being in a relationship must be hard .

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Harry used to have so much support from people who aren't larries but it's really down to larrie harries and holo harries :( Holo harries hate larrie harries and 1d fans hate the holo harries. He has less and less support and the public in 2017 doesn't care about a celebrity with no social media presence or a relationship to make them a big success :( I'm sorry for being negative but it's hard to be happy..

I don’t know, man, i’m pretty happy.  I choose joy.  People hate other people?  Let them.  It must be pretty exhausting to carry around that kind of anger.  I’ll be over here chilling with my iced coffee.  I don’t know if it’s necessarily less support, but more out of sight out of mind.  Once he actively starts doing promo- and like I mentioned to my earlier anon, a few fan pics and pappings, a few mentions of his album from people not connected to it, don’t count in my book as active promo.  That’s getting his feet wet and slowly reintroducing himself to the world after being a giant hermit.  

I guess i just try to think about it like a casual fan and I can only speak for myself, I know it’s just anecdotal and not based on anything substantial.  I”m also aware that I might not be normal or average, but I don’t buy an album because of an artist’s social media presence.  I just recently saw Tove Lo in concert and I have no idea if she even has twitter.  All I know is, I really like her music.  I only know what she looks like because her face is on her album cover.  I know the vaguest outlines of her personal life as it relates to her music.  I don’t care to know more, but I do care enough to buy and/or stream her music and buy concert tickets.  I mean hell, even Ed Sheeran.  Sure he’s got a solid social media presence, but I would have bought his album even if he didn’t.  I find his tweets and instagrams charming, but it’s just background noise to me. Again, like I said, I know this isn’t solid evidence, but I feel like if his music is good and he’s not a bag of dicks (which we know he’s not), he’ll be fine.  

Is social media helpful? Hell yeah it is, especially when it comes to BUILDING a career.   Is it the be all end all of someone’s career?  naaah.  But even this worrying is wayyyyyy too early.  How do we know he won’t start up again as it gets closer to being released?  Why worry about things that might not even happen?  

Headcannons - Cor and Gladio

So with Gladiolus’ episode, I seriously decided I needed some fanarts of kid Gladio being looked after by a young Immortal. I mean, seriously, Cor went with him for the entire trial and asked him to stay safe. Am I the only one thinking they should have a bro/father and son sort of relationship? Gladdy is only supposed to be 24. And Cor had to babysit the future king’s shield. It must have been quite hard for him to let one of his friends’ kid going in there, not knowing how things might turn out.

I also would have adored a Cor centric episode. Him as a daredevil teenager rushing through Gilgamesh trial. I need to write more fics. Or get my sketch book out of the dumptser. Finally, the parallel between one metal-armed Ravus and Gilgamesh’s missing arm? This is too much. Way too much. The battle on the big bridge remains one of my favorite soundtrack forever. I need to rewrite those trials. Into something that last more than one hour.

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I actually have a huge crush on you

Hi, Anon! o/ First of all, I wanted to say that I’m very flattered! No one’s ever really told me anything like this before so I appreciate you telling me this; I know it must’ve been hard, even if it’s on anon.

I’m sorry, though, to say this but I won’t be able to return your feelings. I’m aroace, so it’s just not possible ;; I’m sure whoever you are, that you’re a wonderful person! But please don’t get any hopes up. It’s really not you, it’s just how I feel in regards to relationships in general. 

I wouldn’t mind being friends, however, if you’d like ;v; I do wish you well and hope that you’ll be able to find someone who’ll love you in return! 

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See I don't think that sophia and Jess are on bad terms. I think they've simply taken a step back from the spotlight in terms of their relationship/friendship. Bc he's gone totally off the grid, and she's being very selective with what she's sharing. I don't think that's a coincidence...

