being in love never goes out of style

Single - Part 1

Summary: Dean tries to plan a camping trip for his son and the reader doesn’t make it easy for him.

Pairing: Daddy!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,419

Dean never planned on braving this world as a single dad, hell he never planned on being single again. He married the love of his life nine years ago, only to discover that she was an adversary in disguise.

Once Dean’s home life became unstable, he knew it was inevitably heading down a rocky road. Leaving was a tough decision because of his son Drew but it turned out being the best thing for everyone.

So that’s how Dean ended up here, here being a charming ranch styled house in the middle of a Kansas suburb. Not a day goes by where he’s not thankful for having the strength to rebuild his life.

Although it definitely helps that Dean’s supportive parents and brother live close by. It helps that he grew up playing on the same dirt that his son is now. And it helps that his sporting goods store became wildly successful, allowing him to do what he loves.

“Alright, Drew. This is your last hurrah before school starts so make it count.” Dean plops down at the kitchen table with a pen and pad in hand.

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Bandai America Releasing the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini This Fall

Following in the footsteps of Bandai Japan, Bandai America is bringing the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini to the United States! We couldn’t be happier, but we must say we are not surprised. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original Tamagotchi here in the United States Bandai is releasing the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini and bringing Tamagotchi back to America.

Placing their bets on nostalgia Bandai America is hoping that fans that nurtured the original virtual pet in 1997 will purchase the new 2017 Tamagotchi Mini decorated in the original 6 Japanese shell designs. The 2017 Mini is identical to the one just recently released in Japan, with the ability to raise 6 characters, however the packaging is a bit different. The 2017 Mini will feature unique packaging resembling the original packaging to pay tribute to the original version released in the United States. We can definitely see ourselves purchasing more than one for our collection!

“For many Generation X kids, the Tamagotchi device can be considered America’s first and favorite digital pet,” says Tara Badie, marketing director for Bandai America.  “The enduring power of Tamagotchi is its clear expression that nurturing and love never goes out of style. It’s such an honor to bring back one of the most beloved toys in a way that captures the magic and joy of a generation while embracing the sensibilities of new generations.”

The device is definitely being marketed for its nostalgia, hoping that fans back in the 90’s and perhaps even in the early 2000’s with the Connection devices will want to relive the good old days. This definitely seems like a good approach as many millennials have been flocking to nostalgic products that have been re-released.

The 2017 Tamagotchi Mini will be available this November in the United States, pre-orders will be available starting October 10th at various North American retailers for $14.99. As retailers post their pre-orders we will definitely keep you updated!

So what do you think about Bandai America releasing the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini in the United States for the 20th anniversary? Will you be ordering it? We want to hear from you!

justpond--eringtheuniverse  asked:

1, 6, 23, 24, and 30 for wondertrev please!!!!!!!

Wondertrev headcanons!

Omg @justpond–eringtheuniverse thank you so much for doing this OTP question meme with me. You have no idea how stoked I am. I love Wondertrev so much my heart could implode and I have so much to say about them! Please bear with me as this is going to be one hell of a long post and I apologise in advance for the overwhelming length.

The following answers are based on my head-canon, in which Steve somehow was resurrected and returned to Diana as an immortal (perhaps as a gift from the powers that be), soon after the explosion and defeat of Ares in 1918, and they have been living blissfully ever after.

I must emphasise the fact that I love fanfics that have Steve resurrected and become immortal in the 21st century as much as the next Wondertrev shipper, given the interesting role reversal and the fish-out-of-water situations that have Steve attempt to adjust to modern technology, but my heart aches whenever I try to imagine how excruciating and disheartening it must have been for Diana to live through a century without Steve. Alas, here we go:

1. Who is the most affectionate?
They are both passionate about each other but their upbringings make them manifest their love and passion very differently. She may seem reserved to others (with the exception of her original friends like Etta and the guys) but Diana is never one to hide her emotions and perpetually deep affection for Steve, in private or in public - she speaks her mind and put her words and thoughts into action, praising, complimenting, kissing, hugging, caressing and touching him whenever possible. Canonically speaking, in the movie, Diana was the one to hold his hand first and she made it clear that she wanted him to stay in her room in the inn in Veld and she even initiated the kiss. She is unfazed by the societal expectations, norms, customs and traditions of Man’s world which were holding Steve back occasionally. I like to think he is just as affectionate (and he certainly loves her as much) but he was also brought up as a gentleman and born in 1880s after all. At first he wasn’t too accustomed to public display of affection beyond hand holding, cupping Diana’s face, touching her hair and light kisses on her forehead or cheeks but eventually he became bolder and more relaxed in public with her, as they cherished every opportunity to be affectionate to their other half, especially after almost losing each other forever that night in the airfield in Belgium in 1918 and the societal standards changed gradually over the century they have been living in as a couple. It also had something to do with how Diana was rubbing off on him with her Amazonian ways. Steve is also the one to shower Diana with surprises whenever possible and mostly something non-materialistic as he knows well enough the preferences of his goddess. At home or in private they are very on par and in sync in terms of affection, although Diana would be more verbal about everything and Steve tries his best to catch up. They just love each other with every fiber of their being.

6. What is their favourite feature of their partner’s?
Diana’s favourite feature(s) of Steve would definitely be his mesmerising and bright cerulean eyes which remind her of the tranquillising blue waters of Themyscira. A close second would be his ash blonde hair (and he’s been keeping the same haircut from 1918 to 2018, as it never goes out of style), followed by his physique. She is just so pleased with his well above-average overall physical appearance and vigour and there is nothing she would find undesirable. To Steve, Diana is his angel (and actual goddess and salvation) and his love for her is a combination of utmost respect, devotion, admiration, affection, adoration and romantic attraction, thus to him she is simply perfect in every sense and it may be hard to pinpoint a feature but if one must ask he would say her eyes can reach one’s soul and her lips hold all the truths in the universe and he would never get tired of savouring her ethereal beauty.

23. Who comes up with cheesy pickup lines?
Gotta hand this one to Steve. His dry and sometimes cheesy humour is incredibly endearing to Diana and when the pickup lines are embarrassing he blushes so hard and Diana would first chuckle and then kiss him. Every now and then she turns the table on him and be the one to say them and for him it is always part hilarious and part enticing. Both of them can be goofy at times and they always end up laughing at the lines together lightheartedly.

24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?
Both, although Diana instigated this. In the beginning, she didn’t even realise these things and circumstances are inappropriate because they seemed normal on Themyscira. It certainly had him very flustered and made it difficult for him to keep his composure when she first did that. Eventually Steve was emboldened and she knew he could handle this and they frequently do this to each other.

30. One headcanon about this OTP that mends it
This is by far the best question and I could talk about it all day. And if I were a better writer I would turn this into a fic (I actually tried and am still too ashamed to publish it, seeing there are so many brilliant pieces already, or perhaps I will, when I finally have mustered up enough courage to do so). Humour me, yeah?

Essentially, the major headcanon - shortly after blowing up the German bomber plane with himself in it, in Belgium, 1918, Steve was resurrected and returned to Diana as an immortal and they have been living blissfully ever after - encapsulates numerous minor headcanons:

1918 to 1940s:

  • a month into their reunion, Steve proposed to Diana and she immediately said yes; marriage might have been a foreign concept to her at first but after having been through so much in terms of life and death, they couldn’t and wouldn’t be separated again, and matrimony became very justified ; they wanted to hold, cherish and love each other more than anything and they intended to spend the rest of their eternal(!) lives together
  • Diana and Steve had a simple yet blissful wedding ceremony at the City Hall, attended by Steve’s only and elder sister Tracy, Etta, Charlie, Sameer and the Chief and their family members (Steve’s parents passed away before he joined the US Army)
  • Steve was in his US Army military uniform and he was stunned by the breathtaking sight of Diana when she entered the room, escorted by Etta and Tracy; she wore an airy sleeveless and low-cut white silk wedding gown that made her resemble the Greek marble statues and he was lovesick and his eyes glistened with joyful tears and he grinned so hard his cheeks stiffened, meanwhile she was blushing and smiling like he was the most precious being in the universe
  • They were now Steve and Diana Prince-Trevor; Diana thought she liked the sound of Mrs Trevor, there was a nice ring to it, however, out of respect, Steve said it was up to her to keep the surname he crafted for her, and they decided on hyphenating them
  • British Intelligence learnt of Steve’s immortality and his profile became top secret; due to his physical advantage over other officers and criminals, he was assigned special ops and high-risk rescue missions, much to Diana’s dismay (”Steve, you are not invincible, you could still get hurt,” sighed Diana), but Steve wanted to help more people, so he assured her that he would take proper care of himself and if she wanted to help him he was more than content to have her by his side; British Intelligence obviously knew about Diana and her identity as Wonder Woman by now and they condoned this
  • Diana received a degree in ancient art history and archeology from Oxford, completing the courses in less than 3 years, which wasn’t surprising to Steve at all; she speaks hundreds of languages and has an eidetic memory, for starters, and she went on to become a curator of the British Museum

