he has locked himself there and never planned to let you go. 

“You better not get hurt otherwise I’m prepared to take on an entire foreign army…. and you know I’ll win,” Raph warns. His voice is slightly muffled as his face is buried into the crook of your neck, as if seeking comfort from you being near. “You have to come back to me.” 

You smile softly, fingers slowly stroking his cheek as you hold him tightly against you. “One way or another, Raph, I’m coming home to you.” 

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“Okay, you don’t want to listen to my proffessional opinion that’s fine. I knew this day would eventually come and I knew that you wouldn’t listen to anything I say so I’ve taken the liberty to compile a file of statistics that may make you reconsider your decision. Reason number one includes….” 

Donnie has been pacing the floor of his lab aggressively for the past hour, you’re suprised he hasn’t worn a hole into the floor yet. You smile softly at the words spewing from his mouth at lightspeed, taking the opportunity to allow the very image of him to seep into your being while you can. 

“Donnie,” you call lightly, watching in amusement as he only pauses to rush to a bench and clumsily attempt to neaten the papers before trying to read off of them. 

“Homelessness rates for veterans are soaring through the roof and while you may have that one covered just imagine what would happen if you had to move into the sewers if something happened …” 

“Donatello,” you sigh, rolling your eyes at your boyfriend who flips through more pages. You stand to your feet and move to place yourself in front of him. You reach up and put a hand on either side of his face, tugging slightly to gain his attention. He does a double take when he realises his position and he slowly puts the thick pile of papers down onto the table. 

“I’m not a statistic,” you say, searching his eyes for agreeance. 

He sighs, lowering his gaze and leaning into your touch. “I know you’re not. I’m just trying to prevent you from becoming one.” 

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“That’s so cool! You’re gonna be like some super sexy….” Mikey stammers for a moment, looking for an appropriate description of what he was imagining, “special ops chick or something.” 

You grin at him, throwing your arms around his neck and leaning into the sturdiness of his being. You hear the infamous goofy chuckle, a rumble throughout his chest. 

“Yeah. A sexy- a sexy soldier.” He whispers, the excitement in his voice draining from the tone and replaced by a sombre note. Your heart lurches in your chest, you know that he’s trying really hard to be as supportive as possible. He wants you to do what you dream of doing and he’d rather be damned than to be the one restraining you from pursuing a life you loved. He knew all too well what being limited by society and people you care about felt like. 

“Babe?” He murmurs into your hair. You hum in response. “You’re- you’re not going to die right?” 

You inhale lightly at the forwardness of the question. “Mikey,” you begin, heart pounding in your chest, “unless it’s by pizza overdose with you, I’m not dying anytime soon.” 

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Supernatural Road Trip AU

Characters A, B, C, and D have been best of friends for as long as they can remember, and they’re rather infamous for being a group of adrenaline junkies. One summer, Character A proposes that they take a road trip through a notoriously ‘creepy’ chain of areas: places with supposed cryptid sightings, alien landings, paranormal activity, etc. Hoping to do some supernatural investigating, everyone agrees. 

They’re soon proved extremely right as, on the third day of the trip, they find themselves driving double the speed limit trying to outrun a monster the likes of which they thought only existed in stories. Far from terrified, however, everyone is having the time of their lives.