Ya I don’t really feel like they are on bad terms, but who actually knows….I probably wouldn’t be interacting that much with my ex of three years especially if I had to play his boyfriend on TV. I can’t imagine how hard that must be

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I think Taylor had a hard time at the end of CH because much of the problem was with who she was and what she can't help but bring to a relationship.We know she kinda has a chip on her shoulder about that.Def not the sole reason she got with tom, but him being unaffected by what CH was affected by soothed that wound a bit and caution kind of went out the window. She does care about her perception, as she must. But it was making her happy, so she traveled and went out anyways. And good for her


Dear Future Wife,

Kiss me on street corners, as the Christmas lights twinkle above our heads. Kiss me, not knowing that our mouths will fit, but trusting that they will.
Kiss me when you’re sad, happy, stressed out, relieved, relaxed, annoyed, upset, ecstatic. Kiss me because you like doing it, and because you feel you must.

Kiss me softly, but then kiss me hard – because you’re not sure how I like to be kissed; I just enjoy being kissed by you.
Kiss me, and step back, and giggle when I stumble to reach for you, because I will always want one more kiss. Kiss me with your eyes closed, with our fingers intertwined.

Kiss me before I meet your friends, and kiss me after – to tell me that I did okay. Kiss me when I can’t look at you, because you are so beautiful that it actually hurts me to do that.
Kiss me, because when you do, the smile on my face lasts and lasts and lasts. Kiss me quietly, just for us, when no one sees.

Kiss me when we’re sober, because I didn’t have to be intoxicated to kiss you that first time, and around you, I never want to be.
Kiss me, because you took a chance and kissed me back, and now we can’t seem to stop wanting each other. Kiss me, so you can tell me which chapstick you like.

But most of all, kiss me because you want to.


I know sometimes she feels utterly useless. But I try to see the light. The memory of the fantastic times we have had; the knowledge that she loves me unquestionably and the hope that one day she will get over this and be happy and “normal.” I honestly believe she can overcome this.

I feel I must try to understand. I must try to be patient and supportive. But there have been times when it has all been a bit too much for me, when I am fed up of being used as a punchbag (not literally), where I think to myself that I would be better and happier on my own. I would be lying if I said these thoughts never crossed my mind.

It’s hard being in a relationship with someone who suffers from BPD. But it is nowhere near as hard as being the one with BPD. My girlfriend is not a burden, her BPD is. Our relationship is a molehill compared to the mountain of a struggle she has to go through to try to overcome her condition. We have shed may tears together, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I am quite emotional right now.

—  The Roller Coaster Ride of Loving Someone with BPD

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"Why can I not be happy?"

Golden Crowns | // Accepting

When one fills your cup with sorrow it tastes the most bitter to swallow. They say your family molds and mentors you to become what you are today and though your parents may have instilled something in you, your relationship with thy brother was impregnable. Such a deep love cannot be read or understood like the love between father and son, mother and daughter so too are there deep connections between siblings. He’s left such a deep impression on yourself that you have a hard time separating from his memory because even if you think on him in anger, hate, or love it is what keeps him alive in your heart. You must find a better way to keep his memory alive without being dragged by the pitfalls of the past and allow others to form some kind of connection with thy self.

( @kyokujitsushou )

I tell myself not to chase anyone because I shouldn’t have to run to the ends of the earth to get someone’s attention. The effort should be made on both ends. I tell myself to relax because you don’t need to constantly be in a relationship to feel valid. Being single is okay. Sometimes it’s hard but most of the time you are okay by yourself. People will come into your life at the right time and things will be easy then. But for right now you must be patient. Sit back. Stop looking. I just fear that if I’m not the one that makes an effort I will miss out on great things. If I sit back and wait for something to happen it never will. I’m constantly struggling between good things come to those who wait and if you want something in life then go get it.

What about now? / Are they still together?

Events taking place after Valentine’s Day are much more difficult to analyse because they stand alone, unlike the Valentine’s Day video which groups several of them, allowing us to confirm or refute them all at once. It’s hard to say with any certainty if they are still together, and arguments like “omg their eyes met, they must be in love”, while cute, are too subjective to hold any weight. 

So I’m split on it. On the one hand, I think 3 and a half years is a long-ass time to hide a relationship. Wouldn’t they get weary of consistently having to hide being a couple, if they were still together? If my partner went around pretending to be disgusted by the idea of being with me, the way Dan has done in the past, I’d find it pretty upsetting.