1940s to 1970s:

  • They fought side by side during WWII and helped the allies tremendously in liberating concentration camps, pushing the frontlines and gathering  strategic intel
  • After the war, Steve resumed his secret missions for British Intelligence and Diana also joined SIS, as her colleagues at the British Museum began to show concern for, if not suspect, her apparent lack of aging; the SIS continued to provide them with identifications that could avoid suspicion pertaining to their condition
  • They visited Tracy and her family every now and then; she kept the questions about his peculiarly youthful appearance to herself and Steve was more than grateful for her understanding and she passed on at the age of 70; her children were curious about their uncle’s secret too but knew better not to ask
  • They maintained their close friendships with Etta, Sameer, Charlie and the Chief over the years, up until their passing, either due to old age or illness; afterwards, Diana and Steve had a sabbatical and travelled the world for several years, their wealth accumulated over the years kept them comfortable

1980s to present:

  • After their sabbatical, they parted with British Intelligence to relocate to the US, and there they joined the CIA (the Agency knew about Steve and Diana and their work from top-secret joint missions with the SIS); they were living in the States only every now and then as their operations required frequent worldwide travels; a decade or so later Steve requested a transfer to a command and strategic position based in the US as Diana became a curator for the Smithsonian Institution
  • Another decade later, Justice League was formed, and Steve has been leading US government’s ARGUS since; Diana is Head of Antiquities at Louvre when she isn’t busy saving the world as Wonder Woman
  • 100 years later Diana and Steve are still living happily ever after and saving the world together

Throughout the years:

  • They tried out various flavours and types of ice cream in countries they visited but Diana’s favourite is always the homemade ones Steve concocts for her
  • So is breakfast, they certainly sampled numerous and miscellaneous kinds during their globetrotting travels, yet she always favours the Trevor special, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrown, baked beans and toast always all cooked just right and impeccable, prepared before she wakes up and served in a tray to be enjoyed in bed, and always followed by cuddling
  • Steve’s missions always require him to pilot airplanes; despite knowing he is immortal, Diana still gets worried (but she doesn’t make a fuss about it and Steve really appreciates that)
  • Diana and Steve didn’t always just work for the government, they make their best effort to save people outside of the bureaus’ jurisdictions whenever possible
  • Steve’s father’s watch is kept in a safe for preservation; Steve and Diana have been wearing matching watches (besides always wearing matching couple outfits, much to the amusement of their friends and acquaintances)
  • They rarely argue, let alone fight, and if they did they reconcile soon after (Steve is always patient and understanding and Diana is very compassionate and caring)
  • Diana is amused when she realised Steve actually needs glasses (despite his excellent marksmanship) and she chose pairs of them for him; although Steve started wearing contact lens once they were commercialised, he still wears glasses from time to time (think Chris Pine wearing glasses, *wink wink*)
  • Steve is polylingual (English, French, German, Dutch, Danish and Swedish) and Diana is always there to teach him other languages, either for professional or personal/recreational purposes
  • They always make time for vacation
  • They visit Themyscira every 3 years (except during WWII)
  • When they are at home they always find time to sway to some slow and soothing music



  • GAJEVY BABIES ARE CANON well they were already canon before bUT NOW THEY’RE SUPER CANON
  • [insert The Incredibles “WOAH-HO-HO AND GOT BUSY!” gif here]
  • I’ve always really liked that Mashima has never been one to stray away or work around things like pregnancy and allusions to people in canon relationships having sex.


