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I’m not even going to pretend my Gryles feels aren’t off the chart but I also love the R1 Breakfast Show announcement because of what it says about Harry. The fact he’s speaking to people like Grimmy and Dermot who he’s known since the earliest days of 1D shows he’s loyal to his friends, he’s in control of the decisions being made and even if he might not be around as much he’s not going to forget the people who supported him when he wasn’t such a Big Deal. It’s like, his life has changed beyond recognition and he wears ridiculous shirts worth thousands of dollars, but he can still sit in the R1 studios after being smuggled in virtually incognito and chat to Grimmy on the radio, smiling like he’s always just been there dicking around with the microphones and doing links.

I love that. It also makes me genuinely think whatever we hear in the new single is going to be 100% authentic Harry.

Can’t afford to lose her (Jason Todd Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  could you write An imagine where Jason’s S/O is hurt Badly and he gets worried.
Summary: Jason takes you on a mission, but didn’t know you’d end up getting hurt. 
Word count: 785
Warning(s): injury

You had opted to help Jason on a mission when Roy bailed on him. It wasn’t going to be anything too extremely difficult, that was until Jason lost his cool. “What the hell Red! What about being incognito?” You yell over the loud sea of bullets headed your way, taking cover behind large pillars.
You and Jason pull out your weapons aiming back at them, taking a couple of shots, bodies heavily falling to the ground like bags of flower.

You weren’t paying too much attention, leaving your arm out in the open. It gave the opposing side the perfect chance to graze your hand. You jolted from the pain dropping your gun on the ground, which happened to also be your only means of protection. “HOOD!” You yell, catching the man’s attention. You show him your arm before pointing down at your weapon. 

He waves for you to get to him, before reloading and giving another couple of solid shots. The ghost seemed clear and you thought you could roll over to Red Hood, but right between two pillars, a shot was fired. A ripping and burning sensation echoed through your abdomen, causing you to scream.

“Y/n what happened?” Jason yelled, bulling you to him by your arm. His eyes went straight to where your hand was clutching your stomach, a steady stream of blood flowing from between your fingers. 

“I-i got shot,” you manage to coax out with a heavy breath. “Y/n you’ll be alright, I promise.” He says obviously worried. “I just need to get you out of here,” he says, shooting again before putting you over his shoulder, just so all of the pressure was straight on the wound. 

He somehow managed to get you on his motorcycle in your half conscious delirious state. He drove to the only place he knew to go, the batcave.

 Bruce heard the loud roaring while sat at the computer, he cautiously looked, to see his second eldest son, in full costume, arriving. But he also noted you, you seemed to be in a strange state.

 “Bruce, get Alfred Y/n got shot, I can’t afford to lose her,” he said, judging by his voice he was on the verge of tears, but his helmet covered his face, so there was no way of knowing. Even though relations between the father and son were on the rocks, he knew how much you meant to him. Soon Alfred rushed in, and began the time of waiting. 

A few hours later he re appears as Bruce takes you to one of the manor rooms that’s set up to be similar to a hospital room. “Master Todd, she’ll be waking up in an hour or so, but please do not put unneeded stress on her, I believe surgery is stressful enough to the body and mind.” Alfred informs. Jason has now changed out of costume, jogging to your room. 

Your lying body looks so peaceful, but Jason can only imagine the type of pain you were and are going to be in. He carefully drags a chair next to your bed, sitting down and holding your hand. He lets his stubble covered chin graze over your skin, the other hand bandaged from the shot you received.

 After a hour, maybe a hour and a half, Jason didn’t know, he was to preoccupied in his thoughts. You stirred just a little bit, before your eyelids slowly flutter open. 

You’re immediately met with Jason’s red eyes as he stands up to look at you, brows furrowed in concern. “How are you feeling?” He asks running his free hand smoothly over your hair. “I’m alright, could I have some water please?” You ask, to which he quickly complies.

 You lifted your head as much as you could and took small sips of water from the cup Jay was holding to your lips.

“This was all my fault.” Jason finally says, giving a peck on your cheek. “I should have come to you instead of you coming to me, you were already injured to begin with.” He sighs sadly. 

“It’s alright, I’m still alive, I’m still here with you,” you smile, your chapped lips cracking slightly causing discomfort. “You’re never allowed to come with me again,” he says shaking his head, in a way trying to shake out the thoughts of what could have happened. 