On the other hand, I think they seem far too close to be exes (really, if they are exes and they are that close, wouldn’t that scare away potential partners?) They read to me as either really close friends with no romantic past, or as a long-term couple. Since I think the Valentine’s Day video is real, that means they must have dated at one point, so I think they probably still are.

Some people theorize that they might have broken up for a while (and that the wave of particularly angry denials from Dan came during that time) and got back together recently.

Some have speculated that they aren’t as close as they used to be or have split up because they aren’t many tweets/dailybooths/etc that points towards them being in a relationship, unlike in 2009/2010. However, it’s worth remembering that if they were indeed a couple back then, they were in a long-distance relationship, so social media was a good way to keep in touch. They live together now; they no longer need that. Also, there were a lot fewer eyes watching back then, so they would have felt less self-conscious about posting that stuff publicly.

So taking all that in consideration, do I personally think they are still together? I’d say maybe 70% sure they’re together now, 95% sure they were an item back in 2009/2010.

With all that being said, now it’s up to you… make up your own mind about it. ^_^

If you feel like discussing it with other fans, I list a few other Phan discussion blogs on my About page. You can also send me an ask if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!

Sorry Not Sorry - details on Big Sean, Lea Michele & Glee

- There’s a lot of mentions in the Glee portion about what things were like when they’d hang out in the earlier seasons after work and the parties they’d go to and whatnot. Kevin being a goof, Heather dancing around in her underwear, etc.

- With Big Sean It started off good but it slowly deteriorated as time went on. He sorta asked her if she wanted to get married while they were laying around, and he told his fam that they were engaged, and then eventually gave a real proposal. But nothing was working. They were fighting like crazy and when Cory died, he was basically like “damn that sucks” and went back to sleep. She was wedding planning and he wouldn’t help, he wouldn’t even give her a guest list of people he wanted there. He was useless. At one point they were fighting and he was home in LA after travelling for a bit and he didn’t wanna see her, so she was like “well I have a key, so.” And she went and found Ariana Grande hanging out sitting on the couch. They went to couples therapy, and basically she said it wasn’t working. He stole the Rolex he’d given her and when she called him out he claimed he was getting it rewound. It was just so messy and then she found out that the wedding was 100% off via the internet. And then there was the stuff with IDFWY.

- Her part about Cory is really sweet. The two of them were really close, and she talked about what a good guy he was. They had a very brother/sister like relationship. She talked about how devastating it was to get a call in the middle of the night about him no longer being alive. But she believed that God must have had a plan, even though she didn’t understand it.

- The Quarterback was really hard for everybody. Everyone was just bawling. And people were still mourning off screen, it made it really hard to do in character. Santana having a big part was sort of the writers’ way of acknowledging Naya’s friendship with Cory, and because Lea wasn’t in any place to take the lead in that episode, she was the next choice. Mike O’Malley wrote her a note telling her that he thought people on set looked up to her and that she had to try and be extra strong to help pull everyone through it.

- There’s a whole section about Mark and her awful relationship with him.

- In a segment of the book, she didn’t name Lea by name. However, there are several things pointing to her, because of things said in other parts of the book about how they were not friends and she didn’t really like her. Given her closeness to the rest of the cast, and given who was actually prominent in that episode, talking about a friend by going “… one particular Glee star to amp up her bitch factor.” doesn’t really seem likely when there’s one person that she’s named earlier on that she had a bad relationship with. She mentions how they absolutely couldn’t do the scene without this person, and the producer said it wasn’t them who spread the rumors, and she claims “it sounded like there was a giant, blinking arrow point right at a certain person. so I guess you can throw a bitch fit, lock yourself in your trailer, and stall production, yet still allegedly find the time to leak stories to the press.”

- During the episode Chris wrote with the old people and the dogs, Lea was pulling a diva fit about everything and eventually was locking herself in her trailer. And Naya was ready for them to do a diner scene and she was on her mark with her lines ready and nobody else was, and one of the producers was just chilling on a diner stool and she went up to him and was like “Where’s the rest of the scene? Aren’t going to do anything about this?” and he freaked out and started yelling at her in front of everybody and was was like “I’ve been doing this job for 6 years!” And she was like “Yeah, badly.”