Essentially: “YOUR BODY IS MINE”


I mean they’ve had so many emotionally charged scenes and battles and oh god just remembering them makes me emotional, but there was never any concrete confession of love scene (well, for Gray). AND THEY GOT BUSY TOO.

  • Elfman and Eva, canon background cuties to the end. Speaking of which, the boys in the back chuckling at them, TOO CUTE.
  • I feel like that whole thing with Luxus was just Mashima trolling all of the readers with their multiple ships for him. Being like, sorry folks, he will remain a mystery. [tongue click]
  • The Master being all proud of his babies - “I RAISED HER!” aww his little girl off to go save China




(she looks exactly the same, why does she still have those head fins idek not important)



[I ran out of pictures because I was too busy reading it, here’s the rest]

  • Oh Lucy and Natsu. Never change.
  • I love all the early chapter parallels. Him suddenly breaking into her room like it’s no big deal, her giving up and being like ahhh whatever.
  • All these older panels…the art style change really is incredible. It goes from Rave Master era art to distinct Fairy Tail art.
  • I love this line of Lucy’s. Because I - and I’m sure so many other fans who’ve also been on this ride since the beginning - feel like if I hadn’t met these characters, I wouldn’t be who I am today either.
  • Ho boy. She’s getting ready for a kiss. It’s definitely going to be a misdirection.
  • Aaaaaand your girl called it.
  • DAMMIT. MASHIMA. IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK. FOR THEM. TO KISS. I know it’s perfectly in line with Natsu’s character, but cOME ON.
  • “We’ll always be together” AWWWWWWWWW ok I forgive you just a little
  • In my heart, I feel a bit let down…but it’s also the perfect Fairy Tail ending. Friends traveling together, same as always, family reunited, another adventure off in the distance. That’s the essence of Fairy Tail and so it only makes sense.

apdubtalia  asked:

Any specific type of yandere each Sansies is? (ex: possessive, stalker, clingy, manipulative) And method of choice each one uses to get rid of competition? Like if they use their bones to kill or be on the emotional manipulation to get a Frisk on their side.

Okie dokie! So…

UT! Sans:
He’s mostly a stalker, with a side of possessive. Rest assured, he’s very confident that his Frisk loves him and only him, but he can never be too sure. So he follows her in secret when she goes out without him.
He’s very good at appearing as though he doesn’t care where she goes or who she’s with (as long as they’re just friends), when in reality he cares a little too much.
Getting rid of competition: Corners any potential rivals and takes them out Bad Time™ style.

UF! Sans:
Possessive AF. Dude doesn’t let his Frisk go anywhere without him. Doesn’t matter where she’s going, he’s going to weasel his way into being there with her. After all, Frisk is a very attractive little lady. Who knows what would happen if he wasn’t there to keep the creeps off her? Prefers to get rid of rivals quickly (usually in the bloodiest, most brutal way possible).

US! Sans:
Possessive, obsessive, manipulative, clingy…the list of yandere traits this guy has could go on and on. The lil berry is not above faking hurt and tears. His Frisks’ pity for him is the greatest weapon he could use against her, and boy howdy does he know how to use it. He takes out rivals in different ways: 1) Slips them a poisoned taco or cupcake on the pretense of “friendship” 2)Corners them and chops them up with the many knives he keeps in his kitchen 3) Initiates a fight and doesn’t hold back
Sorry this took so long!😗

Okay, 2016 was hard as hell, i think we can all agree on that, can’t we? But if there is something that kept me sane and distracted during this living hell, well, those are fics, guys. I would like to thank every single author i will mention in a bit, for making my year a bit better, a little less heavy, filling it with beautiful words and dreams of love. ♥

A big thank you goes also to the lovely ladies that were just as helpful, bringing some of these fics to my attention but, more importantly, making my year feel lighter, filling it with fun, support and lots of virtual cuddling: @otpwhatever, @cuethetommo, @skylinethroughthewindow, @tomlinsuntea, @fireproofau and @coziestlouis 💕

So, here is a list of the best fics that i’ve read this year, in chronological order. 

