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How is bendy and India doing and do they have cute couple names for each other or ware the same close and how exhausted is bendy

(India calls Bendy “Koteczku”, “Koteczek”, “Kitty Cat” or “Kitten”, typically. Bendy calls her all sorts of stuff, he likes being possessive these days. India changed her mind about “Dollface”, so he’s still using that one. These aren’t new though.

They don’t wear each others clothes omg. Bendy doesn’t have many clothes, and even the ones that he has that are oversize probably wouldn’t fit her. Visa versa, I think any of India’s clothes would be a little too long in the sleeve for Ben. I like to think Bendy occasionally steals clothes from Henry or Boris because he simply doesn’t have many himself and he’s shameless, but they don’t really share clothes with each other.

Nobody’s any more exhausted than usual. -HG)

C.R.O.W.N. - Continental Reconnaissance Operations to Ward Neutrality
a disney princess modern spy au - written by Brenna, graphics by Drew

Agent 1125-92
Codename: SULTANA
Status: ACTIVE

Name: Jasmine Khan.
Birthplace: New Delhi, India.
Occupation: Interrogation Officer - clearance to engage in field operations.
Division: Intelligence.
Specialism: armed and unarmed combatant; disguise and deception; enhanced interrogation tactics; gatka practitioner; high environmental and situational adaptability; technical skills.
Additional Knowledge: knowledge of South Asian etiquette and socio-cultural customs; multilingual (Arabic, English, Hindi, and Punjabi); university degree in business administration; university degree in criminal psychology.
Medical Records: Agent SULTANA has no significant ailments to report at this time.
●  Khan, Hamed; father.
●  Singh-Khan, Amandeep; mother - DECEASED.

‘Women are seen, not heard.’ Jasmine Khan bristled against her father’s words for years; until she realized that she could use them to her advantage. She learned to listen not to what people said but rather to what they did not say; she observed their actions against their words, finding hidden meaning behind a rightly-timed smile, a brief loss of eye contact, or a sudden clench of a fist. When C.R.O.W.N. brought her on to interrogate hardened criminals, she knew she found her niche.

I think the Indian example is the most telling when it comes to British ignorance about Empire, because it was so recent, and because there is simply no conceivable metric by which you could argue that the Empire benefited Indians. It doesn’t matter what facet of life you look at, whether you look at economic history, social history, cultural, whatever. There are literally no facts you can draw on to make the case that British rule was a good thing for the Indian people, and yet… British people generally know nothing about it beyond a vague idea that we might have helped them. 

Ask a British person whether they think Britain did a good job being in charge of India and the most likely reaction is a shrug, perhaps a request for more information…  ‘we were in charge of India’? They might have seen the film Gandhi once, that’s about it.

It’s not taught in schools or discussed at all. It makes me so angry, like yes, fellow Britons - up until 1947 our country was in charge of India, one of the most heavily populated countries in the world, we left it in flames, ravaged by displacement division and death after 200 years of brutal exploitation - and yes, it is not fucking unreasonable to expect you to have an opinion on this!

remember to keep rohingya muslims, south asia, flint michigan, sierra leone, the caribbean, houstan and florida in your prayers

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Dudes, chill. Besides, I bet Bendy has plenty of dames throwing themselves at a star/superhero like him! Maybe

“…Did I miss somethin’?” -BTDD

Ecstasy is being, and becoming is misery. If you want to become something you will be miserable. Becoming is the very root cause of misery. If you want to be ecstatic - then it is just now, here-now, this very moment. Look at me. This very moment - nobody is barring the path - you can be happy.
—  Ecstasy The Forgotten Language

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Since I've been interested after you mentioned it, how about your favorite unconventional weapon?

easily my favorite unconventional melee weapon is the Pata Sword, a rare weapon distinct to India. being honest i really dont know much about them other than the fact that they look like something little Rex would have thought was the coolest thing in the world

This is a pata sword

as you can see they all basically come with a built in gauntlet, and whats REALLY interesting is that the handle of the weapon is perpendicular to the blade instead of in line with it, as seen here

so as you can figure when you use this weapon you have no wrist control, the movement of the blade is locked to your elbow joint. however by reinforcing the wrist joint you are able to create a more powerful swing from certain directions with one hand. which is PRETTY INTERESTING considering that most sword techniques require a LOT of wrist motion and focus more on letting the edge of the blade compensate for swing power.

this ask got me curious enough to finally look it up so heres someone using a pata sword

if he looks to you like he’s stumbling around like a drunk man than the technique is working. i did a little more research after seeing this video and it turns out the pata sword is used in a type of technique meant to confound an opponent with irregular footwork and unpredictable motion to distract and overwhlem them with the movement of your body. at a proper opening the pata wielder would snap to a quick thrust or slash to take the opponent off guard.

even more interesting than I thought!