- She wasn’t in the next episode but they mended things during the summer hiatus that year when all the rumors were out about how she was fired. The producers told her that the rumors didn’t stem from them though, and Naya said the rumors were the first she had heard about her getting “fired.”

- She thought he was really cute back in 2009. She wanted him to like her. He asked her out in October. His car was a piece of trash and he was smoking weed in front of her after she declined his offer to do it too. The went to In-N-Out drive through for dinner. He was high, but the date wasn’t bad, and they ended the night with a hug. They kissed the first time the night Obama was elected, he called her to come celebrate at a bar. They became bf/gf after that and he told her he loved her four weeks into hanging out, but he was high on ecstasy. She split the ecstasy pill with him after he convinced her to do it with him. So he was high as a kite and happy and she didn’t feel much. They dated on and off for 3 years, and it was either really on, or really off. His publicist wanted him to pretend not to have a girlfriend. She said she loved fighting with him, that she was addicted to the drama. He was really moody, and she would push his buttons

- She didn’t key Mark’s car, she threw sludge on it source

Okay but

Will Solace is the son of the god of music, and of a professional alt-country singer.

He has no musical abilities, other than a super-sonic whistle.

Think about that for a second.

What powers did he get from his dad? Healing.

How confused must he have been when he found out who his dad was?

Can you imagine him trying so hard to sing and play guitar like his momma, and not being so great at it?

And how does that effect Will’s self-esteem? How does this effect his relationship with his mother?

Just think.

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Are you going to do a best yoonjin comp?? :D thanks for your hard work!

YES, I love yoonjin <3

Some yoonjin must reads coming up! :)

By Any Other Name - Jin/Suga ~ ft. Kiddy!kookie
Jungkook’s family is different, but it’s his family, and he will punch any kid who says otherwise. Which happens. Yoongi is called to the school to discuss his son’s behavioral problem.
>>Domestic, established relationship family fluff is already one hell of an combination but then kiddy!kookie being so protective of his dads is just too much, this is too perfect<<

We Are Bulletproof - Ot7 Gen ~ slight! Suga/Jin ~ 15.6k
Namjoon doesn’t pretend, not even for a second, that he doesn’t know what Seokjin does to keep them all going. That Seokjin gave up everything so the rest of them could have a chance at something better. Prostitution, character death
>>I don’t like crying, but I like this fic anyway. I thought I’d make it through without tears but the epilogue got me. I was so invested into their family relationship :/ and the yoonjin was heartbreaking. :// cry with me :///<<

Perfect Series - Jin/Suga
1. Hardly Perfect -  Yoongi is not the ideal roommate
2. Perfectly Unique -  Min Yoongi is not most Omegas.
3. Beyond Perfect -  Yoongi thought he found the thing that he hated the most.
>>There needs to be more alpha!Jin in this world, every fic I’ve read with him as the alpha has been so fluffy and refreshing, this is no exception<<

Within Reach - Suga/Jin
Yoongi and Seokjin are part android, and they share a heart. That means they can never be both awake at the same time.
>>I really love this story, it’s one of the most domesticated android aus I’ve read even though their interactions are so limited, I really want to see how their interactions progress after the ending<<

so this will never end - Jin/Suga
Seokjin briefly wonders if the ‘Never’ in Neverland serves as a warning to 1) never piss off a pirate or 2) never fall in love with one, because both seem resoundingly accurate at the moment with the way this Captain Min Yoongi is staring at him.
>>This is like the best thing ever, Peter Pan is creepy af, team Captain Yoongi lol<<

Impromptu Fantasie - Jin/Suga
Seokjin is an incredibly decorated classical pianist and Yoongi’s a hitmaker specializing in hiphop.