[note: the list includes only fics that have been posted this year but also chaptered fics that were posted at the end of 2015 but have been completed in 2016]

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Red Rain- Damian Al Ghul-Wayne

    Damian was born out of the love of Bruce and Talia. Though Ra’s wants Bruce to join him in his cause, he refused. Talia was actually happy that her beloved didn’t agree. It was hard for Bruce to leave his child’s mother but he was very adamant in going against Ra’s desire to have a perfect world without any half-blooded creatures.
     Talia once told Bruce that her father is doing such a thing because those said “half-bloods” are the ones that killed her mother and they do nothing but pollute the Earth. Right before Bruce left, he told Talia that their child must never ever be indoctrinated by such things no matter what.

     When Damian was born, he was actually treated as something highly precious because it’s very, very rare for two full blooded vampires to have a child. It was never in their physiology to bear children that’s why it’s almost a miracle that Damian came to be.
     Damian spent decades hidden away from his grandfather. Talia wanted to honor her beloved by raising their child on her own and wishing for him to live in a better world. Damian was able to train under the best teachers, masters, and scholars. He is very adept in the arts, very well-read, and he is very compassionate about other living things. He was able to live with his mother for decades but one day, his grandfather found them and decided to take Damian away.
     Talia was awfully upset and she did everything to get her son back. She was furious because Ra’s declared that Damian would be the one to lure Bruce in joining his cause. She fought very hard and actually won. She was able to escape with Damian and she travelled to Nanda Parbat. There, she would train Damian even more because she knows that they would greatly need it sooner or later.

     True enough… Their time away from Ra’s was short lived. This time Ra’s wanted to make sure that Talia wouldn’t run away with his grandson. He separated the two, Talia not knowing what her father might do to Damian. Years later, Ra’s finally allowed Talia to see Damian. To her horror, he was brainwashed and made as a perfect weapon, hellbent in doing his grandfather’s bidding. Talia wanted to burn the whole castle down for what Ra’s did but Ra’s offered Talia to see Bruce because he found out where he is now.
      They made a deal… And that is to simply bring Damian to his father after all these years.

     Damian’s gear is a mix of what he wore during his “missions” for his grandfather and a bit of what Bruce gave him. It’s designed for comfort and the motif is ninja-like. The materials used to be cloth with some armor but then it was upgraded with a mix of kevlar and fireproof cloth.
     One time, Kon was looking at the fur lining on Damian’s clothes… Without even asking, Damian told him: “It’s the pelt of a very powerful Alpha that I was tasked to slay. I had to put him down because he was nothing more than a rabid animal." Then he added: ”…It was my very first mission.“

     His little black scarf was actually from his mother. He loves that scarf very much and he believes that it brings him good luck. If you look closely at the design on his back, it’s a golden trimming on his spine. I actually designed it in reference to Damian having his spine operated on back in the comic. Teehee~
     The "R” on his chest was an embroidery from Dick. Much to Damian’s dislike at first, Dick called him “Little Robin” because he flutters about. Damian hated it because 1. Tim is also likened to a Robin 2. He said that Robins do not even sound THAT threatening. And 3. Dick did a horrible job in trying to embroider the symbol. Alfred should have just done it instead. BUT he keeps it on anyway. XD

     Damian is a weapons master. He loves using bladed weapons the most but he never goes out in the field without his katana. It was a gift from his grandfather. Given to him after his first successful mission. It is said to eat souls and the more impure beings it slays, the more it grants the bearer strength.
     Along with the katana, Damian carries around a couple of kunai, shurikens and occasionally a pair of Sai. He keeps some wooden stakes too because it’s really a must for them.

     His martial arts training consists of almost every Asian style. But he prefers Baguazhang, Ninjutsu, Judo, Aikido, Eskrima, and Silat. Due to Ra’s training Damian, he was taught to always go for a swift kill. He was told that if he hesitates and even stops for a while, you might have a while to even think of mercy.

     Overall, Damian is designed to be unstoppable and never easy to take down. He can use his clothes to stealth, take anyone from the shadows, and even provide him some warmth because truth be told, the fur lining is top quality. Out of all of the boys, Damian’s is the most practical and lightest to wear.

