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Wip - Church/Cemetery

While I was fixing those statues I made an ‘X Marks the Spot’ for the wedding arch. Y’all are going to get the most random stuff next time.

Ayyyyy, have a family gathering <3

Aight so let’s give a lil context here

Spark Capacitor is an electricist that once dreamed with owning a big electronic industry, but eventually settled up to form a family, and he couldn’t be happier about it. His magic is heavily charged with static energy, which is really useful when in need of a battery. He slighltly shocked Nekky in his young whenever he stole cookies from the jars.

Raven is a quiet and calm writer, that specializes in dark poetry. Her most developed magic is ilusion, for when she needed ilustrations for her books and writings, she can change her apparence into an eldritch monstrosity and stare into a mirror and draw it. For some reason, Nekky as a foal loved to giggle at her mom’s hideous ilusions.

And NekroLED, other than his almost ridiculous height and charisma, never really stood special for anything. As an earth pony who’s the offspring of 2 unicorns, he has some magical energy residing on him, and can do some very slight hornless magic, but reaches its peak at really weak levitation and light tricks, like making his eyes as bright as a flashlight. Works with his dad repairing stuff and moving the loads.

i love klance. i love their dynamic and their chemistry and their potential.

the fact that this ship is being ruined for people like me by loud mouthed, uneducated antis is crushing. i feel like shipping klance at this point is frowned upon by the majority of the fandom bc of the sprawling negative impact the antis have had on this ship

thanks for ruining the ship for people

roblidon  asked:

THANK YOU FOR NOT MAKING DAMIEN LOOK HYPER FEMININE!!!!!! I swear ever since him being trans came out as canon, all the fan art changed. But I really like your style! :)

Thank you! I try to stay on model as much as I can because I love Damien’s design in the game, so it’s no real special effort on my part to make Damien look a certain way other than the way he is presented in the game. I try to focus on the stuff that makes me like him as a character and makes him my favourite dad, cuz I was a goth in highschool, I currently work in IT and I have two dogs, so Damien is pretty relatable haha.


I really hate to have to do this, but I’m opening up commissions if anyone wants to support a poor writer.

I recently moved into a house with my friends with the knowledge that I had been hired upon passing of my drug test. The problem: I received the message that I had passed all of my drug/background checks on July 3rd, over three weeks ago, and I still haven’t received my promised start date.

It’s hard for me to find another job with the same hours as this one, and working different hours is difficult as I already work a 20 hour a week internship with a 45 minute commute each way.

With bills due in 2 weeks, I’m a little tight on money, and while I could probably get by, any extra money would really help me out, so I figured I might as well take a shot and see if anyone would be willing to pay for commissions.

I’m honestly not sure how pricing works on commissions, but I’m going to start at 5$ for every thousand words? And if anyone wants to come and talk to me about paying a little less (or a little more if you really want to help), feel free to DM me or send me an ask and we can figure out technicalities.

Otherwise, if you want to help out, send me a DM or a (non-anonymous) ask. Or, if you can’t afford or don’t want a commission, but still want to help, just share this post!

Thank you so much,

Edit: For those wondering, I figured paypal would be the easiest and most secure way for any payments. Thank you to those who messaged me reminding me to address this question!

You’ll be okay if they don’t text you back. You’ll be okay if they spend time with someone else. You’ll be okay if they can’t make time for you right now.

whenever an asian character has their ethnicity specified im automatically suspicious……….bc three out of two times a general asian joke will happen and its made out to be specific to that ethnicity when….thats not true at all

Fullbody couple for thequietlyobsessed !

Thank you for your huuuuge patience! ;v;