Their story is cliche and the stuff of cheap romance novels, and Yoongi doesn’t even care.
>>I am weak for music aus and I really really like this one. Their story was paced so well I fell for their romance as much as I did their characters<<

Sing For Me - Jin/Suga
Jin was a songbird who didn’t sing, and Yoongi wanted a silent pet. It was perfect.
>>This is so cute, I’ve read it like 8 times and I die from how adorable it is even now.<<

Push and Pull - Jin/Suga
Here’s a story about veteran Yoongi and Seokjin who is fluent in Korean Sign Language.
>>I’d forgotten how much I loved this fic until I reread it just now, there’s such a depth to their characters and their relationship and it’s expressed so well with such a short story<<

Guardian - Jin/Suga
Apparently, Yoongi has a guardian angel.
>>This is the kind of fic that leaves me smiling after I read it, it’s fluffy to the extreme and honestly just puts me in a good mood after reading it. Awkward, clumsy angels for the win<<

complete - Jin/Suga
Yoongi goes to physical therapy twice a week.
>>I couldn’t finish this list without a food au of some kind and it might as well be a well written and majorly fluffy coffee shop au lol<<

I must tell you that AC Revelations is the game that I relate to the most when it comes to Ezio’s love, I mean we all see Ezio go from a womanizer to a kind of a loner after what happened to Cristina, but always staying strong, right? When i was at high school, i used to be a shy person and once made friends with a girl who also turned out to be shy, not only that, but also we shared similar tastes, we always did the homework together and all that, by then, i changed from a shy to a determined person. However a time came when she started putting me aside and… i could not bear any longer the thought of being alone, so i decided to break our relationship, and so that was the thing that hit me so hard because i developed some feelings for her, but then when also started to realise that a single person cannot destroy your whole life and no matter what, you must always carry on.

[image provided by submitter]

The Life I Strive To Live

A lot of the time, I feel like I cannot be writing a blog post about God because I’m not in the “right place with God” to be doing so. But then I quickly remind myself how nobody will ever be in the “right place with God” because we all fall short. As humans, we are all Unworthy because we have all sinned. I sin every single day no matter how hard I try. It just happens. WE ARE HUMAN. But of course, as being a follower of Jesus, I try my hardest to run from sin and instead follow the path Jesus walked. We must constantly be running from all evil and trying our best to live like Jesus. And if you never began this relationship with Christ, It’s so simple! “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9 (ESV) So today, I was studying through Matthew 16 and a few things hit me. I wanted to share. Btw, I would love to do a weekly devotional on here or somewhere on the web. I think it would build me up as a christian and I would love to share what God has spoken to me to encourage all of you. Anyway…

Matthew 16:24 (ESV)

Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.“

What does this all mean? Taking up a cross?! Are we actually supposed to find a wooden cross and carry it like Jesus did?! Of course not haha. Jesus already did that for us. I believe this is one of the most powerful verses in the bible. It’s necessary for living the life Jesus called us to live. Let me go into what this means.

1. Deny yourself

2. Take up your cross

3. Follow Jesus

By living the life Jesus called us to live, we must first deny ourselves. That simply means denying our self will. This life is not about what we want, but all about what Jesus wants for us! We must constantly be surrendering our lives to Jesus and giving ourselves up to him so He may do a work in us. If we do not deny ourselves, Jesus won’t be able to work on us. Let go of all your trials and problems and give it up to the God of all creation to take care of. Let Him be in control. I know every time I try to take control, I always fail.

Next, once we deny ourselves, we must take up our cross. I love how my ESV study bible puts this. It translates taking up your cross to "embracing God’s will”. Every single moment throughout our days, wherever we may find ourselves, we must always be living a life pleasing to God. The way we talk to people, serve people, hang with our friends, etc. If what we’re doing does not seem to be pleasing God, then it’s definitely something we need to let go of. If we’re not pleasing God, we cannot be growing closer to christ. Sin is sin and we must flee it immedietely.  