Random facts: 

     Damian has a pet hellhound he named Titus who appeared out of nowhere one snowy day. Titus was the son of another hellhound and Cerberus. Titus can talk and he also breathes fire but he was trained not to burn down the manor. Also, Damian is older than Dick, Jason, and Tim combined. Since he’s the child of two pure blooded vampires, he ages slowly. After centuries, he still looks 10.
     Another special trait he inherited from his parents is the fact that he’s a “Daywalker.” He cannot be burned by the sun unlike other vampires. Others who can “Daywalk” is Dick and Ra’s. An advantage to Damian being able to do so is that he can go out with his father and the public sees him as the heir of Bruce’s fortune. Lastly, One thing that Damian HATES are werewolves because his spine was half clawed out by one. He calls them “mutts” with much revulsion and his opinion on them cannot be easily swayed.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I AM DONE!!! THANK YOU FOR READING THIS WALL OF TEXT!! *Gives you a flower crown and kisses you*

Hope you guys like this!

Check out the others too, okay?

Dick || Jason || Tim

anonymous asked:

Do you have any oinoya headcanons?

Admin Tornado : YES I LOVE THIS SHIP 

  • Nishinoya going up to OIkawa and asking help with his Sets. 
  • Their personalities together could destroy the world. I’m telling you.
  • They’re both so sweet and lovey dovey and so lively. There’s never a boring night together. 
  • Imagine Oikawa picking up Noya bridal style. I mean hell Nishinoya must be super light. 
  • Band AU? I love the idea of Oikawa being a lead singing and Nishinoya on the drums jamming out. Nishinoya does not wanna admit to listening to their own music. But he can’t help it Oikawas voice is so beautiful. 
  • Oikawa is so impressed with Nishinoyas receives he can’t get over it. So he goes up to Noya and asks him to lunch. Nishinoya thinks it’s a date and is like!???? me??!! But in reality OIkawa just wanted to know his training background. The whole time Noya has his flirting face on and OIkawa is like.. woah. ok.. maybe.. this could work..
  • Nishinoya looses his pride and asks Oikawa how he can get with so many girls. Oikawa is just like “oohhh you wanna know my secrets~” And they spend so much time together eventually Oikawa teaches a thing or two about Kissing to Noya and turns out they’re both gay for eachother. Whoops. 

Also can we please talk more about this panel???

Admin Staples : *aggressive happy noises in the background*

anonymous asked:

hello! a while back (i believe it was you) you posted something about seeing other 10th mercs. I have one but I think they'll get bashed... have any tips on how to post a 10th merc idea with confidence?

Hello! Yes it was me! 

The best thing about your question is that I asked myself the same thing every day as I was starting out. Obviously Seeker is a bit…well ‘wild’ for a 10th class. With her color scheme and story, I was worried that she would be seen as a silly deviantart oc. But I couldn’t let her go and I was determined to work on her until she seemed to make sense! Until her character seemed reasonable for the tf2 verse!

Now, I admit I’m still battling with this, but goodness I’ve come a long way! So here’s the secret: Never give up. Let your mind be open. Do not be afraid to ask for help or research.

Seeker had no chance a year ago, but I kept developing her; I did research on the tf2 style, lore, and game-play (plus I play it myself), which helped me figure out how a flying class could be useful! Imagine your class in game. Imagine them hanging out with their teammates. Give them their three default weapons. Give them a set outfit that is unique to their class yet still follows the style!

NEVER GIVE UP!!!! If I can get a pink winged bird woman from another world to be seen as a tenth class ( by an amazing set of people whom I love so much ), then you can do anything.

Also please for the love of God give your class the right body-type, personality, and whatnot that goes with being a merc. They would be muscular, slim, or both depending on their job (ex: scout is slim-muscled so that he weighs less and is fast, Heavy is heavy-set, but he has the most muscle and doesn’t need to be light weight) , and they most likely wouldn’t be cowardly or squeamish (they are killers…who get blood and guts everywhere)

<3333333 also share your class!!! share them constantly!!! never stop sharing because only then will you grow!!!

PS. Seeks loves u!

Fairy Tail Modern AU

So I finally finished the Modern AU I’ve been working on for about a week! It’s very very long so I’m putting it under the cut. I hope you guys like it~

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anonymous asked:

could you maybe do a mystic messenger headcon on how the guys would put up their daughters hair?

