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You know what fucking bothers me so much. The fucking white women as back up dancers in Bollywood songs. Like why are we not giving the amazing and talented WOC, who are a part of that culture, a chance to show off what they can do. There are so many dance academies in India and there are so many talented WOC who choreograph the songs. Give them a chance!


“are you… super junior?”

cute child kyuhyuns reaction to being recognised in india lmao aw

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Pre-Islamic Iran was Zoroastrian for well over 1,000 years

The basic tenants of Zoroastrianism are “good deeds, good thoughts, and good words”. Zoroastrianism was the religion of the three Persian empires of Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sasanian Empire, which ruled modern-day Iran from 550BCE to 651CE, at which point the newly born Islamic Caliphate attacked Iran. The Muslim conquests consisted of forced conversions, but there were also voluntary conversions, and in many cases people were persuaded to convert because of political benefits of becoming Muslim. Today, a small, but growing Zoroastrian community exists around the world, with the largest concentrations being in India, Iran, and the United States. 


Twitter responds to the Indian prime minister’s sexist remarks with #DespiteBeingAWoman 

Speaking at Dhaka University in Bangladesh on Sunday, Narendra Modi commended female Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her “zero-tolerance” approach and excellent work fighting terrorism, “despite being a woman.”  Feminists everywhere were outraged and quickly reclaimed those 4 words on Twitter.

Many women have been tricked out their softness, inaccurately led to believe that it equates to weakness and docility. But a soft woman doesn’t necessarily mean a fragmented woman. There’s actually great strength in the irresistible softness of femininity. While she knows how to yield and surrender when necessary, a soft woman could be leading a pack a wolves and not be noticed. Plus she’s got the charm to make others think they are actually leading, but gently and most lovingly, they are indeed being led.
—  Oshun’s daughters by India Ame’ye