Then the last command is to follow Jesus. This is an every day routine, not just a thing you do when you go to church on Sunday. I try to read my bible and talk to Jesus everyday. It’s necessary for a Christian to do this in order to grow with christ. I love to compare it to people in a relationship. If a couple is in a relationship but talk only ONCE a week for 5 minutes, how are they supposed to stay together or learn more about each other? It’s impossible haha and extremely awkward. If we’re not talking to God everyday and seeking him, how can that relationship be alive? I know how hard it is to start reading your bible everyday, but sometimes you just have to push really hard in the beginning. Then eventually, God will take off and begin working in you. The moment I gave up smoking weed everyday, I begin to seek Jesus in the word everyday and that hunger for him begin to build more and more! It’s amazing how Jesus works. He wants to grow closer to us more than we want to grow closer to him. The GOD of all creation loves us more than we can ever comprehend. super cool.

And this 3 step process is a daily commitment. Everyday I pray to God denying myself and asking for forgiveness for constantly messing up as a human. All I want to be is more like Jesus and that won’t happen if I’m not in the word everyday. If we only seek Jesus once a month, not only will that relationship be dead but it also opens doors for Satan to come in and tackle us. Talk to God like you’re talking to any one of your friends. He knows EVERYTHING about us. Be straight up simple with him. He loves that more than anything!

I haven’t done a post about God in a good while and this was definitely refreshing! I consider this more of a rant than a devotion because I simply just started typing. Hopefully this made some sense. Thanks for reading if you got up to this point :)

I love you guys. If you have any prayer requests or questions, just send them to my ASK. I’ll try to answer as many as I can. And even if I don’t answer yours, it doesn’t mean I didn’t see it. I will pray for every thing I see! Jesus hears all our prayers :)

okai bye!

And this…

Gif courtesy of @the-perks-of-being-a-feminist

… is the reason why they make such awesome parabatai, they bring THIS to their on-screen relationship. It’s hard to act as if you’re close when you don’t FEEL it. They DO feel it, the friendship, and you can SEE it on-screen.

And I have to wonder if one of the requirements for their parts was, “Must be comfortable with same-sex intimacy.” Not sex, just touching, hugging, stuff like that, and making it seem natural. Because these two? They do!

Man I don’t see why some people portray Hades as being this cold controlling boss like,

Hades straight up adopted three kids off the street and gave them a home and jobs and maintains an open healthy relationship with them, and he takes care of his niece who hates her parents and needs support and stability and he’s a really hard worker and there’s not an ounce of cruelty in him at all.

Hades is actually a dorky dad who’s just doing his best for his family.

“There is so much pressure applied on men, ever since their childhood, to live up to an impossible fantasy: ‘Boys are tough. Boys don’t cry. Boys don’t lose a fight. Boys fear nothing. Boys go to war. Boys must have a spectacular hard on when “show time” arrives. Boys do not get attached. Boys always have to prove that they are “manly”.’ And what is the first characteristic of being manly? Not being sensitive, of course. 

But boys are indeed scared. And sensitive. That’s the reality. And they have the right to be scared and need to embrace their sensitivity and reject this counter-productive Superman ideal. It is only then that a real change can start to happen in relationship dynamics, breaking the deteriorating moulds and prototypes. 

Girls need to begin conceiving of themselves as competent and influential instead of mere victims; boys need to begin conceiving of themselves as human and humane beings: vulnerable, genuine, anti-heroes, and not invincible champions.”

– Joumana Haddad, “Superman is an Arab”.

How painful it must be

when you and your bestfriend finally announce to millions of people - who you believed that they love and support and trust you two - something you’ve been working incredibly hard for months, with so much pride and excitement, and then they criticized you for being greedy for money, doubted your personalities and assumed the relationship you have with your bestfriend was a setup calculated marketing strategy.

Don’t know about you, but I would be absolutely crushed.

They're gonna make television history?

Just like every other Sherlock fan who entertains spoilers and was following SDComicCon news, I’ve been thinking about Amanda Abbington’s comment about this season being so groundbreaking (while Sue Vertue is in the background doing the most epic eye-bug). Now, we know AA is known for blurting and ill-advised comments on Twitter, but I also think they must have prepped her pretty hard if she was the one they chose to do the cons and so much of the post-s3 publicity with them.