“Hey I’m a lot safer with you then I am alone, and you know that,” you chuckle giving his hand as firm of a squeeze as you could. He smiles at your antics, before thoughtfully looking in your eyes. “ I don’t know what I’d do without you and I sure as hell don’t want to find out.”


With love,

Ever notice this?

Angel stuff: It’s funny how some little kids, like the two-three-four year old set, see right through you to the grace. They know exactly what they’re looking at when they see you, and that sudden shock of nakedly intense ‘I see you’ recognition can be a bit disconcerting when you are accustomed to being more or less incognito to the rest of the world. There you are, walking through a store, and you walk past a kid who’s so young they’re still sitting in the baby seat in the shopping cart - and you feel a kind of shockwave of their intense recognition of you, and the kid just. -Stares-. At you. Yep, kid, blessings to ya, I hope you never 'outgrow’ the ability to pick up on grace like that.

I Want Crazy

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Summary: you’re surprised when someone familiar sits next to you on your plane ride home, and even more surprised when he talks to you

Song Inspiration: I Want Crazy, Hunter Hayes

Pairing: Jensen x Reader  (sort of)

Word Count: 1,500

Warnings: language, mild embarrassment, other than that none

A/N: so I’ve never written Jensen before, and I’m kind of nervous about it… let me know what you guys think. Also, sorry for the Massachusetts crap, but I don’t know anywhere else well enough.

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As far an no fan sightings with Cameron...he's just as experienced with being incognito. He's been around the business enough to know how to avoid the paps and fans.

Oh for sure!!!

If you think you saw me at Youmacon yesterday… Yep, it was me! I went ~*in disguise*~ at the last minute to see friends. :DD I won’t be there the rest of the weekend since I’m going on a camping trip, but for those of you who bumped in to me and managed to recognize me under the hood, thanks for the kind words and the selfies – and for playing along with me being “incognito!” xD

zimbits stole my heart; stucky owns my soul:  a list of headcanons

a.  Eric “Bitty” Bittle is the great-grandson of a Howling Commando on his Mama’s side.  Mama Bittle proudly displays the picture of Baby Bitty being cuddled by Grandpappy Dugan…. seconds before he ended up spitting up on the poor man.  It’s one of those embarrassing family stories that Bitty will never live down.

b.  So it’s totally inexplicable as to why Bitty apparently resembles Steve Rogers, at least when Steve is being incognito and being “bitty” himself.  As far as Steve knows, he’s not related to Dum Dum (”THANK GOD” - Bucky) but there’s a surprising number of people who’ve mistaken Bitty for Steve and vice versa - Tony Stark among them.

c.  According to Sam Wilson, it’s easy to tell the two apart even when Steve is currently “bitty-fied.”

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Steve Rogers – > Little shit from Brooklyn

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Eric Bittle - Pie-making angel from Georgia

(Sam is well aware that this is a biased opinion but Steve does not give him pie and pie is all important.)

d.  Of course, Bucky maintains that he can tell them apart merely by looking at their respective…. butts.  (Of course, he would always recognize That Ass.)

Jack:  OI!

Bucky:  Hold your horses, kid - I’m just saying That Ass is a goddamn national treasure and I would know it anywhere.  Not that your own babydoll doesn’t have a cute tush of his own but Georgia peach versus Romanian plum, y’know?

Jack:  This is a very disturbing conversation and I’ll never be able to look at peaches and plums the same way again.

Bucky:  ** petpets him ** Attaboy.

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Ohno Satoshi & Friday Tabloid Scandal - what is the real story here?

I am personally going to wait for the real announcement from Ohno himself or Johnnie’s Entertainment because there are some stuff floating out there and my own common sense bugs the crap out of me.

1)  Timing of the scandal - right before Miyagi Blast?  WTF!!!  This is a big              charity event that Arashi-san has planned since Hawaii for their                           adopted city of Miyagi to help all the victims from 311 Earthquake.                     Ohno himself would never want the spotlight to be tainted from what’s               really important here.  

      Ohno always prided himself in being able to go incognito when he                     went out in public.  He looked genuinely shocked in those pap pics                      and it looked like Friday knew he & the girl were going to that BBQ                   restaurant & the Private Sauna Club.   

2)  If the news article is true, this former actress Natsume Suzu DID NOT pass the Johnnie’s Girlfriend Litmus Test. This may be harsh, but maybe JE doing a background check on these girls is not a bad thing.  Tokio’s Taichi-kun dated his TBS staff fiance for 9 years & they lived together for 4 years and nobody knows who she is or what she looks like.  And do you see V6′s Inohara sempai’s actress wife publicly post their family life pics? SMAP’s Mrs. Kimura also fiercely protects her daughters’ privacy.  These women who are still married to their Johnnies all passed the Litmus test.  

