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The amazing @saladsnek made this for me and I am in love.

They recently took chibi and sketch commissions - I reblogged the post a week or two ago.  It was $5 for this masterpiece.  FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS.  WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE ONE YET BECAUSE YOU SHOULD.

Now excuse me, I’m going to grab my phone, sit on the couch and stare at this with shining eyes. If you need me any time in the next hour, that’s where I’ll be.

so my browser crashed on me while i was researching with 10+ tabs open 

and immediately i thought the appropriate thing to do was yell “NO MY LIFE’S WORK IS GONE” 

Levi likes it when their knuckles line up, fingers pieced together like zipper teeth, like cobblestones, like feathers. He squeezes their bones together, tries to fuse them into one mass, because then maybe he will never leave. He can’t leave. The sky is too high, and Erwin hasn’t shown it all to him yet.

Erwin likes it when Levi sighs out a moan so short and clipped, it’s as if he’s knocked the wind out him. This man with a title bigger than his stature, the man smart and determined enough to teach himself the directional gear, could be the same man that buckles under somebody as broken as himself.

And when it happens at the same time, Erwin’s hips meeting the back of Levi’s thighs, they find a piece that keeps them both whole. And when they come, they seem to lose their names and the bodies between them. And when they kiss, they know that it will need to end someday.

But someday is forever away, and Levi hopes it’s farther away than the vast fathoms of the sky.

Mariposa meets Phoenix Nuit

Mariposa: You have wings?

Phoenix: Yeah.

Mariposa: Me too! *wings pop out*

Phoenix: :OOOO *her own wings pop out*

Chat who is starry eyed: They’re literal angels. 

Mariposa and Phoenix Nuit now both have similar wing designs, regrets nothing

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what's happened with seungkwan?

It’s explained well right over here; the entire situation just doesn’t make sense to me. The response itself could be interpreted negatively but, that’s honestly such a stretch of a route to take. It’s not something that deserved the attention it got and the fact that it could affect Seungkwan and Seventeen negatively is annoying. I don’t want to invalidate anyone’s feelings but it’s something that could be reasoned out of easily.


roadtrip with seokmin moodboard

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people who characterise Antonio as brainless and stupid and Lovino to be only a mean-spirited tsundere with no depth make me cry

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Gisha should be a nurse too, if she thinks she can do so much better

Nurse Gisha

- Head nurse at the pediatric ward of the Zaunite Memorial hospital. She represents and trains all the nursing staff of that ward, along with other sections when necessary.

- She runs her nursing staff with a cold hammer, demanding discipline, professionalism and intense medicinal study. Her methods often invite resentment amongst new nurses, interns and residents.

- Gisha’s attitude towards her profession means she has almost no tolerance for ineptitude an complacency. She will not hesitate to tell other staff members that they are performing below her standards or failing to acclimate to the job. She will even tell them when she doesn’t think they will make it in her hospital.

- Although her methods invite negative opinions, people often change their minds when they witness the lengths she goes to for her patients. Gisha meets the standards that she sets for others. The hospital is her entire life. She is harsh with her staff because she wants nothing less than perfection for their patients.

- Gisha takes every success… and loss personally. During surges, she’s been known to work straight for over 24 hours, to the point that the chief of medicine or the hospital administration has had to force her to go home.

- While her criticism is feared, her favor is considered an unspoken blessing amongst nurses and doctors alike. To be in nurse Hiara’s favor is to be meeting her high standards, which is considered a grand measure of success.

- It is thought that Gisha’s work ethic and drive comes from the childhood incident that cost her one of her arms.

i’m glad i don’t have to live with my family anymore both bc of the shitty abusive family dynamic and bc that house was haunted as shit and even after living there for like 12 years i still get scared spending the night.