So I’m trying this new style of writing headcons so lets see how it goes!


  • hair?
  • whats hair?
  • he would stick some bobby pins in her hair to keep it out of her face
  • but then she was crying
  • oh god she’s upset
  • now he’s calling you for help
  • things are on fire now…


  • she put your daughters hair in the most beautiful dutch braid
  • and now your daughter never wanted you to put up her hair again
  • and Jahee realized her mistake at being so perfect
  • but she loved seeing you pout over it
  • “I wish you weren’t so perfect Jahee!”
  • and now she was hugging you
  • and now you were blushing


  • he curled her hair
  • and maybe burned himself one or two times
  • but her hair came out so cute!
  • so he took pictures of her
  • and by pictures like 100 of them
  • with just her
  • and then with the two of them
  • and the two of you
  • and then all three of you
  • you couldn’t help but laugh at how funny and cute he was being
  • and he made his favoite one of all three of you his lock screen and icon in the RFA chat obv


  • ha
  • lolololol
  • he called in a stylist to do her hair
  • but then she started giving him the puppy dog eyes that you gave him now and then
  • so he decided to put it up in a pony
  • like
  • how hard would that be?
  • but then his wrist got stuck in her hair tie
  • as well as her hair
  • and she was laughing
  • but her hair never got up
  • and Jumin never told you of the disaster that happened


  • he
  • was
  • so
  • excited
  • this was his chance
  • he got his gel and styled it into a mohawk
  • and she was laughing
  • oh and now she was charging at him like some sort of rhino
  • and he was running
  • “the great daughter of 707 is now attacking her own father!”
  • and you walked into the door
  • and dropped your keys
  • as you saw her stabbing him with her spiked hair
  • “I go get milk for 5 minutes!”

This one has always been my secret favorite, like “I hope it ends up being a single, I hope people love it,” because there’s just something about it. I love how the song sounds the way that that feeling felt. I love it when a sound of a song matches up with the feeling that inspired it… I loved comparing kind of these timeless visuals with a feeling that never goes out of style.

Inspirational & motivational quotes for sisters ♥ part 2!

New members, big/littles and active sisters need encouragement and motivation through thoughtful notes, crafts and gifts. These are some more inspiring quotes you can use to brighten the lives of your sisters. Combine these sayings with your sorority symbols, name, or motto for an extra special greek creation! 

💖   More Encouraging Quotes for Sorority Sisters: 💖

  • Become all that you have the possibility of becoming.
  • Oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.
  • In my sister, I find a second self.
  • Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.
  • {XYZs} make things happen - then make history.
  • Be led by your dreams.
  • The power of love and caring can change the world.
  • Being happy never goes out of style. 
  • Sisterhood brings your dreams closer.
  • Become all you have the possibility of becoming.
  • Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. Choose {XYZ} sorority.
  • Be bold. Be {XYZ}.
  • It’s the sisters you can call up at 4:00 a.m. that really matter. 
  • A sister hears the song in my heart and sings it with me.
  • Live to the point of tears.
  • Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of.
  • We are the dreamers of dreams.
  • Sisterhood is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.
  • The doors you open each day decides the life you live.
  • To love and to be loved by sisters is the greatest happiness.
  • Sometimes the smallest decision can change your life forever.
  • Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
  • In my sister, I find a second self.
  • The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
  • Be better than you ever thought you could be.
  • Live the life of your dreams.
  • A loyal sister is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
  • Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
  • Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.
  • If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.
  • You’ve got a friend. 
  • For there is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather.
  • All our dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them.
  • You have your own time machines. Some take you back, they’re called memories. Some take you forward, they’re called dreams.
  • Sisters leave footprints on your heart.
  • The world belongs to the enthusiastic.
  • I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.
  • A sister is one who knows all about you and likes you anyway.
  • Keep your faith in beautiful things.
  • Sisterhood is the compass that guides us.
  • The best kind of sister is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with and drink sweet tea. 
  • Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my sister.
  • Faithful friends are hard to find. I found one in you.
  • A  sister is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.
  • Faithful sisters face in the same direction.