This girl was in the business, she should understand how important Privacy is for everyone, especially someone like Ohno.  Why the hell would she post off shot pics of Ohno’s apartment on her Instagram??  

The article stated that JE reported their findings back to Ohno and Ohno himself agreed to END the relationship.  And this tabloid story comes out now.

3)  Timing of Natsume’s Instagram postings - she furiously posted various hints (purple sofa, the wooden floors, location of where Ohno lives) within the last month. WHY??? 

I will wait for the official news but my heart already aches for Ohno if he really got scammed or he fell in love with someone who only wanted to be with him because he’s Arashi.

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What do you think of all the Swan imagery grrm has put into Arya's story? Any importance on the future of her character?

Get out of my head, I was literally re-reading A Clash of Kings the other day and noticed the focus on swans while Arya is with Gendry and their ragtag band of urchins. This was the quote that stood out to me:

Thirty yards from shore, three black swans were gliding over the water, so serene … no one had told them that war had come, and they cared nothing for burning towns and butchered men. She stared at them with yearning. Part of her wanted to be a swan. The other part wanted to eat one. (Arya, A Clash of Kings)

That she’s watching swans is odd enough in context, but that they are black swans is what is interesting to me. And Arya likens herself, or at least wishes to be one; GRRM made this choice for a reason, and a part of me wonders if he was trying to tie in the “black swan theory” with Arya’s story. A “black swan” is a highly improbable event that ends up having a huge impact later on, and in hindsight is explained away as if it were logical the entire time; it is borne of three characteristics: 1) surprise factor, 2) major impact, and 3) logical explanations in hindsight (x). 

Everyone who has not come in immediate contact with Arya after Ned’s execution (and even some who have) believe her to be dead; there is no doubt in their minds that Arya died in some way, shape, or form, because what possibility was there for a nine-year old lady to survive by only the grace of her own determination? That she is going to have a huge impact on the story, I have the utmost of faith. Not only is her being incognito a major focus of her story, but her vast array of skills and the wolfpack she has waiting for her are big Chekov’s guns that will dictate both the war to come and her future role. Perhaps it even ties into her “Ugly Duckling” story that is now beginning to morph into the “Beautiful Swan.”

Though the scene with the swans was very fleeting, and eventually delved into how hungry Arya is because she’s starving through the riverlands, I like to think that GRRM is meticulous enough with imagery and themes to have purposely chosen black swans for Arya to watch and wish to be.

“Anniversary, Overseas” - Chris/Darren/Will/Mia

Chris/Mia leading into foursome stuff.  Includes: tit fucking, face sitting, and some partial double-penetration.  Smut with some smut on top.

Poly!verse Masterpost

If only he could get the damned leotard to sit right.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes were Darren’s idea—“Dude, there’s four of us, we’re not at home, no one’s gonna recognize us, we gotta do it, come on”—and though Chris isn’t typically a costume repeater, he has to admit that the suggestion was good. They’ve never been in a position to openly do a foursome costume before, and being incognito in Germany is a great excuse to attempt it.

“Donatello,” Darren said.

“Raphael forever, duh.  Sarcasm and sai swords,” Chris said.

“Michelangelo, I guess?” Will said.

“Leonardo,” Mia said. “I totally run this show.”

They couldn’t argue with that.

But removed from his usual costume and craft sources, Chris has trouble finding things that fit.  He ends up buying a leotard he thinks is actually more of bathing suit meant for a woman, and it’s irritating to work with.  Darren, Mia, and Will opted for less complicated undergarments.  Darren and Will have been grazing on breakfast out on the patio all morning and Mia has been unpacking, striding back and forth across their rental in her underwear with a phone tucked against her ear.

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im wearing my girl almighty sweatshirt my christ the redeemer vans and my you make me strong bracelets i love being incognito 1d af in the wild

Do u kno how liberating it is to play a game AND use chrome at the same time?



DO U !??!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Being more incognito is not really his style any more than being in a smaller ... lesser form like his other half seems to enjoy rotting in. Still, curiousity has gotten the better of this little fire noodle and he is intrigued what he will find of this ... other Arthur.

The king was lounging within his throne, enjoying the screams coming from the town near by. His pet had asked for some exercise and who was he to deny that? 

“And what do you want?” he asked to the intruder without opening his eyes. Honestly can’t a king relax?