Glorious Gems of MP - The Gwalior Fort and Man Singh Palace

Most of what I remembered about the great city of Gwalior came from my 5th or 6th grade history textbook. And my memories were as foggy as the evening of the day I landed in MP.

Excited to be in Gwalior for the first time, I was just in time to catch the Light and Sound show at the Man Singh Palace also known as the Man Mandir Palace. And what a majestic show it was -   under the open sky, the palace lit up in wonderful colours, the history of the city rendered in the baritone of Amitabh Bachchan! It was nothing less than a grand theatre!  

Built in 8th century, the fort stands tall upon the Gopachal hill. The exact period of the fort’s construction is not clear, but historians say that it started in the 8th Century. According to the folklore, one day Suraj Sen who suffered from leprosy, found himself very thirsty atop the hill. Sant Gwalipa offered him sacred water from a pond, which cured him of the disease. Out of gratitude, Suraj Sen fortified the hilltop and named the citadel Gwalior to honour the saint.

Around the 15th century, the fort came under Man Singh Tomar, a king who was known as one of the greatest connoisseur of art and music. He transformed the fort into a grand architectural marvel that even Babur referred it as the “pearl amongst the fortresses of India”. After being captured by the Mughals, the fort was used as a jail. By the end of their reign, they had destroyed almost everything precious. Finally, in 18th Century, it flourished again in the hands of Maharaja Scindia.

Today, the monument is a huge fortress sprawling across an area of 3 square km surrounded by a concrete wall of sandstone. It comprises of six palaces, three temples, and several water tanks. One of its most famous temples is Teli-ka-Mandir built in the Dravidian style with an exquisite sculpted exterior. Another fascinating temple is the Saas-Bahu Temple, with two asymmetrical pillars. The other palaces are Jahangir Mahal, the Karan Palace, the Shah Jahan Mahal and the Gurjari Mahal, built by Man Singh for Mrignayani, his favourite wife. Gurjari Mahal currently is an archeological museum with an impressive collection, some of which dates back to 1st century AD.

Totally engrossed in the stories, I had walked down the lanes of history. I looked around to see the most beautiful view - a modern cityscape of Gwalior. The city was lit up!

Early next morning, I returned to witness the monument and relive all the stories I had heard the night before. We started off our visit with the Man Mandir palace or the Chit Mandir for the rich ceramic mosaics encrusting its facade. It was absolutely breathtaking made out of sandstone with stunning motifs on coloured tiles- everything speaking volumes about craftsmanship beyond time. My guide Puneet ji narrated many more wonderful tales that described the symbolism of the motifs as well as showed me the secret little telephonic tunnel the king used to converse with his queens.

The Diwan-e-aam and Diwan-e-khas music halls made for the queens to see performances while honouring the purdah system, have some exquisite grillwork. Lotus, which signifies Lord Brahma is a motif that keeps re-appearing across numerous places. 

The royal seal can also be seen in the main hall.

Raja Man Singh’s  bedroom has beautiful brackets which once held stunning mirror work like a Sheesh Mahal. Taking cue from this, I began reimagining the grandeur of the place.

I could also see the Gurjari Mahal situated below the palace, which was built as one of the conditions set by Mrignayani to marry Raja Man Singh. The other two conditions were that she should get water from her village river (which was the secret of her strength and beauty) at the new palace, and that she would fight each war alongside the King.

A leap into history, the Man Singh Palace has left me inspired in many many ways.

About the artist

Neethi Goldhawk is an independent illustrator and textile print designer who loves drawing all things dreamy, inspired by nature and life. She has illustrated for platforms like Redbull Amaphiko and Launchora. Her pen name (Goldhawk) was concocted in the crowded space of her mind full of absurd characters, who are but little children at heart. She is an avid Tumblr blogger and can be found here

By Neethi Goldhawk
ID #91891

Name: Priyanka
Age: 23
Country: India


My name is Priyanka and I live in India. I’ve never had a pen pal before. My interests include reading novels (e.g All the bright places, 1980, perks of being a wall flower,Harry Potter etc) . Watching movies and TV series like supernatural, teen Wolf,game of thrones ,star wars etc (the list is long… believe me). In music I am currently into 21pilots,my chemical romance,the neighborhood,1975 etc.

I love discussing random things and theories , like about sci-fi ,politics , society etc.

I want someone to exchange emails or messages and be friends with.

Preferences: Anyone around the age of 20-25.. speak English.. preferably from other country since I would like to learn about different cultures and places. Has to be open minded.