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The Fashion Dynamic Duo of S2E5, Murder a la Mode

Fashion and Memorable Quotes

This episode is all about fashion. However, if you “dismissed the fashion world as frivolous”, you would have made a tactical error. Not only did it provide a perfect setting for a beautiful woman to commit grand theft and murder under the disguise of a prestigious model with French ancestry, turn loving sisters diabolic, and reduce poor Dot to tears, but it also inspired some of the most memorable and insightful quotes.

The first one was by Simone Fleuri when she was commenting on Dot’s choice of a suit in a beautiful shade of brown, “Very sensible choice, my dear; you can be married and buried in a quality suit”. Right, Madam Fleuri, that’s exactly what every young girl dreamed of hearing when they excitedly tried on a new outfit. That being said, I must admit, she did make a good point. A well tailored suit never goes out of style; I just never heard anyone put it quite like that.

As sensible as she was, Dot was still a young lady who longed to look beautiful and stylish like her Miss Phryne and the model Miss Lamaire. Later at home, when she thought that no one was around, she picked up Miss Fisher’s sparkling silver dress, twirled in front of the mirror, and imagined herself in it. (Admit it, we all have done that growing up and can totally relate.) She was slightly embarrassed when Miss Fisher interrupted her daydreaming. After hearing Dot’s inner struggle of staying true to the conservative value her mother instilled in her or succumbing to the desire to break free and let loose (so that she could be like Miss Lamaire who made Hugh’s eyes wander earlier that day), Miss Fisher offered her the most profound advice, “A woman should dress first and foremost for her own pleasure…If these things happen to appeal to men, well, that really is a side issue”. Every woman should have this quote framed and hung next to her mirror.

So, what happened when these things did happen to appeal to men, particularly a man named Jack Robinson? It sparked more memorable quotes, of course. At the end of the episode after the murderer/burglar was caught, Dot and Miss Fisher each donned a stunning dress and walked the runway for the Fleuri sisters in front of a group of socialites and the two policemen, one of them was even in uniform. (I wonder if any of these women questioned the presence of the constabulary members at such event, albeit dashingly handsome ones.) The fashion show was a success, and Miss Fisher loved the dress so much that she wore it home, instead of changing back to her own clothes at House de Fleuri. Bert and Cec must have driven her and Dot home; there is no way she could be driving her Hispano without messing up her outfit, especially the extravagant hair piece.

When she was heading upstairs to her boudoir, Jack showed up to return her necklace. I assume it was too valuable to be kept securely locked up in the police station evidence room overnight and must be returned to its owner immediately, no matter how late it was. Thank goodness Inspector Robinson was such a responsible policeman; otherwise, we would have missed one of the most incredible Phrack “eyesex” moments (as the fandom refers to). Here is their conversation:

Jack: “I will never again dismiss the fashion world as frivolous. It all looks harmless enough, but you never know what lurks beneath.(Seemingly innocent opening.)

Miss Fisher: “Usually lingerie.(Oh, she was going there…)

Jack: “Equally dangerous.(Sensing the bait dangling in front of him now…)

Miss Fisher: “And just one dress can be lethal.(Cue Jack lowering his eyes with a smirk; a penny for your thoughts, Inspector…)

Miss Fisher: “Night cap?(I am positive it is a code for something more.)

Jack: “Perhaps another time…at a less dangerous hour…in a less lethal dress.(Is it me or Jack’s facial expression gradually turned from playful to serious as the sentence went on? Banters and flirtations aside, did he detect the true feelings for her within himself and all of a sudden become a little afraid where it was leading?)

Jack turned around and left. Music started playing, credits rolling. Seriously? Leaving us hanging again?

(Posted 21-Apr-2015)


“Let’s wear black dresses to MetLife because in 50 years when we look back at our pictures we’ll realize that black never goes out of style” -my sister, Brooke

WE’LL SEE YOU SOON TAYLOR! We love you so much, can’t wait to see you again! From opening for Rascal Flatts to the 1989 tour and all the shows in between, thank you for being in our lives for so long (since 2006!) We consider you our other sister and we are SO EXCITED for MetLife night 2 and both nights at Gillette. See you soon sis💗All our love, Dana and Brooke