When you back up Vertue’s reaction with Mark Gatiss’s facial shift as BC talked about s4 and got to straying beyond the presumably safe topics of hair and coat, that does start to look like neon arrows pointing at “relationship” as the real (character arc) theme for s4.  Fans, of course, immediately jumped on the TJLC bandwagon and threw their hands up with a mighty shout of “CONFIRMED!!!”

I’m not going to parse all that we so far have gotten from the con and setlock in the light of tjlc—there are dozens of other fans just on my dash doing that. No, what I’m going to wonder about is in the other direction. Bear with me a moment here because I want to poke at things a bit.

No matter whether the s4 secret is johnlock on the screen (in whatever flavour you’re envisioning) or not, what AA said was “television history.” And I don’t see putting two men together doing [sex] as all that groundbreaking any longer: other shows, including Ben Whisaw’s recent “London Spy” have been there. Effects on a tv show? Hasn’t Doctor Who been going there for 50 years now? See, I’m having trouble finding something implicit to just making a tv show, absent plot developments, that qualifies for this. Even if they go really modernist in plotting, a la “Parade’s End”, or even further timey-wimey, these developments aren’t going to be the kind of novel that merit’s AA’s breathless gushing. And they’ve so freely admitted to the appeal of “all a speculation in the mind of Victorian!lock” that I’m fairly well convinced that they’re not going there, either.

I think she was perhaps choosing her words poorly and more likely means making Sherlockian history. And that’s a different thing.

Here, anything tjlc has plenty of room to cover new and novel ground, following on TPLOSH, certainly, but moving further to accomplish what Wilder was held back from. A big splash in Sherlockian circles, yes; I’m not sure the casuals really will be that historically dazzled but perhaps that’s a failure of the crew’s imagination in terms of popular involvement in the Sherlock canon. And I don’t really feel as though the element of surprise is of the scale that their responses merit: we all know and a huge portion of the casuals know and recognize that the relationship between our two heroes is close and the heart of the story. It’s been there since the beginning, and I’m not sure it’s exciting enough, groundbreaking enough or hidden enough to merit the reactions I’m seeing and hearing.

Parsing the writers’ comments for the true situation is like listening to the nighttime for the moment that dog isn’t barking. We have to find the negative space in the tease, because that’s where the real hints lie. Remember how they made that one comment back in s1 about not going into the whole drugs thing because that’s not the right connotation for Sherlock Holmes today? One comment, we all bought it, and we’re all still reeling from the s3 reveal of, oh no, the drugs.

I feel the same way about the family thing. Pointing us at Moriarty for the villainy that drives the mysteries but hinting at a family history hanging over both Sherlock and Mycroft is just their kind of bait and switch. One line in s1 commentary about having a childhood headcanon for the brothers’ relationship problems but that they decided not to do that…and we were again blindsided by Holmes parents in s3 and intrigued by the hints of steel in Mummy. We know they dipped into Baring-Gould for William Sherlock Scott Holmes and Sherrinford, we know that we’ll see “lots more of Mycroft,” and we know MG doesn’t mean in the fat suit. BC said that he and MG still have 26 pages of dialog to shoot together, and that’s a lot compared to all of their previous interactions summed together.

I wonder if the real surprise is that they are going to give us what no one really has before: the childhood of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes and what made those men what they are in canon and in every adult rendering in popular productions. And it’s going to be shocking and horrible, because that’s what’s going to make Sherlock growing up into that better-balanced, caring man we already know from canon all the more triumphant. I don’t know if it’ll mean making Mycroft the actual Big Bad (I sorta hope not) or killing him off or in cahoots with The Moriarty; I don’t know if it’ll mean that someone is a twin with Sherrinford (but I think that “never twins” line has an absolute ring of promise to it) or who and what Redbeard is. But I do think that if there’s something they’ve been tiptoeing towards all these years while desperately pointing in any other direction, I think it’s more likely to be this than just two men finally getting together. I think that if the two men get together in this show, it’ll be backgrounded, uncommented, simply accomplished as another production detail while our attention is on the foregrounded story about what made Sherlock Holmes.

I think that just might make a bit of history, even though I think that it’s still likely to be of more interest to Sherlockians than to the history of television itself. But also, pretty damned smart.