To my fellow Shield fandom rough riders....

[Please don’t blacklist me for this. I like my membership in the fandom…]

Ok so as much I really really REALLY want a full fledged Shield reunion with all three of my best friends side by side again. (And we finally hear that GLORIOUS ENTRANCE MUSIC WE’VE ALL BEEN SECRETLY PLAYING) 

But… and it’s a big BUT…. it’s not the right time yet. Yes with all our boys on RAW now, it’s inevitable that they will reunite in some way shape or form…. But not yet. 

Roman’s got his hands full with possibly becoming the new Universal Champion.

Dean and Seth were kinda floating until creative decided to do what they’re doing with them now. I feel like Dean and Seth’s storyline [with these two working to patch up their relationship again] is the right way to go to build up for the big reunion. 

But if a reunion is not the ultimate endgame, then stop teasing us and give these 3 talented men what they deserve: Better feuds, more title opportunities, and Championship reigns that a worth a damn!!

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You know you have lost all humanity when you get angry at someone for feeding the hungry.

Hindutva politics in India is getting bad, you guys. Rohingya Muslims fleeing genocide are being persecuted, and the Sikhs trying to feed them are being criminalized.

India is not a safe space if you are not an upper caste Hindu.

(Also it’s rich how these people act as if they are the saviours of the Guru, when in reality they don’t even respect Sikhi’s existence as an independent faith.)

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So you're saying that the throne is not for dany to rule or her family when they basically created the whole thing. The targaryen made the throne and westerns as we now so yes she has every right to claim the throne who belonged to her family for centuries

I’ll give you that they created the Iron Throne, but let me ask you this, what good has the Iron Throne done for Westeros? It’s gone from mad Targ ruler to mad Targ ruler, intermittent with temporary moments of peace, only to be given to a negligent Robert, then to the Lannisters. The Iron Throne in this narrative is representative of the same absolute power that the Ring possesses in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s an allegory for how power can corrupt. At least just looking at the current timeline of events since Aerys the Mad King, no one on the Iron Throne has deserved to sit there.

And the Targaryens may have united the Seven Kingdoms but they did so against the will of the Seven Kingdoms. The only reason most of the kingdoms bent the knee to Aegon the Conqueror was for fear of their people being burnt alive. The North, for instance, under King Torrhen was perfectly content to be an independent nation. They didn’t want to be ruled by a foreign king who has no understanding of their culture and way of life. They’re different from the other nations. They have a different way of life, different religion, etcetc. For Aegon to come and try to unite these separate kingdoms wasn’t an act of benevolent peace, it was an act of conquering, of taking what doesn’t belong to him and claiming it as his own, simply because he can. 

The Targs were foreign violent invaders. And although they may have made a home of Westeros, Dani has never been apart of that home. She grew up overseas, which is through no fault of her own, but it doesn’t negate the fact that she is now a foreign violent invader as well. She arrived in Westeros with 3 dragons just like Aegon the Conqueror did, trying to take what does not belong to her. 

Because here’s the thing, even if overthrowing a previous regime is enough to stake someone’s claim on Westeros then Dani has absolutely zero right to the Iron Throne. The Targs were overthrown by Robert Baratheon during his rebellion. He took the Iron Throne from their family and claimed it for his. The Targs, therefore, no longer have any rightful claim on the throne. 

Dani can’t say she is the rightful ruler simply because her family were ‘unjustly’ overthrown when her ancestors literally did the very same thing to the Seven Kingdoms to create an Iron Throne in the first place. And it wasn’t as if her family were innocent leading up to the Rebellion either. Aerys went mad trying to burn everyone he can and Rhaegar ‘kidnapped’ Lyanna Stark. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t actually kidnap her; the fact is they ran off without telling a single soul, an insult on House Baratheon and House Stark. Dani can’t ask forgiveness for her ancestors’ mistakes by distancing herself from House Targaryen while still trying to assert their power and dominance over the Seven Kingdoms.

It’d be like… Britain suddenly going to India and being like ‘I’m so sorry for what we did to your people by colonising you. Please forgive us while also accepting our rule over you once more since we did it before and therefore it’s our right.’ It doesn’t work that way. Westeros never belonged to the Targaryens and they took it back from them. You can’t say that it belonged to the Targs for centuries so it’s, therefore, their right either because the British colonised India for over 300 years and the Targs colonised Westeros for nearly 300 years. And we can all say with twenty-first-century clarity that the British occupation of India was fucked up and inherently wrong. 

So long story short: no. Dani has no right to the throne. 

two issues very relevant to asian-americans: antiblackness and islamophobia 
two issues asian-americans refuse to talk about: antiblackness and islamophobia